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Glimmers Of An Inclusive Sustainable Future


In the inaugural post of the GIIN’s blog, Amit Bouri, Co-founder and CEO of the GIIN, shares his latest thoughts on achieving an inclusive, sustainable future. “I see future glimmers in the impact investing industry and its seeding of a transformed economic system.” What glimmers of the future are you seeing in the here and now? How are you working toward them? Read on and share your thoughts.

Impact Measurement And Management

In a rapidly evolving market, impact performance data is increasingly necessary if the industry is to scale with integrity. Investors are now dealing with all manner of pressures and incentives demanding accessible, rigorous, and actionable data on impact. However, to create a world that incorporates impact into all investment decisions, investors need access to the right tools and resources in order to build out their impact measurement and management practices. This tracks sessions will give attendees the opportunity to dive deeper into the practice of societal and environmental impact measurement. Attendees will also hone their skills related to data collection and reporting, through a hands-on workshop.

Impact Investing Vs Socially Responsible Investing

SRI, which is sometimes referred to as sustainable or socially conscious investing or, when focused on environmental causes, green investing, is a form of impact investing. While the definition of SRI encompasses avoidance of harm, impact investing also suggests positive impact via its investments.

Investors who practice SRI tend to believe in and choose companies that subscribe to their views concerning human rights, environmental protection, and a sense of responsibility to consumers. For example, some investors may choose not to invest in companies that manufacture, distribute, or promote cigarettes because of their overall negative effect on people’s health.

Many asset management companies, banks, and other investment houses now offer funds specifically tailored to socially responsible investors.

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Join Us At The World Forum

With over 175 senior speakers across four tracks for over 30 hours of content, the GIIN Investor Forum agenda covers the full spectrum of impact asset classes and strategies to provide you with invaluable insights to help advance your practice. There will be opportunities to network and close deals. The GIIN Investor Forum 2022 will not disappoint!

Event Host:

Registration discounts are available for groups of three attendees or more from the same organization.

About The Owners And The Team


With its headquarters in New York City, the network is run by a small team including Amit Bouri, its CEO.

Do you work for Global Impact Investing Network ?You can enrich your data with Simple and reach the next generation of client.

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Environmental Social And Governance

Environmental, social, and governance refers to the practices of an investment that may have a material impact on the performance of that investment. The integration of ESG factors is used to enhance traditional financial analysis by identifying potential risks and opportunities beyond technical valuations. While there is an overlay of social consciousness, the main objective of ESG valuation remains financial performance.

View The Beta Version Of The Iris+ Financial Inclusion Impact Performance Benchmark

The GIIN launched the beta version of the first IRIS+ impact performance benchmark. This first-of-its-kind tool will give investors the groundbreaking ability to analyze and compare the impact performance of their investments against that of their peers within specific sectors and relative to global goals, like the SDGs.

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For Foundations And Charitable Investors

  • The Impact Investing Guidebook for Foundations, from Purpose Capital in Canada.

  • Impact Foundation. A Christian donor-advised fund vehicle through which you can receive the tax benefit of charity, then deploy your charitable DAF funds to for-profit impact projects. Returns then cycle back into your DAF, allowing you to re-invest that capital in other impact investments or donate proceeds to charity.

  • ImpactAssets. The same DAF model as above, but not specific to Christian impact investments.

  • Guide For Impact Investment Fund Managers

    The GIIN Founder Provides Impact Investing Definition

    Explore the GIINs self-guided course to find out what steps impact fund managers take to effectively raise and deploy capital towards todays most pressing social and environmental challenges. This resource seeks to answer questions that are core to a funds operating and investment strategies, such as: how does an impact investment fund manager identify investors, find investee companies, create a fund management team, and more.

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    So How Do We Get There

    Since the term impact investing was first coined in 2007, the industry has made tremendous progress on various fronts: in the volumes of capital deployed, in the sophistication of impact measurement and management practice, in the demonstration of returns and impact achieved, and in the diversity of actors involved.

    Despite this positive momentum, impact investing is still a relatively small, niche area of broader investment practice. This report lays out a Roadmap for the Future of Impact Investing with six categories of action that the impact investing community needs to take on to exponentially enhance and scale impact investing, and to accelerate progress toward our vision.

    This work needs to begin immediately and with urgency. While full realization of our vision will take time, the problems we face are substantial and many portend significant near-term challenges. The steps we take today will not only address the most immediate and pressing needs, but also set in motion ripple effects far into the future.

    New Episodes Subscribe To Next Normal: Re

    The GIINs new podcast series is committed to elevating our vision for a future where finance is a force for good. Hosted by Amit Bouri, the #NextNormalPodcast features the freshest voices on what re-imagined capitalism could look like and uncovers the path toward a transformed future where money can do so much more than just make more money!

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    The Giin Envisions A Fast

    The value proposition of impact investing , will enjoy wide acceptance, with plentiful evidence in their favor. Businesses and investors will hold themselves accountable to multiple sets of stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, affected communities, and local and global environments. The concept of externalities will be relegated to history, with finance theory accounting for risk, return, and impact equally well. Ultimately, financial markets will be central in supporting solutions to critical threats facing the world.

    This vision is unashamedly ambitiousto some it may even seem idealistic. But the GIIN believes it to be not only possible but also necessary to create a prosperous future for people and the planet. While the vision relates to financial markets broadly, impact investing has a central role to play in its realization, setting and raising the standards for investment practice and generating the tools and data that allow investors to evaluate impact and channel capital to the most effective solutions. View GIIN CEO Amit Bouri talk about his vision for the future of the financial markets and why change is needed >

    Interact With Data On Sub

    GIIN â Global Impact Investing Network

    For greater insight into these findings, analyze specific cuts of data using the interactive features below. These figures show how findings differ between different segments of respondents . Find a full description of these segments at the bottom of the page.

    • Key finding 1: The impact investing industry remains diverse
    • Key finding 2: Impact investing has grown in depth and sophistication over time
    • Key finding 3: Impact measurement and management practices have matured, but opportunities for refinement remain
    • Key finding 4: Impact investors hold a positive outlook for the future despite headwinds

    Helpful hint: Hover over each chart to see precise figures. For optimal viewing quality, click button in bottom right to see charts in full screen mode.


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    More Than 30 Hours Of Content Provided By 175 Senior Speakers

    The GIIN Investor Forum is designed to advance and scale the impact investing market by bringing all the crucial elements of the worlds impact ecosystem together in one place.Our sessions cut through the noise and go straight to the heart of the industrys most pressing issues. Whether you are a seasoned impact professional or new to the industry, the Forum will have something to offer you.

    Iris+ Is The Generally Accepted System For Measuring Managing And Optimizing Impact

    Create an account to get started

    Join the over 28,000 users who have registered to use IRIS+ materials.

    IRIS+ makes it easier for investors to translate their impact intentions into impact results.

    All investors and companies create positive and negative effects on society and the environment. Impact investors seek to maximize the positive and minimize the negative by using the IRIS+ system to integrate social and environmental factors into investment decisions alongside risk and return.

    Credible, comparable impact data are needed to inform impact investment decisions and drive greater impact results. IRIS+ solves for this by increasing data clarity and comparability, and it provides streamlined, practical, how-to guidance that impact investors need, all in one easy-to-navigate system. It is a free, publicly available resource that is managed by the Global Impact Investing Network the global champion of impact investing.

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    Soros Economic Development Fund

    The Soros Economic Development Fund is part of the Open Society Foundations, launched by billionaire philanthropist George Soros. Soros has contributed about $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations, $90 million of which is actively invested in impact ventures. As the name implies, the Foundation seeks to support “open societies” by promoting democracy, legal reforms, higher education, and journalism, as well as other fields.

    Types Of Impact Investments

    WEBINAR: Impact Performance Benchmark in Financial Inclusion

    Impact investments come in many different forms of capital and investment vehicles. Like any other type of investment class, impact investments provide investors with a range of possibilities when it comes to returns. But the most important thing is that these investments offer both a financial return and are in line with the investor’s conscience.

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    Aspen Network Of Development Entrepreneurs

    • Data

    The Impact Toolkit is an open resource designed to help investors navigate the landscape of impact measurement and management tools. The Impact Toolkit allows for investors to tailor a list of fit-for-purpose resources, and is the most comprehensive database of impact-focused systems, methods, indicators, and data in the world.

    Scroll below to explore the Impact Toolkit

    Does Impact Investing Work

    Most impact investors seek returns that are comparable to market rates, and some impact funds can even outperform the market. Generally speaking, the returns from impact investing tend to be slightly lower than the market average. In a study by the University of California, the median impact fund had a median internal rate of return of 6.4%, compared to 7.4% from non-impact seeking funds.

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    What Is The Difference Between Esg And Impact Investing

    Impact investing is often associated with environmental, social, and governance as socially responsible business practices that are gaining increasing attention in the business world. While they have many features in common, they refer to distinct practices.

    Environmental, social, and governance practices refer to business decisions that could affect the returns of that company. For example, a company that knowingly employs child labor or engages in discrimination could be at a competitive disadvantage, particularly when marketing to socially conscious consumers.

    Impact investing, on the other hand, is the practice of seeking investments that specifically optimize a goal other than profits. This might include investments in clean energy, education, or microfinance.

    What Is Navigating Impact

    Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

    The Navigating Impact project was created by the Global Impact Investing Network to help investors select impact strategies and adopt metrics that indicate performance toward their goals. Created in consultation with industry experts, impact investors, and standards setters, the Navigating Impact project provides an on-ramp to setting and streamlining impact strategies, and helps to answer questions like:

  • What are common approaches to impact in these themes ? Each strategys overview highlights what the strategy is, who it reaches, what its contribution is, and how much change is possible.

  • What evidence shows that different strategies can deliver these outcomes? Each strategys evidence map shows rigorous field & academic evidence backing its outcomes and impacts.

  • What core metrics can show performance toward these goals? Each strategy includes a set of core metrics to understand your investments progress toward reaching impact goals, as well as additional metrics for more targeted impact measurement.

  • What resources relate to this approach? Each strategy identifies existing measurement methodologies, frameworks, and systems that can help measure and manage toward the strategy.

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    Global Impact Investing Network

    The Global Impact Investing Network is a 5013 nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing. Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. They can be made in both emerging and developed markets, and target a range of returns from below market to market rate, depending upon the circumstances. The GIIN addresses systemic barriers to effective impact investing by building critical infrastructure and developing activities, education, and research that attract more investment capital to poverty alleviation and environmental solutions.

    The Network Membership provides a platform for like-minded investors to meet and take part in activities that build the impact investing industry from a practitioners perspective. GIIN Members gain access to industry information, tools, and resources to enhance their capacity to make and manage impact investments and connect with one another through virtual and in-person members-only events.


    Learn and Network: share lessons learned and exchange practical information with fellow members by participating in member-only events. A sample of past member event topics includes:

    Reflections On The Outcry For Change

    During these incredibly challenging times, the GIIN is reminded by our CEO Amit Bouri, that even in this moment, a time of widespread anger & despair, we must have a bias toward action. View his reflections on persistent racial discrimination & the urgency for action in his statement on Medium.

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    The Global Impact Investing Network

    • next

    The Global Impact Investing Network is a community that holds strong impact investment values and its mission is to promote financing decisions based on social and environmental factors. They provide resources to understand and implement impact investing management through measurement tools and peer learning.

    With membership, you’ll gain access to a large global community where investors are pursuing the same goal: positively impact the world with their investment decisions beyond profits.

    You can join by paying a yearly fee of $5,500 and access to virtual and in-person events to discuss industry best practices and work in each other’s portfolios. GIIN also offers training programs and forums for learning management skills while you meet fellow investors from all over the world.

    Even if you’re not a member yet, you can access a resource center to find guidance and case studies to learn how to impact the world with your investment decisions.

    How Does The Giin Help Investors

    IRIS and the Five Dimensions of Impact Webinar

    Industry networks and events

    1. GIIN Membership: Membership and Investors Council

    2. GIIN Initiative for Institutional Impact Investment

    Strategic Alliances

    The GIIN believes that for impact investing to seize its full potential collaboration among network organizations is quintessential. Therefore, the GIIN is proactively securing strategic partnerships around the world and has built alliances with the following entities:

    1. Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

    2. Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

    3. The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment

    4. Impact Investors Council

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    Who You Will Meet At The Forum

    Meet with over 1200 attendees, from 60+ countries, from across the impact investing industry.

    175+ impact investing leaders will share their experiences with you.

    Learn more about what to expect at the GIIN Investor Forum 2022 here > .

    With more than 30 hours of content provided by 175 senior speakers, the GIIN Investor Forum is designed to advance and scale the impact investing market by bringing all of the crucial elements of the worlds impact ecosystem together in one place.

    Our sessions cut through the noise and go straight to the heart of the industrys most pressing issues. Whether you are a seasoned impact professional or new to the industry, the Forum will have something to offer you.

    What Is An Impact

    An impact-investing firm is an investment fund that specifically seeks to support beneficial social or environmental outcomes, in addition to generating financial returns. Some impact funds invest in causes that they believe will generate strong returns others consider profits to be a secondary consideration.

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