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Book Good Value Description/summary:

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Can one be both an ethical person and an effective businessperson? Stephen Green, an ordained priest and the chairman of HSBC, thinks so. In Good Value, Green retraces the history of the global economy and its financial systems, and shows that while the marketplace has delivered huge advantages to humanity, it has also abandoned over a billion people to extreme poverty, encouraged overconsumption and debt, and ravaged the environment. How do we reconcile the demands of capitalism with both the common good and our own spiritual and psychological needs as individuals? To answer that, and some of the most vexing questions of our age, Green takes us on a lively and erudite journey through history, looking for lessons in the work of economists and philosophers, businessmen and poets, theologians and novelists, playwrights and political scientists. An essential business book by a man who is uniquely qualified to write it, Good Value is a timely and persuasive analysis of the most pressing financial and moral questions we face.

Unknown 448 Pages Published 2010

ISBN-10: 1-137-09709-4 / 1137097094ISBN-13: 978-1-137-09709-5 / 9781137097095 In building portfolios of shares, fund managers work through these levels of portfolio diversificat … more »ion on behalf of their investors. Activity 2 Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust still exists, with a slight change of name, more than 140 years after it was founded. Go to its website, by inputting ‘Foreign and Colonial Investment Trust’ into a search engine, and see how many shares it currently has in its portfolio. Using Figure 7, what can you say about its specific and systematic risk? « less

Personal Investment: Financial Planning In An Uncertain World

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Book Investing For Retirement Security

Are you one of the tens of millions of folks that do not/will not have the “magical” one million dollars when retiring? If you are, this book will assist you in planning for a comfortable retirement within your risk tolerance level. It will provide insights about how to achieve a comfortable level of return on retirement investments, while protecting your original principal by generating an income flow from dividends that will fill the gap between retirement benefits and the income necessary to live out a satisfying retirement. The book covers the following topics: 1. How to assess your financial resources 2. Developing a plan for personal finances 3. Determining how much you really need to live during retirement 4. The basics of brokerage accounts, how to use them and how to manage them 5. How to determine your personal risk level 6. How to allocate your funds based upon your acceptable level of risk 7. Proven techniques to evaluate securities for portfolio inclusion 8. What is The Protected Principal Retirement Strategy, and how to apply it

Book The Little Book Of Safe Money Description/summary:

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One of today’s most influential financial commentators offers his advice on keeping your money safe in an uncertain world The Little Book of Safe Money acts as a guide for those trying to make their way through today’s down markets. The topics covered include everything from investing behavior-why our minds come with their own set of biases that often prove harmful-to the use of financial advisors. But this timely book goes one step further than the rest by questioning an investor’s true appetite for risk. The Little Book of Safe Money also contradicts many of the myths that whirl around Wall Street with chapters like “Why Ultra-ETFs Are Mega-Dangerous” and “Hedge-Fund Hooey.” Writing in the classic Little Book style, author Jason Zweig peels away layer after layer of buzz words, emotion, and myths to reveal what’s really going on in today’s financial markets. Outlines strategies for satisfying our ever-changing investment appetites while focusing on a long-term financial plan Author Jason Zweig is a trusted voice in the financial community and his straightforward style resonates with investors Offers practical guidance, tools, and tips for surviving and thriving in a down market If you’re serious about succeeding in today’s turbulent markets, then The Little Book of Safe Money is what you should be reading.

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Book Sustainable Wealth Description/summary:

A personal finance guide for today’s turbulent world Sustainable Wealth empowers you to achieve your financial goals by unleashing the shackles of debt, no matter how uncertain the future may be. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this reliable resource illustrates how you can predict economic booms and busts before they happen, adapt to changing markets and plan for lasting financial stability. Over the course of his career, Axel Merk has been at the forefront of identifying major trends, a leader in the public policy debate on how to fix the economy, and guide for investors looking to navigate the global credit crisis. With this new book, Merk puts your financial decisions in a global context and shows how factors ranging from the Federal Reserve and Congress to trends in Asia and Europe influence your financial well-being. Coaches you how to recognize major economic trends before they happen Puts forth a plan to help you cope with expenses and save for retirement, while building a legacy of wealth, not a mountain of debt Reveals why “staying the course” when governments or markets change the rules may be hazardous to your wealth As investors struggle to adapt to the new financial landscape, Sustainable Wealth provides straightforward answers to the tough financial questions we face-and the tools to achieve a financially sustainable lifestyle.

Book You’re In Control Description/summary:

From the Financial-Thought Leaders Series, You’re in Control shares educational and informative insights about how conventional wisdom may be holding you back from achieving the retirement you’ve always wanted for yourself. The contributing authors are not media figures or financial journalists they are active financial professionals who maintain independent financial planning practices throughout the United States. As a collaborative effort, this book shares with readers the real-life obstacles the authors have helped their clients to overcome. From taxes and investing to insurance and Social Security, this book provides the foundation to help you gain more control over your finances and retire with a greater level of confidence.

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Book Timeless Principles Of Financial Security Description/summary:

Life is unpredictable. What do you fear might ruin your plans? Another stock market collapse? Another real estate crash? A major health crisis? Outliving your retirement savings? Is it possible to always maintain financial well-being despite these and other looming threats? Most people blame their money problems on external forces over which they have no control. However, no one has to be a mere victim of circumstance. For generations, many people have enjoyed a lifetime of prosperity due to their diligent application of the principles discussed in this book, despite economic reversals or personal tragedies that could have been financially devastating.

Book Risk Thinking: In An Uncertain World Description/summary:

Presidential Briefings | Mariana Mazzucato | The Entrepreneurial State

Risk Thinking is a book about codifying common sense in a world of radical uncertainty. Our brains are wired to think forward, to imagine future situations, and to plan for the unknown. It is an ability engrained in our genetic software, but corporations and governments continue to rely on flawed forecasting to try and predict the unpredictable. This book advocates a new, more realistic approach to analyzing risk and strategizing-one that is less reliant on a single solution or unnuanced forecast. The approach is forward looking and accounts for the extreme events that may occur, and often do. It is one that uses the wisdom of a diverse set of experts whose views may be used to span the range of possible future events. They help us look for the situations that we cannot see, where the light does not shine. We use them to handle the radical uncertainty we face from climate change, pandemics, cyber and other radical risks. Risk Thinking gets us away from forecasting, which we know does not work as uncertainty becomes more extreme. It is as useful in everyday life as it is to make crucial decisions in business or government. This century is one of radical uncertainty. We hope risk thinking will enter the lexicon of all those whose decisions and strategy affect our lives.

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Mazzucato M Shipman A Trigg A

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This innovative new teaching text provides an introduction to personalinvestment in a world defined by uncertainty. With a focus on risk, socio-economic changeand the regulatory framework, and a wealth of international case studies, the book coversall the key issues that affect personal investment decisions and their ultimate success orfailure.

holds a Chair in the Economics of Innovation at TheOpen University, UK. She is Director of the Open University’s inter-faculty researchcentre Innovation, Knowledge and Development and is Coordinator of alarge European Commission FP7 project called Finance, Innovation and Growth. She iscurrently a Visiting Professor at the Bocconi University in Milan.

ALAN SHIPMAN was an economic researcher, business journalist, emergingmarkets analyst and freelance writer before joining The Open University as an economicslecturer in 2008. His areas of published research include markets, globalization, economicmethod and the growth of social science.

ANDREW TRIGG is Senior Lecturer in Economics at The Open University,UK.

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Book Marx Veblen And The Foundations Of Heterodox Economics Description/summary:

Banking &  Finance 2012 by Macmillan International Higher ...

John F. Henry is an eminent economist who has made important contributions to heterodox economics drawing on Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Thorstein Veblen, and John Maynard Keynes. His historical approach offers radical insights into the evolution of ideas giving rise to and/or induced by the changes in capitalist society. Essays collected in this festschrift not only evaluate John Henrys contributions in connection to Marxs and Veblens theories, but also apply them to the socio-economic issues in the 21st century. In Part I leading heterodox economists in the traditions of Marxism, Post Keynesianism, and Institutionalism critically examine Marxs and Veblens theoretical frameworks that have become the foundations of heterodox economics. Chapters in Part II showcase alternative theoretical explanations inspired by Marx, Veblen, and Henry. Topics in this Part include financial crisis, financialization, capital accumulation, economics teaching, and the historical relationship between money and class society. Part III is devoted to John Henrys heterodox economics encapsulated in his “farewell” lecture, interview, and bibliography. Essays in this book, individually and collectively, make an important point that the history of economic thought is an integral part of developing heterodox economics as an alternative theoretical framework. Anyone who is troubled by the recurring failure of capitalism as well as mainstream economics will find this book well worth reading.

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