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The Texas City Tops The List As The Best Place To Invest In Real Estate In 2022

Austin, TX Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Leading online commercial real estate investing marketplace CrowdStreet recently unveiled its 2022 list of best places to invest in real estate. The report dives into the top 20 private equity real estate investment markets, led by Austin, Texas.

Here’s a closer look at why real estate investors should consider purchasing an investment property in Austin.

Real Estate Investors Need Great Opportunities

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities that Onyx Hotels has to offer, please feel free to . Since our inception in 2013, we have developed over a dozen properties in Austin, Texas, as well as implemented a winning management system that is now being used by other homeowners in the area. We are expanding our operations, and are looking for investors to help us launch Onyx Hotels in Maui, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Miami, and San Diego.

My Onyx investment is turning out to be the best financial decision I have ever made. P.F.

What sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we have skin in the game. Since we buy, remodel, decorate, and manage our spaces, we are able to deliver a product that has a higher level of care and maintenance. Our properties are treated like our ownbecause they are!

Real Estate Investing Austin

There is a growing interest in real estate investment within Austin, Texas. Property values in this area are good relative to the national market, which attracts many new people to the area. The growing interest in the area is apparent by the presence of prominent employers and good schools with qualified teachers.

The pleasant family environment also contributes to the value of the property, and there are many places where families can enjoy recreation, outdoor fun and leisure time. These local amenities are a major feature of each listing that appears many of our local neighborhood pages. Timing is also an important factor when evaluating multi-family investments Austin. Buying at the right moment can allow the investor to get a high rate of return as the area increases in value.

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Investment Properties In Austin Tx

Find properties to flip in Austin, TX. Find cheap houses for sale that can be wholesaled or purchased below market value. Browse the Connected Investors marketplace to locate vacant properties, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, REO properties, bank owned, probate, courthouse auctions, online auctions, and houses offered by wholesalers.Signup to Connected Investors for free.

Free Report: Demographic And Housing Data On The Austin Market


Would you like free demographic and housing data on the Austin market? The report includes information on schools, income, employment, crime, average sale prices, fair market rents and more. You can get reports on the whole market or zero in on a specific zip code.

This report has all the info you need to help you decide if the Austin market is right for you! .

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Buying An Investment Property In The Austin Real Estate Market Reason #: Home Values

As mentioned above, high demand and low supply resulted in increasing home values. According to the real estate research team at Zillow, home prices in the Austin real estate market are expected to rise by 3% in 2018. This adds more equity into the housing market, making it far above the national average.

Moreover, even with high appreciation rates, investment properties in the Austin real estate market are still considered affordable. Of course, this means that for those planning on buying an investment property in Austin, itâs financially better to do so sooner rather than later before home prices become too high.

to start analyzing and comparing investment properties in Austin based on their prices to find the best one in the housing market!

Austin Investment Real Estate

Austin Investment Real Estate offers buyers a complete range of listings in various areas and prime locations. This is an exciting time to be involved in the real estate market in this area. Buyers and investors can enjoy substantial returns over time as the area continues to develop and expand. Our listings include multi-family properties for sale in Austin in addition to many other types of properties. Browse the entire catalog, which is now available at all times by clicking the search banner below.

This site is specifically designed for the real estate investor in mind. The large inventory of properties is organized to enable the visitor to get a complete view of the property in the shortest amount of time possible. For example, individuals or company representatives who are searching for different multi-family homes in Austin for sale will find an entire section containing these properties.

This makes the entire site a valuable resource that is always available. Austin is a charming area, and it is appealing to new residents for a variety of reasons. The development and growth happening in Austin will only add to the value of each multi-family property or duplex for sale Austin TX in the future.

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Why Investors Love Wholesale Real Estate Deals

You know the saying when it comes to investment properties, you make your money when you buy, not when you sell. But thats easier said than done, as any real estate investor will tell you.

It seems simple, right? The less you spend to buy an investment property, the greater the spread between your cost and its resale value after you work your magic. The greater the spread, the greater your potential return.

But you know the catch. Not many investors have the time, desire, or money to drive for dollars, knock on doors, or spend thousands on mailers all in the hopes of finding those hidden deals with untapped equity. Youre busy managing your other investment properties. And if investing is your side hustle, forget about it. Youve got the demands of your day job to worry about.

Thats where wholesale real estate comes in. Securing an investment property at a wholesale price can mean the difference between a successful deal and a flop. A good wholesaler or investment real estate agent does all the legwork for you. Theyll find off-market investment properties that have a lot of potential value and pass those deals along to you. Its all about finding the win-win for the seller and the investor.

The win-win when you buy a wholesale real estate property is pretty straightforward. The investor wins by acquiring a high-potential investment property. But the seller wins too because theyve unloaded an unwanted property quickly and they can move on.

Type #: Wholesale Deals

Real Estate Investing Austin Texas Where I’m Investing $3,000,000

These properties are for sale by other real estate investors. To clarify, the word “wholesale” doesn’t mean “bulk.” You buy each property individually. You just get a “wholesale” price. The investors who sell these properties want to pocket some quick and easy cash by selling you a fixer upper “as is.”

You make bigger cash by buying, fixing, and re-selling. Or you can buy, fix, and rent. It’s up to you. If the deal is right, you should come out on top either way. We compile this list by calling and emailing just about every real estate investor in town, asking them what they have for sale … at a big discount, of course.

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Community Development & Social Impact

Organizationally, we strive to add value to the properties under our management, but value doesnt stop at the property line. Not only do we add much needed capital to improve our communities play grounds, repair roofs, buildings, and parking lots. We also eliminate mold, provide security, and pest issues, and beautify the property with landscaping, signage, paint, and interior improvements. However, our passion is not just about real estate, but the people those who reside at GVA properties and the team members that oversee them.

In light of that conviction, we provide team member support through a chaplaincy initiative and pursue community development through our strategic partner, WayForward. Additionally, we provide social services through strong community partnerships with local organizations. Ultimately, we dont simply add value to our properties, but have a passion to see all stakeholders thrive and to leave a lasting impact on every project in our portfolio and every community we have the privilege to serve.

Below are some of the services we provide to our communities:

  • Affordable Housing

Austin Tx Investment Property Overview

Property Not Listed For Sale. According to the public records in Travis County as of 04/23/2022, 18721 Laramie Well Cv, AUSTIN, TX does not show signs of foreclosure or long term vacancy.

Purchased by PATEL PARAG M on December 2nd 2020 for $1,004,374. This property in the 78738 zip code was built in 2017 and is 3,834 square feet, has 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and the lot size is 0.17 acres. The last assessment stated this property is in Good condition. This property is in the SWEETWATER RANCH SEC 1 VILLAGE L PHS 1 Neighborhood.

Investment property in AUSTIN, TX located at 18721 Laramie Well Cv. This property was purchased by PATEL PARAG M for $19,400. As of 04/23/2022 the estimated market value is $1,004,374.

This property in the 78738 zip code was built in 2017 and is 3834 square feet, has 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and the lot size is 0.17 acres. This property is in the SWEETWATER RANCH SEC 1 VILLAGE L PHS 1 Neighborhood.

Find investment properties for sale in Travis County

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Should You Invest In Austin Texas Real Estate Market

Despite low inventory, increasing rents, and increasing home prices, Austin real estate investors with strong investment strategies can still profit. The city is continuing to grow both in population and industry and investors are creating solutions to combat the low housing inventory with multiple rental communities.

Dont miss out on the opportunities Austin has to offer because of funding. Its now more important than ever to have a lender capable of helping you:

  • Secure a loan with the best price and maximum leverage for your next rental investment
  • Close properties quickly and certainly
  • Run your construction and rehab projects smoothly

If youre interested in purchasing investment properties in Austin or in other parts of Texas, such as Houston or Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Lima One to learn more.

Were different from other hard money lenders in Texas. From the initial application to the loan payoff, our lending experts will be there every step of the way. Plus, we do everything in-house.

Lima One is the nations premier lender for real estate investors, and our loan products reflect that. Were experts in financing FixNFlip projects for investors looking to purchase and rehab an investment property, rental properties and portfolios, multifamily real estate investment opportunities, and new home construction for builders on urban in-fill, spec homes, model homes, and teardown/rebuild projects.

About These Listings And Why They’re Unique

Austin Texas Real Estate Investment Properties

This site provides you with the list of “big equity” properties that savvy investors DO NOT want you to know about. They don’t want the competition. It’s a list that will enable you to reap huge profits, just like they are, from today’s chaos.

This isn’t your typical list of over-shopped and over-priced MLS listings, foreclosures, HUD homes, and REO properties. At most, those types of properties are discounted by 10% to 15%. Realtors may call that a deal. We call that “trash.”

The properties on this site are under-shopped and, as a result, under-priced. They are “under the radar” so to speak. A majority of them are not listed anywhere else.

Most investors are unaware of this insider’s list. And for you, that’s a good thing. Less competition means bigger – often absurd – profits.

Most investors are unaware of this insider’s list. And for you, that’s a good thing. Less competition means bigger – often absurd – profits.

But most importantly, the properties on this site have big equity and bigger profit potential. Dozens of them are marked down by 30% to 40%. And dozens more have at least $20,000 in equity.

We provide you with two specialized types of properties:

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Type #: Motivated Seller Leads

These properties are for sale by regular homeowners who are in a bad situation. You have more options when you buy motivated seller properties. You can work a short sale, take over their payments, wholesale it, rehab it, lease it, buy or sell on owner financing, or whatever else you can dream up.

Most of them are desperate to sell… and desperate to sell at a price that’s way below market. You win by setting yourself up for a big payday. The sellers win by getting rid of a property that’s been a thorn in their side. On this site, it’s all about win/win, not taking advantage of others.

We get these leads by spending thousands of dollars per month in online ads that say “We Buy Houses.” These motivated sellers fill out a simple form about their property. And if you’re a registered user, we take that information and give it directly to you.

In the last two months, over 362 Houston-area deals have been posted to this site. Combined, these properties have had over $32,022,492 in equity.

Say goodbye to over-priced MLS listings and bank foreclosures. And say hello to big-equity wholesale deals and motivated seller leads!

Best Places To Invest In Austin

Texasâs state capital is attracting 184 new residents a day, which made the Austin-Round Rock metro area the fastest-growing in the U.S. in 2020. This city of 2.3 million was rated the best place to live by U.S. News and World Report in both 2017 and 2018, and its pleasant weather, booming tech scene, and diversifying economy are sure to keep drawing new residents to the Lone Star State.

Many of these newcomers are refugees from the Bay Area, as companies like Oracle and Tesla, which are both relocating their headquarters from to Austin, see the benefits of the low taxes and pro-business environment that is part of the culture of Texas.

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Austins Economy Is One Of The Best Performing Among Major Metros

Austin, Texas is drawing massive business to the city, turning it into one of the best performing metro areas in the United States.

While most of the countrys major metros spent 2020 battling declining economies, Austin added more than 11,000 jobs, regained 71% of the citys pandemic-related job losses, and only lost roughly 1% of jobs between 2019 and 2020, making the city one of the fastest major metro markets to recover from the pandemic.

The Austin region has become a hub for advanced manufacturing, clean technology, creative and digital technology, data management, financial service and insurance, and space technology. The citys top employers are:

  • The State of Texas
  • Federal Government

Choosing A Real Estate Investment To Meet Your Financial Goals

How to Renovate an Investment Property in Austin, Texas.

The only predictable thing about many investment choices is their unpredictability. You might not guess it, but Austin real estate investment could actually mitigate some of the risk while still yielding a healthy passive income.

When investing in real estate, you dont have to go it alone. If youve ever bought any kind of property at all, you probably remember how sore your hand was from the mountain of paperwork involved. The need to be completely educated on every subject and every signature can seem daunting to say the least. Partnering with an investment firm can save you from carrying that weight alone. Leaving the details to an experienced firm can not only help you find the right property but free you up to pursue other goals. The benefits dont stop there either. Once the property is purchased, managing it falls to your investment firm.

Two of the most vital indicators when deciding where to invest are employment and population growth. As weve already seen above, Austin is headed in the right direction. Massive companies moving in right alongside plenty of small businesses, and people from all over the country are hot on their heels. Perhaps the most inviting aspect of living in and around Austin is its low cost of living. Millennials are well aware that they can now get a great job at a topflight tech company without paying the exorbitant prices of rent, gas, and groceries in Silicon Valley or New York.

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Housing Market Is On A Tear

  • The median home price in the Austin-Round Rock area has hit $536,000, up more than a third from last year.
  • Homes are spending an average of just three weeks on the market, down from more than six.
  • Rents are up as well. As of July, they were up 11.9 percent from the year before.
  • Rent increases beat the national average of an 8.4 percent rise and the state average climb of 7.9 percent.

âThe metro area offers great promise for investors, if outside the city proper,â says Wade Shoop, a Texas real estate broker with Mynd, who says areas north of the city proper will prosper from the attractions that are nearby, including the Q2 Stadium, home to the Austin FC, a new Major League Soccer team, and the Round Rock Express, a minor league baseball team. Another asset in the area is Domain, a mixed-use development that hosts companies like IBM, VRBO and Indeed.

Shoop picked out five promising areas for those aspiring to invest in Austin.

Investment Types Timing & Location

Austin is becoming the tech hub of the US and many large corporations are now calling it home. This is great news for real estate investors as it takes a lot of risk out of owning property in Austin.

From single family homes to multi-family homes, such as condos and duplexes, there are a lot of investment options when it comes to real estate.

Our knowledge of the area will help guide you into making the best investment. Well look at your financial goals and help you formulate a plan for long term rentals or short term options like AirBnB listings.

Austins economy continues to grow as many businesses are attracted to Austins favorable tax laws and lower cost of living. Let us help you expand your portfolio with our vast knowledge of Austins real estate.

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