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No Evidence Of Mining Rights

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The court was told that partnerships in the business were sold to investors. They were told the Montana Leon owned 30% of a gold mine in Peru.

However, the companies could not provide any evidence to prove they had mining rights, government permission to mine in Peru or any staff or equipment at the mine.

Each partner was expecting a 12% return on their investment.

The Insolvency Service found 130 investors paid £1.5 million for a share in the opportunity in six months, but none of the money funded mining operations. Investors were told mining would not start until June 2015 and that date was put back.

The South American companies refused to take part in the inquiry.

The FCA warned that Montana Leon was an unauthorised collective investment scheme and that the other companies were not authorised to give investment advice.

Fake Docs Rock Real Docs: Ex

When the sale of gemstone rights and shares in the company were no longer enough to lure the investors to pay from $1,000 to $30,000 a share in his crooked enterprise, Chen pivoted to cryptocoins, telling investors their cash would be converted to “Gem Coins,” a digital currency underwritten by the gemstones.

To recap, the fake mines were turning out fake gemstones that then backed fake cryptocurrencies, according to court filings. Everything comes full circle, at least.

The tax evasion charge comes from 2014, right in the middle of the gem-and-cryptocoin investment swindle. It was found that Chen’s tax returns for that year only listed an income of $138,015, when in fact he was pulling $4,816,193 from the con . The omission resulted in Chen underpaying his 2014 taxes by $1,885,094, and earned him an additional criminal charge.

Chen, of Bradbury, California, is not the only person to be prosecuted for orchestrating the US Fine Investment Arts scam. Leonard Stacy Johnson, 53, of Huntington Beach, Cali, who handled promotions for the operation, pleaded guilty last year to tax evasion and making a false statement on an immigration document. His sentencing is scheduled for June 22. ®

Just Some Of The Projects We Are Involved In

We are involved in a number of diverse global mining projects


The Munali Nickel Mine is located in the Southern Province of Zambia. Through Consolidated Nickel Mines Ltd , CMI is a shareholder in the Munali project and leads the optimisation at the mine for a restart when the nickel price gains value. Run in-country by 100% owned Mabiza Resources Ltd, the mine is currently on high-level care and maintenance due to low nickel prices since November 2011. During this period of care and maintenance, finances have been provided to complete CNMâs obligations under the resettlement action plan and additionally, the development of social investment projects. The mine is ready to restart when metal prices improve.


The Kitwe Project is situated in the Copperbelt Province in Zambia. The project aims to clean up existing tailings dams from the Nkana Mine in the town of Kitwe.

CMI have adapted proven processing technology enabling the economic recovery of copper from the tailings. In addition, and in line with CMIs emphasis on good social and environmental governance, the re-processed tailings will be moved out of the town, thereby improving the quality of life for the residents of Kitwe, into a modern and well managed tailings facility.

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It Provides Access To Publicly Available Information Supplied By Businesses When

Mitzli jen gem and mine investments management ltd. For you for the world and for every generation to come. To be a force for good and a force for growth. This is my best recommendation because for one it is an investment I have made and have done very well with over the last 18 years.

It is an investment in a private company Mitzli-Jen Gem and Mine Investments Management ltd. Culture Shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders are causing high levels of COVID-19 burnout and depression. Find out whos behind almost 500000 offshore companies foundations and trusts from the Panama Papers the Offshore Leaks and the Bahamas Leaks investigations and explore the offshore financial data from some politicians featured in the Paradise Papers investigation.

Empower strategic decision-making in global natural resources with quality data analysis and advice. Increasing investments in sustainable finance a surge of mergers and acquisitions and crypto entrants are further shaping this new landscape. Use our commercial database of more than 120 million business records industry directory for company research industry analysis.

Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources. The Certificate Ordering Service has a 14 day backlog due to ongoing Covid restrictions. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated global banks technological disruptioncreating new customer expectations new forms of competition and new opportunities.

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Our Philosophy Here At Cmi

What we are about and what we believe in

CMI incorporate environmental, social and governance issues into our investment analysis and decision making processes right at the beginning of project evaluation. Strong environmental, social and governance experience enables CMI to pre-empt, acknowledge and address stakeholder and community concerns.CMI has developed a set of principles to manage social risk pertaining to its mining projects including mechanisms to undertake social investment into local projects which maximise livelihood creation beyond dependence on the mine, thereby creating a lasting and positive legacy.The core of its investment ethos is the belief that wealth creation from mineral resources must be shared with host communities, and, in a meaningful manner which builds local skills and capabilities. The traditional practice of mining companies donating static social infrastructure no longer meets community expectations or maximises social benefit from investments. CMI reflects a new model of successful and sustainable mineral resource investment.

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Dr. Assem is my friend. He is a person dedicated to his work and I recommend him 100%.

Yony oswaldo Lastreto delgado | Inspector en Sasca, Vargas, Venezuela

Assim takes pride through his hard work and growth as a professional. He is intelligent and sincere in his passion for creating change in the world. His experience and expertise in the Aviation industry are an asset to any airline. Assem is a person like no other. A genius in engineering and integrity, honesty and respect for humanity, and all he stands for a credit to his character and calibre as a sophisticated professional. It’s an honour to serve alongside this wonderful individual and humanitarian.

Jasmina Siderovski | Chief Executive Officer at eYs Magazine. President at eYs SDGs World Council. Author and Humanitarian

Assem mousa as always bright brain and the excellent panelist, now in the most important issues related to Resilient and Sustainable Societies and Economies at WSiS Forum 2021. Can not wait recordings or summary articles. Excellent , my Congratulation. Your are the impressive Leader who hopefully work out the best solution on the Global, National and regional levels in the wide range. Thank you for being connected with you in the LinkedIn professional network

Agata Smolarek | Business Partner w British Legal Centre

GLC Abogados company has been serious and professional with extensive experience in business consultants.

Jose Alfredo Garos. | Asesor de Logistica. Carga local e Internacional

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What Would You Do With 300k Right Now At Age 50 With A House Under A 300k Mortgage

If you claim you have $300,000 to invest and are still working, as well as a mortgage of less than or equal to $300,000, I could give a recommendation. I would never presume to tell you what to do, but if this were my situation, I would do the following. Id put $300,000 into Mitzli-Jen Gem and Mine Investments Management Limited. For one thing, youll get your $300,000 back in three years, and I recommend paying off your mortgage in that time because after you get your money back in full, youll start receiving $40,002.00 per month for the next 120 months, making your total return on investment a gross 120 x $40,002.00 = $4,800.240.00, which you can use to live on in retirement, and youll only be 63 years old and be able to start collecting early social security. Any way nothing says you have to invest but if interested their website will be online for any research and inquiries about all of their investment programs and one of their programs is designed to fit retirement planning so that might just be up you alley. If anyone is interested in making contact about this, I recommend joining HCMC Internations, an expat website for persons residing outside of the United States or their native country. Those responses have really perplexed me. Would you like to join us?

Types Of Investors That Attend Our Events

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Location of investors

With the increased emphasis on online events, investors are no longer constrained by geographic bounds, so you will benefit from a larger investor base than ever before. With Mines and Moneys Online Connect series you will meet investors from Australasia, Europe and the UK, through to the Middle East, Africa and right across to North and South America all without ever having to leave your desk.

Investor Breakdown

Our dedicated investor concierge service will help you schedule months worth of lucrative online video meetings to take place over three days, at a time that suits you. With a fully integrated video system open 24 hours a day, mining companies can discuss project updates and share presentations face-to-face with carefully qualified investors from institutional funds, private equity groups, family offices and sector analysts. Mining companies that participated in our events in 2020, averaged 21 meetings each over a three-day event.

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How It Works

In four simple steps, you will identify the right investors, and schedule lucrative meetings, leading to more deals and opportunities.

Confirm your attendance

Upon confirming your attendance at one of our events, we will ask you a number of questions about your projects that will enable us to match you with relevant investors.

All investors go through a strict vetting and qualification process to ensure you only meet high quality investors.

Receive recommendations

Our bespoke meeting platform algorithm will recommend pre-qualified investors that are relevant to you and your projects.

You will also have the power to search investors by type, commodities, project stages, regions and stock exchanges of interest.

Or you can find investors based on the size of their assets under management, typical investment size or location.

Confirm your schedule

Our investor concierge team will work with you to help schedule your meetings, ensuring you have a jam-packed calendar.

Mining corporates that attend our events average 21 meetings per three-day event.

Attend meetings

Connect, meet and discuss project updates and share presentations with investors face-to-face at exhibitor booths or in the networking lounges at one of our events.

Or meet investors from around the world virtually with our fully integrated video system open 24 hours a day.


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