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North Of Scotland Single Grain Scotch Whisky

What’s the Best Investment and Collectible Scotch Whisky

This is the first and only official bottling from the North of Scotland Distillery Co, Alloa: a single-grain Scotch whisky aged in bourbon casks for more than 50 years. This is a rare chance to taste long-aged whisky from this lost distillery and experience a drop of history. North of Scotland Distillery started producing whisky in 1957 and closed in 1980.

£950, buy it here

The Top 10 Whiskies Investments In For 2021 2022

With whisky fast becoming just as valuable a resource as luxury watches or jewellery, and what has long been a collectors item for some has become an excellent form of investment for others. As for the best whisky to invest in 2021, theres plenty of promising options out there â but these make out top ten as part of our 2021 2022 whisky investment guide if youre considering rare whisky investment for yourself:

Silent Distilleries And Discontinued Bottlings

Price begins to move up here as we consider bottles that cost more but can represent a greater profit and investment for the future.

Rarity is king, and nothing is rarer than a distillery or whisky that no longer exists. Brora, Port Ellen, Rosebank, Hanyu are all premium examples of whiskies that once sold for nothing, though their collectability leads to prices of often hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Something as simple as a Rosebank 12 Year Old Diageo bottling from the Flora and Fauna range sells for £550, the older bottles selling for more and independently bottled Rosebank selling for even more after that.

Recently it was announced by the various company owners of these distilleries that they would be reopening. While there was speculation as to what would happen to the old stock, it soon became apparent that it was going one way up.

The cost of demolished and silent distilleries is only increasing, so that bottle that has been passed down through your family may be worth more than you think.

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Whisky Market Over The Past Five Years

The market performed exceptionally last year but this is only one year in a persistent trend over the past five. The Apex 1000 index has appreciated by 162.91% since 2014, outstripping gold by over 150% and the FTSE by over 160%. As the interest in alternative investments continues to build, whisky is unparalleled in its performance.

However, this comes with some challenges, as more investors are throwing their hat in the ring, the average bottle price has gone up by over £100 and the volume of whisky on the second-hand market is up by more than 200% since 2014. Identifying the best bottles and ensuring that the right price is found is vital in this flooded market.

Penfolds St Henri Shiraz 2016 Red Wine

Investing In Whisky: Top 5 Things To Look Out For

From the renowned Australian winery and arguably one of the most famous in the world, St Henri is a trophy wine, created by the excellence that is Peter Gago. This man is a vino-genius and one of just 4 chief winemakers to hold the reigns at Penfolds over the past 175 years. This gracious 95% Shiraz is produced from a variety of some of their best performing vineyards. Its captivating, enticing and undeniably intriguing. An assortment of blackberries, black cherry and blackcurrant meet a dense red and dark fruit compote, fresh prunes and quince. Bursting with freshness but an equal boldness. This wine will last for a very long time and is an absolute must for your collection.

£95, available at Harvey Nichols.

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Best Wine Barrel Aged: Starward Nova Single Malt

Courtesy of

Region: Australia | ABV: 41% | Tasting Notes: Caramel, Plum, Burnt orange

If youve never tried an Australian whisky, youre not alone. Australia is a relative newcomer to the craft spirits scene, but the absence of any long-standing distilling traditions in that country has led to some innovative approaches to establishing a regional style. For Starward, the first Aussie distiller to achieve widespread distribution in the US, that innovation has taken the form of a unique aging process: when it comes time to put their single-malt whisky into barrel, they skip the ex-bourbon or Sherry casks, and instead source ex-shiraz and cabernet barrels from local wineries.

The result is an 82-proof whisky with a fruitier, jammier nose than anything found in Scotland . Playful notes of plum and cherry segue into a malty, toasty, and tannic palate that might just be the perfect stepping-stone for that wine drinker who thinks they dont like the hard stuff.

Region: Kentucky | ABV: Varies per batch | Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, Cocoa, Baking spices

Cervantes Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Mmxvi 2016 Red Wine

Another gem from Napa Valley, hidden within the lesser-known mountainous area of Pope Valley. Andy Erickson, a former winemaker for Screaming Eagle, Harlan Estate and Staglin is the creator of this divine Cabernet Sauvignon. Only 5000 cases are produced each year, created in a year that is arguably one of the best to date. Twenty-two months in French barrels give them a divine complexity and smooth tannin, wrapped up in a dense fruit core, orange oil, baking spices and a layer of cocoa. Its journey is only just beginning.

£155, available at Oeno.

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Wray & Nephew 25 Year Old Commemorative Jamaica Rum With Barrel Bottled 1987

“On the subject of astonishing bottles, this Wray & Nephew bottling was never intended to be available for sale when it was bottled in 1987 to commemorate 25 years of Jamaican independence. It was given to distillery staff and no doubt most of these amazing rums were consumed shortly after they were received, but a handful of bottles did survive and its wonderful every time we see them at auction.”

Macallan Exceptional Single Cask 1950

Cheers this holiday with the best whiskey on the market!

It wouldnt be a best whisky investment in 2021 2022 list without a second mention of one of the biggest investment brands in the business. These bottles are on the costly side, with a limited run of 336 and maturation for nearly seven decades to add to its appeal. For £69,000 per bottle, this Macallan is a serious investment piece â but for those looking for the best whisky to buy for investment for more significant returns, this particular Speyside single malt has plenty of appeal.

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Glenlivet 1981 Whiskey Exchange Exclusive

Theres nothing like exclusivity to raise the value of a whisky investment, and Glenlivets 36-year-old single malt scotch, complete with a sherry finish, is undoubtedly a collectors piece. With a limited number in circulation, totaling 702, this is one of the best whiskey investments you could make in 2021 2022, and is likely to increase in value over time . Amongst the best whisky to buy for investment, these bottles currently go for below £600 â and that price is only likely to shoot up one the limited edition runs out.

Whisky Market In 2019

These elements, plus an increase in interest from secondary markets in Asia, have meant that Scotch whisky is enjoying its best period on record. Rare Whisky 101s 2018 report shows that their Apex 1000 index increased by 30% and that the overall value of collectable bottles went up by 62% in the last year.

Additionally, the average bottle price jumped from £299 to £377 between 2017 and 2018 and the number of bottles sold for over £10,000 rose from 91 in 2017 to 265 in 2018. This suggests that now is the best time to get involved before initial investments climb any higher. The Rare Whisky report 2017 shows that investment isnt the main reason for second-hand whisky purchases for more than 80% of collectors. People buy whisky because they love drinking it and theyre willing to pay ever-increasing amounts of money for the pleasure. For those who are fans of whisky but more interested in the return on investment, the health of the market makes this the ideal time to start investigating rare and collectable bottles up for grabs.

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Comparison With Other Investments

Whisky Invest Direct, a company specialising in cask whisky investments, reports that barrelled whisky kept for at least six years has never returned less than 60% and outperforms FTSE shares and London property whether its held for three years or 12.

Though wine is typically considered the pinnacle of consumable investments, the performance of the Scotch market says differently. Last year, the average bottle price for wine was £165, a far cry from the £377 paid for whisky. Both wine and whisky saw the world record broken for the highest price paid at auction for a single bottle last year, but whereas the 73-year-old bottle of Burgundy sold for around £430,000, a 60-year-old Macallan fetched £1,000,000. This record has also since been broken in 2019 by a bottle from the same cask which sold for £1.5m.

Though alternative investment assets are generally close to the investors interests, the returns that can be found in whisky investment are likely to make this market much more attractive to a more varied audience.

Experts Guide To Investing In Whiskey

Best whiskey to invest in for ultimate financial gain according to expert

The liquid gold has increased 582 per cent in the past 10 years prior to 2019.

With almost four casks of whiskey to every person in Scotland, deciphering the best whiskey for investing can prove quite the challenge. Unless you listen to the experts.

In the past year, rare whiskey values have increased by 40 per cent, outperforming luxury assets including watches, art and cars, according to The Luxury Investment Index 2020 by Knight Frank.

But what makes investing in the best whiskey so special?

Hoping to revolutionise the way people see investments, UK-based Elite Wine & Whisky Founder Steve Bishop tells The CEO Magazine its more a question of Why not?

Looking back historically in the 10-year period prior to 2019, classic car values appreciated 258 per cent, coins 193 per cent and art 158 per cent, while rare whiskey excelled above the rest, claiming a growth of 582 per cent, Steve says. Even amid the backdrop of tariff uncertainty, the export value of global Scotch Whisky exports grew by 4.4 per cent to £4.91 billion in 2019 with growth in more than 100 international markets.

However, it wasnt always a global commodity. The earliest production dates back to the 15th century, to 1494, although it was only introduced to the rest of the world in the 19th century.

Historically, whisky relates to Scotland, while whiskey is from Ireland, although the latter spelling is most commonly used in the US today.

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Macallan Rare Cask 2020 Release

Macallan is a big name in the auction circuit, and a solid choice for cask whisky investment in 2021 if youre considering breaking into to market for the first time. The brand itself has a good track record, but the Rare Cask series, in particular, is far more than your average tipple. With only 1% of Macallans whisky deemed suitable for Rare Cask, this ones an excellent find â and with a few years wait, can easily be worth a reasonable sum if you consider Macallan rare cask 2021 2022 investments. A starting price of £225 is affordable for just about any investor that wants to whisky invest direct â even if you choose to buy in bulk.

Glenlivet 1981 36 Year Old Sherry Finish The Whisky Exchange Exclusive Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Exclusive single cask bottlings are always very valuable to a collection because theyre limited in number, 702 in this case, and simply cannot be replicated. This hand-picked, single cask 36 year-old is a colossus of long-aged Glenlivet complexity, having spent its final 6 years in a sherry butt. Definitely one to open though – fresh apple, cinder toffee and spice sit amongst a citrus and oak landscape with rich, dark fruit to finish.

£575, buy it here.

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Best Canadian Whisky: Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

When Jim Murray crowned Northern Harvest Rye 2016 World Whisky of the Year in his Whisky Bible, a great number of whisky aficionados were shocked and some even bit dismayed. But it is delicious.

Every bottle is 90 percent rye , so its rye forward but not quite as spicy as youd expect. Big notes of apple and cherry ride an undercurrent of clove and lemon. Its an explosive drink with a lovely, long, and creamy finish. Plus it makes a killer Manhattan.

ABV: 90 Proof | Age: 3 Years | Volume: 750 milliliters

Best Irish Whiskey: Redbreast 12 Cask Strength

How to Invest in Whisky

Redbreast uses both malted and un-malted barley to create its 12-year-old Cask Strength Whiskey, which whisky critic Jim Murray included in his 2020 Whisky Bible as Irish Whiskey of the Year. The brand takes the pot-distilled spirit and ages it in both ex-bourbon barrels and Oloroso sherry butts. The typical Redbreast 12-year-old is bottled at 80 proof, while the Cask Strength clocks in at a substantially higher 111.6 proof, which gives the juice more intense flavors and aromas. Its a fruity dram, rich with big spicy notes, a pop of vanilla, and a strong and long finish.

ABV: 111.6 Proof | Age: 12 Years | Volume: 750 milliliters

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The Glendronach Port Wood

If youre talking sherry cask-matured single malt, The Macallan is likely the first brand that comes to mind. Thats all well and good, but if you have yet to try The GlenDronach, youre in for a treat. The Port Wood release, however, gets an additional flavor infusion from a lengthy secondary maturation period in port pipes after initially being aged in PX and Oloroso sherry casks. This brings a little bit of spice, some bright grape notes and a dollop of dark chocolate to the palate. Port Wood is a whisky you will want to revisit time and time again.

Best Cheap: Four Roses Bourbon

Previously known as Four Roses Yellow Label, this iconic bourbon is a steal at around $20. Its one of those bottles that is often relegated to the bottom of the whiskey aisle shelf, but as Garth Brooks might croon, its good to have friends in “low places.”

Four Roses uses two different mash bills and five strains of yeast to create spirits which, in the case of this bourbon, are then aged at least five years. The result is a quite approachable glass of bourbonsoft in the mouth and impactful in nearly any cocktail.

ABV: 80 Proof | Age: 5 Years | Volume: 750 milliliters

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The Macallan Triple Cask Matured 18 Years Old

This legendary single malt, formerly known as Fine Oak 18 Years Old, is an amalgam of spirits aged in a trio of different oak caskssherry-seasoned European oak, sherry-seasoned American oak, and American ex-bourbon barrels. Of the many brilliant expressions produced by the Macallan, Triple Cask Matured 18arguably, of coursebest exemplifies the identity of the brands core range: scotch that is exceedingly smooth, elegant, and adorned with disparate tastes that somehow come together in perfect harmony. Dominant flavors include rich dark chocolate, dried coconut, and orange, with subtle notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and wood smoke. Best enjoyed neat with a side of toasted marshmallows dipped in Pedro Ximénez sherry.

Whether It Be For A Home Collection Or A Public Bar A Row Of Top Shelf Whiskeys Always Attracts The Eye And People Will Come Around To Sample Them

Suntory to Invest $904m in US Bourbon Brands

The problem with the best stuff is your ideal window for getting it will be shortly after its released, because after that youll be dealing with substantial retail mark-ups. These six bottles are all worthy of top shelf status and came out in the last few months.

Bardstown Bourbon Company Collaboration Series The Prisoner

The Prisoner

The last time Bardstown Bourbon Company collaborated with a winery, it was its Phifer-Pavitt Reserve, and that ambrosia. The Prisoner follows a similar pattern, taking a 9-year-old Tennessee-made bourbon and giving it an extra-long, 18-month finishing period in The Prisoner French Oak red wine barrels.

Glendalough 17-Year-Old Mizunara-Finish Irish Single Malt

Glendalough 17-Year-Old

Glendalough is a new Irish distillery, and thus reliant on sourced Irish malts for an old release like this one. This expression was 15 years old at the start, but Glendalough gave it a two-year finish in casks made by rare Japanese Mizunara oak, noted for its potent aromatic properties.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Proof Rye 2020

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Proof Rye 2020

Laphroaig Ian Hunter Series 30-Year-Old Single Malt


This is the first installment in a new series from the Islay distillery, celebrating the legacy of Ian Hunter, who owned and operated Laphroaig from 1908 to 1944. This is a great start, drawing as it does on 30-year-old stock aged in first-fill bourbon barrels.

Midleton Very Rare Vintage 2019


Old Fitzgerald 15-Year-Old

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The amount of profit a liquor store can make depends on its sales volume. A Forbes study found that liquor stores suffer from the lowest profits of any businesses, taking home one profit for every six sales. The average salary of a business owner who is capable of running their own company is from $21,000 to $51,000, depending on the size, location, and sales volume of their company.


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