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Best Stock Trading & Investing App in Australia – (STOP PAYING HIGH FEES!)

For beginners, it’s important to choose an investment app that combines low costs with the features you care about most. Whether you’re looking to build a passive portfolio of funds, an active portfolio of stocks, or any other investment strategy, there’s a brokerage and investment app designed to meet your needs.

To make our selections, we focused on costs and fees, app features, types of accounts available, investment products available, and beginner-friendly features to manage your investment account on the go.

Fidelity Investments Best App For Managing Money All

If you wanted to live your whole financial life on Fidelity Investments, you could do it with little issue and have the top integrated experience. At Fidelity, you can get an investment account, a checking account, an IRA, a business retirement account such as a SEP IRA, bill paying, a savings account, a robo-advisor account and even credit card accounts, to cover the big ones.

Why we like it:

  • You can get all your finances in order with one company on one dashboard, and never feel like youre missing a thing.
  • Youll get solid research on ETFs and mutual funds, tons of articles on budgeting, investing and personal finance and webinars, too.
  • If you never need help, youll be connected with a courteous and helpful Fidelity rep in short order.

Who is it best for? You want all your financial accounts under one roof, and you enjoy being treated like a valuable customer.

Minimum balance required: $0

Fees: $0 for stock/ETF trades, $0.65 per contract on options.

What Assets Can Be Traded With An Investment App

The available assets to be traded on a given investment app depends on the app itself. For instance, Robinhood is primarily focused on letting you buy and sell stocks, while apps like Acorns will only let you trade ETFs. Other apps like SoFi provides stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

Overall, any asset you can trade on the real stock market can be traded on at least one investment app.

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Major Benefits Of Using Best Trading App In India

  • Easy and quick order placement from anywhere anytime
  • LIVE stock market updates
  • Seamless access to market days at fingertips
  • Historical charts and research reports

Whether you are already trading in a stock for quite some time or looking to being stock trading through your mobile, it is necessary to have knowledge about the best trading apps in India. Choosing the best trading app in India means you get a host of features with easy usability and lower charges. So, for your reference, below are some top mobile trading apps.

Robinhood: Good Free Trading App For Beginners

15 BEST Investment Apps for Fast and Reliable Trades in 2020

Robinhood is a good stock brokerage app for beginners because it has a simple design and is easy to use add to that free stock trades, and you have a good choice.

Robinhood App Store Rating
Markets Covered USA

Notably, Robinhood charges no trading commissions. Instead of trading commissions, Robinhood makes money through a $6 membership fee, margin trading, and rebates from executing brokers.

Robinhood is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation . Thus Robinhood ensures accounts for up to $500,000 for American customers.

Beyond that, Robinhood fully encrypted its App and built-in state-of-the-art security measures. Additionally, market geeks will love the real-time cryptocurrency and other market information available through Robinhood.

Robinhood is the best stock app for beginner traders who want to keep it super simple. In particular, it is an excellent resource for investors with a high tolerance for risk. However, apps associated with traditional brokerages will better serve more demanding and experienced investors.

Fortunately, Robinhood is available for iPhone, iPad & Mac in the App Store.

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Investingcom: Best Stock Ticker & Quotes App

If you are simply looking for an app that provides stock quotes and a solid ticker, then is a good choice. App Store Rating

Strangely the Apple-developed stocks app is very poorly rated by Apple iPhone users. While the stocks App provides customizable watchlists, charts, and business news, it is extremely limited in functionality. Main user complaints are battery usage, limited data, and only being able to use one watchlist.

Why Fidelity Made Our List

Fidelity offers a wide range of accounts and investments that could meet the needs of virtually any investor, but it stands out as a great choice for stock market inventors looking to buy and hold for long-term goals like retirement. It offers a wide range of investing products, including fractional shares.

In addition to common tools that allow you to research and trade stocks, Fidelity offers apps and tools to help you reach retirement goals and other long-term plans. For example, the new Fidelity Spire app is a goal-oriented app that encourages good saving and investing habits to reach the goals you’ve specified.

Fidelity is best for beginners, but it also suits active traders, passive investors, and long-term-focused investors.

  • Promotion: None at this time.

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Why Ally Made Our List

If you’re interested in a simple and straightforward investment platform that goes hand-in-hand with some of the best checking and savings accounts on the market today, Ally could be the right fit. Ally Invest has no minimum and no recurring fees and shares the same login for accounts with Ally Bank.

With Ally Mobile, you can view your investments and enter stock trades with just a few taps. The app includes basic research and charting, recent news, and the ability to quickly enter a trade. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some stock trading apps, but it covers the basics and makes it easy to trade for a very low cost.

Plus, investors who prefer automated portfolios might be excited to know that Ally’s managed portfolio has a $100 minimum and no advisory fees. The only catch is that it doesn’t allow for DIY stock trading it primarily uses ETFs. The account also automatically sets aside 30% of your portfolio as cash to protect you against market volatility. While the cash interest rate was formerly 0.60%, it now grows at a rate of 0.80%.

Capitalcom Popular Stock Cfd Apps With Great Trading Tools

Investing Apps That Work In 2022

Overall Rating:

If youre looking for a modern and intuitive app that allows you to trade stock CFDs with the help of some fantastic tools, is certainly a stock trading app that you want to check out.

Assets: For starters, offers one of the widest range of stock CFDs weve come across more than 4,000. This means you can trade a whole range of top stocks from different exchanges around the world, from the US to Australia, Hong Kong and many more. Not only does offer a great range of stocks, but you can also trade ETFs, indices, and forex on this top rated app.

Fees: As offers stock CFD trading rather than traditional stock investing, you pay a spread on each trade, which is the difference between the buy and sell price, rather than a commission. While it doesnt quite match up to eToros zero commission stock trading, the stock spreads are some of the lowest weve seen, so this is certainly a really competitive app in terms of fees.

Features: The trading tools and features are where really comes into its own. For starters, it offers AI generated trading suggestions, but that only scratches the surface. Theres a fantastic range of market analysis resources and learning resources like webinars, as well as a great range of technical indicators and advanced charting tools.

75.26% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

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What Should You Look For When Choosing An Investment App

If youre looking for the best investment app, you may be new to the world of investing. That means youll want an easy-to-use platform with generous educational resources.

But because investing is all about the long gameyou could be investing for 40 years or more if youre saving for retirementyou also want an app that you can grow with. Thats why even as a beginner, you ideally should seek out a platform that offers robust research tools, a wide range of account types and low fees so you dont feel like you have to switch providers when youve become a more advanced user.

And, while ultimately, you want a good app experience, you also inevitably sign up for so much more when you open an account with an investment app. Thats why its important to consider the broader company powering the investment app you download.

Youll notice our top choices in this listing also rank highly in other brokerage, robo-advisor and crypto exchange listings weve conducted. Youll want to make sure whichever investment app you choose offers a quality web-based experience and customer service so that should you decide to expand past your investment apps main platform youll be well served.

Best Investing Apps Reviewed

Selecting the best investment app is no easy feat considering the sheer number of trading platforms active in this space.

Most investment apps are offered by traditional online brokers so users should explore key metrics surrounding the types of markets on offer and what fees and commissions apply to both trading and funding.

Safety and regulation are also important, as real money will need to be deposited in order to invest.

In the sections below, we review and rank the very best investment apps in the market right now.

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How Much Do Investing Apps Cost

Price is a big factor when choosing an investment app, so it’s crucial you know what you’re paying for. After all, any costs or fees you aren’t aware of can eat away at your investment earnings over time.

Many investment apps are free to download and offer zero-commission trades, which means that investors aren’t charged for the broker executing the trade.

Investing in mutual funds or ETFs, however, will likely require paying management fees or expense ratios.

According to Investopedia, investors should expect a “reasonable” expense ratio for an actively managed portfolio to be between 0.5% to 0.75%. For passive or index funds, the typical ratio is lower at about 0.2% and can be as low as 0.02% or even less in some cases. These are benchmarks that you can use when shopping around for an investment app.

Webull: Best Stock Trading App For Intermediate Traders

Best Investment Apps in the UK
  • Available via desktop, Apple iOS and Google Android.

Webull came into the stock trading world in 2018 when it started challenging Robinhood for market share. This stock trading app offers commission-free stock trading as well as commission-free trades on ETFs, options and cryptocurrencies.

Like most investing apps available, the company provides access to trade on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

As touched on above, it charges no commissions for the trades because Webull makes money on other actions you take, like Payment for Order Flow , margin loans, interest on cash and service fees for their Nasdaq TotalView Level 2 Advances quotes subscription.

Webull also provides you access to several powerful tools you can use for in-depth trading analysis. These low-cost or free services easily make the stock trading app one of the best stock research and analysis apps for conducting technical analysis.

If these account features sound attractive, youll also be happy to learn your Webull stock trading app and brokerage account comes with no account minimum you must meet or maintain. Finally, to de-risk your sign up, Webull also runs frequent promotions that give free stocks.

Read more in our Webull review.

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Acorns Best For Students


Acorns is a spare change investment app thats ideal and free for students, as such investors are unlikely to have big chunks of change they can throw the stock market. It also operates a little differently compared to many other platforms you can join.

In a nutshell, Acorns let you choose from different portfolios all pulled from a selection made by a Nobel prize-winning economist. You then invest your spare change or other small amounts for hopefully larger returns over time.

Signing up for the app is super easy and you can link either your credit or debit card to the account. Once linked, Acorns can round up any spare change in those linked accounts to the next dollar and invest that money from the available portfolio options.

You can use this to automatically invest extra change over time for instance, you can have Acorns invest an additional $.50 if you buy a soda worth $4.50. This can theoretically add up to significant returns over time.

Its a somewhat unique spin on the traditional robo-advisor-assisted model that many other investment apps use these days. Of course, all of these small amounts necessarily mean you can only expect a small return in most cases, so its not an app if you want to get rich off the market.

What Are Acorns Fees?

Acorns charges $1 per month if you pick up a basic account, $2 per month for a retirement account, and $3 per month if you also use the apps bank account for automated investing of spare change.

Vanguard: Best Basic Free Stock And Etf Trades Stock Market App

  • Available via desktop, Apple iOS and Android App on Google Play.

This list wouldnt be complete without the aptly-named company at the vanguard of fighting for the retail investor: Vanguard. The company has long sought to lower investing costs for retail investors by offering market index investments for increasingly affordable rates.

In fact, John Bogle originated the idea of index fund investing and first offered them to retail investors as mutual funds and eventually exchange traded funds .

These low-cost investments have saved retail investors billions of dollars over the years, allowing their brokerage account returns to compound further.

While apps like Robinhood have slashed trading commissions to $0, Vanguard has led index fund investors to virtually $0 fund expenses as well. When combined, you invest in the stock market for almost nothing.

Talk about a great accomplishment for the small investor looking to invest steadily over time.

Vanguard excels as a free stock trading platform when you wish to buy and sell Vanguard securities like index fund ETFs or mutual funds. You pay no commissions on their ETF products like VTI, or mutual funds like VTSAX and VFIAX.

Further, the company also recently announced it will no longer charge trading fees on competitors ETF trades as well. This marks a departure from the companys long-standing position of charging commissions on other investment firms ETF trades.

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What Is The Cheapest Shares Broker In Australia

Many stock apps charge pricey commissions for selling and buying shares, while some also charge additional account management fees. However, eToro allows you to trade Australian and international with zero commission, so you dont pay anything whatsoever. Theres also no account management fees.

There are some charges on eToro, such as a $5 withdrawal fee, but overall its much cheaper than most traditional Australian stock brokers, as well as online CFD brokers which often charge hefty spreads for trading share CFDs.

Compare The Best Stock Trading Apps

Best Stock Trading App Australia | ASX Investing Apps
None for stock, ETF, and most mutual fund trades 65 cents per contract for options Stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, derivatives
Fidelity Best App for Beginners None None for stocks, ETFs, and most mutual funds 65 cents per contract for options Stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, options
tastyworks Best App for Options Trading None None for stocks or ETFs $1 per options contract to open , none to close $1.25 per contract for futures 1% for crypto Stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, derivatives, crypto
E*TRADE Core Portfolios Best Robo-Trading App $500
InteractiveBrokers Best App for Active Traders None Varies – Zero to 0.5 cent per share Stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, derivatives, forex

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$0 Commissions On Online Stock Etf And Options Trades

Track your investments with this simple and straightforward app

  • Trade stocks, ETFs, and options with easy and intuitive order entry and editing
  • Explore integrated charts with indicators, set up price alerts, access watch lists, and get real-time quotes
  • Access market news, view third-party analyst reports and get third-party research

The power of our most advanced trading platform in the palm of your hand

  • Access to multi-leg options, stocks, futures, forex and 24/5 trading
  • Create customizable, multi-touch charts with hundreds of technical indicators and drawings
  • Live text and screen sharing with trade specialists for on-the-spot help

Stock Trading Apps Tools & Features

While some stock investing apps in Australia offer a skin and bones service, others come jam-packed with tools, charting, and features. Whether or not you actually need access to these features will depend on your personal investment style.

For example, if you are a complete newbie with virtually no understanding of how stocks work, you might want to consider a Copy Trading feature such as one offered by eToro. This allows you to copy an eToro trader like-for-like meaning you can actively trade without lifting a finger.

An additional feature that we would suggest looking for is fractional ownership especially if you are looking to invest in shares as opposed to trading stock CFDs. This allows you to invest in stocks from just $50 at eToro meaning there is no need to fork out $3,000 to buy a single Amazon share! eToro, our pick for the best share trading app Australia, is an example of an app that offers fractional shares.

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