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May 1st Silver Squeeze 2.0 | Andy Schectman

The company deals in a wide range of precious metals, including gold, platinum, silver, numismatic gold and palladium. Their diverse menu of offerings including the products from

  • Perth Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint

Popular Foreign Mints can be helpful when you need to diversify your precious metals backed IRA account.

Miles Franklin, like many other gold brokers, is not an IRA custodian. Nonetheless, they have partnered with New Direction IRA to furnish their customers with full IRA services. These include setting up of IRA accounts and tracking of investment performance.

Is Miles Franklin Ltd A Scam

Miles Franklin is not a hoax. Its a real and reputable business that provides high-quality products and services.Furthermore, it has a long history in the business. The main disadvantage of this business is that clients cant purchase items online because it doesnt have ratings and reviews compared to its competitors.

Nonetheless, it is absolutely up to you whether or not you want to work with Miles Franklin with your investments.

Miles Franklin Precious Metals Price Index

MFP has created a unique price index for its customers. An average of the silver bullion prices quoted by eight leading dealers on the London Bullion Market Association and COMEX markets. This index lets customers track precious metal pricing fluctuations and know how their products are doing. The MFPI rate is updated every five minutes and provides current pricing information for all silver, gold, platinum, and palladium products.

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Miles Franklin Ratings And Reviews

At the time of writing this Miles Franklin Review, I found the following online ratings and reviews of the company.

  • BBB – 4/5 rating, A+ rating, BBB accredited, 3 reviews
  • BCA – CC rating based on 1 review
  • Trustpilot – 3.7/5 rating based on 1 review
  • Yelp – 4/5 rating based on 4 reviews
  • – 4.7/5 rating based on 15 reviews

Miles Franklin Precious Metals Ira Info

Miles Franklin

Miles Franklin offers a wide range of precious metals IRAs. Its annual cost is variable, but it comes with flat fees. They have partnered with storage vaults from Brinks as well as an independent custody service provider NewDirection Trust Company.

They have been in the industry for 32 years they offer gold, silver, platinum & palladium.

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Miles Franklin Precious Metals Review

Sometimes when you’re looking for a precious metals dealer, you want one with a vast amount of industry experience. That’s when you might turn to Miles Franklin Precious Metals. This company has been operating for over 30 years, and they have a solid and transparent management team.

But how do they compare to the competition? What should you know about their services and reputation before you get started?

  • Product Type: Precious Metals

Miles Franklin Review Complaints And Ratings

Before you make a final choice, you should always examine and compare multiple investment firms against one another.

Here are the most reputable and well-known review and rating systems on the internet to discover what score they have assigned Miles Franklin. This indicates how good a company performs, so look at these websites to determine if your future business with them will be beneficial or not!

BBB 4/5 rating, 3 reviews, A+ rating, BBB accredited,BCA CC rating, 1 reviewTrustpilot 3.7/5 rating, 1 reviewYelp 4/5 rating,4 reviews 4.7/5 rating, 5 reviews

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Miles Franklin Precious Metals

Disclaimer: Many or all of the companies listed here may provide compensation to us. This is how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth editorial research, determines where & how companies appear below.

Did you know that Miles Franklin has been in business for over 30 years? Do you have questions about whether, even with this experience, they’re the right precious metals investment company for you? Wanting to learn more about a company where you plan on investing a lot of your hard-earned money is always a smart idea.

Continue reading, and we’ll help you understand more about the company, the services and products they offer their customers, and whether they’re the right fit for your specific needs. If you like what you hear, you can contact Miles Franklin today to begin diversifying your portfolio by investing in precious metals.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: David and Andrew Schectman
  • Rating: 3.8/5

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Is Miles Franklin A Scam

Setting Up A Gold & Silver IRA

Let’s conclude this Miles Franklin Review with an answer to this question.

Miles Franklin is not a scam. It is a genuine and legitimate company that offers good products and services.

Moreover, it has been in the industry for a long time already. The only downside it has is that clients cannot order online and the company lacks ratings and reviews, if we compare it to its competitors.

Nevertheless, it is still up to you whether you should engage with Miles Franklin with your investments or not.

If you want to know my top recommendation, you can check it out below.

Thank you so much for reading my Miles Franklin Review! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section!

Check out my other reviews here!

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Pros & Cons Of Miles Franklin Precious Metals


  • Miles Franklin is a trusted name in the precious metals industry with over 30 years of experience.
  • They offer a wide selection of precious metals.
  • Secure storage solutions with Brink’s are available to protect your precious metals investment.


  • Online reviews from past customers are very limited.

How Does Miles Franklin Work

Unfortunately, Miles Franklin does not allow its customers to do business online, unlike other firms. They have a website, though, and you can find some information about their services and policies on the website.

If you want to learn about the costs of their items or place an order, call them at 1-800-822-8080 or 1-952-929-7006.

When you reach out to them by phone or through email, they will assist you with your questions. They will take it from there and help you with your concerns.

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Miles Franklincompany Info & Background

Founded in 1989, Miles Franklin is headquartered in Wayzata, Minnesota. It specializes as a precious metals investment company selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for retirement accounts and portfolios.

The catalog of products includes both precious metals coins and bars, some of which are IRA-approved. For collectors, there are numismatic gold options. Miles Franklin has a wide array of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars that are eligible to be held in a Precious Metals IRA.

How Is Shipping Handled

Miles Franklin

UPS or USPS is used to deliver all purchases. Every box is fully covered by insurance and must be signed for upon delivery.

All precious metal purchases of at least 10 ounces of gold, platinum, or palladium receive free domestic delivery and insurance. Free domestic delivery and insurance are also available on all bulk orders of 500 ounces or more of silver.

You should expect shipping and insurance expenses of approximately $15 if you dont spend that much on your purchase.

If you have any queries concerning shipping or require further information on this topic, it is strongly recommended that you contact a broker for any additional international shipping concerns.

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Andy Schectman: Depressed Gold To Silver Ratio Creating Buying Opportunity Of A Generation

Tom welcomes a new guest to the show Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin. Andy makes a very compelling case for past market manipulation by large banks like JP Morgan. He sees a perfect storm coming soon, one where there will be no safe haven assets except precious metals. Bonds no longer have real returns when you consider inflation and are guaranteed to lose money.

He dives into the gold-silver ratio, the flailing dollar, and the lack of precious metal supply. Many investors are increasingly nervous about inflation and are taking physical possession of their metals from exchanges. Gold and silver are real wealth, and today is a once in a generation buying opportunity.

In a depression, gold and silver perform best because they are the only asset class that is not someone elses liability. Today there is massive counterparty risk throughout the system.

Time Stamp References:0:35 Gold/Silver Ratio and Silver buying opportunity3:45 Trading the ratios and future predictions.8:45 Gold is now a tier-one banking asset.10:15 Central Banks in 2018 started buying gold.12:30 JP Morgan derivative manipulation.22:40 Big players, banks, hedge funds all stockpiling gold.32:20 Crazy premiums during Q2 and going higher again now.33:30 Massive demand during shortfalls in mint production.34:20 2020 The great wake up call.

Talking Points From This Episode

Guest LinksFacebook:

What Is Miles Franklin

Miles Franklin is not your typical gold and silver coin firm. Their method provides a unique approach for diversifying ones assets with precious metals. Since 1989, this strategy has resulted in pleased clients from all around the country.

The company is a full-service business and a low-cost discount broker, in contrast to typical coin dealers. We think that fair pricing combined with thorough client education and support can and should coexist hand-in-hand.

David and Andrew Schectman launched Miles Franklin. Their goal was to provide a wide range of precious metal products, as well as professional broker support and, of course, reasonable pricing.

Miles Franklin is a firm that offers you something unique: If you have never heard of it before, they are the most unusual company name ever. Theyre both a full-service business and a low-overhead discount broker.

The goal of the firm is to develop personalized assets with precious metals as a creative approach for increasing sales. Since 1989, Miles Franklin has been using this technique to provide clients across the country with excellent outcomes.

They have two locations now Wayzata, Minnesota, and Delray Beach, Florida.

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Time To Rebalance Your Precious Metals Portfoliocontributed Opinion

Source: Maurice Jackson for Streetwise Reports

Some precious metals ratios are out of whack, says Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments in conversation with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable, and explains why he believes now is a good time to rebalance.

Maurice Jackson: Joining us for a conversation is Andy Schectman, the president of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments.

We have some important topics to address today regarding physical, precious metals. Before we begin, for first time listeners, who is Miles Franklin, and what type of services do we provide?

Andy Schectman: Miles Franklin is a precious metals company that’s been in business in Minneapolis since 1990. We’ve operated almost 29 years without a customer complaint, ever. We have an A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are one of fewer than 30 companies in America to ever be approved by United States Mint as an authorized reseller of its product. And more than anything, in a federally non-regulated industry, Maurice, that stands for something.

“Silver is probably one of, if not the buying opportunity of a generation.”

Maurice Jackson: You and I had an offline discussion regarding the opportunity of a lifetime that you see in silver. Let’s discuss the value proposition before us regarding silver. Please share, what has your attention at the moment, and why.

Andy, before we leave, last question. What did I forget to ask?

Miles Franklin Ratings On Consumer Review Sites

Top Experts Talk Gold/Silver | Andy Schectman, Gary Wagner, Craig Hemke, & more!

There is sufficient social proof of the companys reliability. They have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. The site has accredited them since 2009. Currently, there is one positive review on BBB about Miles Franklins customer service and reliability. There are no complaints or negative reviews about Miles Franklin on BBB. The gold company also has a 5/5 score on Yelp, and a CC rating on BCA. They are currently not listed on Trustpilot and the Rip-off Report.

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The Miles Franklin Website

As always, a trustable gold IRA company will start by furnishing their clients with all relevant information about precious metal investments. Miles Franklin does reasonably well in this area. Both beginners and experienced investors will find detailed, informative pieces on the website. The Services Page on the companys website guides first-time users through the process of establishing a self-directed gold IRA account. Through their partnership with New Direction IRA, the company promises to handle rollovers and account setups, guiding users on everything that is required.

Other bits of information you can find in this section include:

  • General IRA FAQ
  • IRS Guidelines
  • Fees schedules with the IRA custodian

There is also more investment advice in the Blog section of the website. The company publishes regular blog posts on precious metal investment strategies. This section also contains transcripts of media interviews done by the top management on financial topics. For new beginners, there is plenty of assistance here to go by to become a successful investor.

The About Us page of their website has posts on:

  • Benefits of investing in precious metals
  • The ordering process with Miles Franklin
  • The selling process with Miles Franklin
  • Shipping and returns

Premier Precious Metals Dealer:

Miles Franklin company is a well-known premier precious metals dealer due to their full array of silver, gold, platinum and palladium products. This father and son team has well-trained numismatics in their shell, which proves their expertise in the field.

Miles Franklin also offers advanced security services to protect your assets. The metals are usually labelled, sealed and secured in the Miles Franklin Vault at Los Angeles, Miami, Salt Lake City or New York, Brinks in Montreal, and Vancour, Canada.

Thus, if you are interested in owning bullion coins of gold, silver or any other metal, you can head to Miles Franklin without any hesitation.

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Miles Franklin Products And Services

Silver, gold, palladium, and platinum bars and coins are some of Miles Franklins offerings. It also provides IRA-permissible precious metals and collectible gold alternatives.

The firm also works with clients to sell goods but is also interested in purchasing precious metals from them. Miles Franklin also provides custodian and storage services.

For the firms customers, Brinks provides a totally separated vault storage service. The following sites are accessible to the consumers:

The custodial services are handled by New Direction Trust Company.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Miles Franklin
  • Where is Miles Franklin | Precious Metals Investments?

    Miles Franklin | Precious Metals Investments is located at: 801 Twelve Oaks Center Dr, Ste 834, Wayzata, Minnesota 55391.

  • Want to book a hotel in Minnesota?

    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of Miles Franklin | Precious Metals Investments?

    You can try to dialing this number: 822-8080 – or find more information on their website:

  • What is the opening hours of Miles Franklin | Precious Metals Investments?

    Monday: 09:00 – 17:00

  • Where are the coordinates of the Miles Franklin | Precious Metals Investments?

    Latitude: 44.973137349

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Company Info And Background

Miles Franklin is a precious metals investment firm, and assists clients in establishing Precious Metals IRAs. It is located inWayzata, Minnesota, and was founded in 1989.

The companys inventory includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. Depending on clientele preference, there are IRA-eligible products and numismatic gold options. For retirement savers, there is an excellent selection of IRA-approved bullion products.

The Miles Franklin Pros And Cons


  • Theyre quite trustworthy theyve been in business for more than 30 years.
  • Customer service was exceptional, pleasant, and timely.
  • Perfect for beginners, as well as seasoned ones.
  • No red flags like on,, etc.
  • Offers IRA services
  • There arent many online customer reviews.
  • The firm has no price information on its website.
  • Cannot order online

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About Miles Franklin Precious Metals

Miles Franklin Precious Metals is a full service precious metals dealer that sells both numismatic rarities and investment grade bullion. The company has been serving clients across the US since being founded in 1989. The original founders still play a big role in the business, with owner Andy Schectman having a hands-on approach to each customer interaction.

There are some differences between Miles Franklin and a traditional bullion dealer. The biggest is that they also operate as a discount broker. By operating with lower overhead, they are able to offer bullion at cheaper prices than their competitors.

In addition, the company places a large amount of emphasis on education and client support. They believe that clients should be empowered to make the right financial decisions for their future. They also believe that clients should be able to keep coming to their bullion dealer with questions long after they’ve made their first purchase.

Miles Franklin Custodian And Storage

2022 Rule Symposium Preview – Andy Schectman, CEO, Miles Franklin Precious Metals

Your precious metals are completely isolated with your name and account number visibly printed on the box. Transparency is one of the most important features of any outstanding storage solution.

This is something that Miles Franklin understands, which is why they allow clients to bring in, drop off, or collect their Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Palladium. In reality, you may sell your assets and get paid within a few days.

Brinks provides fully separated vault storage for precious metals acquired through Miles Franklin. There are a variety of facilities to select from, including locations in Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City, Miami, Vancouver, and Toronto.

For custodial services, New Direction Trust Company has partnered with Miles Franklin.

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