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Integris Secured Credit Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Circle Of Wealth Fund III LLC – Earning Passive Income

What is the Integris Secured Credit Fund?Integris Secured Credit Fund offers accredited investors an opportunity to invest in a collateralized note that will earn them passive income via a fixed annual interest rate of 12%, paid quarterly.1 Return of investor capital will be realized by June 1, 2024, the maturity date of the fund.2

Why is it called a secured credit fund?Investments are collateralized by a pledge of interests in promote distributions tied to two real estate ventures, with an estimated value of $17.8 million more than twice the total of the $8.5 million in equity being raised by the fund.3

Is Integris Secured Credit Fund a short-term investment?Definitions of short-term offerings vary. This particular fund has a 24-month term.

Is this a short-term note or secured note?Though definitions of short-term vary, the Integris Secured Credit Fund is a collateralized note earning the investor passive income at a fixed rate over a 24-month course.

What is the intended use of the capital being raised by the fund?The fund is raising capital to finance the acquisition or management of real estate assets and other corporate operations.

What is the term of this investment?The maturity date of this investment is June 1, 2024.

Are there any fees or expenses associated with the investment?The Integris Secure Credit Fund has no upfront sales charge, nor does it charge any fees or expenses to investors.

An Introduction To The High Yield Fund Ii

Secured Investment High Yield Fund II, LLC was formed for the purpose of providing participating investors with a real estate focused investment opportunity through private money notes and carefully chosen real estate projects.

The Fund is managed Secured Investment Corp , a company that specializes in the origination of real estate notes for investors, real estate fund management, loan servicing, and the education of real estate investors. The Fund is managed by three highly experienced real estate and finance professionals with a combined 50-plus years of experience in the real estate.

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Secured Income Fund Ii Llc

Fund Type: Private Mortgage Lending


Fund inception: 2010

Traditionally, people have looked to residential real estate as a source of easy credit and did not tap into the equity available in commercial or investment properties. The market has shifted, and now that new source of equity is being utilized. In response, Stonecrest is taking advantage of lending opportunities in equity-rich, realistically priced residential, commercial, and investment properties for qualified borrowers.

Stonecrest has taken the market experience and strategic approach that made our Private Capital Fund a success and applied them to the Secured Income Fund II. Our goal is to grow the Fund portfolio while delivering stable yields and minimizing risk. Secured Income Fund II offers investors healthy returns on loans with attractive loan-to-value ratios, which translates into lower risk.

How it Works

Fund managers solicit, underwrite, process, and fund private money loans for commercial and residential borrowers in California. The Fund has produced a stable yield since inception outperforming income markets and competitors.

Secured Income Fund II, LLC is modeled on our successful Private Capital Fund . Our proven underwriting guidelines are the same for both funds:

Fortress’s Core Competencies Include:

Secured Investment Corp


Fortress businesses, across its private equity funds and credit funds specialize in asset-based investing, and bring to bear significant experience in investing broadly and deeply in a diverse set of asset types. Fortress’s expertise extends to pricing, owning, financing and overseeing the management of physical and financial assets ranging from real estate and capital assets to financial assets secured by diversified long-term cash flows.

Industry Knowledge

Fortress has deep knowledge of the industries in which it invests. In the course of executing investments and operating portfolio companies, Fortress has developed a team of investment professionals with significant sector-specific expertise and relationships with leading companies, institutions and individuals worldwide.

Fortress has considerable capital markets expertise, and has expertise in securing low-cost, low-risk financing for its investments by accessing the debt and equity capital markets.

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Hps Investment Partners Llc

HPS Investment Partners is a leading global investment firm that seeks to provide creative capital solutions and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We manage various strategies across the capital structure that include syndicated leveraged loans and high yield bonds to privately negotiated senior secured debt and mezzanine investments, asset-based leasing and private equity. The scale and breadth of our platform offers the flexibility to invest in companies large and small, through standard or customized solutions. At our core, we share a common thread of intellectual rigor and discipline that enables us to create value for our clients, who have entrusted us with approximately $95 billion of assets under management as of November 2022.

Circle Of Wealth Fund Iii Llc

CIRCLE OF WEALTH FUND III LLC is an Idaho limited liability company. The Company is offering by means of this offering circular units of limited liability company membership interests on a best efforts and ongoing basis to investors who meet the Investor Suitability standards as set forth herein. The Company will offer Membership Interests through a third party online platform , without any brokers or selling commissions.

The minimum investment amount per Investor is One Thousand Dollars . Although the Company does not intend to list the Membership Interests for trading on a stock exchange or other trading market, the Company has adopted a redemption plan designed to provide Members with limited liquidity for their investment in the Companys Membership Interests.

The Company will be managed by Secured Investment Corp., a Wyoming corporation . As further described in the Offering Circular, the Company has been organized to: make, fund, originate, refinance, purchase, sell and/or otherwise acquire loans secured by first or junior position deeds of trust or mortgages on non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties located throughout the United States and acquire, develop, rehabilitate, and/or hold and/or sell non-owner occupied residential real estate located throughout the United States.

The Offering Circular is available here:

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Calvert High Yield Bond Fund

ICE BofA U.S. High Yield Index1 -0.75 2.12 3.94
Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate so that shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Performance is for the stated time period only due to market volatility, the Funds current performance may be lower or higher than quoted. Returns are historical and are calculated by determining the percentage change in net asset value with all distributions reinvested. Returns for other classes of shares offered by the Fund are different. Performance less than or equal to one year is cumulative. Performance prior to December 31, 2016 reflects the performance of the Funds former adviser, Calvert Investment Management, Inc.
High current income and capital appreciation
Total Net Assets

Portfolio profile subject to change due to active management. Percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.

How The Investment Process Works

Real Estate Investing In The Northwest & Circle of Wealth Fund III LLC

1.VERIFY YOUR ACCREDITED INVESTOR STATUSFill out this form and quickly verify your accredited status.*

2.CREATE YOUR ACCOUNTUpon verification, complete your investment profile.

3.REVIEW INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIESAs a verified investor, you now have in-depth access to each investment offering.

4.INVESTComplete your transaction online.

1. 12% per annum, non-compounded, payable no less frequently than quarterly. First payments commencing with the period ending on September 30, 2022.2. 24-Months or less term. May be prepaid at the Managers discretion. 3. The loans are secured by a collateral package consisting of a pledge of interests in certain promote distributions associated with two real estate ventures. Internally created by management based on assumptions they believe are correct. Please refer to PPM for details of the net present value calculation.

Integris Secured Credit Fund, LLC is a 506 offering, as defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, for accredited investors only. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. An investment in a limited partnership involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your investment, and is illiquid with an uncertain liquidity date. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Securities offered through Shopoff Securities, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC.

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*what Is An Accredited Investor

  • If you are a natural person and you are claiming to be an Accredited Investor on the basis of having a net worth of at least $1,000,000, you will be required to provide documentary evidence of your assets dated within three months of the date of your Purchase Agreement, including without limitation: bank statements brokerage statements and other statements of securities holdings certificates of deposit tax assessments of real property and independent third party appraisals of assets. You will also be required to either: provide a copy of a consumer or credit report dated within three months prior to the date of your Purchase Agreement from a nationwide consumer reporting agency such as Equifax, Experian or TransUnion or consent to the Trusts procurement of your Credit Report. You will also be required to represent that you have no other material liabilities other than those appearing on your Credit Report.
  • Visit the SEC website for more information on what is an accredited investor.

    Who Are We

    We have helped thousands of borrowers by funding hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate backed private money loans. We provide private lenders and real estate investors the ability to connect and build powerful and profitable strategic alliances. Lenders grow their net returns on their invested capital and real estate investors grow their investment portfolios

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