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Top 5 South Korean Stocks in 2021

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Benefits Of Investing In South Korea

With its rare combination of stability and rapid growth rates, South Korea’s economy is attractive for international investors.

  • Rapidly growing: South Korea’s economy is expected to continue growing at a rate of between 2.3% and 3.6% from 2021 to 2026.
  • Stable economy: South Korea’s economy is a member of the G20 as an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development , with annual per capita income of more than $30,000, which means that it is very stable.

Brokers That Trade In The Krx

You can choose to purchase Korean stocks direct from the Korean Stock Exchange .

In Singapore, only 4 brokers give you access to the KRX:

Other brokers like Tiger Brokers do not have this access.

Moreover, some of them only allow you to trade via a trading representative. This means that you cant trade on their online platforms.

Instead, youll need to place an order with your designated trading representative!

Online Platform
Maybank Kim EngPOEMS

Lim & Tan Securities is the only platform that allows you to trade online. All the other 3 require you to make a trade via your trading representative.

If you wish to buy Hybes stock, you will need to let the phone broker know your order for this stock that is listed on the KRX .

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How To Trade Korean Stocks

The Korean stock market operates differently to the more commonly traded security markets, orders are sent through a KRX member securities firm, which has direct access to the KRX market. This type of order is referred to as an Offline Market trade. A trade can be placed over the phone or via an email to our support desk with the details of the trade, the order is then routed a security firm with direct access to execute the purchase of your Korean shares.

Korea Exchange: Trading Considerations

How Concerned Should Investors Be About North Korea?

Regarding the Korea Exchange, the easiest way to invest would be with exchange traded funds or ETFs. They instantly reduce risk or volatility as you are now investing in various assets. There are several ETFs in which one can invest money. iShares MSCI South Korea ETF , the Korea KOSPI 200 ETF , and the Franklin FTSE South Korea ETF are names of just a few of the ETFs. This targeted access to Korean stocks extends to large and mid-sized companies.

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How To Invest In Korean Stocks

Investing in Korean stocks might sound hard, but in reality, its not. There are four steps to invest in Korean stocks:

Step 1. Register at a brokerage firm in Korea or overseas.

Step 2. Buy stocks of the listed company through your broker.

Step 3. Sell them when they reach a price that you can make a healthy profit on

Step 4. Take out the money and cash it out through another bank account, transfer to your own country, pay taxes there and keep the remaining profit

The easiest way is to buy ETFs. Most Korean companies can be accessed through the ETF market, and this can also minimize your risk.

I have been investing in Korean stocks for the last 3 years through the market opening process.

I can assure you that this can be a nice investment for foreign investors who can not only make money but learn more about Korean companies, financial markets, and industries as well.

However, it is still a newly emerging field, so do make sure to research before investing.

If you can speak Korean or at least have someone to help you out, I would highly recommend going that route as the online brokerage can be a bit slow.

Where can you find information on which companies are listed?

You can find the latest stock market news by visiting: or any other source such as the Korea Herald.

Trading Hours And Brokerage Fees

The Korea Stock Exchange opens from 9:00am to 3:00pm local time and does not close for a lunch break. . The brokerage is in the local currency used by South Korea and the Exchange, the Korea Won .

Learn more on the brokerage fees to trade Korean stocks with PhillipCapital Australia.

More guide on how to buy Asian stocks.

Disclaimer: This publication has been prepared solely for the information of the particular person to whom it was supplied by Phillip Capital Limited AFSL 246827 and/or Phillip Capital Trading Pty Ltd AFSL 246796 .

It is recommended that you seek independent advice and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision in relation to any investment. Any advice contained in this communication is general and has not taken into account the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any particular person.

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The Pros And Cons Of Investing In Korea

Here below are some pros and cons of investing in Korean stocks or companies.

The Pros:

  • Investment can also spread your risk and diversify your portfolio by investing overseas.
  • The market can provide great opportunities for those seeking to get their money back as they can invest when there are moments of market downfalls that can target only companies that can provide a great return.
  • The Korean market can be cheaper compared to other Asian markets such as Japan and Hong Kong.

The Cons:

  • As most Koreans are still skeptical about the new market opening policy, it can be hard to find information about some companies.
  • Investing can also take a lot of time and effort. This can be especially true because of the language barrier that can make it harder for foreigners in Korea to invest without help from a Korean native who can understand whats going on.
  • Investing can also be risky as the companies can always fail and can cause you to lose your investment.

Keep An Eye On Your Portfolio

Opening an Investing Account in Korea (For Foreigners)

Its important to keep an eye on your portfolio and make sure that your investments are still in line with your goals and risk tolerance. Dont be afraid to sell stocks that have lost value and reinvest the money into other stocks.

One of the worst things you can do is to let your emotions get the best of you. Dont panic and sell stocks when the market takes a downturn.

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How To Buy Korean Stocks

South Korean stocks may be bought on the Korean Exchange, established in the 1950s. Some large Korean companies also offer their stock on the New York Stock Exchange through American depository shares. Korean stocks can also be purchased indirectly through exchange-traded funds focused on South Korea or the Asia-Pacific region. In all instances, shares must be purchased through a licensed securities dealer.


  • Full-service brokers provide the highest level of service. They contact their customers with stock ideas and may suggest changes to portfolios. Full-service brokers are also the most expensive. Discount brokers charge mid-level commission rates for trades but offer a lower level of service. Online brokers are the cheapest option, but they only provide market access, rather than personalized advice.

Gopizza Currently Has Around 15 Outlets In India And Plans To Reach 25 Outlets By The End Of 2022 The Brand Added That It Aims To Open More Than 100 Stores By 2023 In India

Korea-headquartered pizza brand GOPIZZA, on October 17, raised Rs 200 crore in a Series Cfunding round co-led by GS Ventures, CJ Investment, Mirae Asset Securities, NCORE Ventures and Pureun Investment, among others.

The company said the fresh capital will be used for its expansion plans in India, backed by new-age robotic and AI technologies.

Also Read:

Founded in 2016 by Jae Won Lim, GOPIZZA is known for its one-person, oval-shaped, fire-baked pizza with 160 outlets across South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Hongkong.

India is a key market for us and a majority of the investment will be directed to the Indian market where we plan to expand to more than 100 stores by 2023. We are very excited to bring the Korean vibe and our state-of-the-art food technology to the fastest-growing market in the world,” said Lim, who is also the chief executive officer of GOPIZZA.

GOPIZZA currently said it has around 15 outlets in India and plans to reach 25 outlets by the end of 2022. The brand added it aims to open more than 100 stores by 2023 in India.

Next month, the pizza brand said it is opening its first store in Hyderabad. In the next few years, GOPIZZA added, it will establish outlets in Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and some key tier two cities including Chandigarh, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Kochi.

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The Korea Stock Exchange: Background

Since its inception in 1956, the Korea Stock Exchange had operated independently. Prior to its 2005 merger to form KRX, the Korea Stock Exchange created the Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations a trading platform similar to its American counterpart, Nasdaq, of the National Association of Securities Dealers .

In addition to launching electronic trading, some of the exchange’s milestones include establishing a stock index futures and options market from 1996 to 1997, trading warrants in 2000, and equity options and exchange traded funds in 2002.

Today, investors can trade various instruments on the exchange including stocks, bonds, ETFs, and real estate investment trusts . KOSDAQ lists more than 1,000 high-profile companies including Korea New Network, Imagine Asia, Macrogen, Daewon Media, FNC Entertainment, Genie Music, and SK Broadband.

How To Buy Korean Stocks In Australia

How To Invest Korean Stock Market

The Korea Stock Exchange is one of the largest exchanges in Asia, with a total market capitalisation around $1.33 Trillion US dollars. This South Korea stock market is well known for its globally recognised brands like Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, POSCO and LG Electronics. PhillipCapital opens the doors to investors looking to buy Korean stocks in Australia as well as offers unique access to trade some of the world’s most exotic markets and fastest growing economies.

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Buying Shares On The Krx

American investors can buy Samsung shares through a local broker in South Korea or invest directly . The latter requires an investor to obtain an investor registration certificate from South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service. After that, a stock trading account can be opened at a Korean securities firm, funds can be transferred and shares can be traded in real-time. Of course, there is much paperwork to submit, such as a standing proxy agreement, and investment ID application, registration of signature, criteria for determination of non-resident in Korea, and of course a copy of the investor’s passport.

Investing with a local broker, such as Merrill Lynch International Inc., only requires opening an account, depositing funds and then placing trade orders. Of course, investors will take it on the chin with fees, not to mention the added currency risk of having to change Korean won for U.S dollars and back. After all that, traders will have to hurdle minimum order sizes, will have to trade during local trading hours and can’t trade on .

South Korea Plans Reforms To Tackle ‘korea Discount’ For Its Stocks

SEOUL, Sept 20 – South Korea plans to announce financial reforms later this year, including its policy on shareholder returns, that could help reduce the “Korea discount” in stock markets, a senior government official told Reuters on Tuesday.

The “Korea discount” refers to a tendency for South Korean companies to have lower valuations than global peers due to factors such as low dividend payouts, the dominance of opaque conglomerates known as chaebols and geopolitical risks involving North Korea.

“We have been looking into a few policies especially those related to the inconveniences that foreign investors have been facing that need to be reviewed as part of financial regulatory reforms under the new government,” said Rhee Yun-su, director general at the Financial Services Commission’s capital market bureau.

Register now for FREE unlimited access to

Some of the policies the authority is looking into include dividend policy, registration requirements for foreign investors and corporate filings.

” current dividend policy does not meet the global standard and has been mentioned several times by foreign investors … They have also complained about having to register with the financial regulator in order to trade … and about inequality in information access due to lack of corporate filings in English,” Rhee said.

“It will attract investors’ attention to look at the market more actively. This in itself is a net positive to attract capital.”

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Protect Your Investment Starting Today

The South Korean Stock Market is growing more popular by the day, and for good reason. It can be a great place to invest your money and see some serious returns.

However, as with any investment, there are risks involved. Thats why its important to take steps to protect your investment in the South Korean Stock Market.

Want more Stock Market articles? Check out our blog!

Tax Implications Of Investing In Korean Stocks From Singapore

Is Naver a Stock to Buy. (Korean Stocks)

Since you are a Singaporean investor, you are subject to a dividend withholding tax. This will be incurred if the Korean stock issues a dividend to you.

You will be subject to a 15% dividend withholding tax on any Korean stocks that you buy.

A lower tax of 10% will be incurred only if you have equity ownership of 25%.

If you are looking to buy any dividend stocks from Korea, you may want to reconsider due to the costs. A 15% withholding tax can really eat into your returns!

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Ways You Can Buy Korean Stocks In Singapore

Youve decided to gain some exposure in the South Korean market, such as buying Hybes stock. However, how do you go about buying stocks on the Korea Exchange from Singapore?

Heres a guide to get you started:

Disclaimer: This article is meant for information purposes only, and it is not intended to provide you with financial advice. You should always do your own research first, before making an investment decision


Why The Korean Stock Market Is Interesting: Samsung Electronics & Corporate Governance

Korea has one of the biggest stock markets in the world, with $1.2 trillion of market capitalization and over 2,000 companies listed on the exchange. It also has been one of the cheapest markets historically, and even Warren Buffett, the legendary investor, chose it as the first foreign market to invest outside of the US. Today, it still remains one of the cheapest markets in the world on P/E ratio, trading just around 10x 2017 PE compared to 13x-19x of most other major markets in the world.

As you can see in the chart above, however, the Korean stock market has always been one of the cheapest markets in the world. The reason is that most companies are controlled by “Chaebol” families, who generally only care about their self-interests and ignore for the wellbeing of their shareholders. Global investors have shunned away from such disregard for corporate governance to avoid being negatively affected by Chaebol’s influences. Thus, the demand for Korean stocks have traditionally been low, resulting is low valuation for these companies. This phenomenon is generally refereed to as a “Korea discount.” The valuation discount is apparent even on other valuation metrics like P/B Ratio.

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Buy Korean Etfs Listed On The Nyse

If you do not want to pick a specific Korean stock to invest in, why not buy the Korean market as a whole instead?

There are 2 ETFs listed on the NYSE that track an index of Korean stocks:

LG Chem Ltd 051910

Both ETFs have a very high weightage towards the Samsung stock. However, EWY has a slightly higher weightage towards Samsung compared to FLKR!

If you are looking at having some exposure to Samsung in a globally diversified portfolio, you can also consider the Dimensional World Equity Fund.

When you buy either ETF, you will gain exposure to the Korean market as a whole.

Investing In South Korean Adrs

Investing in South Korea is Still a Better Bet Than Buying Japan :: The ...

American Depository Receipts represent another way to invest in South Korean companies. You can hold these without going outside of the United States. These ADRs let investors buy foreign companies on the U.S. stock exchange. They are not, though, as liquid as many other U.S. stocks. Because of this, they should be traded with some caution.

Popular South Korean ADRs include:

  • KB Financial Group Inc.
  • SK Telecom Co., Ltd.
  • LG Display Co., Ltd.

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