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Tfsa Savings Accounts And Gics

TFSA Explained | Investing Tax Free | Canadian Tax Guide Chapter 2

The most common way that Canadians are investing with the TFSA is with TFSA savings accounts and GICs. These are very safe options and your principal is protected, meaning you wont lose money but the upside is that you wont gain very much money because the returns are small.

For example, at the time of writing, here are some TFSA savings account interest rates available:

Heres my review of Motive Financial Savvy Savings Account and my review of the Tangerine Savings Account. Im a fan of both though these are just general savings accounts.

As you can see, the returns arent very high , at most it is 2.40%. There are ways to get much higher returns with your TFSA in order to see the true powerful effect of compounding.

I have had a TFSA since 2009 and have raided it for a home purchase in 2012. I have just reached a six figure TFSA in 2020. This would not be possible had I had the TFSA at 2.40%.

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Eq Bank Tfsa Savings Account*

EQ Bank offers a TFSA savings account that holds different types of investments with a 2.00% returncurrently the highest regular interest rate on any savings account in Canada, and even managing to beat out the limited-time promotional offers by the big banks. With this account, there are no fees on withdrawals or deposits. Not only will your savings grow faster without fees, but as with any other TFSA, the gains wont be taxed. That makes this a really safe way to save conservatively. Note that with EQ Bank, you can only have one TFSA account open at a time and hold a maximum of $200,000 in your account.

EQ Bank is a subsidiary of Equitable Bank, which was established in 1970 and is Canadas ninth-largest bank, with billions of dollars under management. This TFSA, like all of EQ Banks accounts, is CDIC-insured, meaning that your funds up to $100,000 are federally protected. EQ Bank is not available to residents of Quebec.

  • Interest rate: 2.00%

The Best Tfsa Accounts In Canada For 2022

Read on to learn the basics about TFSAs and browse the best TFSA rates and accounts for Canadians to determine which account suits your needs best. These accounts have been listed based on their individual rates of return, security and other benefits.

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Dont Waste Your Tfsa On A Savings Account

Are you sitting down? Because I am going to climb up on my soapbox now.

*Clears throat*

Since the total amount of a TFSA now is $81,500 I would highly urge you, especially if you are young, have lots of earning potential and years ahead of you, to not waste your precious TFSA room on a savings account.

Savings account provide you with an interest income which is slowly increasing but is NOWHERE near the rate of investing. The current high-interest savings accounts rate is anywhere from 1.00-2.05% . Although you dont have to pay tax on this thankfully, this barely keeps up with the cost of inflation per Statista.

In fact, inflation in March 2022 increased by a whopping 6.7% compared to the previous year, according to Statistics Canada.

Having your money in a regular savings account and not investing it at all means you are losing money.

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The key to a huge retirement nest egg is to invest smart and by reducing your costs to invest. DIY Investing can actually be quite simple, not scary, and it doesnt take brains but it just takes discipline.

If you grow your investments 5-7% tax-free with an investment portfolio, you will be much further ahead than 1.35-2.05%. Sure there are some great new bank account promotions out there that can give you $300 cash but it pales in comparison to the money you can make by indexing and investing.

And 5-7% is a conservative estimate.

Responding To The Proposed Return Package

How to Buy Stocks in Canada  The Ultimate Guide to Investing

This proposed return does not represent a formal assessment of tax. Although you cannot file a notice of objection on a proposed TFSA return, the following options are available to you:

  • If you agree with the information on the TFSA return, sign, date, and include your social insurance number. You can make your payment electronically, by going to Pay now with My Payment. We will issue an assessment based on this return.

  • If you do not agree with the TFSA return and you would like us to review your situation, send a letter to the address indicated below. Include a detailed explanation and any additional documentation you have about the excess contributions along with proof that your excess TFSA amount has been corrected.
  • TFSA Processing Unit

    Post Office Box 14000, Station MainWinnipeg MB R3C 3M2

    We will review your request and send you a letter explaining our decision. If we do not receive a response from you, we will issue an assessment based on the information on file. This assessment will include any penalties and interest that could apply.

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    Should I Use A Tfsa Or An Rrsp

    The main difference between a TFSA and an RRSP is how they are taxed. This means that when you withdraw money from a TFSA, you are not taxed. With RRSPs, the money is taxed on withdrawal.

    With this in mind, you might be wondering why anyone would choose an RRSP. The answer lies, again, in the tax structure. When you put money into a TFSA, you do not receive a tax credit. But you do with an RRSP, and when you use it correctly, this credit can be a powerful tool. If, for example, you earn enough money to just break into a higher tax bracket, you could contribute to an RRSP and get an exemption that would bring you back into a lower bracket. Very likely, youll be in a lower tax bracket when you need to withdraw those RRSP funds in retirement, resulting in a lower lifetime tax bill.

    As with all things investing, its usually a good idea to diversify. Both TFSAs and RRSPs have their uses as investment products.

    Tfsa Payment Of Taxes

    Most TFSA holders have no tax payable related to their TFSA investments, and no TFSA tax return has to be filed. However, when TFSA taxes are applicable for a year, Form RC243, Tax-Free Savings Account Return, must be filed by of the following year. Any tax owing must also be paid by that date.

    If a TFSA return is required but has not been filed, we can use information provided by your issuers to calculate any tax payable by you.

    You can view filed TFSA returns and schedules online at My Account for Individuals.

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    Heres Why 60% Of Canadians Invest In A Tfsa:

    • Pay no taxes on any investment earnings4
    • Contribute even if youre retired or not employed
    • Contribute for as long as you want totheres no age limit
    • Make up for missed contribution room from previous years indefinitely
    • Withdraw your money at any time for any reason2
    • Use a TFSA to save for anything while also saving for retirement in an RRSP

    Mutual Funds In A Tfsa

    How to Invest in a TFSA in 2021 – Investing for Beginners

    A mutual fund pools together money from a large group of investors, and invests in stocks, bonds, and other securities on their behalf. Many people want a rate of return similar to those who actively pick and invest in individual stocks and securities. However, not everybody has the time or market knowledge to be able to do so. As a solution, they invest in a mutual fund and allow their money to be professionally managed. Youâll typically have to complete a questionnaire at the financial institution where you open your TFSA in order to give the people who will manage your money an idea of your capacity for risk.

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    Alterna Bank Tfsa Esavings Account

    For those comfortable doing their banking online, what Alterna lacks in brick-and-mortar branches, it makes up for with an above-average 1.50% interest rate. With no fees, no minimum investment, and simple me-to-me transfers that allow deposits whenever theres a bit of extra cash around, this TFSA makes it easy for students to sock away savings. Because the account is CDIC-insured up to $100,000, you can sleep well knowing your principal remains safe.

    Can You Lose Money In A Tfsa

    Yes. The assets in your TFSA are like any other investment, and they can lose value over time. You can actually lose contribution room too. If you withdraw all your money from a TFSA and the account value is less than your total contribution room was, the next year, you don’t regain all your contribution room, just an amount equivalent to the value of the withdrawal.

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    Tax Payable On Excess Tfsa Amount

    You have an excess TFSA amount at any time in a year as soon as the total of all TFSA contributions you made in the year exceeds the total of your TFSA contribution room at the beginning of the year, plus any qualifying portion of a withdrawal made in the year up to that time.

    The qualifying portion of the withdrawal is the amount of the withdrawal or the previously determined excess TFSA amount, whichever is less.

    For more information, see the definition Qualifying portion of a withdrawal.

    Any portion of a withdrawal that does not reduce or remove a previously determined excess TFSA amount is not a qualifying portion of the withdrawal and cannot be used to reduce or remove any future excess TFSA amount that can be created. For more information, see examples 1, 2 and 3 that follows.

    If, at any time in a month, you have an excess TFSA amount, you are liable to a tax of 1% on your highest excess TFSA amount in that month. For more information, see example 4 that follows.

    General Rules Deposit Or Annuity Contract

    Invest in Stocks Through Your TFSA

    If there is no successor holder, the TFSA ceases to exist when the holder of a deposit or an annuity contract under a TFSA dies. The holder is considered to have disposed of the contract or the deposit immediately before the time that the TFSA ceased to exist for an amount equal to the FMV of all the property held in the TFSA at the time of death.

    After the holder’s death, the deposit or annuity contract is considered to be a separate contract and is no longer considered as a TFSA. All earnings that grow after the holder’s death will be taxable to the beneficiary.

    The normal rules apply for reporting income or gains accrued after the date of death, depending on the specific characteristics of the deposit or annuity contract. For example, interest earned would be reported on a T5, Statement of Investment Income.

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    Tfsa Guaranteed Investment Certificates

    Guaranteed Investment Certificates, or GICs, are agreements that you make with your bank to lock money away for a specified length of time in return for higher interest than you would make on a savings account. Terms usually last between six months and 10 years, and interest rates depend on the term length. If your teen is 100 per cent sure that theyre not going to be using the money for a long time and they dont want to even think about market trends, a TFSA GIC is typically a safe and easy place to park their savings.

    How Old Do You Have To Be To Open A Tfsa

    In Canada, you have to be the age of majority to open a TFSA. That usually means 18 years old or 19 in B.C., Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, the New Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut. However, in provinces and territories where you cant open a TFSA until 19, your kid can retroactively invest from the year they turned 18.

    Parents cant open a TFSA on behalf of their child. However, if parents want to give their kids a financial head start, they could open a Registered Education Savings Plan , which can be used for post-secondary education.

    Learn more about how to pay for university or college.

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    How Will A Tfsa Work For Me

    There’s something for everyone with a TFSA and your Scotia advisor can help you decide how this registered account can help you meet your goals. Here are some ways that you can take advantage of this new savings vehicle:

    Are you looking to save for a “rainy day”?A TFSA is an ideal all-purpose savings account that offers complete flexibility to save for a multitude of uses in one registered account. Your savings build up over time tax-free – helping you reach your goals sooner, and you can withdraw your money when you need it.

    Do you have non-registered investments? Have you maximized your RRSP?A TFSA is an excellent choice if you have non-registered investments. The TFSA allows you to turn taxable income into tax-free income for life, by creating a more tax-efficient investment portfolio and enabling you to maximize your investment growth. You can contribute to a TFSA for a spouse or other family member. Spousal attribution rules don’t apply as they would with an RRSP.

    Are you retired or earning a pension income?? A TFSA is also an ideal investment vehicle for depositing surplus RIF or pension income. It provides the ability to permanently tax-shelter non-registered GIC interest income. Deposits to a TFSA will not result in a claw back of government benefits like Old Age Security or the Guaranteed Income Supplement and there is no age threshold at which a TFSA must convert into a taxable account.

    Motusbank Tfsa Savings Account

    Investing with a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

    If youre unfamiliar with this institutions name, dont let that get in the way of you banking with them. Although motusbank is a relative newcomer in the list of Canadian online banks, its owned and operated by Meridian Credit Union, which has been around for 75 years.

    With a regular interest rate of 1.85%, the motusbank TFSA Savings Account offers a high rate of return and zero risk. There is no minimum balance, no monthly fees and deposits are insured by CDIC up to $100,000.

    If the stock market climbs and your moneys not invested in it, your portfolio may miss out on all those gains. If you arent reliant on income-earning investments and have the stomach to tolerate the stock markets turbulence, robo advisors and online brokerages make great investment tools.

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    Not Just Etfs But Tfsa Bundles And Baskets Too

    Crème de la crème investing for cheap ala cheap.Don’t know what ETFs to invest in, our TFSA baskets and bundles allow you to access a combination of ETFs chosen by a top investment guy, personality, strategy or theme that matches your personal risk level or investment goals. Choose a managed solution, or a once off collection according to your investing flavour: aggressive, balanced, moderate or conservative.

    Im trying to diversify my investments so I thought Id give baskets a shot. I wanted to start using a Tax Free Savings Account but thought it would be much cooler to be able to keep my eye on it. The baskets are really innovative.


    The Proposed Tfsa Return Package

    The proposed TFSA return package normally includes the following:

    • Cover letter It provides general information about TFSA rules and instructions regarding what you need to do to respond to the proposed return.
    • RC243-P, Proposed Tax-Free Savings Account Return This proposed TFSA return shows the taxes we have calculated and is based on the information we received from your issuers. The proposed TFSA return is not a formal assessment of tax.

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    How Do We Receive Your Tfsa Information

    If you disagree with any of the information on your TFSA Room Statement, or TFSA Transaction Summary, including dates or amounts of contributions or withdrawals which your TFSA issuer has provided to us, contact your TFSA issuer. If any information initially provided by the issuer about your account is incorrect, the issuer must send us a revised record so that we can update our records.

    You can view your TFSA Transaction Summary online. Go to My Account for Individuals to see all the contributions and withdrawals made to your TFSA.

    How Is A Tfsa Different From An Rrsp

    TFSA Limit Calculator 2021: Never Wonder About Your Limit Again ...



    Maximum 2021 annual contribution limit is $6,000 regardless of an individual’s earned income. A penalty will be assessed by Canada Revenue Agency of 1% per month on your over-contributions.

    Contribution limit is based on an individual’s earned income from the previous year, up to a maximum amount .

    Tax Deductibility

    Contributions are not tax-deductible and therefore do not reduce taxable income. Income/tax returns earned on investments are tax-free.

    Contributions are tax-deductible and therefore reduce taxable income. Income/tax returns earned on investments are tax-sheltered until withdrawn.


    Withdrawals are not added to taxable income – they are tax-free. Plus, withdrawals can be “re-contributed” in subsequent years.

    Withdrawals are added to taxable income and taxed at the applicable marginal tax rate. Withdrawals cannot be “re-contributed” in subsequent years.

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