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What Should I Do With My Disney Stock?

The Walt Disney Company, formerly TWDC Holdco 613 Corp, is a worldwide entertainment company

To buy fractional shares

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  • Determine How Much Money To Invest In Disney

    How, and in which account, to buy Disney is less important than whether you should invest in the stock at all.

    The Burbank, Calif.-based entertainment Giant has a fan in Dr. Robert Johnson, a chartered financial analyst and chief executive of Economic Index Associates. Disney is a very solid choice as a foundation or core holding to a portfolio, said Johnson.

    Disney is a blue chip stock with decades of solid financial performance, making a very reliable investment. Nevertheless, its important to understand potential downsides..

    I think the biggest risk for Disney is the fact that much of the future growth of the firm is likely to come from its streaming services, and that market is likely to become even more competitive over time, said Johnson.

    Here are some other factors worth considering:

    • Disneys financials. Make sure you are comfortable with Disneys performance and company goals. Its a good idea to review its annual reports and quarterly filings to understand the companys mission, outlook, competitors and potential risks. You can view Disneys reports on its investor relations page.
    • The rest of your portfolio. While Disney is a well-known company with a proven track record, all investments pose some level of risk. Make sure your finances are in good shape before investing, and diversify your investments across multiple companies in your portfolio.

    How Can I Buy Disney Stock

    The most common way to purchase individual stocks is through a brokerage account.

  • Open a brokerage account online, which will take you just a few minutes.
  • Go under the buy or trade section and indicate how much you want to purchase.
  • Choose your order type and set your stop-loss and take-profit orders.
  • Monitor your position and try to appropriately diversify your portfolio to minimise risks.
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    Factors Affecting Disney Stock

    A Strong Stock means different things to different investors. It all boils down to risk.

    High Risk/Reward

    If you are an investor with an appetite for high risk and high reward, then Disney would not be your first choice.

    Disney is an established brand with a massive market capitalisation of just under a fifth of a trillion USD. Whatever happens next to its share price, it is unlikely to spike like a crypto stock to double or triple its value any time soon. Likewise, given its size and prestige, its value is unlikely to vanish overnight. Thats particularly the case given its very reasonable debt leverage .

    High-risk investors might prefer to take the risks involved with buying cheap stocks or even penny stocks, particularly in the area of biotech.

    Medium Risk/Reward

    Investors with a medium appetite for risk might be looking to buy Apple stock, for example.

    Apple is in the risky area of tech provision, which has taken a beating on the stock markets since the beginning of the year. But, like Disney, Apple is a brand with unparalleled brand recognition among consumers as well as a leading provider in its various tech fields of computing and entertainment.

    We might consider Disney stock to be a worthy alternative to Apple stock in terms of risk/reward .

    Low Risk/Reward

    Disney Dual Business Focus

    Whats more, Disney has conducted an aggressive policy of acquisitions.

    Disney Resilience through Acquisition

    Disney Resilience in its Balance Sheet

    How Was Disney Doing In 2021

    Warren Buffett

    Here is a timeline of events that perfectly describe Disney’s situation in 2021:

    • 11 February: Q1 2021 earnings show a 79% drop from the previous year in EPS, revenue down 22%.
    • 9 March: Announcement of Disney+ services, with the number of paid subscribers surpassing expectations.
    • 13 April: A deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment for streaming rights of Sony’s movies.
    • 30 April: Disneyland reopening after shutting down in March 2020.
    • 13 May: Q2 2021 reports show EPS far above analysts’ expectations and the revenue at $15.6 billion, slightly below the $15.9 billion estimations.
    • 26 May: Disneyland operating at full capacity.
    • 30 June: Q3 2021 results surpass expectations.
    • 9 July: Black Widow debuted via Disney+ Premier Access and in theatres, pumping the stock price growth for several weeks.
    • 4 August: An alleged breach of contract lawsuit over the star’s Black Widow payday.
    • 9 September: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings racked up a record-breaking result at the box office.
    • 30 September: Disney and Scarlett Johansson settle the lawsuit.
    • 8 November: Excitement and brief uptrend before fiscal year results.
    • 1 December: Lowest drop after a disappointing performance in contract with overly positive estimates.
    • 28 December: Big plans revealed $33 billion will be spent on content in 2022, expansion of the geographic footprint will span 50 more countries.

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    Buy Stock Directly From Disney

    Some companies like the Walt Disney Company allow you to buy stocks directly from them rather than requiring you to go through a brokerage firm.

    With Disneys direct stock purchase plan, you can start investing by completing an enrollment form and making either an initial cash investment of $175 or by authorizing monthly deductions of at least $50 from a bank account to purchase Disneys stock.

    With this approach, all dividends are automatically reinvested in Disney common stock, and you can sell all or any portion of your stock through the plan.

    When you buy Disney stock, you can also opt to buy a Disney Collectible Shareholder Certificate for $50.

    Many people buy the certificate when they give stock as a gift to commemorate the occasion.

    Disney Stock Upgraded From Sell Candidate To Buy Candidate After Tuesday Trading Session

    The Disney stock price gained 4.09% on the last trading day , rising from $95.70 to $99.61. , and has now gained 4 days in a row. It will be exciting to see whether it manages to continue gaining or take a minor break for the next few days. During the day the stock fluctuated 3.28% from a day low at $96.68 to a day high of $99.85. The price has fallen in 6 of the last 10 days, but is still up by 2.5% over the past 2 weeks. Volume has increased on the last day along with the price, which is a positive technical sign, and, in total, 3 million more shares were traded than the day before. In total, 14 million shares were bought and sold for approximately $1.35 billion.

    Given the current short-term trend, the stock is expected to fall -20.37% during the next 3 months and, with a 90% probability hold a price between $72.13 and $79.32 at the end of this 3-month period. Do note, that if the stock price manages to stay at current levels or higher, our prediction target will start to change positively over the next few days as the conditions for the current predictions will be broken.

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    Disney Stock Direct Purchase

    Going through a brokerage isnt the only way to own a piece of Disney. You can also purchase shares directly from the company through its direct stock purchase plan.

    The Walt Disney Company Investment Plan is run by Broadridge Financial Solutions. For a minimum investment of $175, you can join the plan. Or, you can agree to make automatic monthly purchases of at least $50. After you sign up, you can make additional investments of $50 or more through automatic investment, check, or money order.

    Walt Disney Company Shares At A Glance

    Why You Need To Invest in Disney Stock | DIS Stock Review

    Beta is a measure of a share’s volatility in relation to the market. The market beta is 1, while Walt Disney Company’s is 1.2371. This would suggest that Walt Disney Company’s shares are a little bit more volatile than the average for this exchange and represent, relatively-speaking, a slightly higher risk .

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    Sign Up For Robinhood

    If youve made up your mind that Disney looks like its in a pretty good place to buy some stock, youre now at the point that most people quit: figuring out how to even do that. If you found this page because youre interested in getting stock but you just have no idea how to make it happen, youre in the right place.

    Again, Im not a finance expert, but even I managed to get stocks using Robinhood. Its a ridiculously simple app that you can use without having a bunch of finance knowledge in your brain. I know because I bought some Disney stock using Robinhood, and Im certainly not a stockbroker or Wall Street guru.

    Another great perk about Robinhood is you receive a free stock during sign up by using a referral link.

    Robinhood isnt the only way to buy stock, but its a great place to start. Basically, Robinhood is a free mobile app that lets you invest in stocks and a lot of other things with no stock purchase fees. Most online brokers charge commissions every time you buy stocks, but Robinhood doesnt.

    There are also a surprisingly low number of stockbrokers that have functioning mobile apps. This is one of the things Robinhood does really well, because their app is really easy to use. You can check out how your existing stocks are doing, buy more, sell stocks, and monitor everything without a lot of trouble.

    New Ceo Takes The Helm

    Chapek, former chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, was named new chief executive after Bob Iger stepped down in February 2020. At the time, Iger said he would stay on until the end of 2021 as executive chairman and direct the company’s creative endeavors.

    Under Iger’s 14-year-plus tenure, Disney stock soared more than 400%, or about 12% annualized. He revamped the theme parks, brought Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar into the company’s movie universe, and launched Disney+. It’s been a roughly ride for Chapek, who is navigating the huge investment needed to keep people subscribing to Disney+, in addition to reopening parks and cruises. And he has the headache with Florida to deal with.

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    Decide How Disney Stock Fits Into Your Portfolio

    Youve looked at Disney from every angle. Its a blue-chip stock with a solid history. But there are still risks in buying its shares.

    Individual stocks are typically riskier investments than diversified options like index funds or exchange-traded funds. To build a diversified portfolio out of individual stocks, youll need to research 20, 30, maybe 40 companies. That takes a lot of work.

    Index funds and ETFs do that work for you, by tracking a market index and allowing you to hold stock in hundreds of different companies within one fund. Unlike with an individual stock, when one company in an index fund goes belly up, you dont lose your full investment. Over the long term, the other companies in the fund pick up the slack.

    This aligns with two principles of investing diversification and asset allocation that encourage spreading your money across various companies, industries and asset types in order to reduce risk. You’ll also want to be mindful of your goals and why you’re investing in the first place.

    None of the above is meant to scare you off buying Disney stock. In fact, owning shares of a publicly traded company can be a great way for adults and kids alike to get a hands-on education about how businesses are run and how the stock market works. You just want to consider your whole portfolio and how buying Disney would fit in it.

    Reopening Takes A Step Back

    How To Buy Disney Stock With $100

    The streaming strategy and its potential to boost future profits has received much publicity since Disney+ launched, but the overall business still heavily relies on Disney’s theme park operations. Before the pandemic, the parks segment contributed 38% of revenue for the fiscal year ended Sept. 28, 2019. In the first six months of 2021, that share of overall revenue was down to 21% as parks slowly reopened and with some capacity limitations.

    Now the delta variant is causing a new surge in COVID-19 cases. As a result, Disney has reinstated an indoor mask mandate for all theme park guests in the U.S. above 2 years of age, and the rebound in the parks business has become more uncertain. Another area of the company affected by the status of the pandemic, of course, is Disney’s cruise business. There’s no question that risks remain for the company as long as the pandemic continues.

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    A Deep Dive Into The Fundamentals

    Walt Disney reported a mixed Q2 2022, finishing largely in line with analysts’ revenue forecasts, but missing earnings estimates by 9%. The sprawling media and entertainment company grew total sales by 23.3% year over year to $19.2 billion, and its adjusted earnings per share surged 36.7% to $1.08.

    The company’s Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution segment, which represented 71% of its top line in Q2, expanded 9.5% to $13.6 billion, and its Disney Parks, Experiences and Products category climbed 110% to $6.7 billion, driven by softer COVID-related concerns compared to a year ago.

    The company’s operating margin increased 343 basis points to 19.2%, translating to an operating profit of $3.7 billion. During a time when one of its primary competitors, Netflix, is facing growing pains, Walt Disney continued to make headway on the streaming front. Now with more than 205 million subscribers spread among Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, the media and entertainment juggernaut is on a convincing path to become the new streaming king.

    In the second quarter, the number of Disney+ subscribers rose 32.9% to 137.7 million, and CEO Bob Chapek noted that the company is still on track to reach 230 million to 260 million subscribers by fiscal year 2024. While Walt Disney’s streaming services are still developing and face an immense amount of outside competition, the rest of its business serves as a solid backbone moving forward.

    Who Is Disney’s Ceo

    Disney’s CEO is Bob Chapek. Until his appointment as CEO on Feb. 25, 2020, Chapek spent nearly three decades at Disney, heading the company’s theme parks unit from 2015. In that role, Chapek dramatically expanded the company’s parks and related offerings, launching the Shanghai Disney Resort and nearly doubling the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

  • The Walt Disney Company. “Investor Relations: Annual Reports,” Download “2021 Annual Report,” Pages 3-17, 23.

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    How To Buy Disney Stock In A Brokerage Account

    If you have an online brokerage account, you can become a Disney shareholder in a matter of minutes. There are two main ways that you can buy Disney stock: Place a market order, which will be executed as soon as possible at the current market price, or place a limit order, which lets you specify the maximum price you are willing to pay. In addition, you can opt for those aforementioned alternative routes for adding some Disney exposure to your portfolio by buying a mutual fund or ETF that has a large exposure to Disney. And you may be able to buy fractional shares of Disney stock through your brokerage firm.

    How many Disney shares should you buy? The answer will likely depend on how much exposure you already have to this one individual stock, how much money you have to invest and how bullish you are about the stock. Its important to carefully consider your motivation for investing in Walt Disney Company, just as you would with any individual stock, because your love of the company could cloud your assessment of its investment prospects.

    Finally, remember that even some of the oldest and most recognizable companies go through ups and downs, as Disney has in the past two years. The company is still recovering from the toll that the pandemic took on its business, and some consumer habits could take a long time to fully recover. If you buy stock be it Disney or any other company you should do so with a long-term investment in mind.

    A Holiday Season Gift

    How to Buy Disney Stock

    The company had said it expected its Disney+ subscriber growth rate to slow from pandemic-impacted levels. But when it reported fiscal 2021 fourth-quarter earnings on Nov. 10, investors were nonetheless surprised. The company only added 2.1 million additional paid subscribers in the three months ended Oct. 2, 2021. This accelerated a downtrend that has seen the shares fall 17% year to date.

    DIS data by YCharts.

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