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How To Buy Xrp Quick Steps

10 Things You Should Know Before Investing in Ripple XRP

If youre looking to buy XRP right now in the fastest and cheapest way possible the step-by-step guide will walk you through the process with the highly-respected broker, Bitstamp.

Take note, Bitstamp has no minimum deposit amount and no fees are charged on ACH/SEPA deposits:

  • Step 1: Open a Bitstamp Account: Head over to Bitstamps homepage and click Get Started. Enter your name, email address, and date of birth to create an account, then upload photo ID and proof of address for verification.
  • Step 2: Deposit Funds: Click Deposit on your Bitstamp dashboard and choose which payment method youd like to use. ACH/SEPA deposits are free to make and have no minimum funding requirement.
  • Step 3: Search for XRP: Search for XRP on the Bitstamp trading platform and click Buy when it appears.
  • Step 4: Buy XRP: In the order box on the right side of your screen, choose your trade type, enter the amount of money youd like to invest in XRP, and click Buy to facilitate the purchase.

If youre looking to buy cryptocurrency in 2022, youll need to pick a trusted crypto broker or exchange that suits your trading style and financial needs.

What About The Downsides

Because the supply of cryptocurrencies is fixed they need regular cash inflows to maintain and increase their value. XRPs ability to facilitate big institutional capital flows, which can amount to tens of billions of dollars in a single transaction, is one area where it falls short.

The reason for this is straightforward: Ripple is up against fierce competition from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications . SWIFT is used for international payments by over 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries, such as major global banks, treasuries like the US Federal Reserve, and sovereign wealth funds. This equates to around four billion bank accounts.

SWIFTs main aim is to make money transactions accessible to everyone worldwide. Looking back to 2019, it typically took between 30 minutes and 24 hours for Swift to execute half of its transactions. Just last month, the company introduced SWIFT Go reducing transaction times to a few seconds and boosting security. Additionally, improved transparency means that it can better comply with global regulations. Major banks including Societe Generale have approved of the update.

Is there a potential merger between SWIFT and XRP? In 2019, Ripples CEO Brad Garlinghouse described SWIFT as a sluggish and costly payment network. SWIFT responded by launching a proprietary blockchain network. So, its highly unlikely that we will see some kind of partnership between the two companies any time soon.

Best Wallets For Holding Xrp

Most experts recommend using a self-custody wallet to store large amounts of crypto long term. Self-custody wallets are more secure than keeping crypto stored on a public exchange. If youre planning to hold your XRP for a while, you might want to consider moving it into a wallet that you personally control.

Self-custody wallets use private keys that allow you to securely access your digital assets. Every private key is linked to a public key thats used like a digital address from which crypto can be sent or received. Youll also have a unique seed phrase thats used to unlock or sync your wallet to new devices, or restore your password when needed.

Examples of self-custody wallets include Exodus and MetaMask, says Angle. They allow you to create a blockchain address using their software. You write down your seed phrase, you make sure to keep that secure and secret, he says.

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Ripple Makes Waves In The News

At press time, Ripple Labs, developer of the Ripple Network, is embroiled in a lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC claims that Ripple executives used XRP tokens to raise funds in 2013, while the coin was an unregistered currency. The SEC claims these activities constituted illegal securities trades. Ripple Labs denies that claim.

Ripple cited a speech in 2018 from then-director of corporation finance for the SEC Robert Hinman, who categorized ethereum and bitcoin as non-securities. It stands to reason that, by association, other cryptocurrencies would not be considered securities either, due to their adequate decentralization, according to an article published in June 2022 by Cointelegraph.

Although the trial is ongoing as of July 20, Magistrate Sarah Netburn delivered Ripple Labs a small victory last week when she denied the SECs motion to withhold documents related to Hinmans speech, Forbes reported.

The outcome of this lawsuit is likely to have a significant impact on Ripples worth and future. News of the magistrates ruling, coupled with Ripple Labs announcement that it would establish an engineering hub in Toronto, may have spurred a rally that saw XRP rise more than 10%, to $0.365, in 24 hours, according to AMB Crypto. Three weeks later, its selling for $0.3763.

Kraken Reputable Exchange For Investing In Ripple

How To Invest In Ripple Coin / What Could Coinsquare Do For Ripple Xrp ...

The next option that you might want to consider when investing in XRP is Kraken. This popular cryptocurrency exchange has a great reputation in this space. The platform hosts dozens of digital token pairs alongside more complex derivative products.

In terms of buying XRP in the US, you have several options at your disposal. The most cost-effective is to initiate a wire transfer, which is free. This can, however, take a few days to arrive.

You will then pay a small commission of 0.26% to invest in Ripple with the funds you deposited. ACH deposits are also supported, albeit, this comes with a higher transaction fee of 1.7% + $0.10. If you want to invest in XRP instantly, Kraken does support debit and credit cards. However, it charges a fee of 3.75% + 0.25 per transaction which is expensive. You can also deposit funds in the form of cryptocurrency should you currently hold some tokens.

For instance, if you own Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can use Kraken to swap the tokens into XRP. In terms of user-friendliness, the main Kraken website is relatively easy on the eye.

It should only take you a few minutes to register but you will need to upload some KYC documents before you have unfettered access to the spot trading markets.

You can also download the Kraken app which is available on both iOS and Android devices. This will allow you to buy and sell crypto on the move.


at eToro, #1 Broker in the US

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How Does Xrp Work

Ripple is a cryptocurrency that can process 1,500 transactions per second, compared to Bitcoin that can handle three to six transactions. Other popular altcoins such as Ethereum can commit to 15 transactions in a time frame.

This time frame shows Ripple is faster than its predecessors. Ripple is not decentralized like Ehtereum, as developers control the systems to prevent malicious operators from taking over.

Although, this means Ripple owns what is accepted on their servers, prompting people to state XRP is not a real cryptocurrency. Fortunately, its relatively efficient processing mechanisms allow it to be adopted by 100 banks worldwide as a payment processor.

XRP itself is not adopted, but these banks use the same RippleNet network.

Open A Ripple Investment Account

You will first need to open an account on the eToro website, which will initially require your first and last name, alongside a username and password. You will also need to enter your mobile number, email address, and date of birth.

Additional details include your home address and social security number. Finally, verify your cell phone number by entering the code that eToro sends to you via SMS.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. Proceed at your own risk.

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They Have Different Distribution Methods

Bitcoin is distributed through the Bitcoin mining process. New coins are added to the supply as participants mine them until the maximum supply of 21 million is reached.

XRP was premined, meaning all 100 billion tokens were minted before it launched. Ripple locked 55 billion XRP into escrow and set up smart contracts to release one billion XRP from escrow on a monthly basis. When tokens are released, Ripple can sell as much as it wants to raise funds and put unsold tokens into a new escrow.

Buy Ripple With Or Without Leverage

Should You Invest In Ripple 2017 ? Crypto Trading Signal

Without leverage, you buy the actual coin, with leverage you trade CFDs and Futures and Options contracts.

Now that you have an active and funded trader account, you can proceed to buy your Ripple coin. Depending on the exchange, you can buy Ripple with or without leverage.

Typically, crypto exchanges will only offer actual Ripple coins and will not support leveraged purchases. On the other hand, crypto brokerages list crypto derivatives like CFDs or futures contracts and allow margin trading.

Capital At Risk

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What Is Xrp And How Is It Different Than Ripple

Though most people continue to refer to XRP as “Ripple,” the two are quite distinct from each other.

While it is true that the Ripple Network uses XRP as an independent digital currency to facilitate transactions, the XRP token is not run on the Ripple Network.

Instead, it exists on an independent blockchain infrastructure called the XRP Ledger.

Thus, Ripple is best thought of as the money transfer network bidding to challenge the conventions of our legacy financial systems.

How To Invest In Xrp Choose A Broker

Although Ripple is a multi-billion dollar asset class many of the leading US-based cryptocurrency brokers have chosen not to list it. This is because many providers believe that XRP is not a decentralized token.

Nevertheless, below you will find a selection of platforms that do allow you to invest in XRP in the US.

  • eToro Overall Place to Invest in Ripple in the US
  • Coinmama User-Friendly Broker to Invest in XRP
  • Kraken Reputable Exchange for Investing in Ripple

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What Are The Differences Between Bitcoin And Ripple

BTC was a pioneer, a test pilot of completely new technology, while Ripple was an innovation based on what Bitcoin has already invented.

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is digital money that works without a regulator and state participation. There is no one responsible for the currency. In contrast, despite Ripple Labs initially claiming XRP as a decentralized system, the company owns a large number of tokens, giving it more control over the situation.

Bitcoin is an influential leader in the crypto industry. Its unstable and risky, but having BTC in your digital wallet or mining it can bring a lot of money. Ripple is cheap and convenient, and its useful for operations and transactions. As such, it is a low-volatility and low-yield currency.

XRP is impossible to mine because 100 billion tokens were released in advance. However, the developers immediately froze 60%. To satisfy the growing needs of users and the stability of the value of the coin, the creators release an additional 1 billion coins into circulation once a month. You can’t introduce new XRPs to the circulating supply because all of it is already circulating.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple did not claim to be the replacement of the US dollar in the global economy. Its purpose is to enable the instant exchange of assets. The key difference is you don’t need virtual currency to make payments through Ripple. You can use various universally-known currencies, but this is also possible through using the XRP coin.

How To Buy Ripple With A Credit Card Or A Debit Card

What You Need to Know Before Investing in Ripple

Cards are one of the most popular methods of depositing cash on eToro. Most individuals in eToro supported countries can buy Ripple with a credit card or a debit card on the platform. The broker doesnt charge a deposit fee but your card processor will charge you a processing fee, typically averaging 4% of the transaction amount. The minimum deposit is $200 and deposits are processed instantaneously. The minimum withdrawal amount and withdrawal fees are also set at $30 and $5, respectively.

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Ripple Owns The Majority Of Xrp

Unlike Bitcoin, which many diverse groups of people own, Ripple owns most of the XRP in the market. This means there is a risk of them dumping it and hurting retail investors in the process. From an investor perspective, it means you are placing your hopes on Ripple. You don’t have to worry about that risk when investing in something like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Gains In Percentage Terms

Your profit from trading Ripple isnt just determined by how generous your stake is. Of course, the specific price shift of the digital currency also plays a part.

  • For instance, lets say you placed a $500 buy order, and XRPs value increased by 10%
  • Your gains would be $50
  • If you placed a $1,000 sell order on Ripple, and its value fell by 15%
  • You would make gains of $150

Using the above calculator allows you to easily quantify your profits and losses.

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Choosing A Crypto Exchange

A crypto exchange is a primary platform you will buy XRP from most of the time. If you are unaware, an exchange is a place for you to buy and sell XRP and other currencies with ease or even trade for them using other cryptocurrencies.An exchange is like an online marketplace. When you buy crypto from one, you are buying that crypto from another person. Your options will vary depending on which crypto types the exchange supports, so not all of them will allow you to sell or buy XRP directly.The exchange that you choose is extremely important and not just due to their crypto offerings. Changing to a new platform can alter everything from your transaction fees to the ways that XRP holders can spend and trade their crypto, especially if you plan to start purchasing XRP from that platform as well.


Always choose a secure platform. If your bank account information or personal financial details are at risk, then there is a high chance of credit card info being taken or your crypto assets being stolen. The best way to counter this is to not be vulnerable in the first place.A good exchange protects customers and client funds, so finding a platform with a lot of security features is extremely beneficial. Sites or platforms that require heavy identity verification upon signing up also help since these methods are designed to prevent scam or spam accounts from joining up.




Why Use Crypto Exchanges?

How To Sell Xrp

Should YOU invest in Ripple??

We noted earlier that once you invest in Ripple at eToro, the tokens will be added to your web wallet without requiring the 20 XRP lock-up.

As such, if you want to sell XRP, you can do this at any given time by heading over to your portfolio and executing a sell order. The tokens will then be sold for US dollars and the proceeds added to your account.

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Interbank Transactions Require Xrp For Less Than 4 Seconds

Another risk to consider before you buy XRP is that the digital token is only needed during the interbank transaction process for a matter of seconds.

This is because XRP is paired against the respective fiat currencies as a means to provide liquidity but, once the transaction has been settled, the token has no use for the bank or financial institution involved in the transfer.

This can seriously hinder the demand for XRP, which in turn, can have a hugely negative impact on its ability to increase in value in the open marketplace.

Is Xrp The Next Bitcoin Or Ethereum

Some experts believe XRPs capabilities could put it at the same level of adoption and industry respect as the gold standard of crypto, bitcoin, and the number one alt-coin, ethereum. But many other cryptocurrencies sit above it in terms of popularity and market cap right now.

The processing speed of Ripple transactions, low fees and the companys growing list of partnerships all work in its favor to gain market share and prestige.

A Forbes headline from 2018 reads, Ripple Could Be The Next Bitcoin. But a lot has changed since then, including many other cryptocurrencies taking spots as viable alternatives for international transactions and peer-to-peer payments.

One thing that hasnt changed since the article was published, however, is an observation from Roman Guelfi-Gibbs of Pinnacle Brilliance Systems Inc., who told Forbes: Of course, with crypto, anything can happen, so watch closely.

As recently as April 2022, experts were still speculating on whether or not XRP could become the next bitcoin or ethereum. Experts at The Motley Fool Canada pointed out that its highly unlikely XRP could gain enough traction to displace either of the top two cryptocurrencies.

However, the writer touted the growth potential of Ripple as an investment. Plus, there is a much lower cost of entry, which could make it attractive to many investors just dipping their proverbial toes in the crypto waters.

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What Do You Need Before You Can Buy Xrp Ripple

The first thing you will want to do before buying your first XRP coin is to gather as much information about the altcoin as possible. In this case, you want to know how it works, factors influencing its prices, and projected future performance. Then, only buy if it aligns with your investment strategy and investing goals. And to buy your first XRP coin you will need the following:

Active trader account

First, identify your investment strategy whether it is active trading Ripple CFDs or HODLing XRP coins and create an account with an appropriate broker. A few like eToro let you buy actual coins and trade CFDs.

Sufficient capital

How much you need to start buying Ripple will be largely dependent on such factors as whether you are buying actual coins or trading CFDs. If you want to buy Ripple CFDs, you will only need a small initial capital as most brokerages support margin trading.

XRP wallet

When buying ripple, you will need a secure and reliable Ripple wallet. Typically, you will need a hardware wallet if you are considering taking up a significant investment or looking to buy and hold. Active traders and others holding light amounts of XRP coins can, on the other hand, be content with a reputable online wallet.


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