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Dealmachine Review: Is It Worth It

Deal Machine Tutorial & Review – Driving For Dollars | Real Estate Investing With Deal Machine App

Have you ever tried driving around your neighborhood, aimlessly trying to find distressed properties with the hopes of generating more off-market deals? Finding motivated sellers by driving around can be a real challenge for many real estate investors.

You might be able to stumble upon the perfect distressed lot, but if you cannot contact the property owner directly, you may have wasted your precious time and fuel for nothing. If you are a real estate investor who wants to convert your effort into potential market leads and scale your small company, DealMachine might be the app for your real estate business.

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Made For Wholesalers & Investors

Reduce your marketing spent per deal and be the only wholesaler talking to your sellers…

Property Ownership MapSee owner names and owner type within property boundary lines to quickly pin properties. Direct Mail CampaignsSend photo postcards or hand-written ballpoint letters to the property owner instantly. No minimum mail amount required. Driving Route TrackingPrevent driving the same street twice, cover an entire area, earn a mileage-based tax deduction, and keep tabs on your team.
DealFinder RecruitmentLaunch a dedicated signup page and driver training portal specific to your business. Bulk UploadImport data from a spreadsheet, no template required! You can export your data, too. Unlimited Owner Lookups96.5% success rate when looking up owner name and address, plus instant skip trace at your fingers.
Real Estate Lead Management

Deal Machine Review 202: Driving For Dollars On Steriods

Product Reviews Updated: Eddy Ballesteros

What if you could produce more off-market deals using software like Deal Machine?

Imagine creating your own list of off-market deals and being able to create a without having to buy a list or get a recycled list of sellers that every other real estate agent or wholesaler has tried to negotiate with.

The best news? With Deal Machine you can start, grow, and scale your entire real estate business all by just using your phone and this app. Enjoy the Deal Machine Review, but if your in a rush, then check out my overview below!

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What Is Included In The Sale And Were There Renovations Or Upgrades

When buying a house, fixtures such as cabinets, blinds, and faucets are usually included. However, there might be items that you think are included, but they are not. Sometimes, the seller will list items that dont even exist and this can lead to a lot of misunderstanding. Ask the seller what items are included in the sale and which items they will want to keep after the sale has been finalized so that no problems occur.

In addition to that, property records may not always match. A house might advertise as having four bedrooms but one room may not be compliant with local building codes. You should find out about any major renovations and upgrades that the seller has made. Understanding the history of the improvements in the house can help you understand the price.

Who Is Dealmachine For

Deal Machine Tutorial &  Review

DealMachine can help a variety of real estate professionals and investment companies buy more properties and grow their holdings.

Whether you are a real estate investor starting your own business who wants to build your lists organically, a veteran house flipper, or a savvy real estate wholesaler who wants to close as many deals as possible, DealMachine can help you and your company resolve some of your real estate challenges so that you can make most of your leads.

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Pros To Having A Site

  • Website helps to build trust and authority for yourself.
  • Can capture leads and sellers can find you online 24/7.
  • You can run ads to target motivated sellers and have them running non stop.
  • Its like youre virtually driving for dollars when running online ads.
  • Youre attracting the sellers who WANT to work with you.
  • Statically, online leads and deals have a higher profit margin.
  • With how much competition there is out there, not a whole lot of people are using this strategy.

Real Estate List Builder

One helpful feature of DealMachine, according to several app reviews, is the real estate lists builder. With this feature, you can easily access real estate leads, including foreclosures, preforeclosures, cash transactions, bank-owned, absentee-owned, vacant, cash transactions, cash buyers, and owners of multiple properties.

You can customize your lists based on your preferences so that you can focus on other potential leads. If you know your target leads, you can set filters to help you draw out more highly motivated sellers.

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How Does Deal Machine Work

1. The Best thing to do is to drive around your local neighborhoods and discover a property that seems either distressed, old, or boarded up.

Type in the address and take a picture of the property using Deal Machine.

2. Now, Deal Machine will do its work and find the property owner and see how much equity they have in the property, their mailing address, and contact information..

3. Now the last step is to get in contact with the owner either by mail or phone and it’s literally that easy to start building your own list.

How Much Does Dealmachine Cost

Wholesaling Real Estate | Deal Machine App

DealMachine offers a competitive range of prices to suit your needs and budget. For the driving for dollars software, it has a starter plan for $49 per month, a professional plan for $99 a month, and an elite plan for $249 per month.

While for the list builder option, the starter plan is priced at $49 a month, the professional for $74 per month, and the elite plan is offered at $166 monthly. They also have additional products such as advanced campaigns, street pic, mail tracking, and comps, all priced at $20 per month.

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Driving For Dollars App Deal Machine App

There are a few driving for dollars apps that Ive came across. Deal Machine App is a popular one and easy to use BUT that means there is one big thing you need to know. Whenever something is easy, it gets picked up by everyone When that happens, your competition becomes fierce and things get saturated.

Owner Data That Has 965% Accuracy

Securing accurate data is crucial for any business. DealMachine claims to have 96.5% accuracy as it exhaustively searches public records, including third-party data, to get every pertinent information you may need about the property.

Without this data, your driving for dollars effort will be futile. In addition, any real estate professional can attest that it sometimes can be frustrating trying to find a sellers legitimate contact information. If you want a tool that can provide you with almost perfect data, DealMachine is an app worth giving a try.

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These 2 Reits Have No Shortage Of Cash And Ample Growth Opportunities

Making money is essential to growing a successful business. And the more money a company makes, the more it can expand and grow — and also make money for its investors over time.

The two real estate investment trusts below are practically money-making machines. Tremendous expansion and consistent year-over-year growth have made Prologis and Public Storage two solid investments for creating reliable income streams.

Here’s a closer look at the companies and why they should be on your investment radar.

Should I Work With A Realtor

EP350: How DEAL MACHINE Can Turn Your Phone Into The Ultimate Real ...

If you are a first-time buyer, its a given that you will need some professional advice. When choosing a realtor, you should always have experience in mind. A professional realtor can help you land the best deal and guarantee satisfaction.

Without the help of a professional, you can potentially miss out on your dream house which can be quite disappointing.

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Real Estate Software Options

If real estate apps arent your thing, several software downloads can boost your businesss efficiency.

From the casual investor to those looking to build a serious business, the one real estate software built for every investor is Realeflow. This powerful tool helps generate leads, assess deals, and manage their business in several key areas. This includes managing contacts, comps, deals, properties, rehab projects, marketing campaigns, websites, and sales activities. With features such as a deal analyzer and a repair/rehab estimator, the Realeflow real estate software appears to be everything investors could want.

Among other real estate software options is FlipComp, an innovative application that allows investors to access the MLS to search and analyze potential house flipping investments. FlipComp provides users with access to key details of selling price, comparable, After Repair Value, and current status. This software is already available in more than 25 states across the country and growing.

The Secret Strategy The Top Investors Are Using

I will dive more into Deal Machine and all that shortly but I know most people reading are eager to hear the strategy and how me NOT using a postcard piece of direct mail, lead me to flipping a lake house for a seller.

At the time, I had a seller reach out to me about getting rid of a house that was run down but was a lake front property. I went over to check it out and see the place. Mold everywhere, definitely needed renovated but had an incredibly nice lakefront view and the houses around it were pricey and also incredible. When I was sitting in the sellers house talking about a plan of action, he showed me a stack of about 15+ direct mail pieces and postcards he got recently and was annoyed about them.

He chose me to work with because of the trust factor of looking way more professional. Also, not many people use or promote a website in the Real Estate Investor space so you have a major opportunity if you do it right.

Now Im not saying direct mail pieces and postcards dont work. What Im saying is that since its an easy way to do marketing and costly, everyone tries to do it. I remember listening to a bunch of investors talk on using direct mail and on average it would take them close to $5,000 dollars before they actually got a closed deal but it would also give them a slim profit margin. YIKES!!!

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Mortgage Calculator By Quicken Loans

Crunch numbers on the go with Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans, an easy to use app where users can estimate their loan amount, interest rate, and term or monthly payments with the click of a button. As the nations number one online lender, Quicken Loans recently launched another mobile app called Rocket Mortgage. Customers can reduce their mortgage application process down to a measly eight minutes.

Rocket Mortgage lets you lock your interest rate and submit application documents on the fly online, and then we go to work on the approval and to put the application through quality checks, said Regis Hadiaris, Rocket Mortgage Product Lead at Quicken Loans technology innovation department.

Mortgage Calculator and Rocket Mortgage are available for iOS.

Pay A Flat Fee For Real Estate Leads

The CEO of Deal Machine, an app that puts real estate investing marketing on autopilot

For a flat fee of $49, you can get 4000 real estate leads every month. For those tired of spending their money on an overused and recycled list of sellers, $49 seems to be a pretty reasonable amount to pay.

If you intend to utilize it regularly to search for quality leads, you can efficiently obtain leads instantly with all the features you have at your disposal.

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Estimate Repairs Or Rehab Costs

Use Deal Automator to walk through a property once, estimate line-item repairs costs, and generate a custom rehab plan in under 5 minutes all from your iPad or cell phone. This takes all of the guesswork out the equation and allows you to map out your next renovation project from A-Z. No real estate experience or construction knowledge required.

A Great Beginner Friendly App

I am young and new to real estate investing. Ive searched online for the best apps and best ways to find leads. After trying other methods, I decided to stick with Deal Machine. The main reason why I decided to use deal machine is because the functions and appearance of the app is trendy which I believe appeals to my age group though it can be used by anyone regardless of age. The add picture function is my favorite because now I dont have to search through my photos app to find a picture of the home as I did before without Deal machine. All of my info is right in the app. I also like that Deal Machine includes the house number so while Im driving while its getting dark or if a house number is missing, I can guess the number based on the surrounding homes. Customer service is also quick and helpful with answering any questions I have. Again, I am new to real estate and still learning the ropes so Im a beginner in the field of real estate apps. But, from my experience so far, Deal Machine is the best choice for me in organization and finding leads.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How they got into wholesaling
  • How their business is structured
  • Why they love wholesaling more than anything else
  • How they use systems to create success when they dont feel like working
  • What a perfect partnership should look like
  • The funnel they have set up to find, capture, and follow up with distressed seller leads
  • The three-foot rule
  • How they use Uber drivers to find them deals
  • How they are helpers not hagglers
  • The number one thing a newbie needs to do well to start a wholesale business
  • How to recruitothers to bring you deals
  • How to use stories to get others involved in helping your business
  • How they believe there is no box to think outside of
  • And SO much more!

Real Estate Investing Business Plan

Deal Machine App Review â #1 Six Figure Investor Strategy

Learn everything you need to know to develop a successful real estate investing business plan and reach your goals with our comprehensive real estate investing guide.

Each chapter of this guide covers a key aspect of building a real estate investing business. Get helpful tips from the experts at DealMachine for how to start a real estate investment company, including how to make a business plan for real estate investing. Find out about new ways to generate more leads, and learn how to level up your business by stepping up your marketing strategy.

Our guide to real estate investing is designed to help you with every aspect of running a real estate investing business. Get real estate prospecting scripts that really work to boost your teams cold calling success rates. Learn top closing techniques so you can close more deals. Discover what metrics every real estate investing business professional should know to evaluate your business and ensure you reach your real estate investing business plan goals.

As you scale your real estate investing business, you need software that can scale with you. DealMachine offers a powerful software stack with all the tools you need to scale your REI business and achieve your goals. Target high-quality leads, improve efficiency and simplify the process of holding your team members accountable. Easily customize Workflows and integrate the best real estate investor tools with the click of a button. Start your free trial today!

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What Is Deal Machine

Deal Machine is an all in one real estate marketing tool that allows you to scale your real estate investing and wholesaling business all through “driving for dollars”.

You can basically say that Deal Machine app is driving for dollars on steroids as it has so many features that allow you to get in contact with the direct seller all through your phone.

Skip Trace And Contact Owners

You can also “skip trace” homeowners to pull up their contact information .

I hit “skip trace” on the app and it immediately received 4 phone numbers and 10 email addresses associated with the home.

The app also tells you which phone numbers have been verified, so you’re not wasting any time calling bad numbers .

Now I can call and email homeowners to see if they have any interest in selling their home, or I can just send out direct mail every 3 weeks.

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Driving For Dollars Route Tracking

While the driving for dollars approach can undoubtedly lead to profits, it could also be costly in the long run if you dont have a way to track your driving routes.

DealMachine is specifically designed to support real estate investors in their quest to find quality leads. With its route tracking feature, you can avoid driving the same street twice, saving you precious time and money.

You can also cover every street and organize your team more efficiently, since you have an option to display their driving routes in real-time on everyones map.

Since you can monitor your teams driving routes, you can pay them accordingly without unwanted disputes. You can also effortlessly export the driving for dollars data to a spreadsheet so you can calculate your taxes more efficiently.


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