Empower Retirement 401k Investment Options


How Do I Change The Beneficiary Listed On My Account

Lockheed Martin Empower 401k Retirement Plan Walkthrough
  • If you are married, please complete a new Beneficiary Designation Form under Documents and return to Empower Retirement Services.
  • If you are not married, you may update your beneficiary by logging into your account at www.retiresmart.com/usw. If you do not have web access, please complete a new Beneficiary Designation Form and return to Empower Retirement Services.
  • If your marital status is listed as unknown on your account, you will need to submit a completed Beneficiary Designation Form to Empower Retirement Services. Please submit the correct marital status to the Fund Office in writing to reflect properly on your account.
  • Rolling The Assets Into An Ira Or Roth Ira

    Moving your funds to an IRA is the route financial experts advise in most instances. Now youre in charge and you have more investment flexibility, said Smith. Try not to go it alone, he advises. Once you roll the money over, its you making the decisions, but getting a financial professional should be the first step.

    Your first decision: whether to open a traditional IRA or a Roth.

    Traditional IRA. The main benefit of a traditional IRA is that your investment is tax-deductible now you put pre-tax money into an IRA, and those contributions are not part of your taxable income. If you have a traditional 401, those contributions were also made pre-tax and the transfer is simple. The main disadvantage is that you have to pay taxes on the money and its earnings later, when you withdraw them. You are also required to take an annual minimum distribution starting at age 70½, whether if youre still working or not.

    Roth IRA. Contributions to a Roth IRA are made with post-tax income money you have already paid taxes on. For that reason, when you withdraw it later neither what you contributed nor what it earned is taxable you will pay no taxes on your withdrawals. Investing in a Roth means you think the tax rates will go up later, said Rain. If you think taxes will increase before you retire, you can pay now and let the money sit. When you need it, it is tax-free, said Rain.

    What Is A Rollover Ira

    A rollover IRA is an individual retirement account often used by those who have changed jobs or retired. A rollover IRA allows individuals to move their employer-sponsored retirement accounts without incurring tax penalties and remain invested tax-deferred. Consolidating multiple employer-sponsored retirement accounts can make it easier to monitor your retirement savings.

  • 1. Open a Prudential IRA.
  • 2. Contact the record keeper of your old employer-sponsored retirement plan to request a rollover.
  • 3. Choose your investments.
  • *Note: If you have an existing rollover or traditional IRA at Prudential, you can roll your assets into that account.

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    What Is A 401 Rollover

    A 401 rollover is the technical term for transferring the money in an old 401 account to another retirement account. Most people who roll over end up transferring their 401 savings into a new or existing IRA .

    Let Capitalize handle your 401 rollover for you, for free! Weve made it our mission to make the 401-to-IRA rollover process easy for everyone. Learn more

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    Can I Rollover Money From My Prior Employer’s Plan

    FAQs: Moving 401k to Empower Retirement

    Yes. You may rollover pre-tax dollars from a prior employer. Existing participants should contact Empower Retirement Services for a Rollover Statement. New participants wishing to enroll in the USW Industry 401 Plan by processing a rollover may contact the Fund Office at 1-877-344-4015 to request an Enrollment booklet and Summary Plan Description.

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    How To Roll Over An Empower 401

    If you have a 401 at Empower Retirement from a previous job, there are a few options for you to consider when doing a rollover. Depending on your plan, the process for Empower can be done over the phone or by filling out a form, and a check will either be mailed to your new account provider or sent directly to you to deposit into the new account.

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    What Happens If I Terminate My Employment With The Participating Employer

    If you terminate your employment, you may leave your balance in the account at Empower Retirement Services. You will now be responsible for the administrative account fee if your employer previously paid this amount. You will see a quarterly deduction on your statement for $12.50.

    You also may have other options including, but not limited to a rollover distribution of the account and a lump sum payable to yourself. Please contact Empower Retirement Services for a distribution package and additional information. A distribution package will not be mailed until your termination date has been updated on your account at Empower Retirement Services. Once the Fund Office receives the termination date and final contributions from the employer, the information will be updated and transmitted to Empower Retirement Services.

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    If I Roll My Account Into An American Funds Ira What Sales Charges Or Account Fees Will I Have To Pay

    It depends. Generally, an amount already invested in American Funds can be rolled over into an American Funds IRA without paying any up-front sales charges. Any amount held in investments other than American Funds is subject to applicable sales charges.

    A one-time $10 setup fee will be deducted from your account when you open an American Funds IRA. There is also an annual custodian fee .

    Does Empower Retirement Have Good Reviews

    Not seeing an increase in 401(k) trading activity: Empower Retirement CEO

    Empower Retirement reviews and ratings online are quite positive from a financial standpoint. In fact, Empower Retirement garners an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau .

    However, Empower does get its fair share of customer complaints when it comes to services and questions. Just on the BBB website alone, Empower Retirement has received 83 complaints in the last three years, with just one out of five stars for a review.

    If you need to file an official complaint with Empower Retirement, you can write to the Empower Retirement address or go online to the company website.

    Before you decide whether Empower is right for you, its a good idea to do some research. Speak to a representative about your specific situation and see whether Empower could help you with your financial future. But you should also speak to financial professionals from other companies to make sure youre making the best choice possible.

    You should also use our free quote tool below to access life insurance options to see which life insurance companies could work best for you.

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    Do I Have To Leave My Job To Withdraw My Retirement Plan Money

    Not necessarily, although thats what most plans require. If your employer terminates your retirement plan, or if you become disabled, you may be given an opportunity to take a distribution. Also, some retirement plans permit you to draw on your retirement plan money after a fixed number of years or upon reaching a certain age, such as 59½ or the plans designated retirement age.

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    If I Make Contributions To My Rollover Ira Can I Still Roll The Ira Into An Employer Plan

    You may be able to transfer your IRA balance into your new plan if the new plan accepts rollovers from IRAs. Before rolling your money into a new plan, you should compare the plans investment options and withdrawal rules with those of your IRA. You may give up some flexibility or face stricter requirements if you make the move.

    If you rolled after-tax deferrals from an employers plan into a traditional IRA, you may not subsequently roll those after-tax deferrals to another employers retirement plan.

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    Changing Jobs The Ins And Outs Of A 401 Rollover

    Thomas J Catalano is a CFP and Registered Investment Adviser with the state of South Carolina, where he launched his own financial advisory firm in 2018. Thomas experience gives him expertise in a variety of areas including investments, retirement, insurance, and financial planning.

    If youve decided to leave your current job for another, you will need to decide what to do with the money that you have invested in your current companys 401 plan. Options typically include leaving it where it is, rolling it over to a new employers plan, or opting for an IRA rollover.

    If you are about to change jobs, heres what you need to know about rolling over your funds into a new employers 401 plan and the ins and outs of other options.

    Does Empower Retirement Offer Roth Ira And 401k Options

    WealthTech CookBook. Retirement Software Overview

    With Empower Retirement, account holders have control over their investment options for both IRA and 401k investments. Participants with Empower Retirement options require clients to be sure of what they are doing on the company website before they make any major changes to their investment portfolios.

    When it comes to the type of investments you want to make, there are countless choices. The table below shows the differences between a 401k and an indexed universal life insurance policy.

    401k vs. Indexed Universal Life


    If you have questions when it comes to the types of investments you should make or how to handle your own assets and make any changes, you should speak to a professional. Its never a bad idea to pursue opinions from multiple professionals to make the best and most informed decisions you can.

    You may be curious about what life insurance covers and whether you should include an additional life insurance policy with your other financial assets. Its never a bad idea to speak to a professional to see what would work best for you and your family.

    Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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    Short Of Cash Be Cautious

    It may be tempting to pull money out of your 401 to cover a financial gap. Or, when you are considering rolling money over from a 401 to an IRA, you may wish to roll over only a portion of your retirement savings and take the rest in cash. But do you know the true cost? Use our 401 Early Withdrawal Costs Calculator first.

    Investment and Insurance Products are:

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    • Not a Deposit or Other Obligation of, or Guaranteed by, the Bank or Any Bank Affiliate
    • Subject to Investment Risks, Including Possible Loss of the Principal Amount Invested

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    Empower Wells Fargo 401k

    If youre looking to start a 401k plan with a Wells Fargo company, youve come to the right place. This article will walk you through the account set-up, the mobile app, the fees, and the various investment options available. Once youre ready to take the next step, read on for some tips and tricks. Here are a few of our favorites:

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    How Long Does A 401k Rollover Take

    While weve heard stories of 401K rollovers taking weeks, it can as quick as a few days. Here is an illustrative timeline of how that would work.

    The ideal 401K rollover timeline: you can complete the rollover in as little as 4 days from start to finish.

    When you are ready to get started on the 401K rollover process, were here to help. The rest of this guide walks through that process step-by-step. We assume you plan to open an IRA, but have included instructions for rolling into your new employers 401K as well. Before you jump in, be prepared with this checklist of information you will need:

    • Contact info for HR

    • Contact info for old 401K provider

    • 401K account number

    • IRA account number

    Exclusive Loyalty Benefits For Our Customers

    Lockheed Martin, Empower 401k Plan – Creating Your Tailored Retirement Portfolio

    Now is a good time to open an Empower IRA. At Empower, we help you through every step of your retirement savings journey.

    You get features and benefits depending on which tier you fall into based on your account balance – Platinum, Gold or Silver. This may include a dedicated retirement advisor, financial planning and a wealth of online resources.

    You could also use your IRA to consolidate additional assets that might take you to the next tier and help you get more out of your relationship with Empower.


    Welcome call from an Empower consultant
    No administrative fees in Premier IRA4
    Free online trading of stocks and exchange-traded funds in brokerage accounts2
    Online tools, education and resources
    30% discount on credit monitoring and identity protection from Experian
    Industry market updates and webcasts
    Includes initial and ongoing consultations on your investments and financial strategy
    Reduced fees for managed accounts
    Comprehensive financial planning with certified professionals6 Low cost
    Access to loan, credit card, life insurance, high-yield savings and online security offers7
    Discounted estate planning services from Trust & Will7,8

    There is no guarantee provided by any party that participation in any of the advisory services will result in a profit.

    2 The first one thousand trades placed online each calendar year are $0 thereafter, each online trade will be charged $6.95.

    4 Additional transaction fees may apply depending on trading activity.

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    Does Empower Have A Good Website

    Empower Retirement offers a large collection of customer resources, and Empower Retirement participants can create their own accounts and Empower Retirement logins to view and even change their investments whenever they want to.

    Using their Empower logins, clients can:

    • View detailed account statements with past performance histories and analyses with each individual asset
    • Control and manage their own investments
    • Utilize online tools to calculate and forecast future fund incomes with each individual asset
    • Access extensive customer support networks with financial professionals who will help with the planning and execution of retirement assets

    Overall, the Empower Retirement website allows customers to manage their assets and get help from financial professionals virtually any time they want to. If you need help with your retirement plans, or if you want greater access to manage your own accounts and assets, Empower Retirement may be a good option for you.

    I Have Forgotten My Empower Pin

    Your Personal Identification Number is required to access your personal account information and to initiate any transactions. Please keep your PIN secure and should you forget your PIN, please follow the directions below to obtain a new one.

  • To request a new PIN by phone call Empower Retirement Services at 1-800-743-5274. When prompted enter your Social Security Number. You will then be asked to enter your PIN. When prompted press the star key on your phone key pad. You will then be asked a series of questions. By answering the security questions, the system will assign you a temporary PIN. You will then be prompted to change the temporary PIN to a 6 to 8 digit PIN the next time you log onto the system. Your most recent pay stub may help in answering the questions. If you are not able to answer the security questions, when prompted press the star key on your phone key pad after each question. You will then be routed to a service representative who will assist you in obtaining a new PIN. Service Representatives are available Monday Friday, 8:00 am 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • To request a new PIN online, go to www.retiresmart.com/usw. Click on Forgot your PIN? Enter your Social Security Number and follow the prompts. If you experience any problems call Empower Retirement Services at 1-800-743-5274.
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    Texa$aver 401 / 457 Program For Active Employees

    Its never too soon to plan for a more financially secure retirement. As you begin to plan for retirement, be sure to make good use of tax-advantaged savings like the Texa$aver program. With the Texa$aver voluntary retirement savings program, you can increase your personal retirement savings to bridge the financial gap between your pension and Social Security.You already contributed to the ERS retirement fund, with the State and the agency you worked for also contributing on your behalf, but your ERS annuity may replace only about 50% of your salary when you retire. Your State of Texas retirement plan does not include automatic cost-of-living adjustments . During retirement, a Texa$aver account can help you weather inflation and increased medical expenses as you age.

    Empower Retirement Planning Tips

    What is changing with my 401k investment options?

    Retirement Age: Dont make the mistake of taking SSI early. Defer benefits until the full Social Security retirement age or age 70. Taking a reduction in benefits will affect an individual later in life when Long Term Care is needed. Long Term Care costs are costly, and a 70% chance a person will need the care.

    Roth IRA Annuity: Setup a Roth IRA Annuity first. Income generated from a Roth IRA Annuity will be tax-free as long you follow the IRS guidelines. An individual can contribute up to $7,000 annually, depending on the persons age. Fund this annuity contract first and fund other annuities after the maximum contributions are met.

    Non-Qualified Annuity: After the Roth IRA Annuity has been fully funded each year, set up and fund the non-qualified annuity. There are typically little to no contribution limits with a flexible-premium annuity. In addition, non-qualified annuities are funded by money that has already been taxed, and only the interest earned will be taxed once you generate income during retirement.

    The consensus is that taxes will only increase in the future. Higher taxes result in less income for the retiree. A non-qualified annuity reduces this risk compared to a traditional IRA or IRA annuity because only the interest is taxed instead of the entire amount.

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