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The Steps 7-day course is an easy, quickfire way to getting investing in the markets. Just sign up and well pop a 15-minute email into your inbox each day. It covers all the basics, from what assets and investment risk are, how markets work, setting financial goals and creating an investment plan, selecting an investing platform, using funds and making investments, to keeping an eye on your portfolio performance and the latest investing opportunities.

In Collaboration With Marcus De Maria And Investment Mastery

Marcus de Maria is a well-respected stock market and wealth educator, financially independent, and fulfilling his purpose in life which is to teach others how to do the same.Immersing himself with wealth creation education, he came across a formula for financial wealth. Applying this formula, he became financially independent in a few short years. With his dedication to wealth creation he has been able to provide his children the opportunity of financial independence when they reach adulthood, which in turn gives them freedom and choice in life.Dennis Sahlström here at P& D Group is one of Marcus head traders and teachers and together they have over 30 years of trading and investing experience.With our collaboration with Investment Mastery we can truly provide best in class trading and investment education.

I Highly Recommend Your Crypto Club

Totally recommend your crypto club, whether you are a complete beginner they teach you everything you need to know or if you have been buying crypto and want some strategies. I was dabbling in crypto with no clue really. The strategies they teach you make complete sense. I am now so much more confident and feel like I am investing with purpose. I have also bought a few stocks which I did not have a clue how to do in the past. I now know how to look at trends and when to get in and out of the market as per the strategy. I have been practicing using and learning the strategies and have 2 x 20% wins with VCA strategy trading stocks, 3 x wins on Contrarian Momentum strategy a 4% a 7% and 5% and have started to pull money from a small cap strategy. This is just in 3 weeks of fully implementing the strategies

Reply from Investment Mastery

Thank you for the lovely review Michelle! Incredible results, keep up the great work! Wishing you every success.

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Want To Know About Crypto

A full 2 day advanced crypto course hosted by Dennis Sahlström with key support from Keith Sullivan and Eamon Kiddi! Gentlemen, you are fantastic, full of energy, patience, knowledge and excellence coming as standard. Terrifically supported by the behind the camera crew. If you want to know crypto then these are the people to do business with. Simply wow.

Reply from Investment Mastery

Thank you for your lovely words Doug, we’re so glad you enjoyed the workshop! Keep up the fantastic work!

Great infos and explanation. Useful. Must join.

Reply from Investment Mastery

Nicola, thank you for your lovely words! Wishing you every success.

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I just attended a 2 day advance crypto workshop. Some incredible revelations even though I have been on other workshops. You cannot go wrong!

Reply from Investment Mastery

We’re glad you enjoyed the workshop Yanto! Thank you for your kind review and keep up the great work!

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Thanks a lot for the best Advanced Crypto Workshop. I loved it. You are the best < 3

Reply from Investment Mastery

Thank you for your lovely review Tove, we’re so glad you enjoyed it! Keep up the great work!

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Only A Matter Of Time Until Tech Giants Wade Into Wealth Management

How Marcus De Maria Started

By International Adviser, 18 Feb 22

A big brand name people use and trust, that makes it simple and helps educate people would make the sector more inclusive

But as we see big tech companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon move into new sectors, will we see them move into wealth management? As we have seen them monopolise other areas, it may only be a matter of time.

The main threat from big tech is their brand. We have a complicated relationship with money, people get nervous and freeze like deer in headlights and put off making decisions until it is too late.

They could say: Am I doing the right thing? Is wealth for people like me? The big wealth management companies only cater for wealthy people and Im not one of them

People dont like feeling stupid and when traditional wealth providers start using their convoluted words such as diversification, asset allocation and tolerance of risk, many people will feel belittled and shy away from finding out more.

If a big brand name that people already use and trust, were to come along and make it simple and focus on actually educating people, this type of service would become more accessible to all.

If these companies then went a step further and offered people the tools and the network to help each other by creating a community, it would be a huge disruption to this sector.

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Gold Fast Track At Investment Mastery

The Gold Fast Track at Investment Mastery is really amazing. They guide you step by step to all Strategies and share all their knowledge about Trading and Investing. You get almost every day webinars, possibilities for trades, Q& A’s and guidance. I had some big wins ) but some of these wins pays for my yearly membership of the Trading Club.

Reply from Investment Mastery

Peter, thank you so much for your kind review! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your Gold Fast Track! Wishing you every success!

Priceless Value For Money

I cannot say enough about how fantastic my experience has been with Investment Mastery and the amount of value I’ve received from the course and team since I joined in May 2021. Firstly, I was able to almost quadruple my investments in just the first 6 months following the strategies I learned from Investment Mastery. More importantly, my lifestyle has been heavily subsidized by the profits of my crypto investments between August 2021 till March of this year. Investment Mastery, your service has been a God-send to my family particularly because I’d been out of work during those 8 months.

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What To Be A Successful Trader/investor

Joined IM abut 4 months ago as a complete novice to trading/investing . Without doubt I’m on a extremely steep learning curve but the support offered by the professional/passionate team at IM has helped iron out the speed bumps. The learning/supportive environment is exactly what I was looking for and has not only helped me start my journey as a successful trader/investor but also in other areas of my life due to the ‘mindset’ shift that has evolved as a result of their training programme. The training/support is available in many formats such as: weekly webinars, Q& A sessions, Bootcamps, training sessions, online video content, private FB group and more. If you are interested to find out more I recommend contacting IM for a chat about your goals and how they could support you in achieving them in a realistic timeframe.

Reply from Investment Mastery

Thank you so much for your kind words Paul! We’re so pleased to hear that you are enjoying your time in the club! Wishing you every success for the future 🙂

Strategy 4 Of : Buffalo Strategy

Who is Marcus de Maria!

Move over Bulls and Bearshere comes the Buffalo Strategy up to 35% a year on your investments in just 10-20 minutes a day .

In the Buy Sell Zone strategy discussed in the last blog, we bought and sold stocks as the price moved from 1 Zone to the next. In other words, we started to time the market but still did it in a manageable way i.e. by looking only on a weekly basis or a monthly basis.

Now let us look at timing the market fully. We do this through the Buffalo Strategy, our name for sideways moving markets. With the Buffalo Strategy, we only buy if the price comes close to the bottom of our range often called Floor or Support), and we sell when the price nears the top of our range often called Ceiling or Resistance.Where does the term Buffalo actually come from? You probably know that a rising market is called a Bull market, and a falling market is called a Bear market. However, there is a 3rd market movement, the sideways market, which up until a few years ago did not have a name.

So I published an article in a national newspaper to announce the arrival of the sideways moving Buffalo market. The idea was to come up with another big animal starting with the letter B, which had something to do with a sideways range. I thought of the open ranges in America and thats how the Buffalo Strategy got its name.

The sideways Buffalo strategy can be used in all three time frames:

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Food For Thought: Questions About Im

If you can turn nice profits from trading , dont you think you can concentrate on trading and not get involved in marketing at all?

If a seminar or event at Investment Mastery could take as little as 20 minutes a day to make you a millionaire in a few years, dont you think everyone would be cruising in a Ferrari?

Why would Marcus de Maria even bother marketing his trading school?

These trading educators make no sense at all.

The information they provide are mostly repackaged and sourced freely from the internet.

They make you pay for a Master Course, then super pro master trading course, then another Wealth Creator course, then secret wealth creator, and so on.

They love to use gimmicky names to make you believe theyre offering the next big thing.

And the list goes on..

Theres always a colorful carrot dangled on the next seminar and the following seminar after that.

The next seminar is always going to lead you to financial freedom which seems to be ever elusive as trading gurus sell you additional seminars and trading courses to get you to the promised land.

It does not end. But you eventually give up when you have stretched your budget and the marketer has pocketed all your money.

Rated 49 / 5 Based On 500+ Reviews On Truspilot

â All the Investment Mastery team are very knowledgeable and are keen to share their knowledge and make sure that you understand what the investment and trading strategies are. There are regular webinars and members meetings, which are really helpful and informative. You also get to meet like minded individuals and form buddy groups. I would thoroughly recommend.â

â This is the best crypto club in the UK, concrete analysis in Crypto, not only focused on investment also in trading, this combination makes you a better crypto investor.Thank you to Marcus, Denis & all IM’s team!â

âI came to the Club with almost no knowledge of trading/investing in cryptos. The platform developed by the team for teaching the fundamentals, the strategies, the tools, and the psychology really are 5 star quality for completeness, understanding and relevancy. From just the training I have been able to perform excellent trades. On top of that there are coaches, webinars, Q& A sessions, and more to underpin the practical aspects of doing a trade. Excellent value for any age and skill levelâ

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Profit: 100% With Cca In 1 Year And 8% With Cm In 2 Months

In November 2020 I started with multiple CCA investments and in about 1 year I doubled my portfolio value. In December 2021 I made the decision to start with the GOLD program because next to being an investor I also want to be a trader in crypto and stocks. It is an intensive program where we do zoom-classroom trainings every 2 weeks and 3 times per week you can join online Q& A sessions. In 2 months I completed my first 6 Crypto Contrarian Momentum Trades and made an overall profit of 8%. I am still learning but I am looking forward to also do VCA, Slingshot and Buffalo trades.

Reply from Investment Mastery

Andre, these are fantastic results!! Thank you for the kind review, and keep up the great achievements!

What Does Investment Mastery Offer

Marcus de Maria

The events are about Forex and stock trading plus investing.

He advises traders who dont have much time to trade stocks while those who have at least 30 minutes a day to spare can trade the FX market.

According to Marcus, the common denominator is how much time one has. He has allegedly customized trading and investing strategies suitable for everyones lifestyle and financial goals.

The following lessons are offered in those events:

  • Price Cost Average
  • Value cost averaging
  • Buy/Sell zone
  • Buffalo trading
  • Leveraged Trading

At least this information makes us believe that Marcus is not going to bombard us with information overload.

But what exactly is this thing that people learn in just 20 minutes a day or a month to become financially-free?

Thats the big question.

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It Is Saturday Morning And Im Standing On A Chair Trying To Touch The Ceiling Of An Office In Elstree With 24 Strangers Around Me Attempting The Same Feat This Is Not How I Usually Choose To Spend My Weekends But Today Is Special

Link copied

This is where I will master moneymaking methods so that I can achieve a passive tax-free income. Touching the ceiling illustrates that old cliche: the skys the limit.

Money is a funny old thing. It started as a physical commodity but now its a medium of exchange, a unit of account and a store of value on which the entire planets economy is based. While it may not literally make the world go round all semblance of human life and culture is based on it.A few of us have a lot,more of us have a little but most of us want more and the rise of capitalism has opened up moneymaking to the masses, hammering home one predominant notion: you just cant have too much.

And in these straitened times more and more hopeful people are turning to wealth seminars such as the one Im attending today, Investment Mastery helmed by wealth guru Marcus de Maria, in the hope that investing in a money- making formula will secure their path to financial freedom. My course-mates, mostly men, come from an array of different backgrounds from a Portuguese gardener to a Cockney construction worker and an Irish IT consultant, all with one common desire: to make more money.

This is where I will master moneymaking methods so that I can achieve a passive tax-free income

For those in the know, business is booming, especially for de Maria, self-made millionaire and investment master.

Another woman aims to make £10million from Marcus teachings.

The Importance Of Investing In Your Education

Did you see what we did there with the title of this article?

Investing in your education.

But why are we writing about education on an investing and trading platform?

What has education got to do with it?

In all seriousness, if you are asking that question, then you really do need to carry on reading.

You were no doubt brought here to Investment Mastery because you want to know how you can become wealthier or create a second income or even use investing and trading as a vehicle toward securing total financial independence.

If any of these are your motivators, then attaining any or all of them will only be successfully achieved WHEN you have acquired the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS to be as good as any of the professional traders or brokers out there in the financial world.

So in effect you are INVESTING in your trading and investing EDUCATION.

And if you think that is just a ruse to get you onto our programs just bear in mind our founder, Marcus de Maria, invests 10% of his annual income into his own education.

Why does he do that if has already become a multi-millionaire?

Quite simply because he is now an EDUCATOR and is genuinely interested in continuing his own learning and development, as well as helping others become successful traders and investors.

Ergo, Marcus NEEDS to keep learning too!

In fact, Marcus only got to where he is today because he wanted to learn how to use investing as a way to make money. He needed to improve his own personal financial situation.

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My Rules For The Buffalo Strategy Are:

  • Three bounces from either a support line, or a resistance line
  • The ratio of the profit to risk on each trade must be at least 3 to 1. That means for every £10 you risk you are potentially gaining £30
  • The percentage price difference between the support and resistance lines must be at least 10% for a medium time frame 20% for a long time frame 30%
  • The Trading Volume must be more than 200,000 a day
  • The Price must be above $10
  • Always invest with the trend
  • Ok that might have been a bit jargon but we explain more at our 1 day event .

    So where do you find these sideways Buffalo Strategy stocks? For our clients, we do all the work, offering a weekly list of stocks which are doing this sideways movement.Lets look at the example above. Most people buy something in the hope that it will eventually go up in price. After one year they look at the stock and, as in the example below it has actually fallen in price . So after one year, a loss of 5%. But when we look more closely at the chart, we can see what other people havent bothered to look at.

    Please note that since we are now trading and not investing the market, we have to start using a Stop Loss for every trade to ensure we keep our losses to a minimum. A Stop Loss is an electronic order that gets us out at a predetermined price. A Stop Loss forms part of one of the most important and sadly ignored parts of trading, namely Risk Management. Needless to say, we will be covering that in future blogs.


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