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Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value

Investment Watches: Do Luxury Watches Hold Value Better Than Stocks?

Tudor watches are a very popular brand that have many in-demand watches. Tudor is a luxury brand and watches are luxury items so therefore because of that they will inheritable maintain value. Now to answer the question of Do Tudor Watches Hold Their Value you need to know at what price point did you buy the watch. This is important because if you bought new at a discount or pre-owned at market rate, your Tudor watch will most likely hold its value. If you paid MSRP or even above MSRP on the certain models, your purchase will most likely lose its value.

There are instances where certain Tudor watches have increased in value. This typically happens when a very popular model gets released like the Tudor Pepsi GMT or the Black Bay 58. Weve also seen vintage Tudor watches increase in value due to market demand. Most often times this isnt the case.

If youre concerned if Tudor watches hold their value, we suggest be patient and buy at the right price from a trusted seller. Youll eventually find the right deal for the right watch that will help you maintain the value of your watch.

Submariner Models To Invest In For :

Ref. 116610LN

Ref. 14060

Ref. 16613

There are few luxury watches in existence more widely regarded as blue-chip investments than the Rolex Submariner and 2020 was a huge year for the collection, with Rolex discontinuing all existing 40mm models and rolling out a whole new line of models with 41mm cases. Like with any recently released stainless steel Rolex sports model, open market prices for the new Submariner watches are incredibly high however, this means that the previous generation now represents a highly appealing value proposition.

Despite the 1mm difference in size and some slightly altered proportions, the current ref. 126610LN wears incredibly similar to the previous ref. 116610LN. While the older model lacks the updated Cal. 3235 movement, it can now be purchased for a few thousand dollars less than the brand-new version, while still offering the vast majority of the same features like a Cerachrom bezel, blue-glowing Chromalight lume, and a solid-link bracelet with Glidelock clasp.

In Fact Only A Very Few Watches Will Be Doubled Or Even Tripled In Value

The history behind the watch is what makes it so valuable. Possessing a rare watch is rewarded emotionally rather than monetary.

However, there are certain watch brands that can be expected to retain their value over the years.

Take the Graff Diamonds Hallucination watch, for example, which is valued at around $ 55 million.

The watch is made of a single piece of platinum and inlaid with colored diamonds weighing 110 in total.

However, remove these diamonds from the watch and sell them separately, and they will not bring the total selling price.

The absolute rarity of watches and their design are factors that contribute to their value.

It is incredibly difficult to gauge how valuable the watch will be in the future.

Therefore, the guiding principle should be that buying a watch should be done with the heart, not with the head. Buy a watch that expresses your individual style and taste.

If you want a watch that retains its value, then go for classic models with a proven track record.

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What Do We Mean By Investing In A Watch

Firstly, investing in a watch is different from merely buying a watch. When youre buying a watch to wear on a daily or infrequent basis, your most important considerations are likely to be what it looks like, how it feels, and whether or not you like it. Period.

But when youre buying a watch as an investment, its much more important to consider whether its value will increase over time, as opposed to merely whether or not its a comfortable fit on your wrist.

Instead of comfort and aesthetics, two of your most important considerations when investing in a watch should be:

What Else Should I Know About Buying A Watch

Are Luxury Watches a Good Investment? Tips for Investing ...

No matter what you decide to purchase, spending money on a high-quality watch is a costly endeavor that requires lots of planning and research but can also be very rewarding in a unique way. Heres some tips:

  • Have realistic expectations about the purchase and its future value. As a vehicle only for financial gain, buying a watch probably isnt a good bet. An average watch owner or collector usually focuses on acquiring a watch that will provide a lifetime of use and personal enjoyment, that will retain its value should they decide to sell it one day, and even be passed on to heirs if they decide to keep it. If your goal is only to buy low and sell high, be aware of the risks and unpredictability you are bound to face.
  • Alongside the financial investment, expect to spend a lot of time researching. You will want to familiarize yourself with the brands, models, and the stories behind them. This will help greatly in making a purchase that is right for you and is likely to retain its value over time.
  • Dont purchase beyond your means. Spending within ones means is good for financial health in general but applies especially here. Even if you think a watch may be a good investment, its not advisable to go into debt or spend more than you can realistically afford on a watch especially under the assumption that it may increase in value.
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    Oyster Perpetual Models To Invest In For :

    Ref. 124300

    Ref. 114300

    Ref. 116000

    The Oyster Perpetual is one of the oldest names in Rolexs catalog and for the last several years, it has occupied the position of being Rolexs entry-level collection of watches. While there has historically not been all that much hype surrounding the line, 2020 marked a huge year for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, and the updates to the collection even stole some of the headlines away from the brand-new Submariner.

    Along with new movements and a range of vibrant dial colors came a brand new 41mm version of the Oyster Perpetual, which took the place of the largest model in the lineup. The vibrant dial versions of both the 41mm ref. 124300 and 36mm ref. 126000 are both extremely popular and are currently trading hands for anywhere between 50% to 150% above their brand-new retail prices on the open market.

    Outside of the current catalog, the recently discontinued Oyster Perpetual 39 ref. 114300 also offers a lot of investment potential as we enter the back half of 2021. In addition to a rather short period of production , 39mm is considered to be somewhat of a sweet spot in terms of case size for many collectors, and open market prices for the ref. 114300 have continued to stay on the rise in the time since it was discontinued.

    Are Watches A Good Investment A Look At Returns & Our Best Picks

    If youre looking for ways to diversify your investment portfolio and grow your wealth, then a timely purchase of a vintage watch might just be the way to go. But investing in watches is not a matter of picking a timepiece that you love and hoping for the best.

    As this article explains, there are specific luxury brands that will ensure your investment matures over time and knowing the market is such an essential step if youre serious about making money from a vintage timepiece.

    Lets begin with some of the basics of investing in watches before introducing you to some of our best picks and what returns you can expect from each.

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    Iwc Mechanical Pocket Watches

    Its not one of the first IWC investment pieces one would think of but Seyffer believes theres heaps of potential down the line if you dont mind going strapless.

    The market for pocket watches has completely come down. Theres no market anymore which is a pity because you get some really nice highly finished pocket watch movements from the past, he says.

    From a quality perspective they are perfectly well made if you take care of them and bring them to service, theyll keep running.

    Seyffer adds that the value proposition in IWC pocket watches is their traditional watchmaking methods. A good place to start is with the Calibre 52 or 53. Those who want something even more sophisticated can look for a finger bridge movement in a calibre 33 or 35 pocket watch. Another pocket watch to try is the famous first Portofino watch Reference 5252 with less than 200 made. These rarely pop up on the market and retail in the region of AU$20,000.

    Rolex: Submariner Reference 16800

    Are Rolex watches a good investment? Paul Thorpe from 2016 / 2019 update

    Retail Price Estimate: $9,195

    He is also a huge fan of the Rolex Submariner, Reference 16800. He pointed out that all of the three Rolex sports models the Submariner, Daytona, and GMT, have increased substantially in demand over the past few years, as demand is what typically drives valuations.

    “They have all proven to be great investments over time,” he finished.

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    Are Omega Watches Good Investments

    Omega is one of the oldest Swiss watch brands, and with that comes a long and great history. Over the course of its history, Omega watches have been to the moon, been in space countless times, been used for countless of Olympic Games, been featured in a large number of James Bond movies, and much more.

    All of these things have contributed to making the Omega brand prestigious and well respected within the watch industry. Most importantly, of course, is the fact that Omega makes technically advanced and qualitative timepieces that last through generations.

    With that said, are Omega watches good investments that can prove to hold their value, or even increase in value over time?

    In this article, we will talk about Omega watches as investments.

    Just How Good An Investment Is A Rolex

    In these times of global pandemic, knowing where to put your money or whats left of it has become an even more valuable commodity. Not everyone can afford Amazon shares, though, so one online watch retailer has put together some data that shows which watches are most likely to make a good investment.

    Chrono24, an online watch marketplace which claims to have almost half a million watches for sale at any one time and to get nine million visitors to its site every month, says that, during lockdown, its seen a 40 per cent spike in searches for finance and investment. People, it seems, want to buy time.

    Some of the German companys figures make for interesting reading, even if some of them arent entirely surprising. For example, it shows the ten best-selling Audemars Piguet watches appreciated by 73 per cent over the past five years and that Patek Philippes top ten did better still, soaring in value by 105 per cent.

    Rolex, inevitably, comes out well too. Even its Datejust, an everyday classic but not at the top of everyones wish list, appears to be going up. Some models, says Chrono24, have gained 25 per cent over the past three years. Waiting lists for many of the models made by these three go round the block a few times, so its no coincidence that pre-owned values are spiking.

    These things are relative, though, and this could be a correction. Chrono24 says the Batman is shifting for around £12,500 at the moment, still an eye-watering £5,000 above list price.

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    Omega Speedmaster Ref 31130423001005

    In 2020, Omega revamped its flagship Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, giving it a brand-new movement with the Calibre 3861. The flashy new movement brings the Moonwatch in line with the rest of Omegas lineup with a co-axial escapement, silicon balance spring, and METAS Master Chronometer certification. But some fans think its a little too high-tech and that its lost touch with the watchs space-faring past by straying too far from the Moonwatchs original Calibre 321 movement. The previous Speedy ref. 311. that was just discontinued to make way for the new one housed the Calibre 1861 a direct descendant of the 321. There are already some who are saying that it was the last true Moonwatch, and that means prices should continue to climb as the years wear on.

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Ref 15202st

    Are Luxury Watches a Good Investment? Tips for Investing ...

    Right off the bat, its worth pointing out that the modern Royal Oak is a very expensive proposition. This reference is by far the most popular of APs flagship, as its the most faithful to the model that originated the luxury steel sports watch segment in 1972. Like the Nautilus and the Daytona, these are basically impossible to buy new and are currently trading around 2x retail on the secondhand market. Some may make the argument that the price is currently overinflated, and maybe it is. BUT. If Audemars Piguet pulls a Patek and decides to discontinue the ref. 15202ST, then its very possible we could see a 5711-type situation where this watch ends up trading for six figures in rapid fashion. Investing in one of these is a gamble, for sure, but we told you that watch investing was risky.

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    Where To Buy Vintage Iwc Watches

    The million dollar question in the vintage watch market isnt whether you have a million dollars, but where the best place is to spend it to acquire an authentic piece. Seyffer admits this is a tricky question.

    There are a lot of chances to get a vintage IWC watch and it doesnt matter where you buy it so much, but I will recommend you ask the seller to have the watch certificated at IWC.

    This can be a a tedious process as the watch needs to be sent back to IWC Schaffhausen where it is meticulously checked and held for anywhere between a week to a month to ensure its authenticity. Once this process is complete the buyer can rest assured that their investment is the real deal. When it comes to finding a seller, Seyffer recommends going for names with big reputations or auction houses with a good track record. Its sometimes about who you know as well. Private collectors can be a great source of vintage IWC timepieces, especially those famous in Florence says Seyffer.

    Are Invicta Watches Any Good

    Now, this should be fun.

    Ive been a massive watch enthusiast for well over 10 years now and I have probably never come across a brand that splits opinions as much as Invicta. Its incredible, really.

    Invictas biggest supporters will claim the company produces outstanding-looking timepieces that look and feel way beyond the price tag. On the other hand, those who have had bad experiences or have turned against Invicta through word of the mouth will call them overpriced junk and worse.

    Who to believe, then?

    As always, when trying to rate any watchmaker on this site, I try to stay as objective as possible. All my sympathies and antipathies go out of the window. Also, I never try to stack budget brands against the best in the industry in this case, we could say all are bang average or even poor.

    Instead, I prefer to compare the brand with other watchmakers in the same price category. By doing so, we can easily define the most important metric the quality-to-price ratio. Does the brand offer quality that matches the price tag? Are the watches overpriced compared to whats on offer with competitors? Or, maybe the opposite we get an awesome value for money?

    You probably get my idea by now.

    So, are Invicta watches good quality? Lets settle the issue by looking at all the aspects contributing to the overall score of Invicta watches.

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    Investing In Watches: Why Should You And How To Do It

    Some people say that investing in watches is only a waste of money, but they dont know about The Law of Supply and Demand. It says that when an item is limited or rare, and many people want it, the price of the item will rise.

    Lets have Rolex to illustrate this phenomenon. It is not a secret that Rolex controls its supply which makes the product hard to find. Rarity of Rolex timepieces plays a big role in the selling, despite the fact that Rolex watches have high quality. It makes people crave for a Rolex even though it costs an arm and leg. Once it is sold on the official shop, the wristwatch would price much higher on the secondary market, especially when the wristwatch is as old as the hills and, of course, come with original parts.

    Watches are collector items, yet they are great for investment. Watch investment is not restricted to luxury brands, because the best watches to invest in are the ones that you love. Meaning you can go from a high end watch to a value-for-money type of watch. Well, if you want to start investing in watches, do it now. Ill tell you why.

    How To Waste Your Money

    Is a Watch a Good Investment

    The Apple Watch, while revolutionary in its own right, it is terrible when it comes to retaining value. Its primary downfall in this category resides in how quickly it will become outdated, as new and improved models get released and existing applications get updated and optimized for later-generation platforms.

    An Apple watch is certainly innovative, but there is little to no retention in value as time passes.

    In addition to resale value decreasing due to the advent of newer and more feature-packed Apple Watches, current models will likely become outdated over the course of the next few years, once they are no longer able to run Apples latest operating system much like how first generation iPhones have become effectively useless, regardless of their condition.

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