What Is Robo Advisor Investing


Robo Investing: All You Need To Know

What Is a Robo-Advisor?

If you are interested in investing, or even growing rich you have surely been hearing the word: robo advisor since 2009. Ever since their launch, robo advisors have been increasing in popularity and use.

Starting from beta and simple versions in 2009, new technologies shaped the future of robo investing and robo trading. The below chart explanation from Deloitte displays how Robo-advisor evolution happened throughout the years to enhance digital wealth management.

The post COVID global crisis has revealed that digital wealth management is the best way to go. The market size of robo-advisor in 2019-2020 has increased from $827b to $987b, according to Statista.

From their end, Deloitte estimates that the future Robo-Advisory market is expected to rise much above $16 trillion assets under management by the year 2025.

  • Advantages of Using Robo-Advisors
  • Degree Of Risk Aversion

    The degree of risk aversionRisk AversionRisk aversion refers to the tendency of an economic agent to strictly prefer certainty to uncertainty. An economic agent exhibiting risk aversion is said to be risk averse. Formally, a risk averse agent strictly prefers the expected value of a gamble to the gamble itself. refers to the extent to which investors are willing to lower returns in order to reduce uncertainty. For an individual, it usually varies depending on the financial goals and time horizon of the investment.

    For example, someone who is close to retirement would lean more towards risk-averse investments as they cant afford to lose their life savings. In contrast, a young investor may be more risk-seeking, as they have time to recover lost funds.

    An individual/investor can be categorized as:

    Risk-averse investors typically look for safe investments, although they may realize relatively lower returns.

    Risk-neutral investors tend to be indifferent between relatively risky and safe investments.

    Risk-seeking investors usually favor riskier investments that offer high rewards.

    1. Portfolio management

    Robo-advisors create optimal portfolios based on the investors preferences. Typically, portfolios are created based on some variant of the Modern Portfolio Theory, which focuses on the allocation of funds to stocks that are not perfectly positively correlated.

    2. Tax-loss harvesting

    1. Less expensive

    2. Easy to use and secure

    Fill Out A Questionnaire

    When you first sign up for a robo-advisor, you often begin the process by filling out a questionnaire about your finances and future goals. Youâll identify what youâre saving for, such as retirement, education, or investing. It digs deeper into your timeline, contribution amount, risk tolerance, and other details to create a detailed financial plan to help you meet your goals.

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    Legacy Offerings Of Robo

    An increasing number of financial services and asset management firms are launching their own robo-advisors. These platforms typically have higher fees and account minimums and are geared more toward sophisticated investors. They are convenient options for clients who already use these firms as their asset custodians.

    When Should You Use A Robo Advisor

    What is a Robo

    Robo advisors are a good option when:

    • Youre a new investor. Since financial advisors often have high minimum investment requirements, they dont often work with new investors.

    • You have a small investment to manage. Financial advisors typically require clients to have several hundred thousand dollars to qualify for management. Many robo advisors require $500 or less.

    • Youre only interested in investment management. You have no interest or need for additional services, like financial planning.

    • You prefer to have some of your portfolio managed, but you also want to engage in self-directed investing. Robo advisors like Fidelity Go, Schwab Intelligent Portfolio, and SoFi Automated Investing also offer brokerage services for self-directed investing.

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    How Taxes Work For A Robo

    As with any form of investment, your tax liability for robo-managed assets depends on the type of account in which you hold the assets.

    If you hold your assets in an IRA, Roth IRA, or another type of tax-deferred retirement account, you pay no taxes until you withdraw funds. Rollovers or asset transfers from your existing account to a robo-advisor generally do not count as a withdrawal. Withdrawals from a Roth IRA account may be tax-free. It depends on the circumstances of the withdrawal.

    If you own investments in a taxable account, then you will need to report those on your tax return. You’ll also need to pay taxes on earnings, similar to investing in a brokerage account. You’ll receive a 1099 form each year. It will report the interest, dividends, and capital gains on the investments.

    If your robo-managed account allows you to transfer in existing investments, those investments will likely be sold, unless they are the same investments that the robo-advisor would have invested in with those funds. If sales do occur, you will face capital gains tax liability.

    How Much Do I Need To Invest

    There is a range of account minimums for robo-advisors. While there are some robo-advisors that have no minimum, like Betterment, SoFi Automated Investing, Vanguard Digital Advisor, and Blooom, some of these allow you to open the account but wont fully invest your money in the model portfolio until a threshold of cash is reached. Aside from the $0 account minimum group, account minimums range from $10 to a few thousand. Wealthfront, for example, has an account minimum of $500 and Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium requires $25,000. In general terms, you should try to have $100 to invest in even the no account minimum robo-advisors, as that will usually ensure the money goes into the market. From there, the key is contributing more investment dollars at regular intervals.

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    Watch Your Portfolio Rebalance

    From here, the robo-advisor takes over. Unlike a financial advisor, portfolio rebalancing is automated so your asset allocation always meets your target. Some traditional advisors only rebalance at set intervals, such as quarterly, which could leave your portfolio out of balance for weeks or even months.

    What Is A Robo Advisor

    What you need to know about robo advisors

    Robo Advisor is a platform or app-based online financial advisor that helps clients to invest their funds in autopilot. Robo Advisors use a digital or Robo investing platform to offer simple, and low-cost investment advice.

    They require a very small opening balance some as low as $10 and this is a major draw to small investors with limited funds to invest.

    Currently, Robo advisor investing has acquired a special role in the investment sector not only to potential customers but also to traditional consultants and professional advisors.

    More specifically, those who need to understand and adapt to the constant evolution of the investment environment in which they operate.

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    Access To Human Financial Advisors

    However, there are some instances where it can be valuable to have access to a human financial advisor. For example, if you’re planning to buy a home in a few years or you want to start saving for college, a financial advisor can point you in the right direction.

    Some robo-advisors eschew human advisors altogether, but some give you access with a premium membership or for a set fee per consultation.

    How Does Robo Advisors Make Money

    Robo Advisors make most of the money through fees charged for the percentage of assets held under management. They also charge a tiny fee on certain securities transactions, such as ETFs mutual funds, and bonds.

    For hybrid Robo advisors that are offered in-person/with human to clients, they charge an advisory fee is another revenue source. They also make money through sponsored ads.

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    Benefits Of Using Robo

    The main advantage of robo-advisors is that they are low-cost alternatives to traditional advisors. By eliminating human labor, online platforms can offer the same services at a fraction of the cost. Most robo-advisors charge an annual flat fee of 0.2% to 0.5% of a client’s total account balance. That compares with the typical rate of 1% to 2% charged by a human financial planner .

    Robo-advisors are also more accessible. They are available 24/7 as long as the user has an Internet connection. Furthermore, it takes significantly less capital to get started, as the minimum assets required to register for an account are typically in the hundreds to thousands . One of the most popular robo-advisors, Betterment, has no account minimum at all for its standard offering.

    In contrast, human advisors do not normally take on clients with less than $100,000 in investable assets, especially those who are established in the field. They prefer high-net-worth individuals who need a variety of wealth management services and can afford to pay for them.

    Efficiency is another significant advantage these online platforms have. For instance, before robo-advisors, if a client wanted to execute a trade, they would have to call or physically meet a financial advisor, explain their needs, fill out the paperwork, and wait. Now, all of that can be done with the click of a few buttons in the comfort of one’s home.

    Pros & Cons Of A Robo Advisor

    Robo Advisors: The Future of Investing


    • Low-cost management, including low advisory fees and expense ratios.

    • Small initial investment, and often no investment required at all.

    • Cookie-cutter investment plans to accommodate both taxable investment accounts and most types of IRA plans.

    • Digital platforms that can be accessed on a 24/7 basis, on a laptop or mobile device.

    • No investment experience required. The robo advisor handles everything from creating the portfolio to rebalancing it and reinvesting dividends.

    • Perfect investment solution if you find yourself too busy to research investments.

    • Many robo advisors now provide tax-loss harvesting on taxable investment accounts to minimize your investment-generated tax liability.

    • Many robo advisors now offer additional financial services, like limited financial advice and banking services. Some also offer self-directed investment options.

    • Completely removes the necessity of investment decision-making. This can take the emotion out of the investment process, particularly when markets are in a downturn.


    • Minimal and sometimes nonexistent human contact or advice.

    • Lack of control over investment selection. Your portfolio is created entirely from your answers to a questionnaire, and cannot be modified by you.

    • Limited investment returns. Since robo advisors invest your money in index-based funds that merely track popular investment benchmarks, theyre not designed to outperform the market.

    • No availability of financial planning.

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    Is My Money Safe And Secure With A Robo Advisor

    Investing is all about managing risk and return the more risk you take, the higher your potential returns â but also the further your investments have to fall. No investment is ever completely risk free.

    Whilst there is always some element of risk attached to investments, there are ways you can manage this risk to limit any losses. We adopt these techniques to manage the risk in your portfolio and get you closer to your goals.

    All of our portfolios are managed with a long-term investment strategy, which means we focus on quality investments and avoid any knee-jerk reactions to short-term fluctuations in the market.

    We believe our age is an advantage is the current market, but we know some investors may want reassurance that their money is secure in case anything unexpected happens to Moneyfarm.

    We protect up to £85,000 of your money as part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This means your money is secure, we really do want to help you achieve financial security.

    Find out more about your security when you invest with Moneyfarm.

    When Is A Robo

    A robo-advisor can be a good choice for many kinds of investors, depending on their needs and willingness to manage their investment account.

    A robo-advisor is a solid pick if you:

    • Want a professional to manage your money and develop a financial plan
    • Are looking to start investing and want to go slowly and safely
    • Want an alternative to a human advisor at low cost
    • Would prefer not to spend much of your time on investments
    • Dont understand the markets or want to learn
    • Want an account where you deposit money and everything is done for you
    • Want a diversified portfolio that can help you retire

    These reasons all center around the robo-advisor using its expertise to save you time, money and annoyance. So, a robo-advisor can make sense for new investors who want to learn how investing works or seasoned ones who dont want to manage their portfolio any more.

    Its actually easy to get started with a robo-advisor and often you may need no money to do so.

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    What Are My Needs

    If you dont have a lot of assets, family, or even knowledge about investing but you know how beneficial it is to long-term financial growth, a robo-advisor should be enough. But the more money you have , the more you might need tailored financial advice. This way, someone can work with your specific situation to make sure your investments are working right for you.

    How We Make Money

    Robo-Advisors: A Better Way to Invest

    The offers that appear on this site are from companies that compensate us. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they may appear within the listing categories. But this compensation does not influence the information we publish, or the reviews that you see on this site. We do not include the universe of companies or financial offers that may be available to you.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Investing With A Robo Advisor Compared To Diy Investing

    DIY investors enjoy the work that goes into analysing the markets and the thrill of trading. It takes time and skill to invest successfully for your future â especially when you include the extra capital youâll need to trade regularly. If youâre going to do it, you have to do it right.

    Whether itâs because you work in finance and want to switch off at home, are busy juggling a career with the school run, or are lacking some confidence, you might want a helping hand.

    Just because you donât want to spend all your free time managing your investments, shouldnât mean youâre unable to protect and grow your money.

    We believe investing for your future should be as simple and hassle-free as you want it to be.

    What Is Robo Investing

    Robo investing is a type of investing that relies on an algorithm to invest your money. Typically, the goal of a robo investing platform is to help you build a diversified portfolio without requiring you to hire a financial advisor or become an investment guru yourself. Once you sign up for a robo investment platform, your money will be automatically invested with only minimal human supervision.

    Just as different financial advisors have different approaches to investing, so too do different robo investing services. You can find platforms that are more or less aggressive with your investments and ones that offer investing in more than just basic stocks and bonds.

    Robo investors will create a custom-tailored portfolio for you after learning more about your financial situation.

    For example, here are two basic portfolios from the Acorns robo-advising app:

    The portfolio allocation varies based on the account holders risk tolerance.

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    Best Robo Advisors In The States

  • Betterment-Betterment digital has no minimum requirements and provides the best service
  • Ellevest-is great for single or multiple goal-based investing
  • Wealthfront-offers goal-based investing
  • Sofi Invest-provides automatic re-balancing and goal-based planning
  • Charles Schwab- is the best for intelligence advisory and performance.
  • M1 Finance

    Can You Trust Robo


    When it comes to making decisions that affect your financial future, robo-advisors invest based on the information you provide. Robo-advisors arent supercomputers designed to outsmart the markettheyre an automated investment vehicle that invests mainly in diversified, index-tracking ETFs. No matter how you invest, whether its with a financial advisor, a robo-advisor or in a self-directed portfolio, its important to identify your risk tolerance so you can choose the right investments.

    Whether or not a robo-advisor is right for you depends on a few factors, including your investing style, income and net-worth, and whether your financial situation is complicated enough that you a need professional wealth manager and more specific tax advice. If you want to pick your own investments and managing your own portfolio, or if you want human contact and fully personalized investment advice, robo-advisors may not be for you. Some robo-advisors, also called hybrid-advisors, though, do offer a human component.

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    Who Should Choose Futureadvisor

    If you already have an investment account with TD Ameritrade or Fidelity Investments and are looking for a robo-advisor to manage your investments, you might consider FutureAdvisor as an easy way to reach that goal. But outside of being a way of automatically managing your investments for you without requiring you move any money to another platform, its a pretty limited offering.

    Meanwhile, if youre just starting out with investing , you could do a lot better. Yes, FutureAdvisor offers advanced features, like daily tax-loss harvesting to offset gains with losses in taxable accounts as well as a wide array of investment options you may not see on other portfolios, including international bonds and small-cap stocks.

    But its far from user friendly. Its clunky and minimalistic , with very few help resources and zero educational resources. In our tests customer service was all but unreachable. Whats more, it charges an uncompetitive annual fee of 0.50% and has a high minimum balance requirement of $5,000.

    In short, if youre just starting out and dont have a lot to get started, youll likely get a far better experience from Betterment or Wealthfront, even though FutureAdvisor asserts it can open an account for you at either Fidelity or TD.

    A Guide To The Best Robo

    By Michael McCullough on January 7, 2022

    Find out which robo-advisor is right for you.

    You had me at low fees! That was our reaction to the arrival of robo-advisors in Canada, beginning in 2014. Faced with few alternatives to mutual funds and self-directed brokerage accounts, young and middle-income investors embraced the option of having their savings passively managed in a bundle of exchange-traded funds matched to their goals and risk tolerance for about a penny on the dollar per year: A perfect set-it-and-forget it solution for people with better things to do. It would seem all robo-advisors are the best, right?

    Fast forward to today and the honeymoon atmosphere has dissipated. Against the backdrop of an extraordinarily long-lived bull market in stocks, active management has made a comeback , exotic asset classes like cryptocurrency are on the rise, and new competition is coming from asset-allocation ETFs that do the job of portfolio management all in one security.

    Suddenly robo-advisors find themselves having to prove their worth anew, all the while trying to establish a profitable business model in a low-margin corner of the investment universe. Its surprising, really, because amid all the competition their fee structures and value proposition are as good as or better than ever.

    Great info on robo-advisors:

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