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Should I Buy A Single

Real Estate Investing in Chicago Buy Back The Block (Pt. 4)

Single family homes appeal to renters because they get more square footage for their money. Since these homes tend to have a slower turnover rate than multi-unit buildings, it will take longer for your initial investment to pay off. On the other hand, if you decide to sell your single-family home, its resale tends to be greater than multi-unit buildings.

Multi-unit buildings offer a faster return on your investment due to multiple renters living in one building. They have much higher turnover rates as opposed to single-family homes. Multi-unit buildings are harder to finance than single-family homes and usually require a minimal down payment of 20%. They tend to be underwritten by relationship-based private lenders. Residential multi-unit buildings of up to 4 units are more “financeable” and may even qualify for FHA type loan products.

Where To Buy Chicago Investment Properties In 2022

May 7, 2022 by

Looking to invest in the Chicago real estate market? If you’re wondering where should you buy Chicago investment properties, you’ll find all the answers here, in one place. Chicago is one of the major cities in the U.S., where you can find affordable investment properties for sale. However, not every neighborhood in Chicago is desirable for residents, and many desirable neighborhoods are a poor choice for real estate investment.

On this page, youll learn about some of the best neighborhoods for buying Chicago investment properties. The average property in Chicago costs just over 345,000 dollars. According to Redfin, a real estate brokerage, the Chicago housing market is somewhat competitive. The average homes sell for about 1% below list price and go pending in around 56 days but hot properties can sell for about 2% above list price and go pending in around 34 days.

In March 2022, Chicago home prices were up 0.7% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $345K. On average, homes in Chicago sell after 59 days on the market compared to 36 days last year. There were 3,222 homes sold in March this year, up from 3,216 last year. Chicago properties come in at around 260 dollars a square foot this value increased roughly nine percent year over year. also predicts a positive annual appreciation albeit slower than last year. According to them, Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, Ill.-Ind.-Wis. median price will appreciate by only 1.9% over last year .

Should I Buy An Rental Property

Being a landlord is a business, so you have to think that way. You are investing in a rental property to turn a profit. You’ll need to take a hard look at potential revenues and expenses associated with the property. It’s not worth buying a rental property if you can’t find a way to make it profitable. Here are some things to think about when considering purchasing a real estate property rental.

Thoroughly inspect the property. If it is a multi-unit building, check all the units. Don’t just take a look at a representative unit. The rest of the units might not be in the same condition. View the vacancy rate of the building over the past few years. Make sure you leave room in your budget for possible vacancies. Remember that you will also be responsible for building maintenance. Check to see if the building has recently undergone any repairs, or if it is in need of them. The latter could substantially increase how much you have to initially invest into the property.

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Risks And Rewards Of Rental Property

  • Income is passive and investors earn while working a regular job.

  • If real estate values increase, the investment rises too.

  • Rental income is not subject to Social Security tax.

  • The interest you pay on an investment property loan may be tax-deductible.

  • Real estate is a tangible physical asset.

  • Maintenance costs or property management expenses can decrease rental income.

  • Monthly rental income may not cover the total monthly mortgage loan payment.

  • Real estate is not a liquid asset and takes time to sell.

  • Entry and exit costs can be high.

  • If a tenant moves out, a landlord still has to pay the monthly expenses.

What Are The Cons Of Investing In Multi

Chicago Buy to Let Investment Property

Buying a multi-family and making a profit from rental income sounds like the dream, and while it can be very beneficial, its worth noting that it takes work as well. Youll be responsible for maintenance in all units, collecting rent payments, and finding new tenants when the time arises. To stay on top of your finances, you will want to save portions of rental income and schedule contractor work for parts of the house that need updating. Youll also have to keep track of landscaping and mediate tenant conflicts when they arise.

Its possible to get a property manager, but this also takes time and funds that otherwise go to you. While a multi-family is a good investment, it does add work to your days and isnt the right investment choice for everyone.

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Let Home River Group Manage Your Chicago Rental

Buying an investment property in Chicago could be a great financial move. Buy smart and manage it well, and it could provide a steady income for years to come.

At Chicago Home River Group, our team is dedicated to helping you maximize your Chicago real estate investment. We can handle everything from property marketing to maintenance.

Best Places To Rent A Home In Chicago

Renters in Chicago can find a variety of rental options to choose from, like charming bungalows, greystones, and high-rise apartments. Below are the Chicago neighborhoods you should check out if youre interested in renting a home!

  • Home Price: $990 median monthly rent
  • Crime Rate: Safer than 77% of Chicago neighborhoods

With close proximity to Loyola University Chicago, cool antique shopping, and Foster Beach, Lane Beach, and Osterman Beach, Edgewater is one of the best places in Chicago for renting a home. Edgewater has a diverse community, and this North Side enclave has largely remained an affordable neighborhood for renters, Keane said. Edgewaters beachside location and budget-friendly housing are also big draws for renters, along with the neighborhoods abundance of public transportation options near the Thorndale stop on the CTAs Red Line. This Chicago neighborhoods green spaces, stunning views of Lake Michigan, and convenient beach access help make it an ideal place for renting an apartment.

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Best Up And Coming Neighborhood: Logan Square

We see it happen across the country, as soon as one neighborhood gets popular, neighboring communities quickly follow suit. If youve been keeping your eye on the Chicago real estate market, it will come as no surprise that Logan Square is closing in on nearby Bucktown and Wicker Park as the place to be. In fact, with all of the attention it got last year, its a surprise that it hasnt happened sooner. As well as having trendy hipster bars similar to those found in Bucktown, Logan Square now boasts some popular commercial shopping destinationslike Target and Home Depotmuch to the chagrin of old timers. Sales prices dipped slightly early on in the year, but have been rising overall, making now a good time to implement a buy-and-hold strategy. You can expect a decent rental income on your property, as the median rent in Logan Square stands at $2,050still above Chicagos average rent overall.

Boost Your Exit Strategy Options By Buying The Right Property

Chicago Real Estate Investing Experts 2021

Regardless of where you choose to invest in 2019, attracting the right demographic will be key to obtaining the maximum sales price or rent possible. Its not just Pilsen property owners that should be focusing on Millennials. For much of the Chicagoland area, Millennials already make up a significant portion of the sales and rental marketsand they look set to play an even more important role in the year ahead. Much of your investing success could hinge on appealing to these young professional renters and first-time home buyers.

Theres only one way to get your hands on ValueChek, and thats by becoming an independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchisee. Take your property investment business to the next level in 2019 by requesting franchise information today.

Each franchise is independently owned and operated

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Best Lead Conversion Solution In Chicago

You can secure the best real estate investment deals by generating leads on properties that have not yet fallen into the hands of banks or governmental programs. My HomeVestors® franchise business, for instance, receives solid leads regularly as distressed homeowners trust the nationally-known We Buy Ugly Houses® brand and reach out for help getting their homes sold quickly. If you are ready to fast track your real estate investing business by sidestepping all the time-consuming requirements of buying from organizational programs and, instead, getting regular leads directly from homeowners, get in touch with HomeVestors today.

Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

Should You Buy Real Estate Investment Property In The Chicago Real Estate Market 2018

The Chicago real estate market is a prime market for investors looking to buy real estate investment property where the return on investment is high . Its the most affordable of the large metropolitan cities and is ranked at the top of many real estate investor lists. Chicago has got a deep pool of potential tenants at all levels of the market. The opportunities presented are endless. With the right resources by your side, youre guaranteed the best real estate investments. The Chicago real estate market could be holding your next investment property so start your search now.

Not interested in the Chicago real estate market? Thats fine, there are plenty of other amazing locations for you to buy real estate investment property in. Use our property finder tool to start your search for real estate investment property anywhere in the United States. To start looking for and analyzing the best investment properties in your city and neighborhood of choice, click here.

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Chicago Rental Market Is Very Strong

What makes Chicago such a hot market for rental real estate? Over 50% of the population rents. The large population of renters means that rental income for properties is far better than youd see if you invested elsewhere in the country. Luxury Rentals Are a Profitable Niche in Chicago. Many people know that there are solid blue-collar areas with high rents, but it isnt just the working class that rents townhomes and condos. According to Crains, the number of upper-income households in Cook County that rent has nearly doubled over the past ten years.

The Institute for Housing Studies at DePaul University found that the number of rental households among those earning at least $132,000 a year nearly doubled, while those earning $80,000 to $132,000 saw the number of renting households increase by just over 50%. Chicago has a booming supply of high-end rentals, especially luxury apartments downtown. Home prices in the Chicago area are low compared to regional income.

Yet economic uncertainty and shifts in the employment market are leaving many who want to live in a single-family home unable to afford to buy one. This is causing many to rent single-family homes instead. Crains last year’s April report found that the hottest areas for detached single-family homes were in Calumet Heights, Gage Park, and West Ridge. However, home prices are low compared to rents almost everywhere in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Chicago Rental Prices Trends

  • Princeton Park

But What About Those Famous Locations

April Real Estate Newsletter

If you are new to real estate investment and property management, youre likely to think that owning a rental property in areas like the Loop, Lincoln Park, or Lake View is the least risky and most profitable thing that could ever be happened to you. However, monthly rental prices in these areas are only $200-300 higher, while resale prices are twice as high compared to West Town or Uptown .

Heres what Victoria Michael says in this regard:

The Chicago rental market is strong. Corporate movement into the central business district continues to draw skilled labor closer to the city center. While Class A development in neighborhoods such as River North and the West Loop may be delivering more supply than the current demand can meet, Class B and C apartments just outside the city center continue to push rents and maintain occupancy over 95%.

Hopefully, this article helped you choose the right neighborhood for your next property investment. And in case you still have doubts, remember that Chicago is known for the friendliest people, most beautiful skyline, and the tenderest winds on planet Earth. Your prospect tenants wont resist renting their next home in such a great city.

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What To Expect From The Illinois Real Estate Market

Before we dig down into the specific areas that make for the best investment markets, letâs take a look at the overall market in the state. This will give you areference point for the figures and data presented in the city-specific sections to follow.

On the whole, the real estate market in Illinois is strong. According to data from Zillow, the median home value is $181,100 with year-over-year growth of 4.1% and a predicted growth of 2.5% in the coming year. The median list price is $239,900 and the median sale price is $200,200.

About 14.8% of homes in Illinois have negative equity, which is much higher than the national average of 8.2%. While this is unsettling for homeowners, itâs promising for investors because it means thereâs likely to be an increase in the availabilityof foreclosures in the near future.

Whatâs more, on average about 16.6% of listed homes in Illinois experience a price cut, giving you a great deal on investment properties.

With a promising state-wide market, there are specific places where the market is even better for investors.

Where To Buy Chicago Investment Properties In 2021

Looking to invest in the Chicago real estate market in 2021? If youre wondering where should you buy Chicago investment properties, youll find all the answers here, in one place. Chicago is one of the major cities in the U.S., where you can find affordable investment properties for sale. However, not every neighborhood in Chicago is desirable for residents, and many desirable neighborhoods are a poor choice for real estate investment.On this page, youll learn about some of the best neighborhoods for buying Chicago investment properties. The average property in Chicago costs just over 300,000 dollars. According to Redin, the Chicago housing market is somewhat competitive. The average sale price of a home in Chicago was $305,000 last month, up 10.9% since last year.


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Which Types Of Condos Are Best For Resale

In Chicago, 2br/2ba and 3br/2.1ba duplexes are always going to be in demand. Thats because household formation drives the housing market. And in Chicago, when you form a household, you often buy a 2br/2ba simplex or a 3br/2.1 bath duplex.

Even in a down market, people form households and want to buy these types of homes.

On the other hand, smaller condos may not be as future-proof. In a hot market, one bedroom condos tend to appeal to first time buyers who are sick of paying rent. They do the math and realize they could own a home instead for about the same monthly payment.

However, when the market cools, buying looks riskier and rents often come down. All that makes the flexibility and lower responsibility of renting look more appealing. For that reason, weve historically seen 1-bedroom condos lose more value in a down market.

To ensure good resale value, youll also want to make sure your condo has modern amenities, especiallyin-unit laundry, air conditioning, and in some cases, parking. Nearly every new home built in the last 20+ years has these features, and with each passing year, buyers become more accustomed to them.

Importantly, you usually cant add these amenities: if your condos building doesnt have air conditioning now, it likely never will. And many older buildings lack the infrastructure to add washers or dryers.

Take A Look Back At The Areas Past Pricing

Which Rental Property Should You Buy First? | Real Estate Investing

When determining if you should purchase to rent in Chicago, its critical to have a good understanding of the area. Theres plenty to take into consideration during this process. However, there are two pretty important factors to think about as you go through this process.

That includes the historic price changes in the area as well as just how affordable housing is in the metro region. Its easy enough to get a look at this information you can use the Freddie Mac house price index report, FMHPI, to help you. This report is updated frequently.

Heres a look at one such figure. In October of 2016, the housing price index, which takes into account the areas affordability was 128.4 according to the FMHPI. In October of 2021, that number grew to 167.06. thats a 30.1 percent increase.

Home prices are on the rise here, which could be a factor in deciding to buy. Yet, the area has a lot going for it. One of those factors is having a mid-range of affordability. Another report, this time from Kiplingers, can provide you with insight into how affordable an area is compared to other cities like it. Chicago ranks in the mid-range when it comes to home prices. Thats a key reason

why so many people rent in the area buying is simply out of range.

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Best Neighborhood For Speculation: Avondale

Avondale has been making the media rounds as Chicagos next hottest neighborhood since mid-2018. That the travel guide, Lonely Planet, ranked this northwest neighborhood as one of the countrys top 10 neighborhoods to visit back in 2017 undoubtedly helped. Visitors took it seriously, but so did Chicagoland residents who were getting pushed out of nearby hipstervilles with high price tags. With the word out, gentrification is starting to knock at this working-class suburbs door. Sales prices have been rising and could skyrocket in the next few years as Avondale follows in the footsteps of Logan Square and Bucktown. And, should you buy into this family-friendly neighborhood speculatively, you could even achieve a solid passive income from your investment over the short-term.


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