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HYIP’S Are Awesome – How To Beat The High Yield Investment Programs

High yield often translates to high risk. Keep in mind that high-yield funds often invest in bonds with low credit quality. These high-yield bonds also are called “.”

High yields are tempting for income purposes, but the market risk on these bonds is similar to that of stocks. High-yield bonds can fall in price even as conventional bonds are rising in price.

High-yield bond funds also might hold long-term bonds, which have higher interest-rate sensitivity than bonds with shorter maturities or lengths. When interest rates are rising, bond prices are often falling. The longer the maturity, the greater the sensitivity.

When interest rates are rising, long-term bonds often fall more in price than short- and intermediate-term bonds.

What Is A Bond Etf

A bond ETF is an exchange-traded fund that owns a portfolio of bonds. Typically an ETF tracks a specific index of securities such as bonds, making it a passively managed investment, rather than trying to actively manage a bond portfolio to beat a benchmark index.

Bond ETFs can come in a variety of forms, including funds that aim to represent the total market as well as funds that slice and dice the bond market into specific parts investment-grade or short-term bonds, for example.

Bond ETFs trade on the stock exchange just like stocks, meaning that you can trade them whenever the market is open. Bond ETFs are highly liquid, unlike many bonds, helping to reduce your costs.

Are Bonds A Good Investment

Whether bonds are a good investment depends on several factors, including your risk tolerance, time horizon and investment goals. Bonds tend to be less risky than stocks, but that means they generally come with lower average returns. That is especially true for U.S. Treasury bonds. In other words, bonds have lower risk, which means less potential reward.

However, that doesnt mean bonds are necessarily a bad investment. Bonds also tend to be less volatile than stocks, which means they can help smooth the ride of a bumpy stock market. Stocks have outperformed bonds over time, but if dips in the stock market could cause you to sell your investments, bonds will help make those dips less pronounced on your portfolio overall.

Lastly, if you are nearing retirement, it is a good idea to have a significant bond position in your portfolio. This is because market cycles can last several years. Thus, if the stock market starts to decline and you are close to retirement, your stocks may not have time to recover. That could jeopardize your retirement date, forcing you to work more years than expected.

The common wisdom is to add more bonds to your portfolio as you inch closer to retirement. In doing so, you reduce your risk over time, locking in a comfortable, financially secure retirement.

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What Are The Tax Implications Of These Investment Options

When you purchase a capital asset be it a stock, bond, house, widget, Bitcoin, or other investment you establish a basis equal to your cost to acquire it.

When you sell, you compare your sales proceeds to the basis to determine whether you have a capital loss or a capital gain.

If your proceeds exceed your basis, you have a capital gain. If reversed, you have a capital loss.

Youll also need to consider the time period for which you held the asset.

Depending on how long you hold your cryptocurrency, your gains or losses will be considered short-term or long-term.

That distinction will also play a big role in how much you have to pay in crypto taxes.

  • Short-Term Capital Gains and Losses. When you buy and sell an asset within a year, you recognize a short-term capital gain or loss. Short-term gains are subject to the same tax rates you pay on ordinary income, such as wages, salaries, commissions and other earned income. The IRS has seven tax brackets for ordinary income ranging from 10% to 37% in 2022.
  • Long-Term Capital Gains and Losses. If you buy an asset and sell it after a year, the difference between the sales price and your basis is long-term capital gain or loss. Youll usually pay less tax on a long-term gain than on a short-term gain because the rates are generally lower. Currently, there are three tax rates for long-term capital gains 0%, 15%, and 20%. The rate you pay depends on your income.
  • How To Buy And Sell Bonds


    Its possible to buy bonds directly from the issuer. While that makes sense in some situations, ordinary investors more frequently buy and sell bonds using one of the following methods:

    • Buying individual bonds through a brokerage account: You can buy bonds through most brokers just like you would stocks. Fees vary greatly, though, and navigating all the options can be confusing, with potentially dozens of choices of bonds per company. In addition, youll need to analyze the company to be sure that it will be able to pay its bonds.
    • Buying bond mutual funds and ETFs: You dont need to make decisions about specific bonds to purchase when you buy a bond mutual fund or exchange-traded fund . Instead, the fund or ETF company chooses them for you and often categorizes them according to their type or duration.
    • Buying bonds directly from the U.S. Treasury: The U.S. federal government allows you to buy Treasury bonds directly through a service called Treasury Direct. This allows you to avoid a middleman and, thus, avoid fees you might normally pay a broker.

    Bonds can easily be bought and sold through a broker. You may also have to pay a commission to a broker, or the broker might make a markdown, reducing the price to cover the cost of the transaction.

    If youre looking to cash paper government savings bonds, you can redeem them after youve held the bond for at least 12 months. In that case, they can be redeemed at your local bank.

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    Low Risk Investment Alternatives To High

    In a sense, many HYIPs are fools gold. Whatever advantage they offer in yield is offset by the risk of principal losses, and in the case of pyramid schemes and other outright scams, even the yield might be illusory.

    When measured against the possibility of losing money in a HYIP, even low bank rates start to look more attractive. To make the most of available bank rates, look for long term CD rates that come with relatively mild early withdrawal penalties. That way you can benefit from the higher yields on longer-term CDs but still have an affordable escape route should bank rates rise. Also, be sure to compare CD rates among banks to be sure of getting a competitive rate.

    Then, the next time you hear of an emerging market collapse or an investment scam gone sour, you will appreciate that sometimes slow and steady really does win the race.

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    Registered Retirement Savings Plan

    An RRSP is a tax-deferred retirement savings plan, registered with the federal government, that allows Canadians to defer paying taxes on their income until after retirement.

    Canadians can defer paying taxes on up to $27,230 this year and instead hold that money in a savings account within an RRSP where earnings will accrue tax-free as well. When you withdraw the money to use for living expenses in retirement, its typically taxed at a lower rate, assuming your income in retirement is lower than when you made the original contribution.

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    Consult Hyip Review Sites

    Probably one of the best ways to determine whether you’re looking at a reliable HYIP is to use review websites. A monitoring service like ours will give you information about which program is currently the best paying, which accept crypto, which is the longest-paying HYIP, and which HYIPs have recently stopped paying. Our users also report their experiences and provide ratings to give you a better overall look at each program.

    Inflation: Here Today Gone Tomorrow


    As U.S. inflation hits 30+ year highs, experts debate whether the âtemporaryâ pandemic-related inflationary pressures could prove persistent. In the latest Exchanges at Goldman Sachs episode, Goldman Sachsâ Allison Nathan speaks with Mohamed El-Erian, President of Queensâ College, Cambridge University, and Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz, and Jan Hatzius, Goldman Sachsâ Chief Economist and head of Goldman Sachs Research, for their views on where inflation goes from hereâand what that means for the economy, monetary policy, interest rates and assets.

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    What Are The Advantages And/or Disadvantages Of Using An Investment App

    Brian Fry, CFP:

    Using an investment app helps you have better awareness of your financial situation. An app can greatly help to track progress towards financial goals and investment performance.

    using an app might lead to more trading instead of focusing on investing towards your financial goals.

    Charlotte Geletka, CFP, CRPC:

    An investment app can be great for keeping informed and up to date, but it can also allow you to make impulse decisions so proceed with caution.

    Kaysian Gordon, MBA, CFP, CDFA, CPA:

    It depends on how much guidance you’re looking for. A robo-advisor will be able to create a portfolio based on a series of questions that you have answered. However, we know that as humans, we’re way more complex than what a robo-advisor can provide.

    Rickie Houston, Personal Finance Insider:

    Investment apps typically offer easy access to the stock market and allow retail investors to trade various securities. The downside is that all apps don’t cater to those who prefer the face-to-face support of a human advisor.

    Want Lower Volatility Consider High Yield

    In fact, by shifting a modest allocation away from US equities and into US high yield, investors can actually boost risk-adjusted return potential .

    Past performance and historical analysis do not guarantee future results. As of April 30, 2022Illustration is based on a hypothetical portfolio accordingly, such performance is not based upon historical performance of any investment portfolio. This illustration is not intended to provide either a complete analysis regarding any or all of the variables that could affect any particular portfolio. There can be no assurance that an actual portfolio based on the hypothetical portfolio underlying the above illustration could be created or, if created, that it would achieve the results implied above or be profitable. High yield is represented by the Bloomberg US Corporate High Yield Index. Equities is represented by the S& P 500 index. An investor cannot invest directly in an index, and its performance does not reflect the performance of any AB portfolio.Source: Bloomberg, S& P and AllianceBernstein

    How is this possible?

    Second, along with these payments, high-yield bonds also have a known terminal value that investors can count on. As long as the issuer doesnt go bankrupt, investors get their money back when the bond matures. All this helps to offset stocks higher level of volatilityand provide better downside protection in bear markets .

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    High Yield Investment Programs Examples

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    Invesco Kbw High Dividend Yield Financial Portfolio

    This high-yield ETF from Invesco is based on the KBW Nasdaq Financial Sector Dividend Yield Index, which consists of financial stocks that are known for their consistent dividends.

    Prospective shareholders should take note that this ETF focuses on small- and mid-cap stocks, which is not typical of most dividend funds. They often hold large-cap stocks. The portfolio is also fairly concentrated, with just 40 holdings. As of May 2021, the SEC Yield for KBWD is high at 7.63%, and the expense ratio is also high at 1.24%.

    Money Market Mutual Funds: A Solid Option For Investing A Few $10000s

    Just like you would exchange dollars for euros when traveling, theres also trade in now-money and then-money. This is exactly what happens when a bank grants you a mortgage or short-term loan, and in exactly the same way, now-money is worth more than then-money interest, in other words.

    When a company or government doesnt have enough liquid cash immediately available to cover their short-term expenses, they turn to the money market. Because this shortfall is only temporary and they have enough assets to cover their liabilities , money markets are extremely safe investments. Money market instruments are similar to bonds, but with one important exception: they typically mature in no more than a year.

    These transactions are too complicated for a private individual to handle, but there is a simple solution: investing in a mutual fund. This means that you keep your money in a professionally managed institution that seeks out opportunities while taking a small fee. Unlike with many investments, a share is always nominally worth $1 any gains are paid out in the form of dividends. This leads to an important consideration: money market funds are very reluctant to break the buck and devalue their shares. In other words, their primary objective is to not lose money, not chase the highest interest rates. They do offer better returns than savings accounts but arent federally insured.

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    Foreign Government Bonds May Actually Be The Best Way To Invest Money Short Term

    Just like Uncle Sam borrows money, including from ordinary people like you, other governments do too. The difference is this: U.S. T-bills and bonds are if youll excuse the pun, the gold standard of government debt. Other countries, particularly those in the Third World or suffering from political instability, arent quite as certain to pay back their loans on time. Foreign Government Bonds is amongst the best short term investment strategies if you are unsure on what to do with cash.

    As always, though, this increased risk means that they have to offer higher interest rates to get investors to bite. Take a look at the table below:

    1 Year 7.42%

    All the above bonds are for sale to retail investors, but you have to do your homework even more diligently than usual with this kind of investment. In particular, its hard to figure out whats really going on in a country youve never heard of, assuming you can even find it on a map. The stories youll see in the Western media just dont give you enough background to understand the political and economic situation in far-off places like these, nor which way things are likely to go in the next 6 to 12 months. Also, some of these bonds are denominated in the local currency, meaning that a change in its dollar value will either hurt or help you.

    Gaming And Leisure Properties Inc

    Investing in HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programmes) – My WINNING strategy

    Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc is a company that is focused on acquiring, financing, and owning real estate. But not just any real estate is looked at the company only cares for properties around tourist areas that could support a casino. More specifically, the focus is on the likes of Hollywood, Baton Rouge, and Nevada.

    Gaming and Leisure Properties enjoys strong margins, which are more than double the industry average. As a result, shareholders have been rewarded with a with a quarterly dividend that has been growing alongside earnings.

    There has also been the occasional special dividend when there is surplus cash. This is paid in addition to the quarterly payment and adds to the total return of the investment. One was in 2014 for $11.84 per share, compared to the normal $0.52 per share quarterly dividend at the time. In other words, Gaming and Leisure Properties is not shy about rewarding shareholders when the opportunity arises.

    This is a great investment opportunity with a high yield, adding to an investors bottom line to help with their current or future income needs.

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    What Happens To Bonds When Interest Rates Go Up Or Down

    Bond prices have an inverse relationship to interest rates. When interest rates rise, the demand for bonds falls. The price of a bond usually goes up when there is high demand for it because it pays a higher rate of interest than the prevailing market opportunities.

    While seemingly illogical at first glance, this negative correlation for bond prices and yields makes complete sense.

    If a bonds stream of payments remain fixed over time and interest rates available in the market change, this income generated becomes either more desirable or less so .

    Unsurprisingly, bond investors try to get the best return on their investment. Because of this, they need to keep tabs on fluctuating borrowing costs offered by the market.

    If they care about price appreciation, they want to buy longer-term bonds in a falling rate environment because this exposes them to the most interest rate risk and potential upside.

    Likewise, to avoid the pinch of rising rates, bond investors should focus on short-term bonds because these are the least susceptible to interest rate movements.


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