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Real Estate Development: Planning And Process

MIT SA P Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment Short Course | Trailer

Join leading figures from medicine, public health, urban design, and architecture to explore innovative frameworks for driving value at the intersection of health care and the built environment. Leveraging insights from top Harvard Medical School Executive Education and MIT Center for Real Estate faculty, youll develop a strategic vision for b

As the real estate industry becomes increasingly complex, both the public and private sectors require an in-depth understanding of the real estate development process. By developing a nuanced overview of public-private stakeholder interaction, professionals will be able to navigate the process more effectively and create value for all parties involved.

Over six weeks, youll also learn how innovative public-private partnerships can create new and diverse opportunities in real estate development and assist in the transformation of cities. Guided by Professor Kairos Shens extensive professional and academic experience, youll gain the knowledge and skills to approach the public sector, and apply the concepts learned to your local context.

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Every course is broken down into manageable, Campus. Although this is not a requirement, we

weekly modules, designed to accelerate your have found that this browser performs best for ease

learning process through diverse learning activities: of access to course material. This browser can be downloaded here.

Certificate In Commercial Real Estate

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the CRE industry, helping you understand the range of factors affecting the value and management of your commercial property.

Run by the RICS online academy, its designed by industry leaders and uses case studies to help build a practical understanding of the topics covered. Additionally, students have access to an industry expert during the course, allowing them to ask questions.

This course is designed for people who are already working in CRE who want to progress their careers and gain an in-depth understanding of the sector, but may not be ready to commit to an APC just yet. It features nine modules, which include: inspection, measurement, valuation, letting and leasing, purchase and sales, development appraisals, landlord and tenant, property finance and funding, and investment management.

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Professional Certificate Program In Real Estate Finance & Development

Next on our list is the best real estate finance certification by MIT Professional Education. They have real estate finance classes which each summer over two weeks. You can apply for the course via the program link on their website. However, you will have to bear a $325 non-refundable application fee for the same.

Learning Outcomes

It is one of the top real estate finance courses online for you to learn the skill that will help you gather an immediate as well as lasting impact on your organizations future. In addition, when you take this course, you will earn a Real Estate Professional Certificate.

This certificate is a formal recognition and proof of your knowledge and commitment to lifelong learning. Further, having this certification will let you advance your skills and expertise conveniently and accelerated manner.


For this best real estate finance training, you must have a minimum of three years of experience working within the real estate industry. In addition, having a bachelors degree is also recommended.

How to get the real estate finance certification?

To earn a certificate, you will have to take a set of courses, along with two elective courses in analytics, development, and real estate finance. For the certificate, you must complete at least five qualifying courses.

In addition, if you complete the program within two summers or 15 months, you will bag the certification.

Commercial Real Estate Development

Certificate In Real Estate Finance And Investment Online

Assess the critical elements of the real estate development process from start to finish through the lens of an investor. In this accelerated three-day course, youll join a wide range of global professionals from the real estate, banking, finance/investment, and insurance industries to master frameworks for assessing, managing, and pricing risk in real estate developmentand acquire proven strategies for determining whether to move forward with a project.

This course may be taken individually or as part of the Professional Certificate Program in Real Estate Finance & Development.

Designed to analyze the real estate development process primarily from the perspective of the equity participant, the Commercial Real Estate Development course concentrates on the identification and evaluation of critical assumptions related to permitting strategies, financial feasibility, construction contract choice, project delivery methods, and negotiating key terms of equity financing for economically viable commercial real estate developments. Inherent risk factors and ways to manage risk are also explored.

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Entrepreneurship In Architecture Planning And Real Estate

Taught by Gilad Rosenzweig, executive director for MITdesignX, this course explores innovation for good in the built environment. Youll learn to identify and address the challenges facing citizens in urban settings as well as gain the tools to turn your solutions into marketable ventures. Starting with a conceptual solution, youll learn to apply design-based approaches to your concept, develop an action plan, and eventually how to launch a viable business that provides answers to real-world problems.

Entrepreneurship in Architecture, Planning, and Real Estate is an eight-week course. Enrollment dates for the 2022 presentations are as follows:

  • Course start date: 26 January 2022, registration close date: 18 January 2022
  • Course start date: 20 April 2022, registration close date: 12 April 2022

Visit the course page on GetSmarter to learn more

Best Real Estate Investing Courses Ranked By Bankers

In Finance Courses & Certifications by Gaurav SharmaUpdated On: June 13th, 2022

Real Estate is one of the oldest investment instruments. Before English and Dutch traders figured out joint stock ownership in the 16th century, the real estate sector was the biggest recipient of investment capital. And even though financial instruments and derivatives markets are bigger today, real estate still remains attractive given that its a finite resource.

Real Estate is not just residential properties as most people seem to think. Commercial real estate is what the biggest banks and funds are generally interested in and that is where the mega deals happen. Regardless, both are attractive options and crucial to creating a well-diversified portfolio. REITs have also revolutionized the market and provide investors a much more palatable entry point and greater liquidity. We even have real estate derivatives these days that mimic real estate returns while providing investors with the same liquidity as financial instruments.

As attractive as real estate is, investing in this asset class is still a tricky proposition. Some people have a natural panache when it comes to real estate but for the rest of us, these courses offer a great starting point.

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Learn Commercial Real Estate Online Classes

If youre interested in entering the world of real estate, this series of online courses provides you with everything you need to set up your business. In particular, there are 12 individual courses available and three bundles covering the basics of real estate and how to analyze the market. The individual lessons cover:

  • Introduction to commercial real estate brokerage
  • Listing & selling CRE
  • Investment analysis of CRE
  • Investing in real estate using self-directed retirement accounts

Furthermore, if you complete all 12 classes, youll earn the Certified Commercial Advisor designation, which gives you access to the CCA network of industry advisors. Plus, youll also receive access to exclusive CRE firms and investment tools.

Real Estate Finance And Investment

CI 101: Financial Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate

Now, we have arrived at the last real estate finance certification course on our list. In this course, you will learn the specialized skills and the core concepts required to evaluate income-producing properties, calculate investment returns, assess financing options, and finally make well-thought-of real estate investment decisions.

This courses real estate finance classes also cover leases, income statements, Excel modeling, financial analysis, capitalization rates, leases, direct capitalization, debt finance, valuation, private equity and investment analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, and a lot more.

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Commercial Re Analysis And Investment Online Certificate

This six-week, online certificate in RE analysis and investment course from MIT covers a range of topics, including the tools, techniques and terms used in the real estate industry, which were actually pioneered by leading professor and faculty director, David Geltner.

In particular, the course focuses on the investment side of the industry and how to reduce risks. The course prospectus states: Commercial real estate investments are appealing assets for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios offering many advantages, including high-income potential and steady cash flows. However, due to the financial losses associated with mismanagement, these investments can be high-risk.

As such, the focus of the course is to bring the potential of lucrative commercial real estate to investors, while introducing key concepts and tools needed to reduce risk and make intelligent real estate investment decisions.

Note that this certificate is run separately from the MIT Center for Real Estates On-Campus Certificate Program in Real Estate Development and Finance.

What You Will Learn

After completing the Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment online training, Candidates will learn to evaluate the financial feasibility of real estate development initiatives and gain knowledge of economic concepts and data to monitor and supervise a real estate portfolio. candidates will gain comprehensive knowledge of the interconnections that occur within the larger commercial property system, including the asset and space markets.

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Real Estate Finance Offered By Edhec Business School

The next one on our list is one of the real estate finance courses online by Coursera. It is a free course with paid upgrade available. It is taught by some top-end professors and instructors worldwide.

As part of this real estate finance training, you will learn:

  • Lifecycle of commodities, from exploration to processing and refining
  • Finance dynamics and its role in promoting global growth and the real economy
  • Role of banks in society at large from helping to transport people to leasing aircraft, and more
  • Putting into action some strategic moves for the top clients, such as hedging and repackaging of debt
  • Understanding how companies finance themselves capital markets and banks
  • Syndication role, and how it links issuers looking to raise capital to boost their business
  • How banks facilitate the global trade of products ranging from agriculture products, oil, to gas
  • Acquisition finance and leveraged buy-outs

On Completion Of This Course Youll Walk Away With:

Certificate in real estate finance and investment online

Practical real estate investment skills underpinned by theoretical frameworks.

An in-depth understanding of the forces that determine property prices and how these might change over time.

The ability to analyse suitable methods for financing the purchasing of a property.

A certificate from LSE as validation of your newfound real estate knowledge and skills.

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Cornell Certificate In Commercial Real Estate Vs Mit Commercial Real Estate Analysis And Investment Certificate

As the title indicates, I’m wondering which of these online certifications is better.

For background, I have been working in consulting for 3 years. I’d like to make the transition to real estate development, but don’t have the professional/educational experience to get a close look by firms. My undergraduate degree was in Econ/Business. I took a few RE courses in college, but other than that, no relevant experience in it. I’ve considered a MSRE or MSRED, but most of these also require professional RE experience to be accepted. So I’m in a position where I can’t get a job in RE because I didn’t major in it, and can’t get a Master’s because I haven’t been working in the industry.

Because of these barriers to entry, I’ve settled on an online graduate certificate – which has little to none. It will show potential employers I am committed to the industry and willing to get my foot in the door any way I can. I also like that I will be able to continue working and not attend classes in person or relocate entirely.

So, I’ve narrowed it down to these two. Anyone taken either of these? Which is the most valuable? What are the focus areas of each? Is one way better than the other?

Data Science In Real Estate

Smart data analytics is giving real estate professionals and investors more insight into the factors impacting property value than ever before. From assessing risks to analyzing evolving trends, were now able to anticipate the success of a property more accurately thanks to the abundance of information available to us.

Led by director of the Real Estate Innovation Lab and Head of Research for DesignX Dr. Andrea Chegut, youll explore over the course of six weeks what it means to be a good data scientist from both a technical and ethical perspective as you gain the practical data science skills to make informed, data-driven investment decisions.

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Mit Sa+p Commercial Real Estate Analysis And Investment

Youre seeking a rare opportunity to learn about unique tools, terms and theories that have been pioneered and developed by industry expert Professor David Geltner.

You want to validate your skills in commercial property investment with a certificate from the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.

Real Estate Financial Analytics

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

This online short course is taught by David Geltner, emeritus professor of real estate finance at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning and associate director of research at the MIT Center for Real Estate, Richard de Neufville, professor of engineering systems at MIT, and Alexander van de Minne, professor of finance and real estate at the University of Connecticut. Youll discover how to assess the financial viability of both residential and commercial real estate investments through a rigorous introduction to financial modeling. In addition, youll explore the analytical tools and techniques for analyzing property value and learn to apply them in creative ways to enhance your decision-making process.

Real Estate Financial Analytics is a six-week course. Enrollment dates for the 2022 presentations are as follows:

  • Course starts: April 6, 2022. Registration closes: March 29, 2022
  • Course starts: June 15, 2022. Registration closes: June 7, 2022

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Ready To Find The Perfect Business Program

For working adults who already have a bachelors and want to move into a real estate career, a person can look into online real estate certificates. Earning one of the online real estate certificates can put a person a step ahead of the competition. For one, real estate certificates online are a valuable addition to a persons other credentials. Moreover, real estate certificates further a persons knowledge of the real estate field, which can enhance his or her ability to perform his or her job.

An online real estate certificate is also a possibility for individuals who dont already possess a background in real estate but would like to either be a real estate agent on the side or would like to switch careers. By earning an online real estate certificate, it can possibly earn a person a better position, which could mean more money. A person can choose between options for undergraduate and graduate certificate in real estate online. In other words, even if a person already possesses a masters, he or she can earn a graduate certificate in real estate online.

What Youll Learn In This Data Science In Real Estate Course

This online program integrates rich, interactive media such as videos, infographics, and e-learning activities, as well as didactic components such as downloadable course notes. There are also opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums. The following modules contribute to the holistic approach your learning path takes:


Youll be welcomed to the course and begin connecting with fellow participants, while exploring the navigation and tools of your Online Campus.

Be alerted to key milestones in the learning path, and review how your results will be calculated and distributed. Youll be required to complete a participant profile, confirm your certificate delivery address, and submit a digital copy of your passport/identity document.

MODULE 1DATA SCIENCE AND MACHINELEARNING PRINCIPLESUnderstanding data science and machine learning concepts used in the built environment.

MODULE 2Learn how to prepare real-world data for analysis.

MODULE 3Understand the value of quantifying and detecting patterns in data.

MODULE 4USING DATA SCIENCE TO ASK QUESTIONSDiscover relationships in data to explain and predict real estate data features and outcomes.

MODULE 5RELATIONSHIPS IN REAL ESTATE DATAUnderstand relationships between outcomes and features using regression analysis.

MODULE 6Discover how to use machine learning to forecast outcomes and support decision-making in real estate.

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Commercial Real Estate Online Worldwide

The Commercial Real Estate Online Worldwide portal provides a variety of online courses to help CRE professionals sharpen their skills and access a wide range of resources. Here, youll find dedicated online courses and articles targeted to different areas of the CRE industry. Meanwhile, to keep pace with the latest news and trends in the industry, check out these, check out these free training resources and the sites podcast.

How Much Do Commercial Real Estate Brokers Make

Certificate in real estate finance and investment online

A person may wonder what the average salary for commercial real estate broker is. The average salary for a broker is higher than the average salary for commercial real estate agent. The commercial real estate jobs salary is an average of $78,940 per year, which is the same as $37.95 per hour.

Just like the average salary for commercial real estate agent, the average salary for commercial real estate broker varies based on the area. For instance, the average commercial real estate jobs salary for brokers in Illinois is $103,430. The average commercial real estate jobs salary in Connecticut for a broker is $101,930. The commercial real estate average income in New Mexico for brokers is $98,350. The commercial real estate average income in Wisconsin is $97,970.

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