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What Is The Best Stock Trading App/broker For Beginners

Micro-investing apps: dip your toe in the stock market for as little as $1

The best stocking trading app for you depends on your experience, trading goals, and desired level of educational support. Beginners benefit from apps that have the least amount of fees and a lot of charts, quotes, and educational tools.

They can also serve as the best stock news apps to follow the market.

Its even better if there are tools where you can communicate with other traders, as long as you remember that some people have agendas to promote certain stocks.

M1 Finance and Webull are popular choices for beginner investors because they are commission-free and have many informational resources. Investors also enjoy that these apps give you one free stocks or sign up bonuses to get you started.

Fortunately, you arent limited to signing up for only one app. New traders can try two or three different apps for free to see which they feel most comfortable using. Its completely fine to sign up for an app and try out the interface before funding the account with real money.

For shorter term trading, Webull is your pick. It has all the bells and whistles beginning to intermediate traders want with real-time quotes, intuitive interface and free trades.

For a longer-term focus on building wealth and automating your investments, M1 Finance is the pick for you.

M1 Finance offers the ability to create customized portfolios through self-directed and automated investing for free.

How To Pick The Best Investing App

The best investing app for you will depend on your investment style. Do you want one that does the work for you, or would you rather be in control? Do you want a passive portfolio made up of lower risk funds, or would you rather build an active, riskier portfolio consisting of individual stocks?

Those wanting a more active approach to investing may opt for an app like Robinhood . Meanwhile, those looking to just put their investments on autopilot and forget about them may benefit more from a robo-advisor like Betterment.

Keep in mind that not all apps offer the same investment assets to choose from. For example, Acorns only offers ETFs, so if you want to trade individual stocks, this app wouldn’t be the best fit. Make sure you do your research and understand everything the app offers before you sign up.

Best With Banking Products: Ally

  • Deposits: No minimum
  • Fees: $0 commission fees for online stock, ETF, or options trades, but there is a 50 cent flat fee per options contract $20, plus regular commission fee, for broker-assisted trades $9.95 for no-load mutual funds additional fees may apply
  • Account Types: Supports self-directed and managed portfolios

Ally is our choice as the best app that works with banking products as it gives you access to your banking accounts as well as your trading account on one easy-to-use platform.

  • Pair bank accounts with your investments in one app

  • User-friendly stock trades

  • Simple and easy to use and manage

  • Mobile app research somewhat limited

  • Some advanced traders may find trading tools limited

Ally features high-quality checking, savings, and investment accounts all in one mobile app. While you can definitely get bank accounts from some other brokers on this list, Ally Bank is one of the very best for online checking and savings regardless of investment needs. Once you factor in the low-cost, easy-to-use brokerage accounts, you get a winning bank/investment combo.

Ally charges no commissions for stock or ETF trades. Charts and data are fairly basic, but offer anything a beginner investor may want. Its not the best for advanced features, but it covers most common needs with excellent pricing.

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Skilling Stock Market App With Several Platforms

Skilling is another stock market app that is popular with Indian traders One of the main attractions of the app is that you have access to several trading platforms. For those of you looking to trade via a basic, user-friendly interface, you can utilize the Skilling app.

However, if you want to place more sophisticated orders, employ advanced technical research and install automated trading robots Skilling also supports MT4 and cTrader. All you need to do is download the respective app and log in with your Skilling account details.

When it comes to tradable markets, Skilling focuses primarily on US stocks. You can also trade forex, digital currencies, commodities, and indices. All markets on the Skilling platform are commission-free and spreads are usually very competitive.

The minimum deposit at Skilling is just $100 and its stock market app supports debit/credit cards and e-wallets. You should have no concerns regarding safety, as the app is licensed by CySEC and the FSA, and authorized by the FCA.


75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Why Interactive Brokers Made Our List:

The 9 Best Stock Market Apps for Android in 2021

For expert traders looking for a slick, Wall Street-style trading platform, Interactive Brokers is a great choice. Sometimes called IBKR for short, Interactive Brokers offers multiple types of accounts, including ones that work well for retail investors all the way up to professional and institutional investors. It gives investors access to a very wide range of assets including, of course, stocks.

Interactive Brokers’ mobile app, IBKR Mobile, is a fully-functioning investment platform with advanced trading tools in your pocket. Advanced quotes and research contain 50 columns of data in a very similar format to the desktop platform. It’s cutting edge and works best for those with at least some investment experience.

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Wealthfront Best Investment App For Sophisticated Portfolio Management

Wealthfront is one of the largest independent robo-advisors, and for a small fee it can manage your money, whether thats in a taxable account or an IRA. Wealthfront uses low-cost ETFs to construct your portfolio and takes into account how much risk you want to take as well as when youll need the money. As you deposit money, Wealthfront will add it to your portfolio and keep your account balanced and on target toward your goal.

Wealthfronts management fee runs 0.25 percent annually, which is the industry standard. Its an eminently reasonable price for the features on offer, including automated tax-loss harvesting, which effectively covers the annual fee for many clients, says the company. Wealthfront also brings an attractive cash management account , and youll receive a competitive interest rate, early access to direct-deposited paychecks and a debit card all without a monthly fee.

Reasons to get this app: All youll need to do is add money to the account and Wealthfront manages your portfolio to reach your goal. The cash management account is cool, too. As a Bankrate user, get $5,000 managed for free when you open a Wealthfront investment account.

Minimum balance required: $500

Fees: Management fee of 0.25 percent of assets annually

How Much Money Do I Need To Invest

Most apps will let you invest with as little as $5 if they allow fractional share purchases. Some, like Acorns, even let you invest with pocket change. Realistically, its smart to have between $100 and $1,000 to open your investment account. Some apps, like Ally Invest, have minimums to ensure youre serious about investing.

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How To Use Stock Trading Apps

Ideally, when youre looking at a stock trading app, you should gain access to all investment assets available. Afterall, a mobile stock app can serve as a great boost to your personal finance.

However, when it comes to trading stocks with a smartphone, there are specific features you should look for, including:

  • Access on all iOS and Android devices
  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • Management of all investments on your mobile phone
  • Access to buying and selling orders on your phone
  • Investment and banking account management via your phone
  • Fast and accurate trade execution
  • Mobile accessible research and education tools
  • Access to fractional shares

Best Share Market App With Screeners

Best Stock Market Investing Apps Of 2020

Stock screening is an important part of trading as well as investing. Finding the stocks as per your preference, and investment goals are crucial to investment strategy and trading as well.

The Share Market Apps needs to include the stock screening features which most of the trading apps do. However, there are share market apps as well which you can use for screening stocks.

These apps are the Economic Times app, Stock Edge App, TradingView app, Moneycontrol app, and app.

With these five applications, you can enter your preferences, and screen stocks accordingly. You do not have to go through all stocks to find the one you want to track.

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M1 Finance: Best Free Stock App To Start Investing

  • Available via desktop, Apple iOS and Google Android
  • Best for: Passive Investors

M1 Finance works as one of the best stock trading apps because it provides self-directed and automated investing options according to your predetermined investment decisions. This high-level of customization makes this stock trading app this sites top robo-advisor pick.

Robo-advisors, which are almost exactly what they sound like, are automated investment managers who handle administrative investment actions on your behalf. Things like investing contributions, rebalancing your portfolio or making automated withdrawals.

Once you set up your portfolio, you can edit it as you wish or simply let the app handle all the nitty gritty while you learn how to increase your net worth with a growing account balance.

Specifically, clients can create a portfolio of stocks and ETFs tailored to their exact specifications, down to the last dollar thanks to their ability to trade fractional shares.

One major callout before going any further, however, is that while M1 Finance offers pre-made portfolios aligned to several investing goalsthe company is not an advisory service.

That said, the firm has attracted billions of dollars in assets under management and has over one million users on the stock trading platform since its founding in 2015. No small feat in todays competitive brokerage account market.

Motilal Oswal Mobile Trading App

Whether you are a beginner or expert in stock trading, Motilal Oswal is a homely name in share market.

And their Mobile trading app is one of the most widely used and respected.

Motilal Oswal mobile trading app lets you trade equities, derivatives, currencies, commodities, futures & options, Mutual funds, IPOs etc.

But there are lots of negatives being reported by users.

Hidden charges for transactions, alerts not working properly, and several bugs. Ouch!

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Other Brokerages We Considered

  • E-Trade: E-Trade offers a great stock trading platform for a wide range of investors. It was recently acquired by Morgan Stanley.
  • Robinhood: Robinhood is a brokerage service offering commission-free trades on stocks, ETFs, and options. The investing platform also offers fractional shares and specialty investment products like cryptocurrencies, but its investment selection is limited.
  • Webull: Webull and Robinhood share many similarities. Both brokerages offer cryptocurrencies and commission-free trading on stocks, ETFs and options, but Webull also offers IRAs. A drawback, however, is that it doesn’t offer automated accounts, mutual funds, or joint brokerage accounts.
  • Tastyworks: Tastyworks is best for traders who are more interested in active options trading.
  • Firstrade: Firstrade offers commission-free trades for most assets, but its trading apps are not quite as strong as some others.
  • Public: Public is best for traders looking to learn how to trade from others. It includes “public” trading where you can view what others are doing to learn more and improve your trading skills.

Webull Stock Market Tracking & Free Stock Trading

10 Best Virtual Stock Trading Apps for Learning Purpose ...

The next best mobile trading app on this list that you can use for free U.S. stock trading is called Webull. It also helps you obtain real-time information about global stock markets to make better trading and investment decisions. Lets have a look at some of its notable features.

Key Benefits:

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Stock Market Live App

This app majorly concentrates on deep research and has been downloaded by 1 Lakh customers. The app has several in-built features such as the given:

Here are the most checked features of the apps

  • Stock Watch widget
  • Global Currencies and MCX Commodity prices
  • Alerts and Notification on price rise and fall
  • Backup and restore
  • Intraday and Candlestick Patterns
  • Detailed stock view
  • Global index watch like NASDAQ, SGX NIFTY, DOW JONES, Shanghai, DAX, CAC, etc.
  • Gainers and Losers of BSE

The app has already garnered many positive reviews from all across the world. It has an average rating of 4.4 on Google Play Store and is going pretty strong.

What App Gives You Free Stock

Apps from brokers like Webull and Robinhood will give you a small amount of a stock of their choice â usually one or two shares â as a way to incentivize you to trade and invest, subject to certain terms and eligibility conditions. Robinhood offers U.S. customers free stock for new accounts and referrals, up to $500 per year. Webull offers one free share for opening an account, and another for making a deposit.

Often the free shares will be given after you first open and fund a new brokerage account, or when you complete certain actions for the first time, such as linking your bank account.

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Why Choose Tradingview App

  • This app has been downloaded by more than 5 million users.
  • It has a rating of 4.8 on Google Playstore which is the highest amongst share market apps.
  • This app provides you with information not only about domestic stocks, or indices but also international stocks and indices.
  • It is built in a way where a beginner can use it without any hassle. Furthermore, a trading expert and a technical analyst can also use it for doing their analysis well.
  • It is one of the best share market apps when it comes to living market updates.
  • The best app for technical analysis has the majority of the analytical tools, and resources.
  • You can also unlock the pro/premium services which are not very expensive.
  • The App also provides a lot of content on Hedging.

Can You Use Investment Apps To Trade Stocks

Top 3 Apps To Invest In The Stock Market Right Now (2020)

Some investment apps allow you to trade stocks and other securities, but that depends specifically on the kind of app and what its designed to do:

  • For example, brokerage apps such as Robinhood and Webull allow you to buy stocks and ETFs.
  • Other apps such as those from robo-advisors Wealthfront and Betterment will buy stock funds and create a portfolio on your behalf.
  • Still other apps such as Wealthbase and Invstr allow you to learn about investing or play investing games.

So the ability to buy stocks with an app depends on the app itself.

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Zee Business App Best App For Stock Market In India

Zee Business is one of the most sought-after business news channels in the country.

It has come up with its stock market application Zee Business App which has been rated as one of the Best Stock Market News App.

This app covers news across the globe related to businesses, economies, markets, personal finance, the banking sector, and a lot more.

This app just doesnt provide information, it provides, analytical views, reviews, research reports, and much more.

The features which make this app best in stock market are

  • Expert opinions on stocks, markets are available on this application. You can see which stocks are performing the best, and the worth and take your investment decision accordingly.
  • Global markets, indices are accessible using this Zee Business App. You can track the markets offshore easily.
  • Learning resources are there for the users to learn about the stock market strategies, processes, and other concepts.
  • There is a push notification option that you can use to stay updated about the market all the time.
  • This app has a special feature called automatic download which works even without the internet.

Capitalcom Popular Stock Cfd Apps With Great Trading Tools

Overall Rating:

If youre looking for a modern and intuitive app that allows you to trade stock CFDs with the help of some fantastic tools, is certainly a stock trading app that you want to check out.

Assets: For starters, offers one of the widest range of stock CFDs weve come across more than 4,000. This means you can trade a whole range of top stocks from different exchanges around the world, from the US to Australia, Hong Kong and many more. Not only does offer a great range of stocks, but you can also trade ETFs, indices, and forex on this top rated app.

Fees: As offers stock CFD trading rather than traditional stock investing, you pay a spread on each trade, which is the difference between the buy and sell price, rather than a commission. While it doesnt quite match up to eToros zero commission stock trading, the stock spreads are some of the lowest weve seen, so this is certainly a really competitive app in terms of fees.

Features: The trading tools and features are where really comes into its own. For starters, it offers AI generated trading suggestions, but that only scratches the surface. Theres a fantastic range of market analysis resources and learning resources like webinars, as well as a great range of technical indicators and advanced charting tools.

75.26% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

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