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Free Investment Tracking Spreadsheet

Are you a landlord or rental property owner? We understand how boring and nasty it is to keep track of all your income and expenses on all your rental properties.

Tracking things like receipts, invoices, and other paperwork is a big hassle in itself.

Dont worry we have put together some of the best rental income trackers that will help you keep track of your monthly rental income and expenses in an organized way.

I’m all about working smarter not harder.

What’s the point of investing in real estate if you aren’t minimizing time spent while maximizing cash flow?

That why for a long time now, I’ve been using my own spreadsheet. In fact, I’ve used it to track over 1.5 million in real estate. It’s also helped me walk away from deals that didn’t make sense. Remember, numbers don’t lie.

Using it has helped me:

  • truly see the value of real estate and doing it for myself
  • track the exact numbers to know the ins and outs of my assets
  • answer the question should I invest in this? with any property I was curious about

You can have it, too. Just fill out the form below. It’s basically a super digestible, start-it-in-ten-minutes guidewith all the metrics you need to maximize your real estate profits, and avoid too much risk.

Other Things To Include In Your Trading Journal

There are other items you’ll want to include in your trading journal. Here’s where using a binder comes in handy.

Before and during your trades, print or cut out and save anything you may have come across that influenced your thinking in regard to this position. It can be a blog about this one particular stock or it could be a newspaper article about an event that might affect an entire industry. Anything that you found during your research.

The idea is to save anything that influenced your trade so that you can analyze your own trading systems.

Best Investment Tracking App: Personal Capital

Its a close call, but Personal Capital is the winner.

The suite of free tools is perfect for investors just getting started, while the managed portfolio option is geared towards the professionals. Plus, the real-life professional financial advisor is an invaluable tool to help guide you on your investment journey.

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Quicken Pricing & Programs

Quicken has four packages that offer different features, ranging in price from $35.99 to $103.99.

Quicken is available at electronic stores, online on their website, or through Amazon. If you choose to subscribe to Quicken Online Service, there are automatic updates on all versions of Quicken for one year for free.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, but all data will be deleted from Quicken if you choose to cancel your subscription.

Each package comes with the Desktop version and Quicken mobile app. You can also create a simple one-month budget with each package, sync your bank accounts , and pay bills online with the bank bill pay feature.

The packages Quicken offers are Simplifi By Quicken, Quicken Starter, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, and Quicken Home & Business. Lets take a look at each package!

Final Thoughts On Tracking Expenses

Stock Market Tracking Software

Expenses can take a big bite out of the rental income you receive for owning and operating a rental property.

Even if you own just one rental home, its easy to get quickly overwhelmed by keeping documents and receipts organized to make sure that something doesnt fall through the cracks. Misreporting expenses can have a significant impact on your NOI, cash flow, and overall rate of return. Not to mention the increased risk of getting audited by the IRS.

Fortunately, tracking your rental property expenses is very straightforward and easy to do without having to use an expensive, complicated accounting package or a property management system that gives you more than youll ever use.

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What Is Included In Rental Property Expenses

Each property expense is called a line item on your P& L. Specific line item expenses will differ between property types and real estate investors.

For example, owners of multifamily property with common area parking may have an expense line item for parking lot maintenance. On the other hand, single-family homes often have a driveway or on-street parking, so there isnt a parking lot to maintain.

Depending on the type of property you have single-family rental, multifamily, or condo and the part of the country its located in, rental property expenses fall into one of two categories:

Maintenance, Repairs, and Utilities

  • Technology and software
  • Telephone

In addition to the above expenses, real estate investors are also allowed to claim a depreciation deduction, up to 27.5 years for a residential rental.

Depreciation is a non-cash deduction rental property owners use to reduce taxable net income. For example, if you paid $140,000 for a single-family rental , you could take a depreciation deduction of $5,090.91 plus all of the other tax-deductible expenses above.

The 7 Best Investment Tracking Apps To Monitor Your Investments

Lance Cothern|

Modified date: Nov. 29, 2021

Keeping track of your investments can be overwhelming. Chances are you may have a workplace retirement plan at your current job. People with long careers may have old workplace retirement plans at their past positions, too. When you add taxable investment accounts, IRAs, and investing app accounts, you may have your investments spread across several brokerage firms.

Its hard to manage your investments when you have to check many locations to get updates on how your investments are doing. It also makes it more challenging to stick to your ideal asset allocation percentages.

Thankfully, several software solutions exist to help make tracking your finances more manageable. Some are apps you can download on your phone, while others are websites or software programs you download to your computer. Either way, investment tracking apps can help you keep a better eye on your investments, which may help you get better returns.

Here are a few of the best investment tracking apps I could find and what you need to know about each one.

Whats Ahead:

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Are Investment Tracking Apps Hard To Use

Some are and some are not. With tools like Personal Capital or Quicken, Its simply a matter of connecting your investment accounts. Once connected, the tools analyze all of the data and present it in a way thats easy to understand.

Some software that must be downloaded, however, has a much higher learning curve. And for that reason did not make our list of the best options.

How To Track Rental Property Expenses

How to Keep Track of Multiple Investment Accounts? (Personal Capital)

There are a number of online software programs a real estate investor can use to track rental property expenses.

Some examples include a basic Excel spreadsheet from Zillow, personal and business accounting software programs like Quicken and TurboTax, and property management systems such as Cozy and TenantCloud.

Rental property finances made easy.

However, the most successful investors use Stessa to track their real estate investments. Thats because Stessa is an asset management system designed by real estate investors for real estate investors. The company has been featured in publications such as BiggerPockets, Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Inman.

Stessas rental property asset management software solution for landlords works across an entire portfolio of rental properties, from one single-family rental home to dozens of homes, multifamily assets, and short-term rentals.

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Investment Software Vs Personal Finance Apps

Before jumping-in head first into our look at the best ones, theres an important distinction to be made between personal finance software and investment management software.

Investment tracking apps are mainly dedicated to managing and optimizing your investments. They are different to personal finance tools which are more focused on budgeting and getting your finances in order.

Of course, many personal finance apps also do investment tracking but weve found that they are nowhere near as effective as dedicated wealth management software which is what weve focused on here.

If youre also interested in budgeting applications on Mac, we recommend taking a look at some of our selection of the best personal finance software for Mac users .

Its also important to be aware that these are not day trading tools. The investment apps reviewed here are designed to be used for investing over the long term, not buying and selling stocks every day.

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When it comes to investment tracking, few apps cover more angles than Personal Capital.

Personal Capital is 100% focused on investment management and does it extremely effectively.

Personal Capital uses a unique business model that only charges you a commission if you choose to consult with one of its financial advisors.

The app itself is completely free to use for as long as you want and can instantly optimize investments. Heres some of the things that we liked the most about Personal Capital:

Personal Capital: Best Portfolio Management Software

  • Available via desktop, Apple iOS and Android App on Google Play.

Personal Capital has almost two million users. Some of those use the Free Financial Dashboard version, while others use the Wealth Management service.

The Free Financial Dashboard makes it easy for people to add all their financial accounts in one place, including credit cards, savings, checking, loans, and tax-advantaged investment accounts.

It also provides an investment tool that makes recommendations for adjusting your portfolio to improve your investment performance.

The Wealth Management plan is preferred by those who want more of a full investment service. This service provides both automated tools and human management. After you enter your risk tolerance, goals, time frame, and personal preferences, Personal Capital creates a recommended portfolio.

The portfolios are diversified across multiple asset classes and rebalanced when necessary. The six asset classes include:

Customers have the option to incorporate socially responsible investing into their investments as well, meaning you can choose to invest only in companies that have positive environmental and social impacts.

Conveniently, Personal Capitals financial advisors are available 24/7 by phone, live chat, email, or web conference.

Each user has two dedicated financial advisors to help make various financial decisions, from retirement planning to college savings to stock options and more.

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Other Portfolio Management Apps Im Tracking

The above apps are the best Ive found, but I am evaluating other stock tools:

Stock Rover: Ive been using this tool for several weeks and really like it. It can be used for index fund investors, stock traders, and everybody in between. It includes tons of research data, useful historical data, and even asset allocation portfolios you can examine.

EquityStat: Another stock tracker with a clean interface. Its ideal for tracking the performance of an investment portfolio. Unfortunately, it doesnt give you any insight into the asset allocation of a portfolio.

Know Where Your Money Goes

Keep Track Of Stocks Spreadsheet inside Google Spreadsheet ...

Manage all your accounting, investments and Income tax related requirements. Invest Plus helps in record keeping from basic to more complex Personal and family account management needs.

  • Online updated balances with Zooming facility from Final Account Statements to Voucher Entry level with Edit/Delete facility.
  • Easy switch over between member and financial years.
  • 300+ customized and Detail Report
  • Facility to save all the reports in a file format and modify/ delete the same on later stage.

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Emoneyadvisors Retirement Cash Flow Analysis

eMoney Advisor is available from financial advisors. While I manage my own investments, I do use an advisor to discuss questions from time to time. As a result, I have access to this tool. Similar to Personal Capital, eMoney Advisor aggregates all of your financial data by linking your accounts.

While the interface is not as polished as Personal Capital, eMoney Advisor does provide a wealth of information, and its portfolio analysis is quite sophisticated. Specifically, it can project future cash flows of a portfolio through retirement, and its this feature that Ive found to be the most valuable.

Specifically, eMoney Advisor will project cash flows throughout your retirement based on a number of data points and assumptions. It takes into account future Social Security payments as well as the required minimum distribution of tax-deferred retirement accounts. It enables you to set an amount for annual spending in retirement, and then adjusts it for inflation.

The resulting cash flow report is broken down by year. For each year, it shows you your total income, investment income and planned retirement distributions. It also shows total expenses, which can include not only annual expenses adjusted for inflation, but also one-time expenses you plan to incur during retirement. Finally, it shows the total portfolio over time.

Things To Consider When Picking An Investment Tracking App

It can be hard to know which investment app will be the best fit for you.

Here are a few things to consider before choosing an investment tracking app:

Are you a novice or experienced investor?

The type of investor you are will play a huge role in the kind of app you end up using.

For instance, SigFig and Mint are better for beginner investors, while Personal Capital and Morningstar cater to more serious investors.

How functional is the software?

Does it require manual updates? Is it fairly intuitive to use, or is there a significant learning curve?

Consider the functionality of the software, and whether you think it fits with your habits and lifestyle.

What are the features you really need to be included?

For instance, if you only need a way to manage your budget, Mint will probably be your best bet.

However, if you need investment advice, then youre probably better off going with Personal Capital or Morningstar.

Before choosing an investment tracking app, take some time to consider what features you need to be included.

Is there a monthly fee? And is it worth it to you?

If youre a serious investor, paying an annual fee for a service like Morningstar may be worth it.

But if not, you may be able to find a free service that will get the job done.

Is there a minimum investment to get started?

Many financial services dont require a minimum investment, but some do.

How much information do you need access to?

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Best Investment Tracking Tools For Mac 2022

Effective investment management can make or break your future. The shocking evidence is not nearly enough of us do it.

A recent Gallup Poll found that 24% of US investors barely even look at their portfolio while only just over half have actively sought financial advice.

While its understandable that people shy away from the complexities, risk, expense and time of investment management, winging it like this is arguably even riskier for your financial future.

The good news is that if you want to get on track for early retirement, your Mac can be your most effective investment instrument.

Theres some incredibly powerful investment tracking software that can do the hard work for you and cut out expensive financial advisory fees.

Most of these portfolio management software tools cost a fraction of what it costs to consult a financial advisor and in some cases even offer free investment software.

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Cost: $40 Annual Household License

3 Investing Apps To Track Your Stock Portfolio

Social Security represents a major source of retirement income for many Americans. According to the Social Security Administration, nine out of 10 people age 65 and older receive Social Security benefits, and that money represents about 33% of their income in 2020. Maximize My Social Security can help you decide when and how to collect your Social Security benefits, to achieve the highest lifetime benefit possible, taking into consideration a long list of potential strategies.

Maximize My Social Security says it encrypts your data, and you do not have to enter your real name or Social Security number to use it.

When using apps, particularly those designed for finances, check what security features they have to protect your personal data.

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What Is The Best Portfolio Management App

Choosing a portfolio management app mainly depends upon the attributes youre seeking. If you want to stay in touch with your net worth and have a solid retirement plan, Personal Capital, Google Finance, and Stock Rover would be smart choices.

Similarly, if you want to track your stocks, simplify tax reporting, and make data-driven investment decisions, Navexa, Investment account manager, and would be highly useful software. Theres so much meat in these portfolio management software that both the casual and serious investor can benefit from them.

In a nutshell, Its worth signing up for portfolio management software, whether you want free features or premium ones.

Stock Rover: Best Stock Tracking App For Windows And Mac

  • Available via desktop, mobile and tablet

Stock Rover helps you keep tabs on your portfolio with detailed performance information, email performance reports, in-depth portfolio analysis tools, correlation tools, trade planning and re-balancing facilities.

The web-based applet works well as a stock tracking app for Windows, but also functions on Mac, mobile and tablets as well.

You can subscribe to this service for a number of applications, but it provides a comprehensive alerting facility, allowing you to find out immediately when something happens that you need to know.

The stock screener can also find instances where companies trade below their perceived fair value, signaling opportunities to buy stocks with a built-in margin of safety.

Stock Rovers Brokerage Connect provides an investor with a read-only data feed of their portfolio holdings, providing you a comprehensive view of your portfolios spread across numerous investment accounts.

When you connect your Stock Rover account to your brokerage accounts, details for each portfolio get delivered to Stock Rover for analytics and tracking purposes.

Consider signing up for Stock Rover with a free 14-day trial. From there, you can decide if youd like to upgrade to services premium plans for more robust tracking and analysis.

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