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What Do You Learn In Real Estate School

Free Real Estate Investing Course

Although course names and state requirements will differ, youll find that real estate classes teach topics like the principles of real estate, real estate practice, law and ethics, and the legalities such as the types of contracts needed in a transaction.

For instance, students will learn about the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits sales discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and nationality. Classes will also cover the practical skills necessary to conduct a successful closing, such as the realtor’s responsibilities when it comes to the contract, writing listings, showing properties, and writing an offer.

Andy Smith, a Certified Financial Planner and licensed realtor, said in an Investopedia interview that “The overall course curriculum has to conform to the individual state requirements for licensing. Each course in the curriculum should have a well-defined structure laid out in a course syllabus or similar document and include overarching course objectives topic learning objectives instructional methods used materials the student must obtain, including software and hardware along with contact information for technical support and the instructor’s name and contact info.”

University Of Texas At Austin

The University of Texas at Austins McCombs School of Business offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree program in Finance with a Real Estate Track that is considered among the best degrees for real estate available. UT Austins best degree for real estate program gives students the opportunity to join the Undergraduate Real Estate Society. Coursework for one of the best real estate programs in the country includes Money & Banking, Capital Markets, Financial Analysis, and Intro to Urban Land Development.

UT Austin is a space-grant university that was established in 1883 by an act of the Texas Congress. UT Austins 425+-acre campus is home to approximately 52,000 students. TUT Austin operates the JJ Pickle Research Campus, which is situated in North Austin.

Highlight UT Austins football team has won four national championships.

Degree BBA in Real Estate

So Great You Should Buy A Course But Which One

There are millions of them out there.

Lucky you. Mr. FIREescape did a little investigating to figure out which course is best.

First, I whittled the world down to courses that were about actually investing in rental properties for cash flow.

You can get into real estate by being a realtor or broker and there are courses for that. I skipped those, I dont want another job thank you very much.

You can also do REITs or flip houses. Also no thanks. Rentals are awesome for the long term and I want nothing but the most awesome for you.

What else? I judged everyone by:

  • Content: Was it good?
  • Expertise: I want to learn from a real expert.
  • Perks: This is what separates courses from books or YouTube
  • Especially 1-on-1 time, because everyone gets stuck on something.
  • Cost: Everyone wants to save money

So without further adieu here is my list:

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Real Estate Asset Management 101

You might think that buying and selling properties is a cakewalk. But ask someone whos already in this field, and youll hear how its too difficult to make sense of everything it entails with changing laws and documentations. Property owners and managers, real estate professionals, and aspiring investors have a lot to learn from this asset management program on Udemy. The course highlights the lifecycle of real estate properties that will help develop your understanding of how this market works to invest smartly. You will also know how to create a yearly budget sheet to keep all the stakeholders on the same page as a smart investor. Dont forget to check our compilation of Best Day Trading Courses.

Learn to manage the real estate acquisition process as an asset manager.

Get to know about eight pointers to remember and consider while negotiating your deals.

Develop financial reports and budget estimates to manage all your assets.

Learn to maximize the valuation of your assets to get high returns.

You can

Review: This course was very informative and really helped me understand all the stages of asset management in depth. The last part of the course where Justin Kivel explained the career trajectory was literally the cherry on the top. Overall a very good course. Megha Thakur.

Real Estate Certification Programs Classes And Workshops

Best Real Estate Investment Training Courses

You must be licensed to act as a real estate agent in many countries. A market of training courses, study materials, and coaching programs exists to help realtors achieve their professional dreams. There are also hundreds of programs to help them master their craft, expand their business, or develop a better eye for properties.

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What Can You Buy And Expected Return

This step can be a lot of fun when you first get started investing in property but as you look at different houses in different areas youll realise that this step is as much crystal gazing as it is looking at old historical data. Many websites have this information as statistics but no one can tell the future nor can you really know the value of a property by just seeing it in an online directory.

A big consideration for some property investors is what they can develop on that property or how they can renovate it to improve the value and rental return.

How Much Can You Borrow

Property Investment Academy Assignment

Not sure how much you can borrow? Learn about all the financial functions in Microsoft Excel like Internal Rate of Return, Value based on future cashflow, Forecast value and much more.. We combine real life investment property values based on the Newcaslte and Lake Macquarie areas and go through scenarios where you make an investment purchase at high rates and mortgage insurance penalty rates but discover whether its worth the investment. All figures are based on past performance and future performance based on rates similar to the past. This training course and workbook will enable you to go through and see the investment property potential to invest in regional areas like Newcastle and Lake Macquarie as well as in your local area.

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Corporate Housing By Owner Affiliate Program

Corporate Housing by Owner is a website that connects corporate property owners and managers with travelers who need to rent furnished rooms. It provides a range of management and marketing tools to each owner who pays for a listing.

Youll make money off of each person who follows your affiliate links to the site and buys a listing. Travelers can sort and browse whats available at no cost.

According to Corporate Housing by Owner, The average commission earned from the purchase of a listing is about $40. The program, hosted on the ShareASale network, has a collection of creative banners ready to go on your website as soon as you sign up.

Intro To Analyzing Rental Income Property Udemy


The next real estate course focuses on rental income properties, but you will also pick up some generic investment analysis skills. This course is designed for beginner investors with no prior experience or special software other than Microsoft Excel 2013+.

Upon enrolling in the course, students will familiarize themselves with all the key metrics involved when evaluating rental income properties. You will learn about the entire investment process, the measures of return, the impact of debt on returns, investment considerations, and key strategies.

Coming out of the course, you will have developed an understanding of core concepts in RE, accurately evaluate the investment opportunities, and use professional-grade investment models to evaluate ones own flip and rental deals.

Instructor: Justin Kivel. Udemy | Level: AllLectures: 113 | Video: 9.5 hours | User Rating: 4.8 Price:View course. From $11.99. Sale: Up to 95% Off. Browse full category.

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The Real Estate Pro Forma Modeling Master Class

If you are already engaged in the real estate sector and want to scale or are a newbie in this field, acquiring financial modeling skills can swerve your career curve in the direction of progress and more money. The course content is built around Pro Forma Modeling, and you will learn the skills and tools to use for preparing dynamic financial models to pitch to your investors or partners and close deals. The tutorials will help you calculate various parameters and the key metric of the rest estate industry, including loan amounts, premiums, terms, etc. and will make you a pro at using Excel for building professional-level financial models.


Develop professional level and quality real estate pro forma investment models for presenting your investment estimates.

Build customized models and change them as per your investment requirements.

Calculate renovation budget, premium, and term to plan and propose renovation models.

Make your financial calculations error-free by writing formula as checkpoints and deliver excellent work.

You can

Review: Ive been working in commercial real estate for years and this was very informative. I probably learned more about Excel, nesting formula. etc than I have in the last 5 years. Robert Hammer.

Take Personality Into Account

Understanding your own personality can help you identify the type and style of coaching that will produce the best results for you.

Again, this is where a simple SWOT analysis can be particularly helpful. For example, if youâre super motivated but struggle with processes, you might want to find a Type A coach to get you organized. On the other hand, maybe youâre not the typical super-extroverted agent â so find a coach that can play to your strengths, perhaps by focusing more on inbound leads than cold calling.

Also, be honest with yourself: You may want a cheerleaderâ¦but do you need a drill sergeant? If youâre going to make the investment, you want to make sure your coaching partnership will push you to succeed.

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Regional Areas Like Newcastle Lake Macquarie & Nsw Central Cost Are Growing

In various businesses and partnerships since going online, Steve has advocated the use of virtual assistants because technology enables businesses to find the best person for the job regardless of where they live and this is becoming more relevant with cloud-based programs like Xero and QuickBooks, Online Digital & Social Media Marketing and Google G Suite.

With our property investment education guides we take a similar approach to understanding the potential return on investment of a property just as we would forecast future potential returns if you started your own business.

Newcastle has:

  • a regional airport which will soon be capable for international flights,
  • large and busy sea port for mainly coal shipments,
  • great beaches,
  • a large and successful university, and is the
  • main capital for the hunter region.

Areas like Wallsend, Cardiff and Warners Bay & Belmont connect travellers from the outer rings to the inner rings of Mayfield, Waratah, Georgetown, Adamstown and Mereweather.

Ology: Ranking The Best Real Estate Programs

CFA Courses

Choosing a degree program for real estate can be difficult, but Great Business Schools is primarily concerned with helping prospective students find the program that will help them make their career what they want. To that end GBS editors focus on accredited, reputable institutions that we rank according to solid facts, including cost, student reviews, and potential salary. Data comes from IPEDs, College Scorecard, and Niche.

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Should You Invest In Commercial Property

Xero Cashflow, ROI and Budgets Course

Unlike Residential Investment properties which are affected by sentiment , commercial property values are determined by their yield. Yield is simply the rental income based on annual rental amount and as a percentage of the total cost of purchase so the value of the property will increase if the rental income increases. The returns are normally higher because when a tenant vacates the premises COULD be empty for longer periods of time and the premises may only suite a certain type of business.

Our Xero Advanced Course goes through a business case study based on historical financial information and corresponding profit and loss to determine whether the business owner should invest in a commercial property for his own business to use.

Real Estate Investment Certificate

Real Estate is a lucrative sector that has huge returns on the right investment. Harvard Extension School offers a Professional Certificate in Real Estate Investment, a four-course online program that can be completed within three years. To become eligible for the certificate, you need to acquire at least a B grade in all the four courses within this program. Once you are through this course, you will have the working knowledge of the real estate industry, the factors affecting prices, how to set up your capital for investment, and buying properties with good returns to choose your career from as much as 65 different options.

Learn about different land types, their uses, and parameters affecting the land rates.

Understand town planning and the way it impacts the real estate property cycle.

Build your financial models and analyze the flow of cash to identify your returns on investment.

Explore the tools that can help in risk identification and mitigation, strategic planning, and taking investment decisions.

Make a career in the field of real estate to improve your earning opportunities.

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Cost Of An Online Real Estate Course

For any online course, the cost is a crucial factor. Many things play a vital role in the price of an online course.

For instance, the education providers location, specific course duration, and academic level. However, it is not surprising to know that there is a wide discrepancy related to the price of the courses.

Thus, one must contact the education provider through their website to attend online. Then, ask them what you might have to pay them.

Subsequently, you can also search for your suitable program and contact the admission and enrollment office directly by filling out their form.

Types Of Real Estate Investing

How to turn $3,000 into $5 Billion: Real Estate Live Training @7pm EST

Now that you know how to get started investing in real estate, the next step is to determine which type of real estate you want to invest in.

What makes real estate investing different from other forms of investing is that there are multiple ways to invest.

You can choose an option you prefer, or add multiple types to your real estate portfolio.

These types include:

Weâll look at each type of real estate investment next.

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If You Put Aside 15 Minutes For 30 Days Thats Enough Time To Get Through The Rask Property Course Or Put Another Way Its Your Train Ride To Work A Small Part Of Your Lunch Hour Or Even Your Daily Toilet Break Do This Course Buy The Right Property And You Could Save $100000+ From Mistakes

Imagine yourself in 30 days from now: youll know everything there is to know about how to buy a property in Australia.

Dont leave it to chance. Buy property with confidence. Enrol in the Rask Property 101 course today for FREE and online tutorials, videos, podcasts and downloads.

Bonus reason to enrol: If you complete the final quiz and get 60% or better youll get a coupon code to use on Rask memberships!

Pretty good for a free online course, right?

The Best 19 Real Estate Courses For New And Experienced Investors

Do you want to be a successful real estate investor?

Not just a real estate investor â but a successful one.

Anyone can flip a house, buy a rental property, or try their hand at creative financing ⦠but not everyone can do this successfully by making a profit.

The difference between those who profit and those who incur losses is simple: education.

Talk to some of the most successful investors in your local area today, and youâre likely to find out theyâre a lot like you.

Chances are, they started with very little money, construction knowledge, or prior real estate experience.

Successful investors have used real estate courses and real estate training to learn exactly what they need to know to do a successful real estate deal.

They understood how profitable real estate can be, but also understood the risk involved, and used education through real estate courses and real estate coaching to reduce that risk.

Here at WealthFit, we specialize in offering real estate courses to help you invest in real estate, including:

  • How to get started in real estate with your very first deal
  • Types of real estate investing you can choose from
  • How to find real estate deals
  • How to obtain funding, such as other peopleâs money, for real estate deals
  • Understanding how to close a real estate deal â and the paperwork involved
  • How real estate investors save money on their taxes
  • And more

Let’s get started!

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Real Estate Investing Course Shaw Academy

The Real Estate Investing Course is designed for beginners just starting to learn the ropes of the nature of investing. Since this is an introductory course, the focus will be on the core concepts, strategies, and considerations needed for successful real estate investments.

You will begin with a module focused on how to apply some of the fundamental strategies in real estate. From here, the course will help students formulate a system that allows them to identify opportunities and minimize risks.

Eventually, learners will acquaint themselves with the no money deals, which can put many beginners on the fast track of real estate investments. Finally, the course will shift focus on risk management, which, as any seasoned investor will agree, is the cornerstone of participating in the market.

Publisher: Shaw Academy | Certification: Yes | Level: All | Modules: 4Duration: 16 weeks | Price: Subscription | User Rating: 4.6

The Real Estate Equity Waterfall Modeling Master Class

Top 8 Courses on Real Estate Investing

Real Estate is more than just scavenging for profitable properties. You can be a professional dealing in land or want to branch out into the vast number of opportunities that this sector has in terms of money-making, then this Udemy course on Real Estate Equity Waterfall Modeling can be your next big step. Youll get practical lessons on developing dynamic financial models in real estate in this online program. Justin Kivel, the course instructor who has sealed real estate deals close to $1.5 billion, has already helped over 30,000 aspiring real estate investors cracking up highly profitable property deals. You may like to check our list of Best Marketing Communications Courses.

Understand the real estate equity waterfall model in depth.

Become a pro at making apt investment decisions.

Invest smartly in real estate syndications to bag successful land deals.

Earn certification to expand your real estate portfolio to include the equity waterfall model in your financial toolkit.

Work confidently on Microsoft Excel to make smarter investment decisions obtained through detailed analysis.

You can

Review: Great course! I have been in CRE for 8 years, but this was a real eye opener. Wish I had learned about this 5 years ago. The material is first class and Justin really teaches you in a straightforward understandable way Tamás Seres.

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