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An Overview Of Dynamic Investment Structure And Performance

BetterInvesting Overview

This page provides an overview of how NAOI-created Dynamic Investments are constructed and the power of DIs to produce amazing returns, without excessive risk, in all market conditions. And this performance comes with no active management required all trades are based on the objective observations of equity price trends. This eliminates a massive human-risk element that is at the root of so much that is wrong with investing today.

Establishing A Bank Account And Discount Brokerage Account

In selecting financial institutions to handle the clubs banking and brokerage activities, find convenient, low-cost providers. The club should establish a checking account in the clubs name to serve as a holding place for dues until this money can be transferred to a brokerage account. Clubs can often arrange for free checking privileges. Compare various discount brokerages and choose one that is easy to use and charges low commissions.

The rationale for selecting a discount brokerage is that the club requires only stock trade execution, not investment guidance. The evaluation process is the responsibility of club members. Full service brokers typically charge $50 to 60 per trade. A discount broker will charge only a third or a fourth as much. The less money spent on commissions the more the club has to invest. Keep in mind that the greater the amount of regular dues collected and available for investment, the less the commission charges will reduce the clubs return.

Beginning The Education Process

Most investment clubs are focused according to tenets prescribed by the NAIC. The four basic principles include: investing regularly reinvesting all earnings evaluating growth stocks and diversifying the portfolio. Investing regularly reinforces the concept of taking a long-term perspective and creates a genuine purpose for each meeting. Reinvesting all earnings allows the power of compounded growth to work for the club. By focusing on growth stocks, members can see that the value of their investment changes with the sales and earnings growth of the companies. Finally, the value of diversification is stressed so that portfolios will be cushioned against industry or sector-wide downturns. These lessons are meant to strengthen members individual investment plans.

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What Is The National Association Of Investors Corporation

The National Association of Investors Corporation was first founded in 1951 as the National Association of Investment Clubs. Today, the NAIC conducts its business as BetterInvesting.

The NAIC works as a sort of school/thinktank. It offers broad investment adviceInvesting: A Beginner’s GuideCFI’s Investing for Beginners guide will teach you the basics of investing and how to get started. Learn about different strategies and techniques for trading, educational information, and support that assists individuals in becoming knowledgeable, successful investors.

Forming An Investment Club

Proposal for establishing national investment clubs ...

Group dynamics is a very important consideration when organizing an investment club. When prospecting for members, remember that each member will be both a social and business partner. Therefore, it is preferable to find people who have different perspectives but who all agree on a basic approach to investing. Most investment clubs have two stated goals: first, to learn about investing in stocks and second, to make a return on their investments. This should be the order of their priority and all prospective members should agree on this. All decisions made by the club, whether they result in profit or loss, will lead to educational experiences.

Experience suggests that there is no ideal number of participants for a successful investment club. However, a club with 15 to 30 members has both a manageable size and enough members to generate sufficient funds to make stock purchases. The group will need to find a convenient meeting place, one with computer and Internet access. The most likely meeting places are members homes, libraries, community meeting facilities, or places of business where one members work and have permission to host activities.

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What You Can Expect To Learn

Investment club members gain the confidence to begin or extend their individual portfolios, armed with the knowledge and skills they gain from belonging to the club. The lessons learned from a properly structured and organized investment club are identical to those that must be embraced when making sound individual investment decisions. The first thing to learn is investment terminology . This could be part of the regular educational discussion. Second, investment club members should learn about the different sectors of the economy and, more precisely, where companies fit within these various sectors. Third, investment club members should identify some preferred weighting of their collective portfolio to guide them in evaluating stocks that are appropriate. Finally, the specifics of evaluating and selecting stocks, and regularly reviewing the portfolios performance, should absorb most of the clubs discussion time. There are many methods and perspectives to consider when evaluating individual stocks. Investment clubs can use several of them to identify and select individual stocks so that they become familiar with different perspectives and feel comfortable about the methods they prefer.

Investment Club Tax Id Or Ein

Once you have named your investment club and its officers, you will need to obtain an employer identification number , which will be used when you file the clubs tax return.

The EIN is, in essence, like a social security number that identifies your club as a unique entity to the IRS.

Despite its official sounding jargon, the EIN can be obtained in a matter of minutes by going to the IRS website and filling out Form SS-4.

You can also call 1-800-tax-form for help.

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National Association Of Investment Clubs

National Association of Investment Clubs
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What Is The National Association Of Investors Corp

Should I Join an Investment Club?

The National Association of Investors Corp. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1951, and dedicated to providing investor education and promote investor success. The association is based in Madison Heights, Mich., and is composed of investing clubs along with individual investors from around the United States. The organization today goes mainly by the name BetterInvesting.

It should not be confused with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners or the North American Industry Classification System, which also use the NAIC acronym.

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Investment Clubs Welcome Profits But Focus On Education

How investment clubs work

Should you join an investment club?

  • You’re new to investing. Clubs provide a fun and nonintimidating forum for learning about the market.
  • You need structure to keep on track. Consistency is key for successful long-term investing, and club membership is a great way to make sure you invest every month.
  • You want to diversify your investments. Clubs make it possible for members to spread their investment dollars among more stocks than they likely would be able to as individuals.
  • You have free time and a desire to contribute to the club. Plan to devote two to 10 hours a month to reading financial publications like The Wall Street Journal, preparing company research for discussion, or fulfilling the duties of a club officer.
  • You like the social aspect of an investment club. Although the monthly agenda may cover a lot of ground, meetings aren’t necessarily all business.

Resources for starting, joining, or managing an investment club

OnlineBooks & Publications “Starting and Running a Profitable Investment Club: The Official Guide From the National Association of Investment Clubs” “Investment Clubs for Dummies” by Douglas Gerlach, Angele McQuade, and Donald E. Danko “Dummies”Better Investing

Decide On Your Clubs Size And Geographic Range

Investment clubs can be small or large and local or online.

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  • There are advantages and disadvantages to each club type. For example, a small local club can get business done quickly and easily and have lots of face-to-face contact.

    The disadvantage of this approach is that every member may have the same, narrow investment viewpoint.

    Alternately, a large online club offers its members many different investment viewpoints and a wide range of experiences.

    The disadvantages with this type of club are that virtual meetings may seem impersonal and full member attendance will almost never occur.

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    Stock Mutual Fund Or Bond Investment Clubs

    These clubs are groups of people that pool their money to purchase stocks, stock options, mutual funds or bonds. Many clubs are educational in nature with objectives in line with learning how to make smart long-term investments. The National Association of Investors Corporation is a non-profit organization of many investment clubs with this purpose. These clubs may decide to buy or sell investments typically based on a majority votes.

    Club objectives do vary and in the U.S. the Securities and Exchange Commission may require that a club be registered depending on the intent of investment. The SEC distinguishes between clubs on the basis of several laws including the Securities Act of 1933 and the Investment Company Act of 1940, which are concerned with whether the club issues membership interests that are effectively securities.

    Club officers and members are not normally required to hold a securities license as long as they refrain from soliciting compensation in exchange for financial advice or soliciting the sale of stock, mutual funds or bonds in third party companies. One allowed exception is that a CEO / President or CFO of a C Corporation is allowed to solicit stock or bonds in their corporation as long as they provide a private placement memorandum that complies with the law to their new shareholders. One additional requirement is that non-accredited investors must be Directors of the C Corporation in addition to being shareholders.

    The Performance Of A Simple Dynamic Investment

    Proposal for establishing national investment clubs ...

    The table below on this page shows the annual returns of the simplest possible DI that rotates only between a Total Stock Market ETF and a Total Bond Market ETF for the period from the start of 2008 to the end of 2020. The DI reviews the price trends of each ETF in its DEP on a Quarterly basis and purchases, or retains if already held, only the one ETF having the strongest price uptrend. Thus, this DI holds either Stocks or Bonds at any one time. The bottom row of the table shows both the Average Annual Returns for the Simple DI along with its Sharpe-Ratio, a measure of risk and the higher the better.

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    Preparing For Tax Reporting Requirements

    Generally, an investment club is treated as a partnership for federal tax purposes unless it chooses otherwise. Financial events generated by the investment club partnership are taxable in the year they are realized. If an investment club only purchases stocks , then the only taxable event is the receipt of dividends and/or interest. The club will receive a Form 1099 from the brokerage showing the dividend and interest payments. If the investment club is organized as a general partnership, all financial ramifications pass through the partnership to individual members on a proportional basis. However, this does not absolve the club from filing the appropriate tax reports.

    Starting An Investment Club

    An investment club is a group of individuals who pool their money to invest as a group. They meet regularly to learn the basics of stock investing and research possible investments. Historically, investment clubs outperform the broad market indices about 60 percent of the time, whereas professionally managed mutual funds outperform these indices only 35 percent of the time. This is because investment clubs, as well as individual investors, can hold on to a long-term investment perspective while professional fund managers are often held accountable for performance on a quarterly basis. By pooling their time, talent and money, investment club members increase their stock market know-how and learn valuable lessons that can be transferred to their individual financial management decisions.

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    Join A Club Association

    The National Association of Investors Corporation , also known as BetterInvesting, offers support and information for people wishing to join or start their own investment club in the United States. The NAIC not only provides excellent tools but also publishes a monthly investor-learning magazine. For membership packages, visit the BetterInvesting website here. According to NAIC data, the number of investment clubs registered with the association has seen strong growth in the early 21st century, and about half of all registered clubs have outperformed the S& P 500 a level of excess returns most mutual funds are unable to consistently achieve. That being the case, however, market-beating returns do not contain all of the value a member receives from a well-run investment club.

    In the U.K., this is called ProShare Investment Clubs, which offers a host of resources such as newsletters, online portfolio tools, a message board for members, and an investment club manual. In Canada, the Investors Association of Canada also offers in-depth newsletters on personal finance education, discounts on books, and the like.

    This Is The Future Of Investing

    An Investment in the Future: Ghana Youth Savings Clubs

    The NAOI is excited to announce that we will soon release a Users Manual for NAOI Dynamic Investments entitled High-Return, Low-Stress Investing as pictured on this page. Planned for release in the fourth quarter of 2021, this book changes how we invest today at a fundamental level and ushers in a new era of simpler, higher return, lower risk – and thus lower stress – investing.

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    Real Estate Investment Clubs

    Clubs of this type are most commonly publicized as a real estate investment group or company, rather than a club. The legal distinction according to the SEC is having 100 members or less. Whereas, a real estate investment group would normally have more than 100 investors. These clubs normally buy real estate or notes to benefit from: cash flow, appreciation of assets, instant equity, tax benefits from deductions or qualified dividends, group buying power, monthly or daily compounding, higher liquidity and diversification of risk. Real estate transactions are limited to 35 participants to meet the legal requirements of many states for being closely held, and can be legally organized as a sole proprietorship transferring assets to a group living trust, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, general partnership or C corporation.

    Establishing National Association Of Investment Clubs

    A national association of investment clubs & cooperatives works closely with investment clubs, government agencies, private banks and financial institutions to provide efficient, value added services in the promotion of formal organization, best practice and profitable investments for investment groups. It empowers investment clubs so they can maximize their investment potential. Through conducting mapping studies, cross country visits, and engagement of stakeholders, the national association of investment clubs & cooperatives offers the clubs up to date and reliable information on products for investment clubs in the market, while also lobbying other service providers to provide investment clubs friendly services like specific bank accounts, unique legal regime, and or training and secretarial services modeled for investment clubs. Further, the association can also negotiate premium rates for its members in the areas of legal registration, strategic planning, trainings, and brokerage fees. Treazures joint directors have been involved in the institutionalization of Uganda National Association Of Investment Clubs, the investment clubs association of Uganda, and continue to offer training and support to investment clubs across the country.

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    Draft Your Clubs Constitution And Rules

    Your investment clubs constitution and rules need to be carefully considered and stated in order to protect it from being audited by the IRS or even sued by a disgruntled member.

    Be sure to include the following items in your clubs constitution and rules and have all members sign and date the document:

    • Number of allowed members, including new member initiation procedures and requirements.
    • Number of officers, election rules and service terms.
    • Required monthly contributions from all members.
    • Bank account details such as the accounts purpose and signatories .
    • Brokerage account details such as the authorized investor/trader and investment/trading rules.
    • Member voting powers and expectations as well as what voting percentage constitutes passage of a motion.
    • Grounds for member expulsion.
    • Monetary procedures following member expulsion, resignation or death.
    • Tax collection and procedures.

    A more complete guide to generating your clubs constitution and rules is located at TimetoTrade. You can also use this guide as a template for your own documents.

    Learn About Stock Investment Clubs

    Proposal for establishing national investment clubs ...

    A stock investment club is made up of a group of people who come together to learn how to invest in the stock of good quality companies, pool small amounts of money to build a profitable stock portfolio, and apply that learning to their personal stock investments.

    Investment clubs provide a safe and supportive environment for investors to learn the skill of stock investing. BetterInvesting is dedicated to teaching everyday people, women and men, young and old, how to become successful stock investors by helping them learn the process of making their own investment decisions.Club members meet regularly to review and analyze growth companies, and select one or more company stocks to buy, hold or sell in a well-diversified portfolio of high quality stocks.The following webinar series will provide you with an overview of what a stock investment club is, how to set one up, and how to make money investing in good quality companies.

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