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2 bedroom house for sale in Middedorp (Langebaan) | Pam Golding Properties

Whether or not you personally enjoy spending time on the sand, one thing holds true

Beachfront is one of the most sought-after types of real estate in the world.

From an investment point of view, we can boil this down to two main reasons:

  • Beachfront property tends to hold its value over time. Buying at the right time in the right market, you can position yourself for significant appreciation.
  • Major cash flow advantage. The United Nations estimates that 50% of all international travelers head to the coast. And, we know that many of these pay top dollar to be within steps of the water
  • In reality, its not so simple. Not all markets present incredible value. Not all markets offer the opportunity to earn double-digit returns on your rental.

    Fortunately, here at LIOS, we know of a dozen or so markets where you can do both.

    And today, with the help of guest contributor Lee Harrison, were going to boil it down to the top three places to shop for a beachfront bargain.

    Read on for Lees best recommendations

    Lynn Mulvihill

    Best Portfolio Ofwaterfront Real Estate For Sale

    As the latest new luxury brand of the Waterfront Real Estate Ltd Group ‘Waterfront Portfolio’ was designed to provide waterfront property buyers and real estate investors with an exclusive international portfolio of diverse investment opportunities including luxury waterfront homes for sale close to rivers, lakes and sea. Waterfront Portfolio offers villas, apartments, land, private islands, buildings and hotels for sale on the beachfront, lakefront & riverfront and in other prime investment and lifestyle locations worldwide!

    Check out some new arrivals below!

    Lake Maggiore

    Prestigious apartment for sale in Stresa Lake Maggiore, Italy. This exclusive property is situated in villa Barberis, one of the most luxurious and famous houses of the Borromeo Gulf. Outstanding interiors and panoramic views toward the spectacular Bella and Pescatori Island.

    Cape Verde

    Beachfront oasis of tranquility and unmistakably luxurious, in the sun drenched Island of Sal in Cape Verde. Exquisite 5 Star resort facilities make it the perfect choice for couples, families and investors looking for a holiday villa that offers a strong rental potential. Learn more about this deal


    Extravagant Istanbul seafront Yali property for sale located in on the famous Bosphorus waterfront with private mooring, large open terrace and with fabulous views across the Bosphor Strait. This rare Turkish mansion offers complete luxury both inside and out and represents the best trophy home in Turkey.


    Economics Of Buying A Beach House: Read Before You Buy

    Buying a beach house can bring an excellent return on investment, a reliable income stream, and access to a delightful vacation spot. Many beach house investors purchase homes that they subsequently rent out during peak tourism times. A beach house owner in Florida might make the house available to rent from November through April when residents of colder states crave sunshine.

    Many beach house investors claim that their rental income for the colder half of the year covers their expenses for the entire year. That effectively lets them live in the house for free during the non-peak season.

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    Affordable Beach Houses For Sale In The Caribbean

    Our website is also the ultimate place to discover affordable beachfront homes, villas and beach houses for sale in the Caribbean at a more affordable price, such as the beautiful island of Grenada, rapidly developing Antigua, the idyllic islands of the Grenadines and the tranquil Out Islands of The Bahamas.

    Heres What The Survey Showed:

    • In Mazatlán, my sample included properties that were either on the sand or front line on the beachfront road, and the price came in at US$1,793 per meter.
    • In Puerto Vallarta, lack of inventory required that I use properties that were well back from the beach yet they were still almost twice the price, at over US$3,400 per meter.
    • In Playa del Carmen, I had to use properties even farther back from the beach, yet they were more than twice Mazatláns price at US$3,850 per meter.

    Mazatlán is increasingly popular with expats, and in fact, we have eight fellow readers in town this month looking at properties. Many people come for the long, sandy beaches, lined by one of the longest boardwalks and bike lanes in the hemisphere. But surprisingly, the newly refurbished historic center is actually more popular with full-time expats than the beach properties.

    Its easy for me to monitor the pulse of Mazatlán because I have a home here. And to be honest, at the beginning of the pandemic, I was looking forward to some bargains confident that I could grab a distress sale on the beach.

    But I was wrong. As the pandemic evolved, it actually caused a spike in sales. As of now, prices are still low by Mexican standards. But I can tell you first-hand that existing inventories are disappearing rapidly, as developers scramble to put up new projects along the water.

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    Georgian Bay Muskoka And Grey Bruce Waterfront Properties

    For many, ownership of a waterfront property is a true sign of success. Waterfront properties along the shores of Georgian Bay and the many lakes of Muskoka are among the most sought after in Ontario. Whether you are looking for a luxury year round retreat, or a vacation home, we can help you find the waterfront property of your dreams.

    Engel & Völkers Toronto Central, BrokerageToronto | Collingwood | Muskoka | Owen Sound | Grey Bruce

    Max Hahne

    Other Beach House Bills

    Renting a beach house involves costs above and beyond the mortgage, utility, and cable. For one thing, the tax bill is likely to be hefty, given the high value of many beach houses. And if the beach house is an income property, homeowners must typically pay for marketing and advertising. Shelling out money to hire people to show off the property is only one part of these expenses. Super unlucky beach house owners might also have to foot the legal costs associated with litigating tenant disputes.

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    Beachfront Investment Property For Sale Overview

    Situated on the West Coast of St. Lucia, on Roseau Bay just south Marigot Bay & Marina, is this beautiful beachfront investment property. This 27-acre lot is one of the last undeveloped stretches of west coast beachfront land on the Caribbean Sea side of Saint Lucia. It is 8 miles south of the capital city of Castries, which is 20 minutes away from George F.L. Charles Airport in the North of the Island and 60 minutes away from Hewanorra International Airport in the South. It is a 35 minutes drive both from the major existing tourism areas in the northwest of the island and from the main tourist attractions such as the Piton Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    This beautiful property features flat topography, natural lagoons and beach as well as the Roseau River which runs along its northern perimeter.

    The property is zoned for tourism development It highlights 1,600 feet of calm beachfront with the golden sand to the west, rugged mountainous beauty to the South, plantations to the east and the charming Roseau River to the North. The land is accessible via the main West Coast Highway, the arterial link between the North & South of the island. The location of this stunning land offers a special opportunity for development of an exclusive and secure world-class tropical tourism resort.

    Please enquire for further details.

    Best Beachfront Buys For 2021

    Mexico Real Estate Beachfront Property For Sale

    The worlds best buys on beachfront property in 2021 are to be found in Northern Cyprus, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and Belize.

    These are the findings of Live and Invest Overseas 2021 Global Property Survey, an annual index that details what it costs to own property in the worlds top locations for living or retiring overseas.

    The survey considers the cost of buying two-bedroom, two-bath apartments, of between 70 and 100 square meters , in neighborhoods where an expat retiree would be comfortable and likely to buy.

    If you dream of retiring to the beach, here are your five most affordable options in 2021. As well, each of the markets presents good rental investment opportunity, making them top choices for places to buy for part-time personal use and generating cash flow in the local currency when youre elsewhere.

    #1: Iskele, Northern Cyprus Images

    Northern Cyprus, located in the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Turkey, is not at the top of most Americans list, but this former British colony has a lot to offer. This is the best of the Mediterranean at a fraction the cost of living the Med life elsewhere. Northern Cyprus is also a safe, welcoming destination with developed tourism infrastructure, including clubs, casinos, and luxury hotels, all more affordable than their counterparts in France or Italy.

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    Florida Beach House Vacation Rentals

    Where are the best beaches in Florida? The most popular vacation spots are: Panama City Beach, Fort Walton Beach, and Miramar Beach! With 825 miles of beaches to choose from, come to enjoy the relaxing waters, stunning sunrises and sunsets and sand that is powdery smooth and filled with seashells to collect. For sure, Florida beaches are among the best beaches in the world, always in the top rankings of international travel publications and on beach expert lists.

    Let Us Help You Experience Pensacola Beach and Navarre BeachVacation Specialist

    Whats The Cheapest Caribbean Island To Buy A House

    Destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Playa del Carmen, or the small island of Roatan in the Bay Islands are ideal locations to look for reasonably priced Caribbean homes for sale.

    So whether you are looking for a permanent home on the most affordable Caribbean islands, a reasonably priced vacation home, or just a bargain overseas property investment. You can find your perfect property type with Caribbean Escape.

    Dont be put off by real estate prices Find out more about affordable Caribbean homes for sale here.

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    Buy A Beach House Lake Home Or Riverfront Property Overseas

    Waterfront Portfolio is an international waterfront real estate agency & investment finding consultancy service focused on the niche waterfront property market aimed to support investors, holiday home buyers, overseas relocation clients and businesses to research, source, negotiate and acquire waterfront real estateor prime investment properties within carefully identified markets and quality of life locations world-wide.

    Our professional team is here to assist you by understanding your lifestyle, investment or business objectives and then identifying the best possible property deals to match your wants & needs within a specified budget set by you!

    For the very best selection of international real estate for sale near to Lakes, Rivers and Sea with unprecedented resale and rental potential contact us today and speak to one of our professional waterfront property consultants for guidance and support to make your dreams come true. Start your search now!

    Colina 3 Bedroom Condos In Los Sueos

    • reduced to US$460,000
    • Construction area: 155 M2
    • Land: 6,511.63 m2
    • Sales Price: US$139,000
    • Land: 8 hectares
    • Villas: 7
    • Price: US$7,000,000
    • Land: 8 hectares
    • Sales Price: US$185,000
    • Land: 1 hectares
    • Construction: 204 m2
    • Bedrooms: 3 / Bathrooms: 3
    • Sales Price: US$699,000
    • 2 BED / 2 BATH / 2+ Parking
    • Price: Starting from US$349,000
    • Construction size: 95 m2

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    Where Is The Safest Caribbean Island To Buy A House

    There is no safest Caribbean island to live on, but research shows that some locations have lower crime rates than others.

    The safest Caribbean islands to buy a house for families tend to be those with the best beaches, the calmest seas, and the most child-friendly activities and amenities.

    If you are looking for the safest Caribbean island to buy a house check our full guide here

    Below is a list of our all Beachfront properties for sale in the Caribbean

    • Beds:4
    • Beds:2
    • Beds:4

    Real Estate Costs And Borrowing Costs

    Beach house properties are substantially pricier than similar homes located inland. In Delray Beach, a popular beach town in Florida, the median house price as of January 2022 is $312,890, according to Zillow. Home values in this area have increased by over 24% since January 2021. Mortgage interest rates for vacation properties are also usually higher than those for primary homes.

    Interest charges can make a huge difference to an investor’s bottom line. For example, the principal and interest payment on a 30-year, $1 million mortgage, with an interest rate of 4%, comes to $4,774 per month. The same mortgage at a 5% interest rate, costs $5,368 per month in principal and interest. This $600 per month difference can quickly add up.

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    Best Places To Buy A Beach House 2021

    A wise person once said, life is better at the beach. And frankly, we dont disagree. What could be more relaxing than kicking back on the shore with a good book, a view of the kids playing nearby, or simply nothing at all? Its no wonder that according to our latest survey 57% of guests were planning a trip to the beach this spring. However, if your beach house aspirations stretch beyond renting a home for the weekend, read on for our 2021 list of the Best Places to Buy a Beach House.

    Second home and vacation rental purchases continue to skyrocket, so if you are looking for your own little slice of sand, dont hesitateand get in touch with a licensed real estate agent to aid you in your search. As youll see from our 2021 list, the Best Places to Buy a Beach House arent just in Florida and Hawaii, but in less expected places like the Washington Coast and lakefront Michigan. If you havent settled on location, an agent with the right expertise can help guide you toward these hidden gems where the cap rate and coastline contribute to vacation rental success.

    COVID-19 disclaimer:Indoor and outdoor attractions, restaurants, bars, events, and festivals mentioned within local market descriptions may be closed or cancelled, or may have limited service due to COVID-19. Before visiting, you are encouraged to check local regulations for the latest information and should always follow the destinations guidelines.

    Development Opportunity Just 3 Miles From One Of Costa Rica’s Most Vibrant Beach Towns

    BMA- Incredible Beachfront Property For Sale on the Placencia Peninsula
    • Land: 11 hectareas
    • Land: 15 hectareas
    • Sales Price: US$900,000
    • Land: 2,512 m2 / Construction: 593 m2
    • Bed: 5 / Bath: 5.5
    • Sales Price: US$995,000
    • Land: 3,098 m2
    • Sales Price: US$99,000
    • Land: 2 hectares
    • Sales Price: US$149,000
    • US$559,000 Reduced to US$499,000
    • Land: 1 hectares
    • Sales Price: US$175,000
    • Land: 1,741 m2
    • Sales Price: US$175,000
    • Land: 5,720 m2 / Construction: 330 m2
    • Bedrooms: 5 / Bathrooms: 2.5
    • Sales Price: US$935,000
    • US$1,595,000 Reduced to US$1,250,000
    • Land: 3,000 m2
    • Construction: 1,000 m2
    • Beds: 16 / Baths: 16.5 / 5 Parking / 2 Maids Quarters
    • Sales Price: US$2,500,000
    • Land: 130 acres
    • Sales Price: US$2,500,000
    • Land: 311 m2
    • Sales Price: US$87,000
    • Land size: 2300m2
    • Sales Price: US$698,000
    • Land size: 7,410 m2
    • Sales Price: US$17 m2
    • Land: 3125 m2
    • Sales Price: US$175,000
    • US$750,000 Reduced to US$420,000
    • Land: 1,181 m2 / Construction: 90 m2
    • 2 Beds / 1 Baths / 1 Parking
    • Sales Price: US$425,000
    • Land: 1,001 m2
    • Construction: 250 m2
    • 3 Beds / 2 Baths / 4 Parking
    • Sales Price: US$595,000
    • US$698,000 Reduced to US$668,000

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    Getting Five Properties For The Price Of Oneby Lee Harrison

    I just reviewed a listing for a pleasant, two-bedroom cottage in downtown Sacramento, California. It was reasonably priced for this market at US$500,000 which at 864 square feet comes out to US$579 per square foot, or as we normally measure it internationally, US$6,200 per square meter.

    As it happens, I also just completed our annual property survey, where I take a snapshot of what properties cost in various markets of interest around the world. Heres some of what I learned:

    • I can get a beautiful Spanish colonial home in Granada, Nicaragua, for an average of just US$704 per square meter.
    • A beach condo in Mazatlán, Mexico, goes for an average of US$1,793 per square meter.
    • A beach home in North Cyprus averages US$1,297 per square meter.
    • In the beautiful highland city of Arequipa, Peru, a home will cost about US$1,200 per square meter.
    • And a home thats near the historic center in colonial Cuenca, Ecuador, will set you back US$1,115 per square meter.

    In fact, I can buy one property each in all five of these cities and still not be up to the cost of that little cottage in Sacramento. And thats the value of performing this annual survey for the past 10 years. We get consistent data among the markets we uncover major market movements and calibrate ourselves with respect to the cost of properties outside the United States.

    Here are the top three beachfront buys


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