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Networking In Real Estate

How to Invest in Real Estate (Beginner’s Guide)

Real estate networking brings more benefits than people think. It isnt just about going to local meetups or joining online forums, like BiggerPockets. Networking allows new and experienced real estate investors to share stories, bounce ideas off of each other, form partnerships, and recommend quality vendors. Without a proper real estate network, you face an investing career where youll have to make the same mistakes many others have already.

Analysis Based On The Investment Strategy

Note that we have different numbers for either Airbnb or traditional rental strategy. This is because they tend to generate different returns depending on where your rental property is located. For example, a property in Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta, GA may generate 5.74% cash on cash returns for traditional lease and 5.60% for Airbnb.

Both strategies may require different expenses as well. For a traditional lease, you will not have to pay the utilities and cleaning fees. Meanwhile, Airbnbs and other short-term rentals can incur costs for utilities, cleaning fees, supplies, and lodging taxes.

Most Common Real Estate Niches

The following list includes the most common property types that real estate investors deal with. Each has many subsets as well, but remember, you dont need to know about them all. This is merely a list to help you understand what options are available, from a 20,000-foot view.

Raw land

Raw land is nothing more than basic earth. Land, on its own, may be improved , and it may be leased or rented to create cash flow. Land can also be subdivided and sold for profit. Some investors choose to buy raw land with hopes to someday sell it to be used in external developments like the construction of a freeway or a housing development.

Single-family houses

Perhaps the most common investment for most first-time investors is the single-family home. Single-family homes are relatively easy to rent, sell, and finance. That said, in certain areas, the rents derived from single-family rentals wont be enough to provide positive cash flow.

Multifamily houses: Duplexes, triplexes, and quads

Small multifamily properties combine the financing and easy-purchasing benefits of a single family home. Bought properly, these can produce a good amount of cash flow, and there is often less competition than youd run across bidding on single family homes. Best of all, these properties can serve both as a solid investment and a personal residence for the smart investor.

Small apartment buildings

Large apartment buildings

Real estate investment trusts


Mobile homes

Tax liens


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Can I Invest In Real Estate With No Money

The simple answer is yes, it is possible to invest in real estate if you dont have any money at all. However, money is involved in every real estate transaction. The issue, therefore, is not whether youre investing with no money, but instead whether youre investing with none of your own money.

Investing in real estate without using any of your own money requires using Other Peoples Money . Learning to strategically invest in real estate without any of your own money is one of the most complex, but important, tools you can develop in your real estate investing career.

The key to investing in real estate without any money of your own is simple: Bring something to the table. If you lack money, there are other things you can bring to the table in a transactionif structured correctlyincluding education, time, connections, confidence, intelligence, and creativity. By reading this guide, you are already taking steps toward building your strengths in those areas.

Many investors use little or none of their own money when investing in real estate. Theyre able to achieve this by using one of several methods, including:

  • Wholesaling
  • FHA loans
  • USDA or VA loans
  • Home equity loans or lines of credit
  • Private/hard money

We will look at each of these options in more depth later in this guide, but we want you to recognize that investing in real estate without income is possible. It just may not be as easy as the gurus would have you believe.

Can I Invest In Real Estate If I Have A Full

How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Yes. The kind of real estate investing you see on television or may hear about from a guru is not the only kind of real estate investing there is. In many situations, the kind of investing you see on TV is not even investing at all, but rather gambling or speculating.

The truth is, there are hundreds of ways to make money in real estate. Some of these techniques or strategies may require 40 hours a week, while others may only require 40 hours per year. The amount of time it takes to grow your real estate business largely depends on your investing strategy, your personality, your skills, your knowledge, and your timeline.

Youve probably heard the age-old question , If you suddenly had $1 million and didnt have to work anymore, what would you do? The answer, some say, reveals what career field you should enter.

If your dream path is to open up a shelter for abused animals or to move to Aruba and train tourists to surf, you probably should not become a full-time real estate investor. Thats not to say that you shouldnt invest in real estateyou just probably shouldnt go full-time.

However, you dont need to make it your career in order to build wealth in real estate. If you love your job, you dont need to quit it to invest in real estate. You can achieve the same results by investing on the side, same as you would as a full-time real estate investor.

Advantages of investing while working a full-time job

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Understanding The Tax Benefits

As mentioned before, theres a tax benefit to the buy and hold strategy. You can deduct many of your rental property costs from your taxes, including:

  • Interest. You can deduct interest accumulating on the loan used to buy or rehab your property.
  • Repairs and maintenance. You can deduct any repair, rehab, or maintenance work.
  • Property taxes. You can deduct the taxes you pay your local government.

There are many tax benefits to owning buy and hold rental properties. If you have questions, its always best to seek advice from a certified accountant.

Real Estate Investing Forums


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Real Estate Investing Trusts

Real estate investment trusts are very similar to a mutual fund. But instead of allowing you to own a piece of many stocks or bonds, these REITs allow you to own a piece of many commercial, income-producing properties.

And unlike most of the other investment strategies above, this strategy truly is passive once you buy it.

REITs are not my specialty, and they are not something I have invested in. But you can get a good introduction to REITs in Where Do REITs Fit in a Portfolio and When Is the Right Time to REIT?

Budgeting For Your Investment

How to Invest In Real Estate Out Of State! | Ep. 1 Dream Investment Adventure

How much you spend buying rental property determines how much youll make. Set a budget and make sure to stick to itincluding estimating rental income, cash flow, expenses, and maximum purchase price.

You need to allocate money toward buying the rental properties and getting them ready to rent. Account for property taxes, loan interest, insurance premiums, and any costs for finding a tenant. Plus, you want to keep one to three months of the propertys expenses saved.

  • How much monthly rent can you charge?
  • If youre financing, whats your likely interest rate?
  • How much do you have toward a down payment on that loan?
  • What do you expect your insurance premiums and annual property taxes to be?

Its okay if you dont know all the exact numbers at this stage. But be as realistic as possible in answering these questions.

When it comes to determining your budget, the BiggerPockets Mortgage Calculator can help. Enter your numbers and see what your monthly mortgage payment might be. And feel free to experiment. For example, what would a loan look like if you put less money down?

With a buy and hold strategy, your monthly loan payment must be less than you can charge for rent. Knowing what you can spend is a big part of analyzing potential real estate deals.

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The Best Alternative To Biggerpockets Analysis Tools

While investors have a variety of BiggerPockets analysis calculators to choose from, the fact that they are fragmented can make it a hassle to use. To analyze deals, you will need to have at least two calculators open. It is even more of a hassle if you need to analyze more than one property at a time. Aside from these, you also have to know the variables to include in your calculations, such as your rental income, expenses, occupancy rate, and more.

This is where Mashvisor tools come out superior. We created the platform, keeping in mind beginner and experienced real estate investors who are looking for new markets in the US. Using our heatmap, you can explore which parts of a city are the most lucrative compared to the rest.

If you are interested in several cities and cannot narrow it down to just one, you can use our Property Finder to search for properties in up to five cities. The listings will show up as one collection of results. So you would not have to open different tabs and do the math in your head to find which property among the five has the highest profitability.

When you click on a house and open its listing page, you will find our analysis and calculators there as well. But instead of making you type in the information needed to make the necessary calculations, we already put in estimates based on the data from comparable properties in the area. You may then choose to edit these numbers and our calculator will adjust the results accordingly.

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We Built Dealcheck To Be The Most Comprehensive All

The founding team at DealCheck focused on a single purpose right from the start to build the most comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use platform for analyzing rentals, BRRRRs, flips, rehab projects, multi-family and commercial properties.

While other companies offer basic analysis tools along with their other offerings, property analysis is our main focus and always will be.

And that has allowed us to build the best real estate analysis platform on the market.

Still need convincing? Then the rest of this page is for you

Anton IvanovFounder & CEO, DealCheck

Fear: A Real Estate Roadblock

Listen to The Podcast " BiggerPockets Podcast : Real Estate Investing ...

For every successful real estate investor out there, there are dozens of people who were too fearful and uncertain to ever actually do a deal. If you are just beginning, chances are you have some fears, as well. But dont worry fear is a natural part of life and is designed to help us avoid bad decisions and their consequences.

Get off your duff

If you are looking to real estate investing as a means to get out of a job you hate, then you need to start replacing the income from your job with money from your real estate activities. Develop a plan, and work that plan every dayjust like you would get up and go to work every day for a paycheck.

If you expect to do one deal and then permanently retreat to a beach somewhere, wake up. Successful real estate investors work hard, and you will need to do the same. Instead of working for a company youre not fond of, youll be working for yourselfboth a blessing and a curse.


Stop buying courses and other materials or seeking out mentors or coaches until you are committed to step one above. If you are not committed, no course, class, or trainer will get you any closer to your goal.

Start participating

Interactions are part of an investors life, so the faster you can overcome this fear, the more successful youll be. Being visible to your peers online and off will ensure youll stay at the front of their mindsand thats great for business.

Learn the lingo

Learn the concepts

Watch others

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Fix And Flip Vs Buy And Hold

Deciding between flipping vs. renting can be a challenge. A fix and flip is when an investor buys property with the intent of selling it for profit as soon as possible. Often, investors following this approach purchase single-family real estate that needs rehabbing to make it livable or more desirable to buyers. The idea is that the investor buys a property that, with some work, they can sell for more than the cost of the house and its rehabilitation.

Getting the property fixed up and sold quickly is crucial. Investors dont want their equityor the value of their investmenttied up in a property for longer than necessary. Plus, if they financed the purchase, theyre accumulating interest on that loan. The longer the investor owns a fix-and-flip property, the more they pay.

And fix-and-flip investors dont usually rent out their properties, which means they dont have monthly cash flow. Instead, they want to make a profit by selling it.

Many investors use both fix and flip and buy and hold strategies to grow and diversify their portfolio.

Question #: Should I Invest In Multiple Properties

You might consider adding multiple properties to your real estate portfolio to generate income faster with larger profit margins. In addition to providing multiple streams of income, a larger real estate portfolio diversifies your risk and offers more tax benefits.

I recommend you consider paying down debt substantially on your first property before you jump into a second, third, fourth, or more. While this is a more conservative approach, it will protect you in case of a downward turn in the market. If you are confident youll bring in more profits than the interest on your current mortgage and ancillary expenses, you might be able to skip this step.

Treat every new property as if its your only source of revenue. Research your options for securing additional financing, which will vary from conventional mortgages to private loans based on your financial situation.

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Question #: Is Now A Good Time To Invest

Real estate is a tricky business. Knowing whats in store for the market is extremely difficult, but there are a few key indicators to pay attention to that will give you an idea of which way the market is heading.

Those indicators are:

  • Local market trends

In short, the answer is always yes. Now is a good time to invest.

As long as you are thinking long term, any market fluctuations occurring today will typically not impact an investment property down the line. Looking at the last few decades of housing prices, you would see that home prices have consistently trended upwards.

Median Sales Price of Homes Sold in the United States St. Louis Federal Reserve

The exception to the rule is if you are looking for a short-term real estate investment or if there is a catastrophic change to the market in one way or another. Its impossible to predict the future, but events like regulatory changes, war, or financial busts can all dramatically and suddenly impact the real estate market.

Choosing Your Niche And Strategy

Retiring in 2 years Through Aggressive? Rental Property Investing | BiggerPockets Podcast 454

Have you ever received a box of chocolates as a gift? There are always so many choices, and sometimes, you need to take a little bite of each one to figure out exactly whats inside. In a way, learning how to invest in real estate is like that same box of chocolates. There are dozens of different ways to make money as a real estate investor, and its up to you to choose the niche you want to get into.

You may absolutely love some niches and strategies, while others may make you shudder. You dont need to choose them all. Learning how to successfully invest in real estate is about choosing one niche and becoming a master. This section will open up that box of chocolates for you to sample, pulling back the curtain of the most common real estate niches.

Remember, once you identify the niche you want to get started with, you will be able to narrow down your focus, become an expert, network within that niche, and begin building wealth by executing a plan of action.

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