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Best Trading Podcast: Top Traders Unplugged

Real Estate Investing For Beginners Podcasts, Audiobooks & Mentors

Are you familiar with the Market Wizard books? They brought to the forefront some of the best traders of the 80s. This podcast hosted by Niels Kaastrup-Larsen is similar to those books in audio form with todays best traders, economists, and macro-experts.

Top Traders Unplugged consistently provides a great analysis of the financial and economic markets. There is no fluff instead, youll find a humble approach to investing and trading. The real-life experience and actionable ideas from the host and his guests are invaluable. Rather than strictly learning conceptually, youll leave listening to this with ideas to actually implement in your investing.

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Started In Real Estate Investing

Brought to you by FinanceBuzz , I can personally vouch for the fact that The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started in Real Estate Investing helpfully explains the types of real estate investing, how to fund deals, where to find properties, and more. This step-by-step guide also discusses how to build your real estate team to increase your chances of success. You’ll learn what to do when you’re ready to buy and when it’s time to sell.

Of great importance are the lessons on the most common mistakes in real estate investing. These mistakes can cost you money and reduce the profitability of your properties, so pay close attention to this section.

Who is this a good fit for? People who want a broad overview of real estate investing with actionable tips on the fundamentals.

The Real Wealth Show With Kathy Fettke

Real estate investing expert Kathy Fettke launched The Real Wealth Show as a weekly podcast in 2003, if you can believe it. Since then, it has continuously cranked out excellent free educational content for investors.

Kathy also hosts a sister podcast, The Real Estate News podcast. Which, as you might have guessed from the name, covers housing market trends and news rather than educational content.

The Real Wealth Network can help you buy turnkey rental properties, and they also do syndications. That said, they restrict most syndication and other group investments to accredited investors. Read more about syndications and other types of real estate investments here.

Im also a fan of Real Wealths blog, which perennially ranks among the best real estate investing blogs. Weve even written some guest articles for one another to bring our own unique expertise to each others audiences.

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The Best Ever Show Podcast

Joe Fairless is the host of the longest-running daily real estate podcast. He interviews investors with an emphasis on apartment syndications and passive real estate investing. His podcast interviews avoid the fluff you might find on other shows and get right to the point to focus solely on the information you need. With its daily cadence, there are already over 2,000 episodes where guests offer advice and share how they’ve found success as real estate investors.

In addition to the podcast, Joe also organizes the Best Ever Real Estate Conference, which offers opportunities to network in-person with other investors.

Who is this a good fit for? People who want to learn from focused interviews with experienced investors.

The 20 Best Investing Podcasts In 2022

Real Estate Investing for Beginners 2020: 10 Tips

Investing podcasts have become one of the best free resources available to learn about the ins and outs of all types of investments. These podcasts provide beginners and experts with high-quality, educational, and easy-to-consume content. In addition, they access to some of the biggest and brightest minds in the investing world for free.

What better way to get ahead in the industry than by listening to them, specifically the top podcasts below.

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Check Out These 10 Podcasts That Help Beginners In Real Estate Investing

Nowadays, investing in real estate is the new norm. If you ask the elderly or people who have been in this industry for quite a long, you will realize that real estate is an excellent way of making passive income! Today, many struggle to survive using your government salary only hence investing can be necessary.

Looking to be a guest on more real estate investor podcasts? Let us help you!

Real Estate Investing For Beginners can be tricky thus, you may be wondering which are the best podcasts to help you in your investment plans. Through such podcasts, you can get ideas of how to invest and the best strategies.

Through real estate properties, people can make extra income and top up their monthly payments. People end up transforming from tenants to landlords just like that! This means that real estate has never been a bad idea, and you cant go wrong through real estate.

Here Are Some Podcasts All About Real Estate Investing, For Beginners!

If you are a newbie in real estate investment, this is where you can get all the information you need about this field. The platform is ideal for beginners, and it was started by a man called Dorkin Joshua. The venue is great for investors to connect and get real experiences about this sector.

The podcast has many episodes which are released weekly, and prominent investors host these. Many investors are interviewed on the shows, and you can learn new things from these investors.

Alternate: Option Alpha Podcast

As the #1 ranked options trading podcast, host Kirk Du Plessis looks to inspire, motivate, and provide actionable advice. On a weekly basis, he covers a new trading topic, a case study, or an interview with a successful trader. As a result, it teaches you everything you need to know about options trading and the stock market.

As value investors here at The Investors Podcast Network, we tend to be a bit more conservative. We generally avoid speculative trades and high-growth companies. The content and mission behind the Option Alpha podcast align greatly with that investing philosophy.

Rather than teaching day-trading, get-rich-quick option trading schemes , this podcast teaches sustainable, research-backed options strategies that can be learned and implemented by anyone.

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Best For Beginner And Young Investors : Millenial Investing

With its first birthday having just passed, Millennial Investing has quickly become a leading investing, personal finance, and side hustle podcast. This show is specifically for the younger generations, with a target of those between the ages of 18 and 40 years old. Robert Leonard also hosts this podcast and talks with successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors to help educate and inspire the Millennial generation.

Why is this show great? Here are recent reviews about this 5-star rated show.

Host Robert poses well-considered questions and does a terrific job giving guests space to answer. I really value this podcast.

You truly want to listen to this podcast. Even if you dont need to learn a specific topic, the lessons in mindset are still so important. You can learn something valuable every single episode.

Me and my husband listen to this podcast all the time. I love all the guest speakers and the host is awesome. I highly recommend this to everyone who is wanting to invest and become successful in this new age.

As an 18-year old who doesnt learn about any of this in school, this podcast teaches me so much useful information that I will use forever.

Rather than skipping straight to investing in complex securities, the podcast walks you through building a strong financial base through personal finance, how to make more money so you have more capital to invest. And then how to actually invest the money you have .

Escaping The Rei Newbie Zone

Real Estate For Beginners (How To Start Investing In Real Estate Now!)

Listen to Escaping the REI Newbie Zone to learn underground real estate secrets to help you build your business. Host Chris Bruce first discovered real estate in 2009 and became a full-time entrepreneur a year later. He started out wholesaling real estate deals.

On the podcast, Chris helps newbies get beyond the first stage of their real estate business. He chose this niche because many people who get started in real estate investing dont make it out of the newbie zone. His podcast tries to help new investors avoid trying every niche and buying every informative product. Listeners get top-notch strategies, tools and tricks to start flipping houses to create financial freedom.

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The Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

We all want to achieve financial independence, and Chad Carson’s podcast is one of the best out there on the topic. Chad has been investing since 2003 and achieved financial independence at the age of 37. He’s also been a repeat guest on Roofstock’s podcast!

If you’re a buy and hold investor, this is a podcast you won’t want to miss. Listen to his podcast to get weekly episodes with practical advice about using real estate to retire early and do more of what matters.

Other Tools Required For Recording & Uploading Podcasts

Now that we outlined the physical equipment required for a real estate podcast, lets look at the systems and software you will need to record, edit and upload your audio content.

1. Podcast Recording and Editing Software

There are various free recording and editing tools available. If you are a Mac user, your computer comes equipped with Garageband which will do the trick. You can also use Audacity which is extremely easy to use and is available to both PC and Mac users. Both of these programs will allow you to record, add and edit your audio clips.

If you are looking for more features and have some experience with audio, you may want to look into Adobe Audition. This software has many more options for post-production.

If you will be interviewing someone remotely, you will want to get familiar with Skype and use a program called ECamm Recorder. This allows you to record fairly high-quality audio and video from the call. Skype also has the ability to call someone through a mobile line but you will have to fork out a few dollars to upload credits to your account.

2. ID3 Software for Podcasts

Stay with us and dont get stressed out about the odd name. An ID3 editor simply allows you to add additional information to your podcast file. What other info? Things like: Episode title, podcast name, author and your podcast theme picture. This data is attached to your podcast through metadata and the attachment is possible thanks to ID3 tags.

3. Podcast Hosting Platform

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The Remote Real Estate Investor By Roofstock

A platform for buying and selling rental properties, Roofstock specializes in turnkey properties for long-distance real estate investing. In fact, over 62% of the transactions on Roofstock involve buyers who live over a thousand miles away from the property they buy.

So, it makes perfect sense that Roofstocks official podcast, The Remote Real Estate Investor, focuses on long-distance investing.

And to be honest, long-distance investing makes more sense than ever before. The largest, most expensive cities in the country which is disproportionately where many real estate investors live offer the worst cap rates and GRMs in the country. Many smaller cities and towns offer far better rent-price ratios .

Which says nothing of the anti-landlord laws in many larger cities.

Hosts Michael Albaum, Tom Schneider, and Emil Shour do a great job of helping you build your comfort level with buying rental properties sight-unseen, from halfway across the country. Even better, the podcast and platform both help you build your team of local support personnel, from property managers to real estate agents to home inspectors to contractors.

Real Estate News For Investors

Real Estate Investing for Beginners: Learn to Get Started

Hosted by Kathy Fettke, CEO and Co-Founder of Real Wealth Network, this podcast is perfect for investors who want to avoid getting caught off guard by market crashes.

Learn about market trends, the best areas for investing in single-family and multifamily rentals, self-directed IRA investing, and so much more.

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Best Real Estate Investing Podcast: Biggerpockets Real Estate Podcast

The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, is an industry-leading podcast. It covers nearly all topics an investor wants to learn about from very beginners to real estate tycoons. They have over 400 episodes, and over five years worth of weekly interviews to date!

If youre a new investor who hasnt yet heard of BiggerPockets, youre going to be very thankful that you did today. If you are familiar with it, youre likely already thankful for having it as a resource. When it comes to real estate content and resources, BiggerPockets is the best of the best. First, not only is their flagship podcast one of the best in the business, but they also provide fantastic and invaluable resources and books on their website.

Second, Brandon and David are successful real estate professionals and investors themselves. This allows them to share their stories with the audience as learning experiences, and to really dig into the guests story in order to bring out the best learning opportunities for the listeners. Finally, the hosts clearly have a great relationship that translates to a fantastic dynamic during the episodes.

Check Out The Best Real Estate Podcasts This Year

About five years ago, I was commuting 45 minutes to and from work each day. It was my first year of teaching, I was coaching girls basketball and working on a masters degree. Thinking back on it now, it was a grind! But thats when I really started getting into podcasts and relying on my favorite shows for daily news, sports, entertainment, inspiration, motivation and keeping me awake at the wheel! There are more people listening to podcasts than ever before. Whether you listen on your commute to work or at the gym, podcasts are an easy way to get tons of information, catered to your specific interests. Heres our list of the best real estate podcasts for 2022.

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These 7 Podcasts Help Real Estate Investing For Beginners

Real Estate Investing for beginners can be hard, but you can get everything you need to know as you venture into this business from some podcasts. These podcasts are informative, and they give people interested in real estate the essential things to know about this business.

Looking to be a guest on more real estate investor podcasts? Let us help you!

These podcasts leave clients feeling excited as they into this booming business. Its hard for beginners to determine whether they should focus on selling or renting homes, flipping homes, or getting the funds to bring their real estate vision to reality. Thats why you should listen to these REI podcasts, perfect for those of you starting out in real estate.

These Are the Top 7 Real Estate Investing For Beginners Podcasts

When you venture into the real estate business, the best place to learn about the tips and facts is through these podcasts.

Among all the podcast shows, this was created by Joe Fairless, and it helps investors who are venturing into the real estate business. The show is known as the longest-running podcast, which is quite informative.

This show airs daily, and it helps build investors because it interviews professional real estate investors. These investors advise the upcoming investors, and in this show, you can easily gain financial success tips from real estate.

How Can I Invest In Real Estate With $10

Real Estate Investing Podcast For Professionals and Beginners 2021

Traditional real estate investing required large sums of money or access to credit. Today’s real estate market and modern technology have come together to allow investors to start with as little as $10. Investment options include buying real estate ETFs in a brokerage account, investing in a real estate mutual fund, or signing up with an investment app like Fundrise. Diversyfund is another option for those interested in investing in apartment buildings and has a higher minimum investment of $500.

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Why Start A Podcast For Your Real Estate Business

It wasnt long ago that only a small percentage of real estate agents . The window of opportunity for capitalizing on emerging trends isnt very large. If you dont jump into the world of audio, you might find yourself struggling to compete in a few years.

One of our favourite examples is Twitter. Yes, its still an effective platform today but it is now extremely difficult to build a following on the platform. If you were one of the first real estate agents to experiment on the network, you have been reaping ongoing benefits for 10+ years. Not only would you have built a strong online community that delivers consistent leads, but you would also have an established personal brand that could be the foundation of your success for decades to come.


If you host a podcast that is focused on your local market, you will be showcased as a trusted leader in your local farm area.

Creating a steady stream of audio content allows your brand to stay relevant and top of mind. Your podcast will also become the perfect medium to connect with other leaders and influencers. Instead of just being a real estate agent, you become one of the voices of the community.

Instead of asking the mayor, successful entrepreneurs, and other influential figures to go for coffee, you can now interview them on your podcast. This broadcasts these connections to the world, giving you more validity and opening the door to further referral opportunities.


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