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Wealth Management & Private Banking: Market Overview Q2 2020

Pictet Multi-Generational Wealth

Our Q2 report provides the latest updates on COVID-19 impacts and other key trends in wealth management.

Multi-family office Alvarium has announced the launch of a trust brokerage business, dubbed Alvarium Securities, that will provide corporate advice, distribution and research services to corporate clients. The new business is going to be headed by ex-Peel Hunt broker Mark Thompson and JP Morgan investment specialist Eddie Nissen, and will give investors an opportunity to meet, analyse, trade and participate in the growth of some of the leading investment trusts, including REITs, in the market.

Private banking profits nearly halved last year at Arbuthnot Latham from £4.6m to £2.9m , due to a major revision of its planning charging structure and lower lending as clients had a reduced appetite for credit due to Brexit uncertainty. At group level though, the company reported pre-tax profit of £7m in 2019 , as assets climbed 12% from £985m to £1.1bn. Profitability in the private client division was hit by a mid-year decision to abandon annual charges within its nascent planning division and instead concentrate on providing event based financial advice and thus charge clients for specific advice on a transactional basis.

Vested Benefits Or Individual Retirement Savings Account

This is the procedure to follow if you would like to open a vested benefits or individual retirement savings account with one of the Pictet foundations.

Determine your investor profile

To choose the portfolio that best suits your circumstances, you first have to determine:

  • your risk appetite or tolerance to fluctuations in the value of your assets,
  • the expected duration of your investment.

A choice of portfolios for every profile

The Pictet Foundations allow you to choose how you distribute your retirement capital between the six different investment portfolios listed below. You may also decide temporarily not to invest part or all of your vested benefits.

If you are willing to incur risks, you might prefer to choose a portfolio with a higher percentage of equities. You could achieve potentially greater capital appreciation, provided that you are able to withstand potentially higher fluctuations from one year to another.

The charts below show which portfolio might best meet your investment goals.

Determine the amount to be invested

How Pictet Asset Management Is Opening The Door To Asian Bonds

When it comes to prime investment opportunities, Asia is where it is happening right now. Take China, for example. The country currently boasts the worlds second largest economy based on GDP and is well poised to take pole position in the near future. Chinas actual GDP Annual Growth Rate currently stands at 6.8%, and has enjoyed continuous growth for decades.

China has only just begun lifting restrictions on foreign investment, meaning whole swathes of new opportunities are starting to open up for global investors looking for strong returns.

Asia as a whole is forecast to remain the worlds fastest growing region until at least 2030, with Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and India all showing great strength alongside China.

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Investments In Line With Our Values

Responsible Investing covers a broad investment landscape: from environmental, social and governance integration where ESG factors are included in traditional financial analysis to Impact Investing, where meeting a goal with social benefits is prioritized ahead of financial returns.

The LPP/BVG-10 ESG, LPP/BVG-25 ESG, LPP/BVG-40 ESG and LPP/BVG-60 ESG portfolios are managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Most of the assets will be invested in securities whose issuers are deemed to comply with environmental, social and governance criteria.

Screen investments based on company conduct or products and services considered controversial.


Select top companies within each sector using ESG criteria.

Sustainability themes

Construct themes benefiting from social and environmental trends.

Impact investing

Intentionally seek and actively measure environmental and social impact, with financial return.


Consider private initiatives, for the public good, focusing on social or environmental outcomes without financial returns.

The objective of integrating these principles into the investment process is to:

  • generate superior long-term risk-adjusted performance
  • influence the actions of management teams through dialogue and/or the exercise of voting rights
  • induce positive social and environmental effects.

Pictet Wms Head Of Asia Fixed Income Departs

Banque Pictet &  Cie SA

Thomas Wu worked at Pictet Wealth Management for over eight years, heading the team for the last four.

Pictet Wealth Managements head of Asia fixed income Thomas Wu has left the bank, Citywire Asia understands.

Wu had been at the Swiss bank for eight-and-a-half years, based in its Hong Kong office. After joining as senior vice president within its fixed income division, he was promoted to team head in January.

Pictet WM has yet to announce a replacement and the company declined to comment.

Prior to joining Pictet, Wu spent three years at UBS, where he served as a senior credit research analyst, based in its Sydney office in his second stint at the bank.

He also previously had a spell analysing distressed debt and special situations at BNP Paribas after his first tenure at UBS, where he spent a year as an associate director in its global syndicated finance arm.

Wu also had early roles at NAB in Australia and at the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority as an analyst in its policy, research and statistics division.

Pictet WM has CHF274bn in assets under management.

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Ultimate Guide In Private Banking To Secure Your Wealth

In a financially unpredictable world with todays geopolitical turmoil and rapacious tax authorities, who can take away your wealth, the decision to put your money in your home-bank or saving it in an exclusive private bank in Switzerland will make the difference between losing your money overnight or protecting for the future generations.

Discover what Swiss Private Banking can offer you with their exclusive services you will never find elsewhere.

Find out how we can help you to protect your wealth, your business and your family from destruction.


The following text contains the most detailed and comprehensive information that you can find on the internet about Private Banking. We recommend you to take your time reading this text carefully, in order to avoid the most common mistakes:

  • Choosing the wrong bank

These can wipe out your savings overnight. Be careful, look after your money.

Providing A Gateway Into Asias Corporate Bond Market

There is tremendous potential for investors to make substantial gains from Asias corporate bond market. Pictet Asset Management has identified what it believes are the highest credit quality opportunities in emerging markets and launched a fund that taps into them.

The new Asian Corporate Bond fund will seek revenue and capital growth by investing in diverse portfolios of bonds and debt securities which are issued and/or guaranteed by companies based in, or conducting the majority of their business in, Asian countries. These companies can be organized under either private or public law and will include public companies which are majority owned by the respective countrys state or local authorities. The Asian countries the fund will be focusing on will include Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, China, Macau, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.

The fund, classified as Pictet-Asian Corporate Bonds-Z dm USD, is characterized with a risk rating of three, placing it just left of center on the seven-point risk consideration scale, and has no annual management fee, and a minimum investment amount of $0. The entry charge tops at 5%, and the exit charge and conversion charge are set at a maximum of 1% and 2% respectively.

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Inside Pictet The Secretive Swiss Bank For The Worlds Richest People

In the mythology of private banking, Banque Pictet & Cie stands apart. Over the course of more than two centuries, the Swiss institution has discretely tended to the assets of the very rich, led by a small crop of partners who form the most exclusive men-only club anywhere outside the Vatican.

In its entire history, only 43 individuals all men, all white have risen to the rank of Pictet managing partner, creating a bond more enduring than your typical marriage. From their Geneva perch, they oversee more than 600 billion francs in assets under management and a level of profitability far beyond larger, publicly-listed peers, often rewarding each of them with more than 20 million francs a year.

Pictets partners today : , Rémy Best, Laurent Ramsey, Bertrand Demole, Renaud de Planta, Marc Pictet, Sébastien Eisinger and Boris Collardi.

But in recent years, an unsettling new trend crept into Pictet, cracking the façade of corporate cohesion: key employees began leaving. Over the course of 2019, a dozen long-tenured relationship managers at the wealth unit departed. Within days in September of that year, four leading bankers from the team looking after Russian clients handed in their resignations. Bankers for Scandinavia and Israel followed, putting billions in assets under management at stake.

Yet for others, change wasnt happening fast enough some newcomers who had signed up to the promise of the rejuvenated Pictet were departing again in frustration.

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