Private Real Estate Investment Company


Starwood Capital Occupies A Unique Position In Global Real Estate Investing Based On The Following Differentiators:

How to Evaluate a Private Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Deep Hands-On Real Estate Perspective

Starwood Capital has 30 years of experience covering virtually every real estate asset class. The Firm has acquired over $94 billion of opportunistic real estate assets since inception, generating strong returns throughout that time. The Firm also operates a leading diversified finance company Starwood Property Trust , which has deployed over $72 billion in capital since inception.

Investment agility

A hallmark of Starwood Capital is the ability to pursue a wide variety of investment opportunities as they emergemoving from asset class to asset class, shifting geographies from the U.S. to international markets and changing positions in the capital stack as the team perceives risk/return dynamics to be evolving.

Scale and Creativity

As one of the largest institutional real estate investors in the world, Starwood Capital benefits from a worldwide sourcing enginecreating a robust deal flow, and accessing the majority of transactions on an off-market basis. In fact, over 80% of SOF VIII XIIs investments were sourced off-market or via small auctions. The Firm also boasts a history of extraordinary creativity that extends to its innovative transaction structuring and execution capabilities.

Operational Expertise

Capital Markets Skills

An Information advantage

Global Reach

Distressed Investing in Our DNA

Seasoned, Stable Management Team

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Fundscraper is a registered trademark of Fundscraper Corp. and its affiliates.

What Is Hard Money Lending

Hard money lending is another alternative to traditional lending sources and allows borrowers to use the investment as collateral on the loan. While many lending sources rely on a borrowers credit history, hard money lending relies on the asset in question. Hard money lending will typically require higher interest fees than traditional loans but can provide borrowers with increased access to capital and a more lenient approval process. Investors with low credit and high equity in a property will often turn to hard money for funding. Additionally, property owners at risk of foreclosure may also utilize hard money loans.

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Putting It All Together

While the sections thus far lay out the main issues to consider in making an investment in a private real estate offering, no investment will check all of the boxes. In some ways, this is by design. There is a market for these types of investments, and the price that an investor can charge for their capital is often inversely related to the demand for the investment in the marketplace. For example, a very experienced sponsor investing in an in-demand sector will often demand sponsor friendly fees, carried interest, and terms, and may limit the degree to which investors are able to exert control after committing to invest. Alternately, a new manager may provide a better set of terms and investor rights and lots of direct access but may not have the same type of track record or may operate in a less well-known sector.

Because of this balance, having the full picture of an investment opportunity and a complete evaluation prior to a decision to invest is important. One tool that can be useful to investors is a scorecard document that allows the evaluation of each element of an opportunity in isolation, and then the chance to view and think about the investment as a whole rather than focusing on its component parts.

What Else Should I Know

Private Equity Real Estate Investing: Where To Start

Real estate investing is its own animal, regardless of whether youre doing it through a crowdfunding platform or in a more traditional manner. Regardless of the venue, you have to be prepared to put cash upfront and be comfortable with the fact that this is not a liquid investment.

Youll be making a commitment and you wont immediately be able to pull out your investment monies, so be prepared to stay with a property for at least 3 years. With real estate as with many things, longevity is its own reward.

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Diversify Your Portfolio Through Private Investments

Because of recent regulation changes, a whole new class of investments have opened up to individual investors. Until recently, individual investors were mostly unable to make investments other than stocks, bonds, and other publicly traded securities, leaving the world of alternative investments to a select few institutional investors.

Institutional investorslike hedge funds, family offices and endowmentshave been investing in stock market alternatives for decades, while individual investors have been beholden to the volatility of the public markets. But now, you dont need to leave your wealth to the whims of the markets, you can take control of your money.

Aspen Funds provides an avenue for private, passive real estate investing that offers better returns and lower volatility than the stock market. Its time to invest like the smart money.

How Can You Start In Real Estate Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms connect sponsors and real estate investors. To get started in real estate crowdfunding, research the various crowdfunding sites to find an opportunity that interests youâwhether thatâs an individual property or a fund that owns dozens of properties.

Pay close attention to the platformâs vetting process for deals as well as its sponsors. The top platforms employ high levels of due diligence to make sure that sponsorsâand any deals offered by the sponsorsâhave been rigorously evaluated.

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Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation

Crunchbase | Website | | |

Nest Capital MIC was founded in 2017, by Chris and Roger Allinson, with a combined experience of 16+ years in the real estate market as they have been landlords and have invested in private mortgages. Chris and Roger were looking for a way to diversify a persons portfolio with acceptable risk investments while earning positive returns, as they came across Mortgage Investment Corporations.

Why Nest Capital? 1. Extensive real estate investing experience 2.

Nest Capital has been able to provide higher returns than traditional investment options. Since inception, Nest has provided 10% annual returns for our investors, paid monthly.

3. Nest Capital principals are invested in the company and have skin in the game.

We invest alongside you in a pool of carefully vetted mortgages.. .

Pros Of Hard Money Lending

Working With Private Lenders On Real Estate Investment Properties in Canada 2022

Hard money lending gives investors the chance to stay active in real estate without necessarily adding a property to their portfolios. Some hard money lenders may never purchase a property themselves at all. This can be a huge perk for anyone without the time and resources to actually acquire a real estate deal, as it allows lenders to tap into the lucrative potential of real estate without getting their hands dirty, so to speak.

Another major benefit of hard money lending is the degree of control it offers. Hard money lenders get the final say in who they work with and on what terms. Anyone who has purchased a piece of real estate likely remembers the process of applying for funds, waiting on application approvals, and going through negotiations. Being a hard money lender puts you in the drivers seatand that is quite an attractive perk for many.

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Advantages Of Private Reits

While private REITs certainly arent great investment choices for everyone, as well get into in the next section, there are several reasons why they could be attractive to investors:

High dividend yields — Generally speaking, private REITs pay higher dividends than comparable public REITs. Public REITs have historically paid dividend yields in the 5%6% range, on average, while private REIT dividend yields have historically been in the 7%8% ballpark, according to National Real Estate Investor.

No daily market fluctuations — Private REITs generally only calculate their share prices every quarter, so investors dont need to stress about daily market fluctuations. If you find yourself obsessing over the share prices of stocks in your portfolio and worrying whenever one of your stocks goes down, the infrequent pricing updates of private REITs could be an attractive quality for you.

Low compliance costs — Public REITs are required to comply with regular financial reporting and corporate governance rules, and this can be quite costly. Because they are subject to very few regulatory requirements, private REITs can save significant money in this area, and can generate superior risk-adjusted returns when compared with their publicly-traded calculations.

Become A Private Money Lender: Tips From The Pros

Simply put: private money lending allows you to act as the bank for other investors. Rather than directly purchasing assets, you get the opportunity to fund those owned by colleagues and partners. By now, you likely realize how beneficial this setup can be. However, there are a few more things you should know before getting started. Read through the following tips before taking on your first deal as a private money lender:

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Use non-spendable funds


But Watch Out For Fatal Flaws

Private Money Lenders: A Dream for Real Estate Investors

While the holistic view tends to be the best place to make decisions, its important to keep an eye out for fatal flaws in a potential investment. These are issues which in and of themselves change the entire outlook for an investment.

A perfect example in real estate development is a project which has excellent economics, experienced sponsorship, great deal terms, and excellent location and tenancy, but also happens to be located on a contaminated property.

Its not appropriate to score the environmental issue in one section of a review and say that the positives outweigh the negativesthis is an issue that needs to be thoroughly understood and in and of itself can be able to remove an opportunity from the consideration set.

This is just an example, but the point broadly is that a scorecard can help maintain perspective, but shouldnt outweigh further judgment if there are issues that compromise the investment in and of themselves.

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Best For Institutional Commercial Real Estate: Equitymultiple

  • Fees: 1% on equity investments other fees vary by offering
  • Minimum investment: $10,000
  • Average annual returns: 16.8% historically
  • Total investor distributions: $126.7 million
  • Investment options: Institutional commercial real estate equity, preferred equity, and senior debt opportunity zones and 1031 exchange investments
  • Accredited investors only: Yes

EquityMultiple focuses almost entirely on institutional commercial real estate, and it also offers equity, preferred equity, and senior debt investments. The company recently added tax-advantaged real estate investments and fund products to its lineup. Distribution schedules vary by deal but are usually monthly or quarterly.

  • Variety of target hold periods

  • Easy-to-use platform

  • Fees: 0.15% Advisory fee 0.85% Asset management fee
  • Minimum investment: $10 to $100,000, depending on account level
  • Average annual returns: 7.31% to 16.11%, from 2017 to 2021
  • Total investor distributions: $124 million+
  • Investment options: Varies depending on the selected account level
  • Accredited investors only: No

Since its launch in 2012, Fundrise has invested in more than $5 billion worth of real estate across the U.S. Today, it manages over $1.5 billion of equity on behalf of more than 170,000 individual investors.

Fundrise offers five account levels: Starter, Basic, Core, Advanced, and Premium. Thereâs a minimum investment amount at each level and varying investment strategies and potential returns.

  • Request share redemption at any time

Can You Make Money From Crowdfunding

Yes, there is potential to earn competitive returns in real estate crowdfunding. The platforms we reviewed boast annual returns ranging from 2% to nearly 20%. Still, real estate crowdfunding is considered a risky investment. Just like the stock market, there are no guaranteed returns, and you could lose your entire investment. In additionâdepending on the investment and unlike the stock marketâyour money may be tied up for years.

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Private Real Estate Funds

Mapletree currently manages seven private real estate funds:

  • Mapletree China Opportunity Fund II
  • Mapletree Global Student Accommodation Private Trust
  • Mapletree US & EU Logistics Private Trust
  • Mapletree Australia Commercial Private Trust
  • Mapletree Europe Income Trust
  • Mapletree US Income Commercial Trust
  • Mapletree US Logistics Private Trust

What Should I Look For In A Real Estate Investment Group

How to Find Private Money for Real Estate Investing!

Look for a real estate investment group with a mission-aligned to your goals. Review the history of the group, as well as their performance. Not every venture must be successful, but there should be enough successes to make it an attractive option. Also, ensure that the decision-makers are knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled.

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The 18 Downsides Of Private Real Estate Investing

By Dr. James M. Dahle, Emergency Physician, WCI Founder

If you’ve been hanging around the physician financial blogosphere you’ve surely heard about private real estate investments like syndications, funds, and REITs. If so, there’s a decent chance you have only heard about the positives of these investments. I have yet to see a single blog post or podcast dedicated to their downsides. So I thought I would do that today.

Why do you never hear about the cons of investing in real estate? Well, because the articles tend to be written by two types of people:

  • Those who absolutely love all things real estate and believe real estate can do no wrong , and
  • Those who somehow make money from them .
  • Naturally, this includes the bloggers, podcasters, and group owners, including me. For years this blog has been sponsored by real estate platforms, syndicators, and fund/REIT managers, and that hasn’t changed and probably won’t change any time soon.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of cool things about private real estate and 15% of my portfolio is dedicated to it . Upsides include:

  • High returns
  • Low correlation with stocks, bonds, and even publicly traded real estate
  • Opportunity to be paid an illiquidity premium
  • Tax-sheltered income due to depreciation
  • The ability to invest in smaller properties than publicly traded REITS but larger than you can afford to invest in directly
  • Easier diversification than direct real estate investing
  • Far less hassle than direct real estate investing
  • Groupe Financier Pentagone Inc

    Crunchbase | Website | | |

    Groupe financier Pentagone inc. is a rental property consortium.

    The fast-growing company owns seniors residences and rental properties in Rouyn-Noranda, and has plans for several other real estate projects. Founded in 2013, GFP employs some 60 people across its different locations..

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    Pros Of Real Estate Companies Vs Regular Real Estate Investing

    There are definite advantages to investing through real estate companies as opposed to traditional investment vehicles. Among these are:

    • Cost: The buy-in is a lot less onerous when youre investing with a real estate company. In particular, REITs can be most cost-effective you can get in for as little as $500. Compare that to the cost of purchasing a property, getting it into shape and maintaining it, and either serving as a landlord or paying a property management firm for the privilege. Youll quickly realize that real estate companies are the most budget-friendly way to start investing.
    • Barrier of entry: The major barriers are experience and investment capital. When you opt to invest with real estate companies, these 2 factors are not nearly as crucial. Since youre pooling your money with other investors, your initial outlay is relatively minimal compared to what it costs to purchase a commercial or residential property. Keep in mind that most real estate investors are financed by other individuals, not by banks. If youre concerned about finding private funding, real estate companies are the way to go.
    • Less risk: A good portion of the risk associated with real estate investing has to do with your duties as a landlord plus finding capital neither of these applies when you invest through a real estate company. The company itself takes on the risk on your behalf, mitigating the danger of losing money.


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