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Alternate: Motley Fool Money

JF2701 | Uncover the Value-Add Potential in Class-A Properties with Jonathan Nichols

On Motley Fool Money, the Motley Fools Chris Hill and other analysts get together to discuss the most important business and stock investing news from the concluding week. As part of their discussions, they translate the news stories into potential implications for investors, both good and bad. They also provide stock picks to potentially benefit from those news stories.

Unless youre a finance, business, and investing nerd like us, the truth of the matter is that these topics can be dry and boring. However, this is not the case with the team behind Motley Fool Money. They provide fantastic, actionable insights and commentary on timely business news and investment opportunities. As a result, they get to educate investors.

In addition, they do a great job of opening the eyes of listeners to new industries and companies that they may not have heard of previously. As with any world-class show, the audio quality is above-average. Thus, it allows for a professional and enjoyable listening experience.

Old Capital Podcast By Paul Peebles And Michael Becker

Apple Podcast Reviews: 372

Frequency: 3 episodes/week

Each interview is about 45 minutes, and they invite amazing guests who provide in-depth knowledge on multifamily. Youll learn something new from each episode. In the sub-series Ask Mike Mondays, Michael Becker answers a question from the audience once a week. Each sub-series episode is about 15 minutes.

Paul Peebles is the national underwriter for Old Capital. He has been arranging real estate financing since 1987 and closed over $5 billion in transactions.

Michael Becker is the senior director for Old Capital. He is familiar with all aspects of real estate, including underwriting and marketing, financial analysis, and due diligence.

Epic Real Estate Investing

Hosted by real estate investor and author Matt Theriault, this podcast is produced in the spirit of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

Learn how to create wealth through conventional and creative real estate investing strategies from episodes like Where to Find Good Cash Flowing Deals Today and Turnkey Rentals Offer MORE RETURNS Than Any Other Investment.

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Americas Commercial Real Estate Show

Michael Bulls podcast, called Americas Commercial Real Estate Show, sets the standard for commercial real estate podcasts and video channels.

This podcast has been broadcasting for nearly a decade.

It aims to help motivated real estate brokers, investors, leasing agents, and other professionals increase their income and gain new insights into the world of CRE sales and investments.

Bull and his guests tackle all things real estate, from marketing tips for brokers, current economic trends, and real estate law.

And he does it all in a way thats friendly and enlightening.

Host: Michael Bull

Michael Bull is a trusted commercial real estate expert with over 30 years of experience.

Hes an active licensed commercial real estate advisor and the founder of Bull Realty, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is also the lead instructor at Commercial Agent Success Strategies, a video training program designed to help CRE brokers increase their income and reach their goals.

Episode Frequency: Weekly

Americas Commercial Real Estate Show releases one new episode each week, sometimes releasing even more frequently.

Episode Length

Episodes vary in length anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour, but most hover in the 20-30 minute range.


Host Michael Bull secures a variety of leading industry experts as guests on his show. Guests include legal experts, commercial real estate brokers, investors, technology experts, entrepreneurs, and more.

Learn More

Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever on Apple Podcasts

This podcast is great for people interested in stories and advice from expert real investors who successfully built fortunes through multifamily real estate.

Lifetime CashFlow is a mix of interviews with industry leaders and motivational tips to get you started investing in real estate. Host Rod Khleif has owned and managed more than 2,000 properties throughout his investing career, and he uses the podcast to provide listeners with the best advice hes acquired over the years.

Subscribe to the Lifetime Cashflow.

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Ready To Get Started With The Ce Shop

Whether youre a new agent looking to start award-winning Pre-Licensing education or an experienced veteran wanting to finish your Continuing Education, weve got a 100% online curriculum thats one of the most diverse and groundbreaking in the industry. And if you want to network with your peers, !

Jf1: The Solution To Inefficiencies Of Raising Capital

Todays Best Ever guest saw an opportunity to make raising capital more efficient. Find out what he did to fix the processlets go! Adam Hoopers real estate background: Co-founder and CEO of based in Palo Alto, California o RealCrowd is a crowdfunding platform that connects investors with commercial real estate investments o Platform has over $900 million of total investment opportunities o And over $10 billion worth of assets managed by their elite operators Has worked on over $1 billion of real estate transactions

  • 23 min
  • MAY 17, 2017
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    Jf1: A Beautiful Story Of Buying Ugly

    From real estate to stocks, todays Best Ever guest shares with you stories of how she and her clients buy ugly and benefit greatly. Bobbie Monroes real estate background: Certified Financial Planner based in Tallahassee, Florida President of Supporting Your Choices Say hi to her at Shes been a CFA since 1999 Just named a 5 Star Wealth Manager by Atlanta Magazine for the 6th consecutive year

    • 24 min

    The 20 Best Investing Podcasts In 2022

    How To Invest In The Everything Bubble of 2022

    Investing podcasts have become one of the best free resources available to learn about the ins and outs of all types of investments. These podcasts provide beginners and experts with high-quality, educational, and easy-to-consume content. In addition, they access to some of the biggest and brightest minds in the investing world for free.

    What better way to get ahead in the industry than by listening to them, specifically the top podcasts below.

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    Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts From Finding Properties To Assessing Risks And Ror

    Real estate investment isnât for the faint-hearted.

    Whether youâre looking for your first investment or building an empire, these podcasts will help you find and analyze properties, project income and returns, understand market trends and fight the complexities of real estate investing with a trusted advisor in your pocket.

    Best For Beginner And Young Investors : Millenial Investing

    With its first birthday having just passed, Millennial Investing has quickly become a leading investing, personal finance, and side hustle podcast. This show is specifically for the younger generations, with a target of those between the ages of 18 and 40 years old. Robert Leonard also hosts this podcast and talks with successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors to help educate and inspire the Millennial generation.

    Why is this show great? Here are recent reviews about this 5-star rated show.

    Host Robert poses well-considered questions and does a terrific job giving guests space to answer. I really value this podcast.

    You truly want to listen to this podcast. Even if you dont need to learn a specific topic, the lessons in mindset are still so important. You can learn something valuable every single episode.

    Me and my husband listen to this podcast all the time. I love all the guest speakers and the host is awesome. I highly recommend this to everyone who is wanting to invest and become successful in this new age.

    As an 18-year old who doesnt learn about any of this in school, this podcast teaches me so much useful information that I will use forever.

    Rather than skipping straight to investing in complex securities, the podcast walks you through building a strong financial base through personal finance, how to make more money so you have more capital to invest. And then how to actually invest the money you have .

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    What Our Listeners Are Saying

    Truly a must listen for anyone looking to enhance their real estate investment strategies and expand their wealth. Each episode unpacks an aspect of REI to provide top notch information and great advice!

    Ive listened to every single episode and this is my favorite real estate podcast. I love the breadth of guests that are featured, all with different backgrounds, all with different strategies, all with different angles to financing their properties. It really allows something for everybody, and content to revisit as your own strategy pivots.

    Best Value Investing Podcast: Focused Compounding

    The what, why, and how of co

    Co-hosts Andrew Kuhn and Geoff Gannon actively and consistently bounce investing ideas and questions off one another in this leading, daily, value investing podcast. They dive deep into timeless investing concepts, discuss actionable investing ideas, and explain the principles of Buffett, Munger, and Fisher.

    The mentor-mentee relationship between them makes for entertaining listening. Additionally, the show provides a great learning experience. Andrew asks great questions that are always at the top of mind for listeners, and Geoff flexes his brilliance with his fantastic responses. Consequently, if youre looking to learn the ins and outs of value investing, this is one of the best places to learn.

    This podcast offers a video component via YouTube if you prefer to watch the episodes. Similarly, there is a companion, audio-only podcast for those interested in that format.

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    The Real Wealth Show With Kathy Fettke

    Real estate investing expert Kathy Fettke launched The Real Wealth Show as a weekly podcast in 2003, if you can believe it. Since then, it has continuously cranked out excellent free educational content for investors.

    Kathy also hosts a sister podcast, The Real Estate News podcast. Which, as you might have guessed from the name, covers housing market trends and news rather than educational content.

    The Real Wealth Network can help you buy turnkey rental properties, and they also do syndications. That said, they restrict most syndication and other group investments to accredited investors. Read more about syndications and other types of real estate investments here.

    Im also a fan of Real Wealths blog, which perennially ranks among the best real estate investing blogs. Weve even written some guest articles for one another to bring our own unique expertise to each others audiences.

    Alternate: Real Estate & Finance Independence

    Award-winning podcast, Real Estate & Financial Independence, and host, Chad Coach Carson, cover all things investing and financial independence related. He has a focus on doing more of what matters in your life. Therefore, he does not focus solely on making as much money as possible. Instead, he talks about having a balance in order to achieve true freedom and financial independence.

    Coach Carson has a genuine passion for helping people. Its very clear in all of his content, from social media, to the podcast, and from YouTube to his website. Moreover, he understands that not everyone consuming his content is at the same level of sophistication. Hence, he often defines key terms on the episodes that people listening may not know yet.

    Ultimately, this show does a great job of blending educational concepts with real-world examples to really drive home the point and improve the listeners learning experience.

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    Wheelbarrow Profits By Jake Stenziano And Gino Barbaro

    Apple Podcast Reviews: 451

    Frequency: 4 episodes/week

    The four weekly episodes are for four different sub-series called the MNS , MFZ , WBP , RPP . I personally enjoy the RPP sub-series the most because it dives deep into a specific topic.

    Jake Stenziano, a bestselling author, has invested in over 1,400 multifamily units. He is the co-founder of Jake & Gino and founder of Rand Property Management.

    Gino Barbaro began to pursue real estate as a full-time career in 2016. As the co-founder of Jake & Gino, he has invested in over 1,400 multifamily units. He is also a certified professional coach.

    Whats Up Next Paul Thompson And Doc G

    JF2802: The MOST IMPORTANT Value-Add Metric that Nobody Talks About with Travis Watts

    This podcast is different. I think that is why I like it.

    It features a panel discussion with two hosts and two or three guests on each episode.

    The guests are top influencers in the financial independence space that weigh in on questions that dont have clear answers.

    If you like to hear experts attempt to answer uncommon, difficult questions, this podcast is for you!

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    Jf: How To Become A Master Marketer In Creative Real Estate Investing

    Today, we have an incredible conversation about lease-options and ALL you need to know about them. Our Best Ever guest shares with us his motivation for going into lease-options, why they are beneficial and what he does to be a master of marketing. Joe Bodeks real estate background: – Third generation real estate entrepreneur who is born and raised in Philadelphia, PA – Has run 7 apartment communities units, developed land and built single family houses – Guitar player and played with local groups – Lease options is what he specializes in now – Say hi to him at

    • 34 min

    Jf2: 4 Common Limiting Beliefs

    In this episode, Ash discusses four common limiting beliefs that keep investors from accomplishing their goals and provides solutions to overcome them based on his personal experiences. The Beyond Multifamily series is hosted by non-residential commercial real estate investor and Best Ever Show host, Ash Patel. Ashs goal for this series is to introduce you to the world of non-residential commercial real estate investing and teach you how to look at and underwrite different commercial asset classes. Click here to know more about our sponsors: Cash Flow Portal | Cornell Capital Holdings |

    • 15 min

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    Jf2: The 4 Components Of Structuring Funds Ft Joel Block

    Joel Block is the CEO and chief deal maker at Bullseye Capital, which focuses on distressed residential multifamily projects. He has been in the syndication and fund businesses since 1987, and he also assists attorneys in complex litigation cases involving real estate, securities, and alternate investments.

    In this episode, Joel dives into the four categories of structuring funds that he helps his clients with: control, how LPs get paid, how GPs get paid, and a fourth miscellaneous category that includes elements such as marketing.

    Joel Block | Real Estate Background

  • CEO and chief deal maker at Bullseye Capital, which focuses on distressed residential and multifamily projects.
  • Portfolio: Their fund owned close to 50 assets, but they have liquidated most of them as they look to wind down this fund.
  • Based in: Los Angeles, CA
  • Say hi to him at:
  • Best Real Estate Investing Podcast: Biggerpockets Real Estate Podcast

    Best Real Estate Podcasts Hosted by Jason and Pili Yarusi : https://www ...

    The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, is an industry-leading podcast. It covers nearly all topics an investor wants to learn about from very beginners to real estate tycoons. They have over 400 episodes, and over five years worth of weekly interviews to date!

    If youre a new investor who hasnt yet heard of BiggerPockets, youre going to be very thankful that you did today. If you are familiar with it, youre likely already thankful for having it as a resource. When it comes to real estate content and resources, BiggerPockets is the best of the best. First, not only is their flagship podcast one of the best in the business, but they also provide fantastic and invaluable resources and books on their website.

    Second, Brandon and David are successful real estate professionals and investors themselves. This allows them to share their stories with the audience as learning experiences, and to really dig into the guests story in order to bring out the best learning opportunities for the listeners. Finally, the hosts clearly have a great relationship that translates to a fantastic dynamic during the episodes.

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    Jf: Buy Homes Without Basements Heres Why

    Todays Best Ever guest shares with you how he identified a niche in the flipping industry by buying properties nobody else wanted. Mike Simmonss real estate background: Managing Member of Modern Real Estate Solutions based in Troy, Michigan Started in 2008 and is focused on flipping single family homes in Southeast Michigan Host of popular podcast, Just Start Real Estate Say hi to him at

    • 22 min

    The Remote Real Estate Investor By Roofstock

    A platform for buying and selling rental properties, Roofstock specializes in turnkey properties for long-distance real estate investing. In fact, over 62% of the transactions on Roofstock involve buyers who live over a thousand miles away from the property they buy.

    So, it makes perfect sense that Roofstocks official podcast, The Remote Real Estate Investor, focuses on long-distance investing.

    And to be honest, long-distance investing makes more sense than ever before. The largest, most expensive cities in the country which is disproportionately where many real estate investors live offer the worst cap rates and GRMs in the country. Many smaller cities and towns offer far better rent-price ratios .

    Which says nothing of the anti-landlord laws in many larger cities.

    Hosts Michael Albaum, Tom Schneider, and Emil Shour do a great job of helping you build your comfort level with buying rental properties sight-unseen, from halfway across the country. Even better, the podcast and platform both help you build your team of local support personnel, from property managers to real estate agents to home inspectors to contractors.

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