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Best For Market Philosophy Enthusiasts: Udemy’s Ultimate Stock Market Investing

The Best FREE Online Investment & Finance Courses


For investors looking for a more philosophical approach to long-term investing, Udemys Ultimate Stock Marketing Investing course is a great place to start. The course features 3.5 hours of video along with self-led instruction, and includes full lifetime access to an extensive library of learning resources.

  • Strong focus on long-term investing

  • Not the best fit for day-traders

  • No live instruction

If youve tried your hand at the market before but are unsure how to make long-term selections that will grow in value, youll want to take this Udemy course. It’s co-taught by Randy and Kevin Tudor, co-founders of Margin of Safety Investing, who have a combined 40 years of experience in finance. The course is comprised of more than 46 lectures divided into six sections, includes a quiz, and the content has many charts and graphs to help you understand.

Business And Financial Modeling Specialization

This is one of the free online finance courses offered by the University of Pennsylvanias Wharton Business School on the Coursera platform.

Basically, Whartons Business and Financial Modeling Specialization is designed to help you make informed business and financial decisions. The foundational courses will introduce you to spreadsheet models, modeling techniques, and common applications for investment analysis, company valuation, forecasting, and more.

There are about 5 courses in this specialization. They include:

  • Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling
  • Wharton Business and Financial Modeling Capstone

When you complete the Specialization, you will be ready to use your own data to describe realities, build scenarios, and predict performance.

However, this free online finance course will require a 10 hours/week time commitment from you for about 2 months. Also, you will get a certificate on completion of the course.

Best Paid Investing Courses Of 2021

Beginner-friendly introduction to investing

Cost: $29

This course, offered by NextAdvisor contributor Erin Lowry, author of the Broke Millennial book series, includes 12 videos covering topics like compound interest, setting financial goals, stock market basics, and picking initial investments. With a great overview of investing basics and a relatively low price tag, this course is perfect for beginners who are just starting out.

A guide to investing for FIRE

Cost: $37 for the bundle, $27 and $17 for course 1 and 2, respectively, when sold separately

Another NextAdvisor contributor and host of NextAdvisors Latina Women on FIRE event, , nationally-acclaimed Latina money expert, podcaster, educator, speaker, writer, and business/wealth coach, uses investing as a way to achieve financial independence. Her course aims to teach you how to do the same. The first course, Master The Market 101: Investing For Beginners, covers the basics of investing, while the second, Master The Market 102: Investing For Financial Independence, teaches you about the FIRE movement and how investing can help you achieve financial independence. Torres-Rodriguez also runs the free popular podcast Yo Quiero Dinero, where she offers financial advice tailored to the Latinx community and people of color.

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What Kinds Of Careers Can I Pursue With A Background In Investment

Many investment professionals work as financial analysts or investment analysts, employed by investment banks, hedge funds, or other financial service providers. They analyze a wide range of financial data as well as macroeconomic and political trends, assess the strengths and weaknesses of individual companies or entire asset classes, and any other information relevant to making investment recommendations.

Other investment jobs include portfolio managers and fund managers, who are responsible for selecting a mix of investments designed to meet different risk and reward profiles for their firms. Personal investment advisors may perform the same function for high net worth individuals.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial analysts working in investments and securities make a median annual salary of $101,410. Fund managers are often compensated by fees structured according to the assets they manage and the annual return of the fund, making this a potentially very highly-paid role.â

Best Free Option: Td Ameritrade

Advanced Stock Investing Course

TD Ameritrade

Offering a massive range of topics from investing basics to trading strategy guides, the investing and trading library from TD Ameritrade is useful for beginners and seasoned stock traders alikeand it’s free, making it our choice as the best free option for stock trading courses.

  • Offered by a renowned stock brokerage firm

  • Vast library of content

  • Offered in a variety of interactive platforms

  • No coaching or interaction with other traders

TD Ameritrade has been a dominant player in the self-directed trading space for decades, and it has always made investor education a cornerstone of its offering. Whether you are a newbie to stock trading or an advanced trader, TD Ameritrade’s vast library of videos, education guides, tutorials, and webinars can help you get to the next levelfree of charge. That’s why TD Ameritrade is our choice as the best free option for stock trading courses.

While you do need to open a TD Ameritrade account to access its education center, you are not required to make a minimum investment. What’s nice about that is, when you feel you’ve consumed enough knowledge, your trading account is set up and ready to go. Because TD Ameritrade doesn’t charge commissions on trades, you can start out as small as you want.

Course selection ranges from the basics, such as Simple Steps for a Retirement Portfolio, to advanced topics, such as Options for Volatility.

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Investing For Beginners Course: Module One

Welcome to the first online course from the Times Money Mentor Academy: investing for beginners.

Over five modules, our free investing course will give you a better understanding of how investing can benefit your wealth, the different investment strategies, and how to get started.

In this module, we will:

Can I Learn About Investment Banking Through Online Courses Available On Coursera

Yes, Coursera offers a wide range of online courses in business and finance, including topics relevant to investment banking careers. The Coursera platform allows you to learn remotely on a flexible schedule from top-ranked institutions like Yale University, Columbia University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

You can take individual courses, multi-course Specializations, and even complete full MBA degrees online, allowing you to pursue your education as far as you want to go. And, because Coursera allows you to learn the same material from the same faculty as on-campus students at a significantly lower tuition, youâll be assured of getting an above-average return on your investment in your future.â

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Cnn Moneys Ultimate Guide To Retirement

CNN Money offers an online course that provides a general overview of things to consider as you near retirement. The course is laid out as a series of articles that cover how much to save and invest, employer-sponsored plans, the effect of changing jobs, and withdrawals.

It offers great entry-level material but does not get into the specifics that the Vanguard course provides.

Can I Start Investing With Little Money

Best Free Online Stock Investing Courses – Show Excerpt 4-11-2021

These days, anyone can get started investing, no matter the budget. You just need to know what types of investments are available to you based on the funds you are willing and able to invest.

You’ll find a number of brokerage accounts out there with considerable minimum investment requirements you may need to cough up $10,000 to open a web trading account with one broker, while another has a hefty $30,000 requirement, for instance. But luckily, there are just as many others that have low or no minimum requirements when it comes to opening an account and investing your funds.

Quite a few of todays online brokerages allow for fractional investing, too, making it easier to invest in a small piece of the names you know and love, sometimes for as little as $1. And if you really want to simplify your investing efforts without feeling a big pinch, you can choose a platform that rounds up your everyday purchases and invests that spare change for you.

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Intelligent Investing For Everyone Executive Education

If you want to achieve better investment outcomes for your portfolio or companys growth, this program is an excellent option. Created by UC Berkeley Executive Education, this program addresses information asymmetry that separates professionals from everyone else. In this program, youll learn how to evaluate the key metrics used in the valuation of a company, upcoming trends in investment strategies, and more. The curriculum consists of multiple learning modules covering advanced topics like fundamentals of corporate value creation, financial data forecasting, blockchain revolution, etc. Youll get to practice your skills with graded quizzes, real-world applications, and assignments during the sessions.

Key USPs

Gain knowledge about the fundamental concepts of how financial engineering can expose overpriced stocks and attempts by companies for manipulating investor beliefs

Understand how institutional investors can use the power of data and technology for successful investing

Equip yourself with an understanding of critical financial concepts, techniques, and data-driven frameworks for making informed investing decisions

Learn about the fundamental concepts of financial data analysis while analyzing how growth strategies can impact corporate valuation

Duration: 8 weeks, 3-5 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Warrior Starter Warrior Pro And Warrior Inner Circle From Warrior Trading

Whos it for? Beginners to advanced studentsPrice: On sale

Warrior Trading offers comprehensive course packages that cater to numerous skill levels.

Beginners can start with the Warrior Starter pack, granting access to chat rooms, core starter courses, and their real-time trading simulator for one month. This pack is perfect for those on a budget and who seek to understand financial markets, how to read trading accounts, an intro into fundamental and technical analysis, to learn about the psychology of trading and more.

Their most popular pack is Warrior Pro, which provides students with their core trading system, their real-time trading simulator, access to the chat room, small group mentoring at six times per week, and their masterclass suite of courses all for three months. The classes include a starter course, day trading course, advanced large cap course, swing trading course, options course, and cryptocurrency course.

Their final offering is the Warrior Inner Circle. You can only access it by applying and, if accepted, you get one year of access to their chat room, real-time trading simulator, small group mentoring six times per week, and their masterclass suite of courses. Finally, youll also get one-on-one mentoring sessions of an hour each.

Price: 40% off lifetime membership when you enter BENZINGA40 at checkout

Brians ability to find great swing trades led to these alerts becoming very popular in the community.

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Which Universities Offer Free Online Finance Courses With Certificates

Several universities in partnership with various online educational platforms offer free finance courses with certificates to students and other participants. However, I will just lay emphasis on a few of them.

Here is a list of some universities that offer free online finance courses with certificates:

Finance Essentials For Small Businesses

My Collection of Free Stock Market Courses for Beginners ...

Taught by:Kay Stice and Jim Stice, professors of Accounting at Brigham Young UniversityCost: Free with the 30-day $19.99 or $29.99 per month after

Length: 51 minutes

If you’re thinking about starting a small business, it’s imperative that you know the top reasons yours might fail before you even begin. This course covers just that, plus everything you need to know to create a solid plan around cash inflows and outflows, troubleshoot if profit is lower than expected, and institute faster growth in the first few months of your business.

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Investing Success: Learn Keys From A Millionaire Investor

Created by Steve Ballinger, this Investment course focuses on investment concepts and how they can be used in a real-world scenario. Enrolling in this curriculum will help you comprehend the vital investing concepts that successful investors understand and succeeding with investing where others are doomed to fail. The instructor will help you with how you can use cash investments fit in an overall portfolio and apply key action steps to reach your investment goals. Moreover, it will provide you with hours and hours of video-based lessons, lifetime access to the course, quizzes that will test and confirm your knowledge, along with a Follow-Along Guide.

Key USPs

Learn to make good choices when markets are up and when needs are down along with investing in company stocks with an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages, and risks that are involved.

Get knowledge of investing in real estate with an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages, and risks with a basic understanding of Active and Index mutual fund strategies.

Learn to choose from core investment strategies, such as value or contrarian investing, technical analysis, and growth investing.

Be able to apprehend the similarities and differences between Exchange Traded Funds compared to mutual funds.

You can

Personal & Family Financial Planning By University Of Florida

Finance management is crucial and plays a vital role in terms of personal and family planning. If you are willing to learn how to secure yours and your familys future, then this course might be an ideal choice for you. It includes the analysis of expenses done regularly or partially throughout the phases of life. You will get to know how to build strategies and plan to manage internal as well as external finances and reduce the impact of overdue. Moreover, you will explore various tools and methods to analyze different scenarios in which finances are utilized or exchanged. At the end of this course, you will be able to discover investment and lifetime saving strategies.

Key USPs

Understand the significance of finance management according to personal and family expenses utilized on different assets.

Learn to manage financial statements and keep the essential records for cross-checking expenses throughout the utilization of budget.

Learn to create, manage and audit financial reports along with the periodic taxations throughout the management of budget.

Know about the fundamentals of different investment schemes, such as mutual funds, while implementing a plan of action for the finance management.

You can

Review: The discussion is very informative and helpful. Ive learned a lot, and my perspective in personal and family financial planning has widened and deepened. Thank you to Coursera and Sir Michael! Jennifer B V.

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Best Free Option: The Investing And Trading Library From Td Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade

If youre looking for a free way to learn more about investing, TD Ameritrades extensive library of free online investing and trading courses are an excellent option. These immersive courses allow you to take a deep dive into the topic at hand, and tie into a wealth of other free articles, podcasts, and webcasts.

  • Suitable for investors of all experience levels

  • Must have a TD Ameritrade account for some content

  • No live instruction

If you have an account with TD Ameritrade, you can take advantage of its huge library of content. TD Ameritrade puts a lens on personal finance with classes like Simple Steps for a Retirement Portfolio so you can stay on track with your financial goals.

Once you log into its site, the materials are both easy to comprehend and expansive: investing education guides, tutorials, how-to videos, quizzes, and more. With the help of an education coach, courses are paired with webcasts and events to help you achieve your goals. Depending on how in-depth you want to go, you can learn various ways for how to make a portfolio that will help you bring in an income.

Need to take your learning on the go? Its easy to do with the hub of information on the TD Ameritrade Mobile app. Whether youre an investment newbie or a seasoned investment professional, there is something in their content library for everyone.

Udacity: How To Build A Startup



Length/Start date: Self paced

Time commitment/prerequisites: Students are free to pace themselves, and Blank suggests that they have at least some idea of the business they want to create.

Why you should take it: This course is a bit unusual, in that its not produced in partnership with a university or traditional professor, and its not about a traditional academic subject.

Its a practical and thorough guide to how to create your own company by successful serial entrepreneur Steve Blank, based on an approach hes been using and teaching for years. It takes would-be entrepreneurs through everything from developing a viable product to figuring out how theyre actually going to make money.

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University Of Illinois At Urbana Champaign

Advanced Financial Reporting is a free online finance course offered by University of Illinois via Coursera. The advanced-level course covers a variety of topics related to the preparation of consolidated financial statements. These topics include:

  • step-by-step acquisition
  • segments reporting
  • the goodwill impairment test

Investment And Portfolio Management Specialization By Rice University

This is a four-course beginner-level specialization program that will help you learn the imperative skills of portfolio management and personal investing. The program guides you to think, discuss, and formulate solutions to the essential investment questions. You will learn about the theory and the real-world skills vital to design, execute, and evaluate investment proposals that meet financial objectives. Besides, it provides you with the best practices in portfolio management and performance evaluation, and current investment strategies. Once the course finishes, you will have a solid knowledge of the analytical tools, practical knowledge, and quantitative skills essential for long-term investment management success. Check out our curation of Best Fundraising Courses.

Key USPs

Get an overview of global financial markets and instruments that characterize the investment opportunities available to todays investor.

Gain knowledge of the high-stakes world of financial investment thatll help you become an informed investor by offering you the essential concepts for long-term success in managing money.

Create a specific perspective about Portfolio selection and risk management along with understanding biases and portfolio selection.

Test your investment and portfolio management knowledge to the test through hands-on investment experiences with Capstone Project.

Duration: 6 months

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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