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Understand Your Goals Time Horizon And Risk Appetite

The Best Investing Platform in Canada? Canadian Stock Trading Platforms Compared by Category (2021)

What should I invest in? How much money do I need to invest? Consider these 3 things: First, every investment product comes with risk so you have to consider your personal risk profile before investing. Second, goals. What do you want to takeaway from your investments? Finally, consider the time you are willing to set aside for daily or weekly investment research and analysis? Speaking of time, there is also the time horizon basically how long you would be comfortable to leave your investments aside to grow. If you have a longer time horizon, you may not necessarily need high return rates to reach your financial goals due to the power of compounding.

What Are The Most Important Trading Tools For Stock Trading

Many tools can be used to facilitate the trading of stocks. However, the tools that are important to you depend on whether you want to be an investor or a trader.

Investors generally use fundamental analysis and invest for the long-term, whereas traders use technical analysis and hold positions for short amounts of time. We explore both investing and trading in detail later.

Buying Your First Stocks: Do It The Smart Way

Once youve chosen one of our top-rated brokers, you need to make sure youre buying the right stocks. We think theres no better place to start than with Stock Advisor, the flagship stock-picking service of our company, The Motley Fool. Youll get two new stock picks every month, plus 10 starter stocks and best buys now. Over the past 17 years, Stock Advisors average stock pick has seen a 373% return more than 3x that of the S& P 500! . Learn more and get started today with a special new member discount.

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What Is A Bear And Bull Market

Before you start trading with a trading platform, it is important to understand market conditions and how they can affect the price of stocks. The two main conditions to be aware of are bull and bear markets.

A bull market is a market condition in which the price of assets and shares are rising. Bull markets are signified by an increase of 20% over a period of time. This increase must occur after two declines of 20% each. In a bull market, prices are often predicted to continue increasing.

Alternatively, a bear market is a market condition in which prices are falling for a prolonged period of time. To be categorized as a bear market, prices but fall by at least 20% after previous highs.

Which Online Broker Has The Best Mobile App

Top 10 Best Day Trading Software Platforms Review 2021

The more tasks you can manage using a mobile app, the better. Can you trade stocks, funds, bonds and options? Transfer funds? Pay bills? Does the app let you easily access in-depth research reports about a stock, mutual fund or ETF? Find articles or videos about investing and the markets? These days, many of us are more likely to reach for our phones than a computer to manage our investments. We want all the functionality and information thats available on a brokerages desktop platform packed into its mobile app. Hence, this category accounts for 20% of the final score.

E*Trade finished at the top in this category, though Interactive Brokers was not far behind. In addition to basics such as photo check-depositing, paying bills from a brokerage account and transferring money from another bank, the apps of both offer robust charting tools and in-app access to research reports on the markets, individual stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Its worth noting, however, that we had difficulty navigating Interactive Brokers appwe had to go back to the firm twice to get directions to find the ETF, stock and fund screeners.

Firstrade brought up the rear. Mobile app users cant access screeners or research reports on stocks, ETFs or mutual funds, and the app doesnt offer any information on which in-vestments are short- or long-term holdingsa handy detail at tax time.

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Vantagefx Global Trading Platform With Zero Commission

VantageFX is a global CFD broker that offers everything from stocks and forex to commodities, futures, and indices. The platform offers leverage up to 500:1 for major currency pairs, making it one of the best trading platforms for big positions. The minimum contract size for a standard account is also just 0.01.

With a standard account, CFD trading at VantageFX is 100% commission-free. Spreads start at 1.4 pips, which is slightly above average. However, there are no deposit, withdrawal, or inactivity fees to worry about on your account.

VantageFX also offers ECN accounts with a minimum deposit of just $500. You can trade with spreads from 0.0 pips and pay a commission of $3 per lot.

VantageFX offers its own trading platform for the web and iOS and Android mobile devices. Its fairly comprehensive, with full screen charts, dozens of technical indicators, and seamless order entry.

Alternatively, this broker also gives you access to MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. You can also take advantage of social trading with ZuluTrade, Myfxbook, and DupliTrade. All three of these platforms enable copy trading.

VantageFX is regulated by the UK FCA and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission .

VantageFXFX fees

Spread, 1.4 pips for GBP/USD
Crypto trading fee
  • No deposit, withdrawal, or inactivity fees
  • Offers ECN accounts
  • Social trading with 3 different platforms
  • Supports MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • Regulated in the UK and Australia

What we dont like:

  • Only offers CFDs

How To Choose The Best Online Trading Platform For You

The three main things to consider when choosing an online trading platform are your investment experience and style, your trading needs, and your personal finance goals.

1. Investment experience and style

How long you have been trading or if youve ever traded at all is a big factor in the type of platform you should choose.

Beginners may want to start with a robo-advisor that automatically manages a diversified portfolio of stocks and bond investments for you. Those interested in learning to actively trade should look for platforms that offer basic educational resources, responsive customer support, and that allow them to practice trades before getting into the real thing. Experienced traders can benefit from platforms that let them issue specific types of trades, have more complex analytic tools, and allow them to start trading as soon as possible.

2. Trading needs

Day traders make numerous trades in the span of a single day, so they need a platform thats fast and reliable while having the lowest possible trading commissions. Meanwhile, investors who are aiming to pay for a trip or a gift may prioritize integration with their banking accounts to send their spare cash directly to savings.

Before you settle on an online trading platform, make sure it can accommodate your needs based on your trading habits.

3. Financial goals

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What Is The Most Profitable Trading Platform

The most profitable trading platform for you depends on your needs whether you’re a day trader, active investor, or passive investor employing a long-term buy-and-hold strategy. Fidelity is our top all-around pick for 2022 for its industry-leading research, excellent trading tools, and easy-to-use mobile app.

People often mistake trading platforms like Robinhood or TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim for companies that place trades for you in reality, these platforms are meant for self-directed trading . If you’re looking for hands-on guidance with your investments, you can search for a trusted financial advisor on

It bears noting that trading profits are never guaranteed for every potential reward there is an equal amount of risk.

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Top 5 Trading Platform “Must Haves” (Day Trading For Beginners)

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What To Look For In An Online Trading Platform

Online trading platforms are companies that, through their website or an app, allow investors to trade stocks and other assets.

The key things that you should look for in a trading platform are:

Tradable assets. There are a wide variety of assets that you can invest in, including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, bonds, and cryptocurrencies, each with its own set of risks and benefits. What assets does the platform allow you to trade? Some platforms only allow for trading of stocks, while others offer a larger array of tradable assets. Check for geographic limits as well. If you want to trade international stocks, not all platforms will allow you to do so. The trading platform should have the ability to trade assets that you are interested in.

Fees. Trading platforms charge fees for each trade, with a flat fee typically ranging from $0 to $10. In some cases, there may be a per share fee, with a price charged for each share, usually up to a maximum amount. Exchanges may also charge additional fees which will then be passed on to you. There are other fees that may be incurred for inactivity, withdrawals, or going below an account minimum. Fees must always be disclosed by the broker so familarize yourself with the fee pricing before you sign up.

Which Stock Trading Platform Is The Cheapest

Most trading platforms allow you to buy and sell US-listed stocks at 0% commission while charging a premium for foreign equities. eToro, however, also offers commission-free trading on international stocks. Moreover, eToro does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees on USD payments. As such, we found that eToro is the cheapest stock trading platform in the market.

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These Are The Best Online Stock Brokers For Beginners

Millennials and Gen Z investors have entered the stock market at record rates since 2020 and many are looking for the best online broker for beginners.

If you’re a new investor looking to get your feet wet with investing, where should you start? Investor’s Business Daily’s Best Online Brokers 10th annual survey for 2022 measured investor sentiment toward online brokers’ performance and can help you find the online broker most suitable for you. The full results can be found in IBD’s list of the Best Online Brokers for 2022.

IBD and polling partner TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence asked investors to rate their primary online broker based on 15 key attributes. Of all the brokers surveyed, the four with the most customers age 35 and under were Fidelity, Robinhood , Charles Schwab and E-Trade.

“The most popular broker with young investors is Robinhood, with 34% of the people we polled. The second most popular is Fidelity at a distant 13%,” said Raghavan Mayur, President of TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, in a phone interview with IBD.

Of course, attracting a lot of young investors doesn’t mean a broker offers the best services that will help them trade successfully. Robinhood, for instance, wasn’t rated highly overall by its customers or for key features like customer service and trade speed execution. The broker said it has recently made improvements in these areas.

Brokers With Good Online Tools

Best Automated Trading Software 2020

Investing can be fun. And the tools, calculators, charts and screens at your brokerage can make it easier and feel more accessible. They can also help you analyze your portfolio and make smart investment moves. Thats why the points in this category account for 20% of the final score. E*Trade won the day here, finishing well ahead of the competition. Second, third and fourth place fell in a tight range among Merrill Edge, Fidelity and Schwab.

E*Trade offers dozens of savings, tax and retirement calculators, including tools that help you figure out whether youre better off with a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA, assess your retirement savings plans probability of success, and calculate the required minimum distribution from your IRA every year. You can also analyze your portfolio to see how it might performas well as which positions will react morein a big market move. E*Trade customers can even simulate options and stock positions and see how those holdings might impact their overall portfolio.

Finally, theres the firms automatic investing tool, which allows investors to set up recurring contributions to an investment account from a checking or savings account or from a paycheck. Clients can choose among 100 ETFs to invest in and select the frequency of contributionsweekly, twice a month, monthly, quarterly, every six months or once a year. A single plan can include up to 50 ETFs , and clients can set up to 10 automatic investing plans. Thats nifty.

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Should I Open A Cash Account Or A Margin Account

If youre an experienced investor and you want to actively trade the markets, you might consider opening a . Margin accounts let you invest more than you actually deposit into your account by using leverage, or borrowed money. If you trade using this money, a process called , you may magnify any losses you incur. So if youre relatively new to investing and dont plan to monitor your account regularly, its typically best to stick with a cash account.

The Best Brokerage Accounts For Beginners

  • Rounding up spare change to invest:Acorns
  • Low-cost index investing:Vanguard
Bottom Line

TD Ameritrade stands out as one of our top all-around brokerages with outstanding tools and products, in-depth and comprehensive research, and no account minimums.

Bottom Line

A simple-to-use investing experience and commission-free trading are essentials for beginner investors, and Robinhood delivers on all these fronts, and more.

$0 for stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies

Account Minimum:
Bottom Line

Merrill Edge® Self-Directed offers easily one of the biggest cash bonuses weve seen. Its a standout brokerage with $0 online stock and ETF trades, strong research offerings, and excellent customer support. Owned by Bank of America, you can also get access to its lucrative Preferred Rewards program — the gold standard for banking perks with fantastic rewards and discounts.

$0 for online stock and ETF trades

Account Minimum:
Bottom Line

A clear standout with a modern experience. Beginners and long-term investors may find the most value, particularly those interested in stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and buying fractional shares.

$0 for stocks, 1.25% for cryptocurrencies

Account Minimum:
Bottom Line

E*TRADE manages to cater to active traders with one of the best stock trading platforms for beginners, while also appealing to long-term investors with thousands of mutual funds and ETFs that can be traded for free.

Bottom Line

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Why Investing Is Smarter Than Savings

How to save money? Saving money is essentially hoarding. You might make a little extra cash from the interest generated from your savings account, but it wont amount to much. Investing, on the other hand, is about growing your money through the purchase of assets that appreciate in value or generate income. These assets can include stocks, bonds, art, and property. Youll need to save and invest to reach your financial goals.

Clearing & Trading Fee

The Best UK Investing Apps and Platforms 2022 – Which One Is The Best?

If you are using a CDP account, youll be subjected to clearing fees each time you complete a transaction with the Central Depository. As of October 2020, the clearing fee was 0.0325% of the contract value. This aside, you will also need to pay a trading fee of 0.0075% of the contract value as mandated by the SGX .

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Robinhood Best Trading Platform For Buying Us Stocks

If youre based in the US, then there is every chance that you have heard of Robinhood. Launched in 2013, this online trading platform is now home to over 10 million clients. Primarily, investors in the US use Robinhood to buy stocks in a simple and cost-effective way.

In fact and much like eToro, Robinhood allows you to buy stocks on a commission-free basis. In total, the platform offers more than 5,000 stocks most of which are US-listed. This covers both primary exchanges the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Additionally, Robinhood also offers in the region of 250 non-US stocks. However, if international shares are what you are after, other trading platforms in the space have a much larger portfolio of companies. Nevertheless, Robinhood is also worth considering if you are looking to invest in ETFs or cryptocurrencies or looking for a penny stock trading platform due to its user-friendly layout.

Furthermore, the platform is also home to a popular stock options trading facility. This is perfect for those of you looking to access the US stock markets in a more sophisticated way. Once again, the aforementioned asset classes can be accessed on a commission-free basis. When it comes to funding your Robinhood account, this free trading platform only accepts US bank transfers.

Robinhood fees

What we dont like:

  • Only 250-ish international stocks offered
  • No debit/credit card or e-wallet deposits

Your capital is at risk.


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