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IF3: The New InvestorFuse Follow-Up and Sales Automation System for Real Estate Investors

Even if you can handle your day-to-day tasks without the help of software, theres something important to be said for automation: It can increase your profits and productivity as an investor by giving you more time to concentrate on the work that directly produces income.

Real estate automation allows investors to boost profits, scale-up, and grow their business to an entirely new level. Lets face it, the majority of time spent in real estate is for non-revenue producing tasks like administration, bookkeeping, management, and marketing, which leaves less time for doing deals and growing your portfolio. -Brad Cartier, Stessa

Most real estate investors will benefit from using an all-in-one platform rather than piecing together the features and functionality of two or more platforms that may not integrate or be compatible.

Using a good all-in-one platform will simplify your work as an investor, keep all your information and data organized in one place, and give you a central dashboard to track your tasks and activities.

Lets look at the top three software options that help real estate investors automate recurring tasks and focus on making more deals.

Smart Tech And Going Green

Commercial real estate properties account for an estimated 40% of all energy consumption and 70% of electricity usage in the United States. In this age of climate crisis, more companies are looking towards conservation, zero-carbon emissions, and energy efficiency. Smart commercial real estate is the wave of the future.

Smart tech enables a limit on energy usage and conserves resources. And as more state and local governments pass legislation demanding more energy-efficient workplaces, developers, builders, and property managers look to technology to meet the challenge.

Automated Real Estate Investing Systems

Epic Real Estate Investing shares awealth of information for investors that are ready to take theirbusinesses to the next level. Get these automated real estateinvesting systems and lead machines that operate as the engine ofyour business. Learn exactly what and when to delegate, then turnyour focus to specific money-making activities that are the key toyour fortune.

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Accurate Rehab Cost Estimator

Create itemized rehab cost estimates without needing a contractor, and know the real cost of your rehab before you make your offer. The house flipping software lets you select from thousands of construction cost items that are regularly updated and adjusted to over 40,000 zip codes. No more guesswork. No more inaccurate $/sqft formulas. No more out-of-date house flipping spreadsheets.

Simplify Your Comparative Market Analysis

Automated Real Estate Investing Systems and Software Solutions

Im personally not at this level yet. I dont spend a ton of time writing offers, plus I spent time as a real estate agent, so I can easily do my own CMA pretty quickly.

If you need a quick refresher on how to do a CMA, check out my article on doing comparative marking analysis.

If youre a high volume real estate investor, you definitely need to automate this, or at least speed it up. So, if youre spending a ton of time on CMAs, or just need some help, here are a few options.

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Sign Any Document Anywhere

I can write a letter to a tenant and sign it in Microsoft Word.

I can sign pdf offers or a Purchase and Sale agreement, then email it back without ever printing it.

Its just amazing. It has freed me from my office and now I can take my business anywhere in the world, simply because I own this cool little device.

Smart Tech In Commercial Real Estate

Smart tech is making businesses in all sectors easier and more efficient. In commercial real estate, smart tech is helping investors and property managers oversee operations more effectively. Real estate technology now reaches every part of the CRE industry, from investing and purchasing to property management and tenant relations.

Brokers can utilize the technology for client relationship management, virtual tours, and data analysis software options. CRE property managers can integrate smart commercial real estate systems into office or multifamily residential properties, reducing costs and conserving energy and everyone benefits from time-saving smart devices that make life easier.

Commercial real estate professionals can benefit significantly from incorporating smart tech into their businesses.

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What Is Deal Automator

Deal Automator was developed by real estate investors to solve one of the biggest headaches in operating a real estate investment business. Rather than investors having to learn multiple platforms, often inputting the same data numerous times, Deal Automator promises to provide everything a real estate investor needs all in one platform that is straightforward and easy to use.

The platform can be accessed via computer, tablet, or mobile device. Features include deal identification, lead-capturing websites, communication with prospects, deal analysis, deal flow, and contract creation.

Read on to learn more details about Deal Automator’s numerous features as well as how it compares with the competition, so you can decide whether its a good fit for your real estate investment.

Technology In Cre Series: Smart Commercial Real Estate


Its hard to believe that just a decade ago, commercial real estate looked entirely different than it does today. Real estate purchases often meant flying across the country, a briefcase in hand, to discuss options and negotiations. Property management meant on-site employees were working around the clock to keep building systems operational. However, now, SMART commercial real estate entered the scene. Technology has infiltrated nearly every part of the CRE buying, selling, and management process.

These technological advances make life easier for investors, owners, and property managers. Discover some of the SMART commercial real estate technology that is revolutionizing the market. Learn common smart tech phrases and how integrating them into business can help streamline every part of CRE ownership and property management.

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    The Path To A Fully Automated Real Estate Investing Business

    And on search joseph4176

    The Path To A Fully Automated Real Estate Investing Business

    Joe: Hey, its Joe Crump. Welcome to my new video series for the blog about how to create a fully automated real estate investing business. This first video, I want to go into and overview of what I teach my mentor students, how I take them through this process and to show you that we teach more than just one thing. I know a lot of you ask me, Do all you teach is lease options? And thats not the case.

    Joe: What I teach at the beginning, is first we learn how to make offers to sellers, zero down and no credit offers to sellers and get them accepted, get a contract, get control of the property so you become a principal in the transaction. Once you do that, it makes it legal for you, if youre not an agent, to be able to go out and sell that property without a license.

    Joe: So the next step in the process is to go out and find buyers. Typically finding a lease option buyer is an easy way to do that. If you structure these deals the way that I teach with the zero down structure hierarchy that I teach, you can sell these properties pretty easily doing that. Once youve done step on and step two, thats when you start making money. And thats when you can say, Ive got a business thats starting to happen now. Now Im officially in business.

    Use A Real Estate Agent

    If you are generating a lot of sales, you may be able to get an agent to do your CMAs for you. The easiest way to automate anything is to simply hire someone to do it.

    There are a lot of agents that are very good at doing the numbers, but dont have a strong referral base. They may be looking to do some side-work to make ends meet.

    You could easily find one and offer to pay a fixed fee per CMA. Youd get reliable results even if it is the most expensive option.

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    Is Smart Tech Worth The Cost

    Overall, most property owners find investing in SMART tech worth it. Of course, each building owner and manager must consider the costs and benefits. But smart tech can minimize energy usage, saving up to 40% on building utilities every year. Also, upgrading building technology will attract new, high-quality tenants who are more likely to sign long-term leases.

    Smart Tech And Building Operations Costs

    Alternative Uses of Home Automation System

    Integrating smart technology and building automation systems into your property can be expensive. But the long-term savings are worth the cost.

    Adding a BAS and other smart tech can reduce energy costs by an average of 15%. Thats great news for owners and property managers trying to minimize operations costs and maximize their returns.

    Lets say theres a major snowstorm in an area on a Tuesday, and most of the city shuts down come Wednesday morning. Many of the tenants and employees wont be in the office. If that building is programmed to be 70 degrees during the workday, the building operations manager can remotely access the HVAC system and turn down the heat. In just one day, the energy savings can be substantial.

    Likewise, when centralized systems turn off lights when no one is in a room, adjust temperatures depending on occupancy, and maximize other energy-saving actions, building operations costs are drastically reduced.

    Finally, building automation systems and other smart tech can self-regulate, self-diagnose, and self-heal common infrastructure problems. As the system encounters an issue, it will run diagnostic software, identifying the glitch. Often, the system can correct the issue on its own. This represents considerable time and costs savings for the building operations team and property managers.

    Integrating smart technology and building automation systems into your property can be expensive. But the long-term savings are worth the cost.

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    Realeflow Vs Deal Automator

    The award-winning nationally recognized Realeflow is very closely aligned with Deal Automator. In February 2022, Realeflow announced a partnership with real estate investment gurus Jamil Damji, Pace Morby, and Clever Investor, the real estate investment mentoring company founded by Cody Sperber.

    The partnership will call for Realeflow to provide a custom version of its software to its new partners. The new, custom version of its software is Deal Automator. The original Realeflow differs from Deal Automator by adding system components that help with making an offer, securing funding, and helping to sell or rent the property.

    A pro subscription to Realeflow is $125 a month, but the platform offers a lite subscription level with only limited access to the full slate of tools for $75 a month.

    Capture And Nurture Your Leads

    You want to attract prospects from Zillow, FB, Trulia and nurture them in one place? Go for Brivity it manages all your leads coming from different platforms through activity and behaviour tracking.

    Tools similar to Follow Up Boss have a lead sync feature, which greatly simplifies real estate data entry automation. Follow Up Boss offers more than 30 integrations. For example, you can sync your Gmail database with Follow Up Boss contact list and automatically pull in leads and create follow-ups.

    For those companies organising open-house events, theres OHGuests, a sign-in platform with the tracking guests feature that will save a huge amount of your time on manual paper-based guest monitoring.

    For example, Spacio collects the emails of those attendees who visited your open house event and then sends follow-ups to nurture leads.

    Another example is Aisa Holmes, Structurelys lead assistants, which can take care of your online leads. You can enable the bot and continue the conversation at any time.

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    How To Create A Professional Website For Real Estate

    The heart of any digital marketing campaign is an SEO-optimised, engaging and handy website.

    If you feel like getting a ready-made option to start up your business in a matter of time, opt for website builders for real estate.

    Leia and Placesterareamong the others.

    Leia is an AI-based site constructor offeringbeautifully designed and mobile responsive site for brokers and agents. The company promises to host your site for free and then help you with your marketing campaign.

    At Placester, youll find templates for RE websites with IDX integration, lead capture, and prospect nurturing. In case you pick Placester, you get a system with embedded CRM analytics to catch leads and email templates to manage follow-ups.

    For those who like delegating, theres a content library with predefined topics for content strategy.

    Note, site builders are the best fit for implementing urgent projects with standard requirements to functionality and design. If you think big, consider hiring a pro team.

    Automated Real Estate Investing Joe Crump

    Wholesaling Automation GUIDE for Real Estate Investors!!
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  • Welcome to the Automated Real Estate Investing Podcast. I am your host, Joe Crump, and I am here to teach you how to simplify, automate and outsource your real estate business and extract yourself from the day-to-day work. I will help you build an automated, never-ending stream of motivated seller leads and share with you real estate techniques that create consistent, reliable, passive income with no money down or credit required.Check out my Six Month Personal Mentor Program:http://www.ZeroDownInvesting.comFind out more about my Automated Investing System and Software.http://www.PushButtonAutomarketer.comWatch my free investor training videos and sign up for my blog newsletter at:

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    How Technology Impacts Property Value

    Smart commercial real estate is valuable. The technology used and offered to tenants impacts property value in several ways.

    Attract Higher-End Tenants

    Investing in or constructing a smart building will appeal to high-quality tenants. When businesses see that a property offers many technological advances far superior to the competition, theyll pay prime dollars to rent the space.

    Furthermore, giving tenants easy access to security features, automated door locks, maintenance, and property management communication, and other technology will make a property more desirable. Outshining the competition means owners can demand higher rental rates, increasing the profit margin and property value.

    Lower Overhead Costs

    Automation, including automated HVAC and electric systems, means owners and property managers will spend less on overhead costs. Automated management systems can take care of bookkeeping tasks, reducing labor costs. And smart security systems eliminate the need for overnight security staff.

    Together, these add up to significant savings. Lower overhead and operating costs mean a higher property value.

    Long-Term Tenants Mean Less Occupancy

    Once high-quality tenants are secured, owners want to hold on to them as long as possible.

    Happy tenants are valuable tenants. When tenants are satisfied with the accommodations provided, theyre more likely to become long-term tenants. Providing cutting-edge technology for tenants will keep them happy.

    Quick Turnaround of Units

    Motivated Seller Lead Lists

    Quickly build a list of the 8 most profitable lead types thatare working today, or combine up to 85 differentfilters forultra targeted motivated seller lead marketing and acquisition.

    No need for skip tracing as REI/kit leads come with phone numbersand in many cases email addresses so that you can immediatelyput them in an automated email campaign, or send them a text blast.

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    Clever Investor M5 Vs Deal Automator

    M5 is the automated marketing platform offered by the real estate investment education and webinar company Clever Investor. As the name suggests, this platform is focused primarily on marketing.

    It offers lead generation as well as email and text marketing. It is worth noting that Clever Investor, in addition to its education and mentoring programs, also offers Deal Automator to its clients. The cost of M5 marketing is $97 per month.

    Investor Software For Rental Property Management

    Welcome to the Future of Real Estate Investing, this Fully Automated ...

    Its usually a good idea to hire a local professional property management company to handle your rental property. However, when theyre just starting out, some investors like to take care of their own management to learn the business before they delegate.

    Here are five of the best investor software packages for rental property management.

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    Smart Systems Vpas And Cre Property Management

    Not only will smart-enabled systems attract new renters, but these systems will also lower operating costs. Control vacant units from a centralized control panel, regulating temperatures and lights to keep utility costs down. And smart locks allow other staffers, potential tenants, and housekeeping staff to enter vacant units even if no one is available.

    While valid security concerns are associated with smart devices and VPAs, they seem to be gaining in popularity. Providing smart-enabled living and workspaces for tenants will make the property more desirable, particularly for younger generations entering the workforce.

    Not only will smart-enabled systems attract new renters, but these systems will also lower your operating costs.

    Smart Tech For Owners

    Smart tech helps owners track their propertys profitability from anywhere in the world. Data analytics programs and automated financial systems give owners virtual access to every property they own. From these applications, owners can see detailed reports about a buildings occupancy rates, annual returns, maintenance reports, and more. And best of all, most apps allow owners to access this data from a mobile phone or other handheld devices.

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    Looking For Real Estate Investing Software

    Every software platform for real estate investors may claim to be the best, but there are three that truly stand out. Well rank the three best software options for real estate investors and give you an overview of how each platform works in our complete guide.

    Software for real estate investors typically exists to help with some of the biggest challenges investors experience, whether its steady lead generation, intuitive Customer Relationship Management , or an all-in-one platform that does it all.

    The software were looking at in this guide are all-in-one platforms for real estate investors that can help simplify and automate essential tasks like lead generation, marketing, locating and analyzing viable properties, and accurately estimating repair and rehab expenses.


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