Crawl Space Encapsulation Return On Investment


Dehumidifiers Require Routine Maintenance

What are 5 Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation by Crawl Space Ninja

Lastly, the dehumidifier will need regular service to run correctly. It would be best if you serviced the dehumidifier at least once a year. Dehumidifiers have filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. Also, dehumidifiers in crawl spaces use a condensate pump to push moisture to the crawl spaces exterior. Condensate pumps can become clogged, which will require service to clear.

However, all of these disadvantages need to be taken with a grain of salt. There are many advantages that, in my opinion, overshadow the disadvantages Im once again appealing that you consult an expert and have them take a look at your crawl space before you make any big decisions.

Dont Use Fiberglass Between Floor Joists

Unless youve chosen NOT to seal and dehumidify or conditioned your crawl space, you shouldnt use fiberglass.

Actually, it may be a good idea to avoid using fiberglass at all. The material performs poorly when it comes to crawl space insulation. When the material is installed in an unconditioned, vented space, the results are minimal.


Because the material soaks moisture, losing its R-value in the process. That makes it useless as an encapsulation material. Fiberglass also sags due to the weight of the water, opening holes in the encapsulation blanket.

Even worse, fiberglass batches are typically held together using a urea-based adhesive. When fiberglass, adhesive, and moisture combine, they create a haven for mold. Professional mold remediation could set you back anywhere between $500 and $6,000.

What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation is the process of addressing drainage issues in the crawlspace and sealing the area to keep out excess moisture. This process offers benefits not only for the crawlspace but also for the entire home. When done properly by a home performance expert, crawlspace encapsulation can offer benefits like:

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Florida Crawl Space Encapsulation: Worth It

A crawl space encapsulation can be an asset to your home. However, some considerations need to be made for those who live in hot and humid climates. While there are a lot of benefits to having your crawl space encapsulated, there are some downsides as well.

Some of the biggest pros for crawl space encapsulation are that it aids in pest control, helps with moisture control, and will ultimately increase the efficiency of your home. It does come at a cost, thoughliterally. These systems can be quite expensive, and they do require additional maintenance. At the end of the day, you have to weigh all of the considerations and make the best decision for your home.

This article will list many of the pros and cons for crawl space encapsulation for Floridas hot, humid weather. We hope it helps you decide whether or not crawl space encapsulation is right for your home.

Custom Setup For Every Home

Crawlspace Encapsulation With Basement Solutions

A Crawlspace Encapsulation is the highest form of protection offered for your home’s structure. It includes a thicker liner laid down throughout and also up the foundation walls. All seams are taped and vents are closed. Dehumidifiers are also a must in this humid climate, which is why our encapsulations always include a dehumidifier. We also offer insulation along the foundation walls and in between the rim joists to keep out moisture and climatize the crawl space.

Why Encapsulate?

Because you never want to have to worry about the condition of your crawl space! Not only will your crawl space look nice, but encapsulations increase the efficiency of your HVAC. Our encapsulations can also help prevent insects and other pests from taking residence under your home. And with a controlled environment, you can kiss your mold problems goodbye!

More importantly, why Choose us?

Each encapsulation is custom designed for your specific crawl space. We use only the best material and always take the extra steps to ensure it is not only done right, but exceeds expectations. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth over doing and we will never cut you short.

We use only the highest quality liners, ranging from 12-180mil!

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A Healthy Heating System Can Be Installed For Your Floor

Once the encapsulation is done, then you are awarded with an option to install a healthy heating system for the floor above that area. Despite the cost escalation that comes with this benefit, this system adds a new level of energy competence to your asset which helps in keeping each room at a more reliable temperature.

Our Dealers Offer Homeowners Professional Crawl Space Cleanup Services

The energy efficiency of your home is greatly impacted by what’s happening in your crawl space.

Cleaning, sealing, and insulating your crawl space is a home improvement investment that will save you a bundle on your energy bills in the long-term.

If you’re experiencing inflamed allergies when in your home that seem to go away a few hours after you’ve left, or you’ve noticed a musty, moldy odor rising from your floors, your crawl space may be the source of your problems.

Wet, moldy crawl spaces are the causes of many different issues in you home, including sagging floors, cold floorboards, high utility bills, and foul smells in your home. The good news is that all of these problems can be quickly and effectively solved by one of our crawl space experts.

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Does Encapsulating Crawl Space Add Value

Encapsulation is progressing towards becoming a standard for all crawl space homes in the USA. As the public becomes more educated on the subject, the demand is rising in the housing market, and homeowners who have encapsulated their homes crawl space have increased their homes market value in some markets.

Improved interior air quality along with less indoor humidity during the warmer months. Better ambient interior temperature stabilization. Warmer interior floors, especially those rooms with hardwood or tile.

Ive already mentioned that these houses have fewer problems with pests of all kinds. You would not believe the charges pest control will charge you for cleaning this sort of space. Not to mention that your houses longevity is drastically improved.

Having your crawl space encapsulated, or encapsulating it yourself, is a move you should think about, but make sure to do it carefully. This process is right for you, your family, and your house, whether you intend to live in it or flip it for profit.

However, it would be best if you were careful when deciding to go through with this, since in some places, it may be a complete waste of money, as some areas dont require crawl space encapsulation because of their low humidity rate.

Why Home Inspections Are Importantwhy Crawl Space Encapsulation

crawl space encapsulation raleigh

Moisture problems are widespread in houses with crawl spaces. If your crawl space is dry, consider yourself fortunate. Crawl spaces are generally damp spaces. Its not unheard of to have moisture levels of over 70% during the summer months. If the wood moisture content in your crawl space is over 18%, you are susceptible to wood rot and mold growth.

A multitude of factors can cause moisture problems in crawl spaces. The main contributing factors to damp crawl spaces include:

  • The ductwork in the crawl space producing condensation during the summer months.
  • High groundwater levels during rainy seasons.
  • Poor lot drainage allowing water to flow into the crawl space.
  • Undetected plumbing drain leaks that allow water to settle inside the crawl space.

If you have a damp crawl space, you likely have problems with the following:

  • Mold growth on the insulation and wood floor structure. Mold growth is present in the wood when wood moisture levels are higher than 20%. Over time, wood dry rot and decay sets in, causing potentially thousands of dollars in property damage.
  • Foundation cracks form when the house settles. Settlement typically occurs when wet soil compacts, soil erosion occurs, or due to poor perimeter drainage.
  • Termites and other wood-destroying organisms are attracted to damp areas and moist wood. Damp crawl spaces are a perfect environment for these organisms to thrive.

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Prevents Pests From Entering The Crawl Space

Water and moisture also attract pests such as rats, termites, spiders, dust mites, and other creatures you dont want taking up residence under your home. Eliminating moisture in the crawl space makes the habitat under your home less hospitable for rodents, insects, and reptiles.

Plastic sheeting also creates a barrier that keeps creepy crawlies out of the space while making it more difficult for them to find an entrance into the living space of the home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Process

Below, we cover what to expect when you contact professional crawl space encapsulation technicians for a service:

1. Determine if your crawl space can be encapsulated in its current state.

Big problems can arise if the crawl space encapsulation is done improperly or without prep. Before and work begins all water and mold issues must be handled first.

2. Mitigate all drainage, mold, or combustion problems.

A poor drainage system and insufficient grading allows water to seep into the crawlspace. If you are seeing standing water in your crawlspace, you will need to work with a structural engineer to fix the problem before moving forward with encapsulation.

If you have mold in your crawl space, all the encapsulation will do is trap the mold inside your floor and joists. Therefore, make sure all the mold is removed before proceeding.

If your appliances emit carbon monoxide then encapsulation can result in harmful gases from the appliances flowing back into your home through whats called a backdraft. An inspection is always done before hand to make sure this kind of issue isnt happening.

3. Install plastic vapor barrier and seal the floors, vents, and walls.

The next step is to install a plastic vapor barrier that covers the floor of the crawlspace and up the foundation walls. This helps keep moisture out. We avoid the thin variety of vapor barriers as they are much more likely to tear.

4. Insulate the foundation walls.

5. Install standalone dehumidifier.

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Reason 3 To Invest In Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation Controls Humidity

Controlling humidity does more than most people realize. High humidity can lead to all sorts of problems but low humidity in the crawl space can actually lower the humidity in the rest of the home. Did you know that? Your home breathes from bottom to top. This is called the stack effect. Wet crawl space air travels to main floor and can cause hardwood to cup as well as put a strain on your HVAC unit. One other problem is high humidity increases mold and dust mite growth.

The #1 Cause of Allergies Among Children isDUST MITES!

Did you know that dust mites thrive in humid environments? They love the dark too. In fact, the reason you wake up stuffy in the morning could be from those 2 million dust mites living in your mattress and the other 500,000 living in your pillow.

Imagine this, you lay your head down to get that peaceful rest you deserve not knowing that dust mites are nocturnal because sunlight kills them and they have been hiding deep in your pillow waiting for..wait for it..YOU! Now that you are there shedding your skin in the covers like a reptile, I love writing this, because thats their food source, they can begin 1st and 2nd breakfast.

Ok, now that I have grossed you out, the point is dust mites wreak havoc on our kids. Here is what The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America has to say:

How Common Is Asthma?

Learn more at

High Humidity and Your Air Conditioner

Install The Vapor Barrier

Encapsulated Crawl Spaces in new construction  High ...

Now that the walls are covered and youve prepped the space by covering the support piers and any pipes, its time to install the plastic vapor barrier.

Unroll the vapor barrier out in space. Make sure to overlap seams on the floor and walls by at least 6 inches and tape each seam with seam tape so its secure.

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Reason 5 To Invest In Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation Makes Your Home More Energy Efficient

We actually have competitors that tell our customers that you dont need to insulate your crawl space. Can you believe that? If that is true why is insulation required by building code and why do home inspectors tell homeowners to insulate their crawl spaces during inspections? Some companies will even go as far as to say that the vapor barrier insulates the crawl space. That is just down right laughable. Remember, most crawl space inspectors will tell you anything to get you to sign today, including deep discounts that expire once they leave.

Crawl Space Companies and High-Pressure Sales Tactics

I only bring this up because this really annoys me. I hate high pressure, act now sales tactics. If you must resort to that then your product must not be the best. We work to be the best, not the cheapest and not the biggest..THE BEST!

Anyway, back to energy efficiency. If your home is drafty or parts of it are cooler than others, starting in the crawl space is a fantastic way to address your homes insulation shortfall. Keep in mind the attic is the most prominent place to ensure your home is properly insulated which is why we offer our exclusive Attic Encapsulation System but the crawl space is a real close second. Make sure your crawl space encapsulation includes proper air sealing and insulation to ensure a warm home in the winter and cool home in the summer.

Final Thoughts on Crawl Space Encapsulation

How Adequate Attic Insulation Saves You Money

by Crawl Pros | Oct 9, 2017 | Insulation

Ensuring your home has adequate attic insulation may not be what you think of first when investing in your home. In fact, most homeowners are likely to push off any upgrades in these areas because they just dont see or interact with their attic everyday, or ever.

Crawl Pros understands this, but we also know that the return on investment for attic insulation projects is often larger than improvements in other areas of the home. In addition to ROI benefits you will also realize significant energy cost savings by upgrading your insulation. In fact, a recent study indicated that without adequate attic insulation, as much as 20% of every dollar spent on home heating escapes through the roof. Other studies found that nearly 90% of homes are under-insulated.

Your attic insulation works by resisting the flow of heat. Heat is a form of energy and always seeks a cooler areain your home this means it flows outward in winter, and inward in summer. Insulation slows this heat flow, so your heating and cooling system requires less operation to maintain your desired temperature, which saves you money.

At Crawl Pros we are experts at evaluating your current attic insulation condition then recommending the best insulation solution. Our solutions provide significant energy efficiency and cost savings by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your house.

Attic Insulation Upgrades

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Crawl Space Insulation Is Key To Energy Efficiency

When I meet with clients to discuss working on their crawl space, the question of whether or not to insulate the crawl space is always a topic of discussion.

If they have met with other crawl space encapsulation contractors there is normally a look of too much information and even distrust on their faces because they called three different companies and got three different answers about what to do in their crawl space.

I can’t address all the crawl space confusion in this article but I would like to discuss crawl space insulation and whether you should or shouldn’t insulate your crawl space.

The short answer is YES you should insulate your crawl space IF you want to make your home MORE energy efficient. So, why do so many homeowners tell me that the last crawl space waterproofing company said they don’t need insulation? I think the key to that is the use of the word “need”.

If you think about it, you don’t need attic insulation either. Of course, it is local code that you have it during the building of your home but if you have an older home with inferior insulation to today’s standards no one will come and inspect your attic.

The Department of Energy recommends that you have a properly insulated crawl space. So what does that mean?

The way you insulate your crawl space is determined by many factors. If your winters are harsh and there is low humidity where you live the insulation you choose is different versus a very humid climate with milder winters and hotter summers.

Ways Crawl Space Encapsulation Will Boost Your Homes Value

Crawl Space Encapsulation Costs | Invest Crawl Space Encapsulation | How Much to Fix Crawl Space

Is crawl space encapsulation a worthy investment? Learn about this vital upgrade and how it can enhance the value of your home.

When it comes to upgrading their homes, many property owners opt to invest in the typical home improvements like kitchen remodels, room additions, or a fresh coat of paint. But have you given crawl space encapsulation any consideration? You seriously need to, as it can make your property more appealing.

Todays homebuyer not only looks at the aesthetics of a home, but also the durability of the property, comfort, and energy efficiency. That said, crawl space encapsulation is an incredibly valuable activity that offers all these benefits and more.

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Our Crawl Space Cleanup Services

  • Removing Debris & Rotting Material
  • Raking & Leveling Crawl Space Floor
  • Structural Reinforcement & Repair
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation

We’ll send a crew of crawl space experts to your home to clean, seal, and insulate the space — usually in a day or less. Once installed, our system includes a 25-year written warranty!

Our services include crawl space repairs of all types — including cleanup, sealing, and insulation.

To schedule a free crawl space cleanup estimate with one of our specialist in Canada or the United States, contact us by phone or e-mail today!


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