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Master of Science in Financial Management John Sullivan

The ICMA Centre is an accredited Centre of Excellence of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment . It is one of eight Universities in the UK to hold this status. Centres of Excellence are a select group of UK universities, recognised by the CISI as offering leadership in academic education on financial markets. Students who are on a financially-related masters course recognised by the CISI are eligible for exemptions and membership.

ICMA Centre students on MSc Corporate Finance, MSc Finance, MSc Financial Risk Management and MSc Investment Management who register and successfully complete two CISI Diploma in Capital Markets modules are eligible for an exemption from the third module .

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Master of science in Investment Management is a course of Masters of study and belongs to the Investment Related Studies Sub Depatment, which is part of Investment and Risk Management Department, and further part of the Commerce, Business & Management Stream. We here at eStudentbook have 29 number of courses at same Level of study in the Investment Related Studies Sub Department, 406 number of courses in Investment and Risk Management Department, and a number of 36777 courses in the Commerce, Business & Management stream. There are 12 of institutes worldwide who is/are offering this course.


Hkust Msc In Investment Management Program Ranked No 1 For The Second Time

The Master of Science in Investment Management program is recognized as the No. 1 Master of Finance program in the Asia Pacific region by the QS World University Rankings. It has claimed top spot in the Asia Pacific region and ranked top 30 globally in consecutive two years in 2018 and 2019.

Offered by the Department of Finance at the HKUST Business School, the MScIM program was first launched with the part-time mode since 1996. The program since then has thrived into 2 programs, with the addition of the Master of Science in Financial Analysis program in 2002, and now expanded into 3 cohorts with both full-time and part-time modes. To focus on more specialized areas, students can opt for concentration in Asset Management, Risk Management, and/or the newly added FinTech in the MScIM program, and concentration in Corporate Finance and/or Security Analysis in the MScFA program.

Continuously evolving to meet the needs of various finance professions, the MScIM and MScFA programs constantly enhance existing courses and add in new courses. In 2018, to respond to the growing influx of information technology and analytics in financial services, two new core courses and some new FinTech courses were added into its curriculum. The new FinTech concentration was also added to the diverse portfolio of MScIM program.

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University Of Bradford School Of Management Awarded Times Higher Education Business School Of The Year 2021

The Times Higher Education Awards recognise outstanding achievements in UK higher education. The School of Management was recognised for our focus on economic and social regeneration.

Our award citation states “During the pandemic, the school focused its initiatives on helping graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds navigate the disrupted jobs market and on providing support for local businesses dealing with crisis trading conditions…The judges commended Bradfords inspiring support for students, alumni, schools and local businesses.”

The School of Management was also named Business School of the Year 2020 by the Educate North Awards

Best Online Master’s In Business Programs

Online Master of Science in Financial Management Degree ...

METs online masters degrees in management are ranked #6 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for 2021.

My favorite course was Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management , because it is so useful for finance practitioners in a variety of positions, and I believe it will help me earn my CFA certification. Even though I have finished the course, I continue to study it deeply. It involved knowledge of financial institutions, equity evaluation, fixed income analysis, and portfolio management for financial institutions and high net-worth individuals. I used much of what I learned in this course during my summer internship. One of my responsibilities was to develop and implement investment strategies for clients. My senior manager was satisfied with my work writing an IPS and strategizing asset allocation and portfolio management plans for clients.Rui Wang , MS in Financial Management concentration in Investment Analysis

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Master The Concepts Of Investment Analysis

The Investment Analysis concentration is part of BU METs MS in Financial Management degree program. The MSFM expands upon classic theory taught in traditional MBA courses, providing the insights, critical thinking, and analytical skills needed to solve problems in todays changing financial landscape.

Suffolks Masters In Finance

Suffolks MSF degree gives you a high-level understanding of corporate finance, portfolio management, investment banking, and international finance, among other topics. You can earn your MSF degree in as few as nine months through a customized track that lets you focus on career-relevant curriculum.

Our STEM-designated program is affiliated with the CFA Institute and the Global Association of Risk Professionals to provide the highest level of practice-driven insight to ensure that students are prepared for the demands of the global financial industry.

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Msc In Financial Investment And Risk Management

  • Focus on preparing for a career in financial investment and risk management
  • The first CFA Program Partner in Thailand and first GARP Academic Partner in Thailand
  • CFA and FRM Exams Preparation
  • Saturday-Sunday Classes

Why Master of Science in Financial Investment and Risk Management

This course is intended to provide additional practice in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing strategies covered in LC 4002. Students receive individualized attention to enhance their communication skills in English.

Note 1. Registration for on exemption from LC 4003 Advanced Integrated English Language Skills Development and specified in the NIDAs announcement on English Proficiency requirements.

The objective of this course is to provide students with an introductory survey of many applications of descriptive and inferential statistics. Specifically, the students will be taught the fundamentals of statistical probabilities and distributions, random sampling, one-sample hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, simple and multiple linear regression, correlation analysis, analysis of variance and chi-square applications. The statistical analyses will be conducted primarily using Microsoft Excel, so students should have some familiarity with Excel.

Follow A Masters/ms/mba In Financial Market

Master of Science in Financial Management John Sullivan

These master allows you to improve your decisions making in the stock market and financial market, to provide participants with tools for the stock exchange and financial markets that generate value, to control the tools and instruments of planning and budgeting that support the financial decision making process and to operate in an dynamic environment. Therefore, you will develop the skills necessary to be able to successfully manage a modern enterprise from the point of view of the function of the financial advisor.

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Assessment For Year 1

Youll experience a variety of assessment methods. These could include exams, coursework, group work and presentations.

You will be able to submit formative and summative work for assessment, and youll receive feedback to help you identify areas for improvement and areas of strength.

Your first semester is a great chance to explore different areas of your subject, and discover the areas you might like to focus on during the rest of your studies and later career. Youll gain a firm foundation in both your subject and other essential business functions. Youll do this through the compulsory modules Accounting and Financial Management, Managing People and Organisations, and Strategic Marketing Management. By the end of your first semester youll have a solid understanding of basic concepts, functions, roles and decisions of all aspects of business.

In your second semester youll delve deeper into your subject with more specialist modules. Youll learn more techniques, study more complex cases, and go into greater detail, discovering the practices expected of you when working in a corporate finance or governance team or in a leading accountancy firm. Youll also be able to tailor your studies by choosing one optional module, from a selection that might include International Financial Reporting, Quantitative Finance and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.

Investment Management Employment Opportunities

We have an excellent track record of placing our graduates with major multinational companies.

Your CFA affiliated MSc Investment Management programme will prove to employers you have the ability in all aspects of business and that you are a strategic thinker with strong financial know how and the right business acumen.

Your next step could lie in any of these roles:

  • Investment Trader

You will study a range of compulsory and optional modules in semesters one and two of this course, before undertaking an independent project/dissertation in your third semester.

Disclaimer: Module selection options may change

Year 1

FHEQ 7 Taught Masters / PGDip / PGCert

Students choose 180 credits from the following:

Compulsory Modules

Choose Exactly 15 credits from the following Modules:

NOTE : Students should choose one optional modules from the following list.

Module Name

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Preparing Business Leaders Of The Future

Postgraduate education at the University of Stirling Management School goes beyond text books and lecture rooms, as we also focus on your personal and professional development. Our unique Flying Start Leadership programme equips you with the awareness, knowledge and techniques essential for building a successful career. These range from practical skills, like effective public speaking, to developing ways to work under pressure in difficult situations and manage conflict. Find out more about Flying Start.

Investment And Portfolio Management

Now Enrolling Inaugural Master of Science in Financial ...
    • Environmental, social and governance and nance in practice
    • Climate nance and Impact investing
    • Traditional vs. Alternative Investments in Environmental Finance
    • Investment Stewardship
    • Sustainable and responsible investments
    • Responsible business and rm value
Intended learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student should be able to:

  • Define and describe environmental trends and judge the potential risks and opportunities they present to financial markets, with a particular emphasis on climate risks.
  • Discuss the challenges arising from climate change for sustainable investing.
  • Assess how green initiatives could be financed, introduce green finance instruments and their evolving regulatory framework.
  • Evaluate how sustainability issues affect investment decisions made by institutional investors, corporate lenders, insurance companies, asset management funds, hedge funds, venture capitalists and retail investors, as well as business decisions made by corporate managers.
  • Assess corporate sustainability risks and opportunities from a financial perspective and plan how to manage/mitigate those risks.
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    Msc In Finance And Investment At The University Of South Wales

    The Masters in Science in Finance and Investment at the University of South Wales will help you deepen your knowledge in the financial and professional services sector. You will also study a range of finance and investment modules and learn simulation software and powerful financial databases. The core courses are Finance, Portfolio Analysis, Accounting and Finance, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Global Financial Services Regulation and Compliance.

    The tuition fees for this programme are GBP 13400 for international students.

    Secure Your Place On This Programme By Applying Today

    What will you experience?

    BSBI has your professional success at heart. Our modern teaching methods and lectures will equip you with the necessary tools to overcome future challenges in the business world and become a leader in the finance industry. To do that we feature top German and UK industry professionals as some of our lecturers, and we also welcome faculty from all over Europe.

    All students have the option to learn the German language.

    Why study this programme?

    At BSBI, we take a sincere interest in your professional development and growth. This MSc degree is tailored to develop the most relevant skills and knowledge for the finance and investments sector. You will acquire practical, modern know-how in financial markets and investments, increasing your employability and boosting your career.

    You will earn a masters degree with 180 UK credits . This helps student mobility in the EU when it comes to transferring credits from one higher education institution to another.

    Who should take this programme?

    Our college attracts candidates with visions of becoming future business leaders on the global stage. Thus, proactive and ambitious individuals who are motivated to acquire the academic and practical skills needed for understanding the financial world are ideal candidates for this 18-month degree programme.

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    Msc In Investment Banking And Capital Markets At Ieseg School Of Management

    The Masters of Science in Investment Banking and Capital Markets at IESEG School of Management is a one year programme offered in English. This course explores how global capital markets function, what drives the value of their securities and how do they operate. At IESEG, you will acquire key technical skills in quantitative methods, computer programming, and financial technology. In order to apply, you need to have a Bachelors degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Mathematics or similar from a recognized university, and an English proficiency test for non-native speakers. The tuition fees for all students are EUR 15000.

    To Work In The Specialtys Sector

    Master of Science in Investment Banking and Capital Markets – Students Testimonials – IÉSEG

    There are a lot of different jobs in banking and other finance corporations available with a degree in wealth management. Various types of lawyers, tax attorneys, portfolio managers, financial advisors, and private asset managers can be very lucrative occupations, however they do require a high standard of operating and organization. In the case of the asset manager, his daily life will juggle diagnosis and solution. He will be the one who will diagnose the asset of the saver and then propose solutions adapted to their desires and their needs. He is able to evolve in banks, insurance companies and notaries. The exercise of this activity requires an ability to develop and perpetuate its clientele.

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    The Sector Of Real Estate/wealth Management

    Wealth Management is more than simply a financial expert giving advice on how to invest someone elses assets, it encompasses an entire persons financial history. However it does involve dealing with corporations and individuals who can be worth up to billions of dollars. Financial sectors are mainly involved in this particular specialty. Economics, real estate, banking, insurance, and law are widely used under this sphere of business. Theres also such thing as private wealth management, where the same principle is applied only to high-net-worth clients.

    Msc In Investment Treasury And Banking At Dublin City University

    The MSc in Investment Treasury and Banking at Dublin City University is a part-time programme for two years and is aimed at people who work in financial services and want to deepen their knowledge of financial markets and products. Furthermore, it explores how to price and hedge financial products and measure the risk of such products. The international tuition fees for this programme are EUR 13000 per year.

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    Master Program In Finance

    The program is taught by experienced faculty with outstanding expertise across financial topics. Topics covered include modern Capital Markets, Valuation , Fixed Income, and Capital Structure. Electives include Value Investing, Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity and International Finance.

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    So You Graduated From A Non

    Master of Science in Finance / Master of Science in ...

    First, you must have impeccable grades. Before you can even consider recruiting for an Investment Banking job, anything less than a 3.7 GPA will lead to a near-automatic rejection. If you have this, you can go for a job in Investment Banking if you have luck on your side, a strong network, and patience. You will most likely have to apply as a lateral hire, as recruiting classes for incoming analysts and associates are filled to near capacity through a banks returning summer interns.

    A recent trend that we have noticed among successful students from non-target schools is to complete a 1-year Masters degree in finance after graduating from college. With an exceptional transcript, applying to and earning acceptance to these specialized finance programs at Columbia, Stanford, MIT, and several others is highly possible. With such a degree in hand, the chances of getting into an Investment Banking job is essentially doubledperhaps even morethe delayed start to ones career a fair price to pay for someone chasing their dream.

    To help you explore the best options to obtain a masters degree in finance in the market today, we present you with our list of top programs that weve identified, reviewed, and recommend:

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    Master Of Science In Management


    The Master of Science in Management is a research-based graduate program designed for students who wish to develop into strategic, data-driven industry specialists and enhance their research expertise in the areas of human resources, individual and organizational behaviour, and strategic management.

    Ma In Business Consultancy International Treasury And Investment At University Of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt Fhwn

    The Business Consultancy International programme in Treasury and Investment at FHWN is an internationally focused full-time programme taught in English. The faculty and study body is international. Students can g on study trips and travel to a variety of international business hubs such as NY, London, and Hong Kong. For admission to this programme, you will need a Degree certificate from a business degree or business-related degree programme and adequate English language skills as well. The tuition fees for this programme are EUR 363.36 per semester.

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