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I now have equity in an alt-right Twitter clone

What now?

I got an exciting email this week: As of August 28, Im the owner of 181 shares in, the free speech Twitter clone founded by ostracized Silicon Valley Trump supporter Andrew Torba. What does owning 181 shares in Gab get me? I have no idea, really.

Until recently, investing in startups was essentially restricted to professional investors and rich people. The Securities and Exchange Commission structured its rules, established under the Securities Act of 1933, so that a startup like Facebook could collect money from accredited investors those with a net worth of $1 million or a steady income of $200,000 a year with minimal disclosure requirements, but if a startup wanted to get funding from smaller investors, it would have to do a bunch of paperwork and assume additional liability.

In 2012, President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act which, among other things, made it possible for ordinary folks to invest in startups. This idea is called equity crowdfunding or regulation crowdfunding, and it took the SEC four years to implement new rules around it due to complexities and delays. Finally initial offerings started rolling out earlier this year.

So far, none of the alt-tech sites have managed to get traction. Could Gab be the first?

There were a few things I noticed during this process.

What Are The Shares

Lets understand shares in simple words. As a beginner, you must understand the process of how to invest in share market for beginners in simple words. Lets start with shares.

When a regularly profiting company wants to expand its business and plans to launch any new product which requires a big investment, it tries to get a loan from the bank or try to raise money from some other ways that dont require interest.

The best way to get the interest-free amount is to find partners and convince them to contribute some amount to the company. This can be done by issuing shares to the people. The amount of shares you buy determines the percentage of your ownership in the company and you will receive the profit made by the company according to your percentage of shares.

Gabelli Equity Trust Announces Redemption Of 545% Series J Cumulative Preferred Stock

RYE, N.Y., December 17, 2021–The Board of Directors of The Gabelli Equity Trust authorized the redemption of all of its 5.45% Series J Cumulative Preferred Stock . The redemption date is January 31, 2022 , and the redemption price is $25.132465 per Series J Preferred, which is equal to the liquidation preference of $25.00 per share plus $0.132465 per share representing accumulated and unpaid divid

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Research About The Company

It is advised not to make investment decisions according to stock price only. Stock investment is a long-term journey. Hence, its better to invest in a stock that can be done with the long journey and generate good money.

You can easily find these stocks by just looking at the financial condition of the company. Simply try to find out if the company is financially strong and can tolerate any financial ups and downs that might happen. A strong and stable company attracts potential investors and a higher stock price.

What Is Gab 8 Things To Know About The Social Media Site Amid Twitter Bans And Parler De

How to Invest in Art Guide

Gab is gaining 500,000 users a day

Gab, a social media platform similar to , is gaining traction as users flock to it following bans on Twitter and trouble with Parler.

The interest in Gab comes after President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter. That initially resulted in more social media users taking an interest in Parler, which is a social media app with a focus on free speech.

While Twitter users turned to Parler after the ban, another problem arose: the app has been de-platformed by Alphabets Google, as well as Apple , and was also dropped by Amazons Web Services business.

Heres what to know about the growing social media platform Gab.

On the date of publication, William White did not have any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

Article printed from InvestorPlace Media,

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Hosting And Termination Of Services By Web Services Providers

On October 27, 2018, the day of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, PayPal, GoDaddy, and Medium terminated their relationship with Gab, and PayPal released a statement that it had it done so based on its review of accounts that may engage in the “perpetuation of hate, violence or discriminatory intolerance”. Later on the same day, Gab announced on Twitter that Joyent, Gab’s hosting provider, would terminate their service on October 29 at 9:00 am ET. Gab also said on Twitter that they expected their site to be down for weeks. Stripe and Backblaze also terminated their services with Gab after the shooting. On October 29, Gab claimed in a tweet that they “took the site down early on purpose last night because we knew the media would take the bait and have stories on it for this morning”. After the site was taken down, Gab’s homepage was changed to a message saying it was down due to being “under attack” and being “systematically no-platformed”, adding that Gab would be inaccessible for a “period of time”.

In August 2019, Amazon Web Services ceased serving Gab’s fundraising site due to Gab violating Amazon’s policy on hateful content. In response, Torba said he welcomed Amazon’s decision, claiming that media coverage of the decision had only brought more attention to Gab and resulted in investment offers.

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How To Invest $100000 For $940 Per Month In Passive Income


If you have $100,000 to invest, you can easily use it to unleash a dividend stream that pays you $940 a month. Thats $11,280 a year in dividendson just $100K!

I know youre probably thinking this sounds too good to be true , especially when 10-year Treasuries dribble out just 0.7%, and the typical S& P 500 stock isnt much better, with a 1.7% yield.

Youre not retiring on either one of those meager payouts!

But $100,000 invested in a fund with an 11.3% dividend yield gives you a good start toward clocking out, and on a modest nest egg, too.

The nice thing about this approach is that youll still invest in blue chip companies like Mastercard , Deere & Co and PepsiCo . Thats the real magic of this strategy: it lets you take low payers like these and squeeze them for a far bigger payout. Heres how it works:

Step 1: Open a Brokerage Account

This isnt really a step for many peopleif youve read this far, you probably already have a trading account. No matter what kind of account it is, youre fine to use it : theres nothing exotic about the funds were going to target with this strategy. They trade on the major markets, just like stocks.

If you dont have $100K in your account already, go ahead and transfer it in.

Step 2: Buy a Closed-End Fund

Why Are Gab App And Parler Receiving So Many Users

How We Pick Stocks to Retire Early | Dividend Growth Investing

Gabs content policies and algorithms differ from its competitors, Twitter and Facebook, due to its focus on free speech. The website’s trending section recently featured articles from websites like National File, The Gateway Pundit and Breitbart. While the interface of Gab and Parler is similar to that of Twitter, the content policies are extremely liberal. Many conservative Twitter and Facebook users have left the platform and migrated to either Gab or Parler in recent months.

Im proud to join — a platform gets what free speech is all about — and Im excited to be a part of it. Lets speak. Lets speak freely. And lets end the Silicon Valley censorship. Follow me there !

According to a report on Vox, one of the major reasons behind this is that big social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter cracked down on misinformation and began banning users for spreading Fake News. In the process, many users claimed that new rules were targeting conservatives and that they’d been silenced on both Facebook and Twitter. In fact, right before the 2020 US elections, many of President Trumps tweets were slapped with misinformation warning labels by Twitter. Hence, many right-wing personalities looking to practice free speech, meaning, publish without fact-checks, found solace on Parler and Gab.

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How To Invest In Share Market Without Broker

If you want to know, how to invest in share market without broker, then here we are with the full information.

You can invest through DSPP. DSPP stands for Direct stock purchase plan. These plans are the way of direct investment in the share market without the involvement of a broker and with the help of third-party transfer agents.

This investment option saves huge brokerage fees and commissions.

So, if you are looking for the answer to how to invest in share market without broker, The DSSP is the answer.

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Get President Trump On Gabcom

Good Gab

Im going to be upfront with you: Gab is growing fast. Our growth is already up 120%+ in 24 hours alone. We need to massively expand our server capacity and very quickly. We need your help to do it.

Additionally, I am in the process of connecting with President Trumps team as we speak. The Presidents Gab account is already reserved with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Its happening. This is Gabs moment, one that we have been preparing for now for over four and a half years.

Our enemies have silenced the President of the United States as well as millions of law-abiding Americans. -Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have all locked President Trumps account for 24 hours and will likely ban him soon.-Facebook is scrubbing any and all photos and videos from todays protest.-Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are removing the Presidents video message that calls for peace

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How To Invest In Share Market

If you are planning the ways for the highest returns from the market, then investing in stocks and securities is the best option for you. It is the best opportunity for money generation because Long term returns from shares can reach up to 16%.

Although stock markets offer high returns it also leads to losses many times. So, understanding the basics of the stock market can save you from losses. Investment in shares comes with the risk of high market volatility, only a better understanding of share market investment can prevent you from taking unnecessary risks.

There is a misconception among the new investors that the share market investment involves a complicated process, but this is untrue. The only thing you need to do is open a trading account, a Demat account, and an investment amount. You can start with the smallest amount from Rs.500 to Rs.1000.

Some of the things you should know before investing in the share market. Share market investment provides high returns because of its power of compounding effect. A trading and Demat account is required to invest in the share market. Its a purely hassle-free process and can be done very easily. Another thing to learn for how to invest in share market online is to learn how to open a Demat account online in India.

Follow the steps below to learn how to invest in share market online.

Gab Pins Financial Future On Sec Approval To Sell Stock

Unless it finds significant private capital, Gabs long-term financial success hinges on whether the SEC will grant the company permission to move ahead with the two Regulation A public offerings seeking to raise up to $10 million each. The money, according to the company, would be used to build internal infrastructure so that it would not have to rely on third-party web providers and payment processors.

The offerings have gone nowhere because the SEC has not given the company approval to sell the securities. But under Regulation A, a company can accept commitments to purchase the securities in the future if, and when, the SEC approves their sale.

Again, StartEngine comes into the picture.

In January 2018, StartEngine prepared Gabs SEC filing requesting permission to sell up to 2 million shares of Class B stock at $5 a share. StartEngine then posted the offering on its website. Gabs offering received $5.7 million in commitments from 1,868 potential investors.

However, the stock cannot be actually sold until the SEC qualifies the offering. While Gab must wait to potentially sell the stock, Gab paid StartEngine $200,000 up front to prepare the SEC offering statement, in addition to other corporate filings and marketing services, according to Gabs agreement with StartEngine.

Once again, the SEC has remained silent on the offering. The SEC will file a notice on Gabs SEC disclosure page if it approves either of Gabs pending Regulation A offerings.

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Investing Money For A Better Future

Last but not least, you have to ask yourself if investing money really builds a better future for you and your family. Most people will tell you that youre just wasting money if you do so. Obviously, nothings wrong with those people and their opinions, but they will be the same ones that complain, in the future, that they cant buy a new house or a car.

In this respect, you can follow some popular bits of knowledge and refuse to save more money than you need. As some people believe, hoarding value until you have enough will never make you rich but it will make you bitter.

Intermediaries In A Share Market

Dave Van Horn Shares How To Invest In Real Estate Without The Hassle Of Managing Property

In case you buy money from another shareholder, there are chances that many things can go wrong. Hence, there is always a regulatory body that ensures smooth and fair transactions and regulation of the shares.

In India, SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India is the regulatory body that defines a particular process for the transection of shares with maximum safety. The intermediaries involved in this are:

  • Stock Broker SEBI has strictly made the rule that the stock exchanges should be done only through registered stockbrokers.
  • Depository and Depository Participant In the traditional ways, buy used to get the physical form of share certificates but with the introduction of online investment in the share market, the shares have become digitalize or dematerialized. All you need is a bank account to keep a track of your money, Demat account is needed for this purpose, provided by a depository participant.
  • Bank Money is required to buy the shares and a bank account is required to carry out the transactions.
  • Clearing Corporation This body is responsible to ensure successful transactions.

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Why Investing In Gab Is Good Investment

What is investing? At its most basic, investing is when you purchase properties you anticipate to earn a make money from in the future. That might refer to purchasing a home you believe will increase in worth, though it commonly refers to purchasing stocks and bonds. How is investing different than conserving? Saving and investing both involve reserving money for future use, however there are a lot of differences, too.

However it probably will not be much and often stops working to keep up with inflation . Usually, its best to just invest money you will not require for a little while, as the stock exchange varies and you dont desire to be forced to offer stocks that are down since you need the money.

Before you can invest any of the cash youve constructed up through financial investments, youll need to offer them. With stocks, it might take days before the profits are settled in your bank account, and selling home can take months . Normally speaking, you can access money in your cost savings account anytime.

You do not need to choose just one. You canand most likely shouldinvest for several goals at when, though your technique might require to be various. 2. Nail down your timeline. Next, identify how much time you have to reach your goals. This is called your investment timeline, and it determines how much risk you might have the ability to handle.


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