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Buying A Property In Dubai Faq

When buying off-plan property in Dubai, get a good lawyer

Buying a dream home in Dubai is straightforward for expats wanting a new life in this busy desert city.

If you follow some simple rules, you can buy a home in as little as 30 days.

Although doing a deal is like buying a home in the UK, there are still some common questions asked by expats:

Are there restrictions on what property I can buy in Dubai as an expat?

A few if youre entitled to reside in Dubai under any form of visa or permit, you are welcome to purchase a property. There are some areas where the old non-freehold rule still applies, but most are now accessible on the open market.

What can I do if something goes wrong when buying a new home in Dubai?

The sector is regulated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency , so if you experience any issues, you can talk to them. It is also advisable to use a reputable solicitor who understands local property laws to ensure you have an expert on your side throughout the process.

Should I use lawyers recommended by the developer?

No. You need an independent lawyer with loyalty to you, not someone else trying to do a deal. This may be a little more expensive but gives you peace of mind and security that the sale is handled by someone on your side.

Is it hard to get a mortgage as an expat in Dubai? Can I rent out a property in Dubai? Why is parking so important when buying Dubai property? What are the landlord obligations in Dubai?

Is Buying Property In Dubai A Profitable Investment Expert Advice For 2021

Making your home, no matter whether you are seeking apartments for rent in Dubai or buying a home is going to one of the most far-sighted investments that you can make. Since the global pandemic hit the world, almost everything has been affected. The fragile condition of the stock market and the oil prices hitting the lowest in history have led to an economic crisis making one question their choices regarding investment and purchase.

Can A Foreigner Buy Property In Dubai

As an individual of any nationality, whether you are based overseas or a resident of Dubai, you have the option to purchase in Dubai’s freehold property market in specific areas that have been authorized by His Highness the Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. Foreign investors are not required for holding any residency type or similar permit for the purpose of purchasing property.

Expatriate residents and Foreigners have the option to acquire freehold ownership rights over property without leasehold rights, restriction or usufruct rights for nearly 99 years.

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Is Dubai Property Market Going To Crash

We expect Dubais GDP to rebound about 3.5 per cent in 2021, followed by growth of 2.5 per cent in 2022, S& P analysts said. While we think that structural oversupply in Dubais residential real estate sector will linger, we think that demand for good-quality, premium assets will support sales in 2021.

Risks Associated With Buying In Dubai

7 Reasons Why Buying Property in Dubai is a Good Investment

Many expat retirees have done very well by buying property in Dubai. However, there are some risks involved which you should be aware of. They include:

1. Real Estate Scams

Although very rare, some retirees have been scammed by unscrupulous conmen posing as real estate agents, sellers, or lenders. Avoid this risk by performing background checks and hiring a good lawyer to manage your purchases.

2. The UAE Economy May Decline In The Future

Like many Middle Eastern nations, the UAE receives a significant proportion of its income from oil production. As oil demand is expected to decrease over the coming decades, the revenue coming into the country may decline, having an impact on the economy. However, the UAE government is aware of this risk and already taking action to promote other sectors within their economy.3. Picking The Wrong Neighborhood

Although most parts of Dubai are quite nice, there are some neighborhoods that lack the amenities that investors, prospective home buyers, and renters prefer. If you buy into one of these neighborhoods, you may not obtain the capital gains or rental income you might have expected.

4. Choosing The Wrong Property Developer

If you decide to build, make sure you perform extensive research on any builders you are considering. There have been many horror stories involving rogue builders who have left buyers with half-finished properties or poorly constructed properties.

5. Buying In An Area With Lower Rental Yields

6. False Advertising

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Benefits Of Buying A Property In Dubai

Here are a few of the benefits of purchasing a property in Dubai:

  • Excellent Rental YieldsOne of the reasons so many retirees are interested in Dubai property investment is that the rental yields can be quite high. Investors have been known to achieve as much as 12% rental yield from property investments, which is much higher than many American cities.
  • Reasonably priced real estateAlthough the UAE is a wealthy nation with a high standard of living, its still possible to find relatively affordable properties in Dubai, compared to San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles and other American cities.
  • Potential for long-term capital growthThe UAE economy is expected to contract in the short term, it will continue growing towards 2030. This means property prices are likely to increase. That being said, its always important to check the current condition of the market with a financial advisor.
  • A safe and stable countryDubai is one of the worlds safest cities. That makes it a great location for investing in real estate.

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Is Dubai A Good Real Estate Investment

Investor Paradise

Dubai offers rental yields of 6-10% unheard of even in many mature markets. 1 million USD can buy significantly more real estate space in Dubai than in most other cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai, Shanghai, London, Singapore, and Monaco. Also, the Dubai real estate market is highly regulated.

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What Is Investment Plan

A process of determining your financial goals and planning out your options timeline to achieve those goals is the fundamental component of an investment plan. The plan normally starts with identifying your goals and figuring out the prospective financial resources. With numerous investment options available in Dubai, you need to pick your investment vehicles wisely. The investment plan will help you optimise your investments by planning your fund allotment beforehand.

Larger Apartments Near Metro Stations Offer Good Prospects For Rental Income And Have Less Competition From Buyers

Is Buying Luxury Property a good Investment in Dubai?

Luxury apartments may see more gradual price growth than villas, but theyre worth a look for investors planning to lease out their units.

Investors will likely find greater affordability in Dubais ample supply of apartments this year, experts say.

After a steep drop in real estate activity during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, housing prices in Dubai began to recover in 2021, particularly in the luxury sector. Demand was bolstered by the U.A.E.s swift response to the pandemic and its quick rollout of the vaccine, along with Expo 2020, a six-month long innovation showcase that debuted in October of last year and has attracted an influx of foreign visitors.

In 2021, there were nearly 85,000 real estate transactions recorded in Dubai, valued at AED 300 billion , an increase of 71% compared to 2020. In the fourth quarter, prices on luxury properties jumped dramatically by 41% compared to the third quarter.

Particularly in demand were luxury villas. In the Arabian Ranches development, for instance, the average sales price per square foot for villas jumped by 23.7% in 2021, and on the man-made Palm Jumeirah island, the average price per square foot for villas increased by 35%, Bayut and dubizzles annual sales report found.

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The Outlook for Apartments in Dubai

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Is It Safe To Invest In Dubai Property

After the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dubai saw salary cuts, job losses, job insecurities, and credit standard tightening, all of which adversely affected the demand for property. However, after a year, it seems the buying appetite of investors is returning and experts are predicting a rebound in the property market.

Dropping prices and favourable bank rates mean investors are now looking once again to the real estate sector as buyers look to capitalize on the low prices. In addition, initiatives like the introduction of online property transfer from the Dubai Land Department or the stimulus package from the UAE Central Bank, as well as advantageous payment options from developers, are also supporting the real estate market.

With multiple analysts foreseeing a return in demand for real estate, investing in Dubai property would make an ideal choice if you havent already invested in one.

Buying To Sell Or Buying To Lease

When it comes to the best investment in UAE, investors need to know what kind of options they have. Dubai offers two main types of properties for investment: freehold and leasehold.

Freehold property can be owned outright by the investor while leasehold property involves setting a lease of a property for 99 years or less. If you want to invest in a leasehold property, it may be less expensive than freehold property, but you will also need to factor in costs like ground rent, maintenance charges, and service fees.

Buying to Sell

The Dubai Expo 2020 is slated to start in October 2021. This will provide investors a golden opportunity to make investments in areas near Al Maktoum International Airport and Dubai Investment Park. Investors will also have the option of investing in the hospitality sector, which is expected to boom again or resell their property with profit.

Apartment prices in prime locations in Dubai are low because of the pandemic however, they are expected to rise as the Expo approaches, making it the best investment option to make money.

Buying to Lease

Investors looking to outright buy properties so that they can lease them out need to consider several factors like return yields and the ROI. Investing in neighbourhoods that offer a mix of apartments and villas like the Jumeirah Village Circle, Jumeirah Lake Towers, and Barsha Heights is a good choice in terms of rental income and is one of the best investment plans for monthly income.

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Reasons To Invest In Dubai Real Estate In 2021

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Many investors choose to buy property in Dubai. In this article, we will look at the benefits of such an investment.

As you know, Dubai attracts people from all over the world, offering a luxury lifestyle. Gorgeous skyscrapers, endless stores and restaurants, low crime rate, excellent roads with beautiful cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari , and high return on investment are just some of the main aspects that make people from all over the world choose Dubai for investments, including real estate investments.

High Return On Investment

How to buy and invest in off

As Dubais population is increasing, the real estate market is also witnessing significant growth. According to research, the residential property rates have increased by up to 5.4 percent in 2021 in Dubai and this isnt going to stop. So, investing in a property in Dubai can assure you of promising returns in the future. If you are living in the city and paying a heavy amount of rent every year, you must consider the pros and cons of buying property in Dubai. This is the right time to take the step.

No Property Taxes

Do you know how high the property tax is in Dubai? Well, there is none! After purchasing a property, you only need to pay the registration fee to the Dubai Land Department. Theres no other tax levied on investors, no matter if they are native or foreigners.

Hence, if you buy property in Dubai, you dont need to pay any taxes to the government like in other cities, such as Texas, London, New York, Hong Kong, etc.


If you want to live in Dubai and settle down with your family, the Emirate of Dubai is one of the safest places for you. It boasts of a healthy environment which is ideal for families who want to raise their children in a secure area.

Using the online AI Ameen Service and Smart Police Stations, the city ensures to keep its UAE citizens safe. People can report crime anonymously with no fear of attack.

Residency Visa

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How To Buy A Propertyin Dubai

1. Determine the purpose for buying

Whether you want for rentalincome, business or for living yourself

2. Decide the location

Determine the area and typeof structure

3. Know about all incurred fee

Property in Dubai istax-free, but the actual price always has some hidden cost, which many buyersare unaware of. Aside from the real estate broker commission, you should knowthat a certain amount goes to the DubaiLand Department.

4. Research prices beforehand

You should know about the latest development concerning prices,before approaching a real estate firm.

5. Clarity regarding your requirement

It would help if you are certain of the features that you wantin your desired property. Before viewing, it should be made clear to the agent.This saves your time as onlyproperties matching your preference are shown to you.

6. Go through the sales agreement

Read and understand your sales agreement. Also, always give the bookingdeposit to the real estate agent, never to the seller.

7. Final stage

Complete the transfer of ownership to your name at theDubai Land Department. Thistakes place when the total payment is made.

Dubai has transparent lawsand regulations. The whole culture here emphasizes on integrity. So, there arelow chances of getting duped. However, proceed only when sure of everything.

Buying Property In Dubai For Expats And Foreigners

Dubai is a haven for all around the world. Being a cultural and corporate hub, many expatriates and foreign nationals have chosen to settle down in Dubai. And the Dubai government allows expats to purchase freehold property in Dubai. But, an expat can get as high as 80% of the property value for houses priced below AED 5,000,000. They have to arrange for the rest of the 20% to secure a mortgage. Then only can they get possession of the property.

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Understand Why You Want To Buy

It might sound obvious but take a minute to think. Buying an investment property is a different proposition from buying a home and setting out your expectations will go a long way to help with the big decisions.

Are you:

  • Buying to have somewhere of your own to live?
  • Expecting to keep the property long-term or resell?
  • Will you be living in the property full-time?
  • Do you plan to rent the home to tenants?
  • Is the property an investment?

The Dubai property market tends to fluctuate from time to time. By and large, it is a stable sector with reliable rental and resale values. However, with growing numbers of new developments, there is a lot of choice.

If you already live in Dubai, you probably have a fairly good idea about what sort of property youd like to buy.

If not, then its worth thinking about what factors are essential, what amenities you need to be near, and how many people will live with you so your search starts on the right foot.

Where To Invest For High Roi

Is Dubai Real Estate a good Investment? Can you use Bitcoin to buy property?

In the first half of 2019, Dubai Silicon Oasis offered the highest gross returns of 9.5% for apartments. New communities, Meydan and DAMAC Hills closely followed, offering gross rental yields of 9.3% and 8.9% respectfully, again for apartments.

For villa and townhouse communities, Town Square yielded the strongest gross returns at 7.8%, followed by The Springs , Reem Mira and Mudon .

For more insights on Where to invest in Dubai right now click here

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Dont Buy Property In Dubai: Heres Why

by Reid Kirchenbauer | Property Investment

Knowing where you shouldnt invest is just as crucial as learning about where you should. Our strong belief is that you shouldnt buy property in Dubai.

Occasionally, we enjoy writing articles like these. The internet is filled with real estate investors, developers, and marketers alike telling you where to invest.

Getting advice about why not to invest is far less common. The reason is simple: no one makes any profit by suggesting that you dont spend money.

Dubai isnt the only place were giving the dont invest in treatment. Last year, InvestAsian wrote a similar piece on Brunei. It was widely-read with around 5% of the whole countrys population seeing it.

Real estate in Japan and Myanmar among several others also received a negative rating from us.

In the comment section of these types of articles, both foreign investors and locals often state their strong disagreement. Maybe they think theyre losing money from our advice.

Or perhaps they already invested in Dubai and want to justify their decision.

They could even be acting out of truly genuine concern. Either way, were always glad to give an honest opinion here at InvestAsian. Here are three reasons why you shouldnt buy property in Dubai.

Buying A Property As A Family Home In Dubai

If you live and work in Dubai, you may be outraged to pay high rentals each year. So, why not buy a property rather than rent it?

The problem is, will individuals buy property in Dubai comfortably and pay his monthly mortgage? The response to this question is yes. You can qualify for a mortgage if you are making a minimum of Dh15,000 per month.

Since the 2008 market crisis, home investments have almost collapsed in Dubai. Over the past couple of years however, Dubai has become a developed real estate sector. As a result, several affordable housing ventures had also been introduced in 2015.

It reminds me of a recent consumer who has been renting an apartment for two years in Dubai Silicon Oasis and who has been sick of paying rent. One day, she called me to explore her options, and to her surprise, her budget is eligible for many properties, and the bank was also ready to give mortgage permits.

She applied for a mortgage for a long story, obtained permission, and accepted the bid. Now, she lives in her own house. The monthly mortgage payment is almost equivalent to the monthly rent she paid for her last flat.

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