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Many Canadians no longer consider real estate as only something they can live in. For the past few decades, Canadas real estate market has become a booming industry exhibiting immense returns.

Real estate investment is an ideal way to park your capital to watch your investment grow. Its also a fantastic way to create an income-generating source.

To give you a perspective of how popular investing in real estate has become, here are some interesting stats:

Canadian investors and foreign buyers bought a record 551,000 residential properties in 2020.

Average price of homes sold across Canada in Dec 2020 was $607,280, up 17.1% from Dec 2019.

Many Canadians looking for ways to invest in real estate are hesitant. Its been called a real estate bubble for a very long time now.

Another reason for hesitation is that there is a lot of misinformation out there that can confuse people.

I will focus on preparing you for your endeavor in real estate investment in Canada. This article will be a guide that helps you understand ideal real estate investing options in Canada that you can leverage.

When Hmrc Gives Notice To Withdraw

HMRC may withdraw you from the regime if you fail to meet certain conditions required to remain within the regime, or where there have been attempts to use the regime to obtain a tax advantage.

Read more technical information about the conditions required to remain in the regime.

HMRC will tell you why youre being withdrawn from the regime.

The regime will stop on the date at the end of the accounting period before the one in which the event that triggered the issue of the notice.

Real Estate Profits Through Appreciation

For residential properties, the biggest factor that attributes to appreciation is location. An evolving neighborhood that adds better schools, new shopping centers, playgrounds, or anything that makes the area a more desirable place to live adds value to the home. Home improvements, whether interior or exterior, can also add a significant amount of value. In turn, your real estate business can make large amounts of profit through house flipping or rehabbing. Commercial properties work similarly to residential by gaining profit through developments in location and improving the property.

In terms of underdeveloped land, profits are also generated through development. As a city expands, the land outside its limits becomes more desirable to those who wish to develop it. Once a developer starts to build houses or commercial buildings, the value of the land increases even higher.

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Set Your Business Goals

Before you hit the ground running, take time to evaluate and prioritize your plans for the future. This means thinking through your personal, professional, and financial goalsas these will influence how you start and build your real estate investing business. Start by asking yourself where you plan to be in five, ten, and fifteen years. Then, strategize more immediate steps to help you get here. The importance of this process cannot be overstated. Goals not only help investors stay focused, but they also help them take action.

One framework I find particularly helpful is SMART goals. This stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Essentially, it helps investors balance ambition and action steps as they plan out the future. SMART goals operate in both short-term and long-term frameworks, making them perfect for any starting point. For more information on setting SMART goals, be sure to read our guide today.

Final Thoughts On Canadian Reits

Establishing Regulatory Frame Work for Real Estate Investment Trusts ...

Canadian REITs offer investors essential portfolio diversification, access to international markets, and the ability to invest in real estate with much less capital and less risk. In addition, you get dividend payouts, putting money in your pocket without the stress and hassle of being a landlord.

Many investment managers recommend you allocate about 10% of your entire portfolio, and we agree. Especially in the pandemic economy, investing in REITs is an effective way to hedge your bets against stock volatility and inflation.

So, get started today to start your low-stress no-landlord-needed real estate investment journey!

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Registered Retirement Savings Plan Or Registered Retirement Income Fund Trusts

An RRSP, or RRIF trust has to complete and file a T3 return if the trust meets one of the following conditions:

  • the trust has borrowed money and paragraph 146 or 146.3 of the Act applies
  • the RRIF trust received a gift of property and paragraph 146.3 applies
  • the last annuitant has died and paragraph 146 or subsection 146.3 applies. If this is the case, claim an amount on line 47 of the T3 return only if the allocated amounts were paid in accordance with paragraph 104

If the trust does not meet one of the above conditions and the trust held non-qualified investments during the tax year, you have to complete a T3 return to calculate the taxable income from non-qualified investments, determined under subsection 146 or 146.3. If the trust is reporting capital gains or losses, it has to report the full amount on line 1 of the T3 return.

If the trust does not meet one of the above conditions and the trust carried on a business, you have to complete a T3 return to calculate the taxable income of the trust from carrying on a business. Do not include the business income earned from qualified investments for the trust.

Plan Your Business Marketing

Having a successful real estate business is synonymous with having a successful marketing strategy. What is your unique value proposition? Answering this question will help you establish a brand for your business and any subsequent marketing campaigns. This is also a great time to settle on a logo, core values, and a mission statement. These components will help inform how you reach out to potential customers and serve as a jumping-off point for your marketing materials.

After creating a foundation for your real estate business, it is time to start your first campaign. Read through the following list of common marketing materials for some inspiration:

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Why Isn’t Every Real Estate Entity A Private Reit

Though there are numerous benefits of using a private REIT in your real estate structure, this entity structure is not without its pitfalls. There are multiple organizational hurdles to overcome initially, as well as ongoing compliance requirements to consider.

Having the right advisors to guide you makes all the difference. Our team of experienced real estate advisors can help you navigate a REIT opportunity.

How To Invest In Reits

REITs 101: How to acquire property through Real Estate Investment Trusts

You can invest in publicly traded REITsas well as REIT mutual funds and REIT exchange-traded funds by purchasing shares through a broker. You can buy shares of a non-traded REIT through a broker or financial advisor who participates in the non-traded REITs offering.

REITs are also included in a growing number of defined-benefit and defined-contribution investment plans. An estimated 145 million U.S. investors own REITs either directly or through their retirement savings and other investment funds, according to Nareit, a Washington, D.C.-based REIT research firm.

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Health And Welfare Trust

Health and welfare benefits for employees are sometimes provided through a trust arrangement under which the trustees receive the contributions from the employer, and in some cases from employees, to provide such health and welfare benefits as have been agreed to between the employer and the employees. To qualify for treatment as a HWT, the funds of the trust cannot revert to the employer or be used for any purpose other than providing health and welfare benefits for which the contributions are made. In addition, the employer’s contributions to the fund must not exceed the amounts required to provide these benefits. Further, to qualify for treatment as a HWT, the payments by the employer cannot be made on a voluntary or gratuitous basis they must be enforceable by the trustees should the employer decide not to make the payments required. This arrangement is restricted to one or any combination of the following:

  • a group sickness or accident insurance plan
  • a private health services plan
  • a group term life insurance policy

Starting in 2022, the CRA will no longer apply its administrative positions with respect to HWTs.

How Small Measures Can Help You Make Big Money In Real Estate

2 min read.Sangeeta Ojha

In real estate investments too, it is possible to make money via smart tools and instruments

Listen to this article

As the saying goes, there is no easy money in this world, you must make effort to make money. In real estate investments too, it is possible to make money via smart tools and instruments.

Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Bengaluru IKEA store is hiring. Check jobs and vacancie …

Although a newer phenomenon in the Indian subcontinent, REITs are in the market for a long time now. As a smart investor, you can invest in these REITs with a small amount and can earn from the rental income generated by the managing bodies. Each investor gets a return based on his/her investment.

Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta India said that although a newer phenomenon in the Indian subcontinent, REITs are in the market for a long time now. For the uninitiated, a REIT is usually a large company which owns and manages large income-generating real estate. These real estate properties can be hospitals, warehouses, large office spaces, shopping malls, hotels and commercial properties of different kinds.

Moreover, REITs can be traded on the stock market like every other equity share of the company. The REIT provide the benefit of faster liquidation than traditional properties.

Infrastructure Investment Trusts

Real Estate Stocks

Swiping your credit card for ready cash is easy but unl …

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Insurance Segregated Fund Trust

This is a related segregated fund of a life insurer for life insurance policies and is considered to be an inter vivos trust. The fund’s property and income are considered to be the property and income of the trust, with the life insurer as the trustee.


You have to file a separate T3 return and financial statements for each fund. If all the beneficiaries are fully registered plans, complete only the identification and certification areas of the T3 return and enclose the financial statements. If the beneficiaries are both registered and non-registered plans, report and allocate only the income that applies to the non-registered plans.

Have Investment Income We Have You Covered

Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path? Understanding Real ...

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The above article is intended to provide generalized financial information designed to educate a broad segment of the public it does not give personalized tax, investment, legal, or other business and professional advice. Before taking any action, you should always seek the assistance of a professional who knows your particular situation for advice on taxes, your investments, the law, or any other business and professional matters that affect you and/or your business.

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Historical Returns Of Reits

Real estate investment trusts are historically one of the best-performing asset classes available. The FTSE NAREIT Equity REIT Index is what most investors use to gauge the performance of the U.S. real estate market. Between 2010 and 2020, the index’s average annual return was 9.5%.

More recently, the three-year average for REITs between November 2017 and November 2020, 11. 25%, was well above both the S& P 500 and the Russell 2000, which clocked in at 9.07% and 6.45%, respectively. Historically, investors looking for yield have done better investing in real estate than fixed income, the traditional asset class for this purpose. A carefully constructed portfolio should consider both.

Funding Your Real Estate Trust

Follow these steps to transfer the title of real estate into your trust:

  • Contact a local attorney: Contact an attorney in the county and state where the property is located. Ask them to prepare a new deed transferring the property from your individual name into your name as trustee of your trust.
  • Sign all necessary documents: Other documents may also be required, such as local, county or state tax forms, or a certificate or memorandum of trust. The attorney should prepare all forms that are required to retitle your property.
  • Obtain approval from your association: You may have to obtain permission from the association if your property is a condominium or subject to the rules of a homeowner’s association . This may be necessary before the new deed can be recorded. This is where your memorandum or certificate of trust can come in handy. The association may want proof that your trust exists. You can offer the memorandum without turning over a copy of your complete trust agreement, which will contain a lot of personal information about all the assets you may be transferred into the trust. An attorney should be able to assist you with securing the proper approval from the association.
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    Investing In Canadian Reit Etfs

    Now that weve covered some of the best Canadian REITs to buy, its time to explore REIT ETFs.

    As we mentioned earlier, you can pick and choose your favourite Canadian REITs. Given that, you might want to pay close attention to those categories of REITs. Due to the pandemic and the stay at home and work at home economy, office REITs, retail REITs, and Seniors Housing REITs were hit hard.

    Although things may be looking up for 2022, it still remains uncertain how quickly things will bounce back. A risk averse investor might avoid those areas. That said, there may be incredible value in those REITs should we see a robust economic recovery and life somewhat goes back to normal.

    REIT ETFs, just like any other ETF, offer buyers a way to passively invest in a large range of real estate holdings without having to worry about doing a lot of due diligence on individual REITs.

    When it comes to investing in Canadian REITs, I like looking to ETFs and fund managers that I trust. On my site I covered the CI First Asset REIT, ticker RIT. That is Canadas best performing REIT ETF and it is actively managed. That is a very good one-stop ETF option for Canadians. There are also a number of other cost effective Canadian and US REIT ETFs available to Canadians listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

    Here are some of the most popular REIT ETFs available in Canada:

    Employee Life And Health Trust

    Top 3 Real Estate Investment Trusts with High Yield Growth

    This is a trust, established by one or more employers, that meets a number of conditions under subsection 144.1 of the Act. The trust’s only purpose is the payment of a designated employee benefit for employees and certain related persons .

    Employers can deduct contributions made to the trust, as long as they are for DEBs and meet the conditions in subsection 144.1. Employee contributions are permitted, but are not deductible. However, employee contributions may qualify for the medical expense tax credit, to the extent that they are made to a private health services plan.

    The trust can deduct amounts paid to employees or former employees for DEBs and can generally carry non-capital losses back or forward three years. Any amount received from an ELHT must be included in income, unless the amount was received as the payment of a DEB. Payments of DEBs to non-resident employees or former employees will generally not be subject to tax under Part XIII.

    For more information on ELHT’s, designated employee benefits and key employees, see section 144.1.

    Legislation has been introduced to amend the existing ELHT tax rules.

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    The Two Types Of Reits

    REITs come in two basic varieties, depending on how they make money:

    • An equity REIT owns property, typically commercial real estate. It makes its money by collecting rent from tenants and from buying and selling properties.
    • A mortgage REIT is essentially a lender: It finances mortgages, either by lending to borrowers itself or buying mortgages from banks that do. It makes money by collecting payments on those mortgages.

    Some REITs are hybrids, involved in both kinds of activities. REITs generally dont pay taxes themselves as long as they distribute at least 90% of their income to shareholders.

    What To Include In The Notice

    You must confirm the name of your company or principal REIT company, giving notice under section 524 Corporation Tax Act 2010 that you wish to become a REIT and from which date you wish to receive REIT status.

    You must also confirm you meet the following conditions for becoming a REIT.

    It would also be helpful if you could tell us:

    • if Condition D is not met by the date you wish to receive REIT status, details of plans in place to put this right and when you expect to meet the condition
    • if there is an existing property rental business, that the conditions in section 529 CTA have been met
    • the date by which your accounts will be prepared
    • the start and end dates of the first accounting period
    • if appropriate, a copy of the group structure including any known unique taxpayer reference numbers, any linked VAT registration numbers or PAYE scheme reference numbers

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