Is Buying Gold A Good Investment


The Gold Mining Sector

Gold Investment. Is Gold a good investment? What you should know about buying gold as an investment.

The mining sector, which includes companies that extract gold, can experience high volatility. When evaluating the dividend performance of gold stocks, consider the company’s performance over time in regard to dividends. Factors such as the company’s history of paying dividends and the sustainability of its dividend payout ratio are two key elements to examine in the company’s balance sheet and other financial statements.

A company’s ability to sustain healthy dividend payouts is greatly enhanced if it has consistently low debt levels and strong cash flows, and the historical trend of the company’s performance shows steadily improving debt and cash flow figures. Since any company goes through growth and expansion cycles when it takes on more debt and has a lower cash on hand balance, it’s imperative to analyze its long-term figures rather than a shorter financial picture timeframe.

Invest In Gold By Purchasing Stock In Gold Miners

Investing in the stock of companies that mine, refine and trade gold is a much more straightforward proposition than buying physical gold. Since this means buying the stocks of gold mining companies, you can invest using your brokerage account.

Some of the most popular stocks in this sector include:

  • Newmont Corp. . Newmont is the worlds largest gold mining company, headquartered in Colorado. It operates mines in North and South America as well as Africa.
  • Barrick Gold Corp. . This gold mining giant is headquartered in Toronto and operates in 13 countries around the world.
  • Franco-Nevada Corp. . Franco-Nevada doesnt own any gold mines. Instead, it buys the rights to royalties from other gold miners.

Keep in mind, though, that the of gold companies are correlated with gold prices but also are based on fundamentals related to each companys current profitability and expenses. This means investing in individual gold companies carries similar risks as investing in any other stock. Single stocks may experience a certain level of volatility and do not provide you with the security of diversified funds.

Is It A Good Idea To Invest In Gold Right Now

When the equity markets crashed last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was gold which emerged as a saviour, with gold prices registering a remarkable surge to cross Rs 56,000 per 10 gram levels. However, since then, the price has fallen and for several months now, gold prices have remained subdued trading sideways at Rs 47,000-48,000 levels. While many investors still put their faith in gold as a stable asset class, there are many others who feel the bull run of gold is over. In this article, we explore what recent gold prices mean and whether you should consider investing in it.

Starting from basics, gold as an investment class offers a great hedge against inflation. It makes sense to invest in gold when inflation rates are high. Also, due to its stability in terms of prices, gold is a good investment when things do not look bright due to economic uncertainties.

The gold industry is usually volatile in nature, considering various factors including inflation, global trade of the metal, and so on. With the current dip in prices of gold, it is an appropriate time to invest in it. We can expect a hike in prices in the coming months, said Ankur Gupta, Founder and CEO, Ruptok Fintech.

After a stupendous two-year advance from August 2018 to August 2020, gold has entered into a consolidation phase over the past one year. Many investors and experts believe that gold is going through a consolidation phase and would see another bull run going forward.

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When Gold Is A Good Investment

The flip side of this is that gold should have its place. Casey Research published an article in 2014 that took the stance that gold should be a fixed asset in the portfolio. The reason for that is that gold isnt a liability of any government or corporation. Buyers can invest in gold directly and theyve done so for decades. The research shows that since 1934, golds return is around 5 percent. Thats a decent ROI, especially for a fixed income position. That provides a buffer against downturn volatility. Their research shows gold outperforming the S& P 500 by just over 5% from 2004 to 2014. The reason for that obviously includes the massive run-up of gold in that period. But heres the problem with that: Just like any investment that shows a major increase, they will also be a major decrease at some point. So be cautious. When you examine a 30-year portfolio from July 1971 to February 2014, the S& P 500 yielded just over 10%, while gold yielded 9.53%. So say you had roughly 30% of your portfolio in gold, you wouldve yielded almost 10% with a lot less volatility in the marketplace.

Advantages To Buy Gold Coins

Is buying gold a good investment?

Gold and other hard metals have always been a time-honored part of traditional investment plans. Heres why:

  • Gold tends to go up when other investments decline, providing a stabilizing effect for your portfolio.
  • Gold is a bulwark against inflation.
  • You dont have to pay capital gains tax until you sell.
  • Nobody has to know you have it if that matters to you.
  • In worst-case financial scenarios, such as massive currency devaluation, you can use gold and silver to buy and sell. That may sound crazy but it has happened in other countries.

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How To Invest In Gold For Beginners

There are several options for buying Gold. A professional trader would rely on the futures and commodities market. Or buying exchange traded notes

As a beginner, you can either buy physical gold or paper assets representing gold. The best way to invest in gold depends on your comfort level and need.

What Percentage Of A Portfolio Should Gold Make Up

There is no hard and fast rule as to how much gold you want to hold in your portfolio. This will depend on how you feel about the market, how comfortable you are with volatility, and your overall financial needs and timeline.

Because gold is one of the few investments that performs well in a bear market, consider if youre feeling bearish or bullish, and use it to round out an aggressive, stock-heavy portfolio. Ultimately, you should employ the same portfolio management strategies for allocating gold as for purchasing other investments.

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A History Of Holding Its Value

Unlike paper currency, coins or other assets, gold has maintained its value throughout the ages. People see gold as a way to pass on and preserve their wealth from one generation to the next. Since ancient times, people have valued the unique properties of the precious metal. Gold doesn’t corrode and can be melted over a common flame, making it easy to work with and stamp as a coin. Moreover, gold has a unique and beautiful color, unlike other elements. The atoms in gold are heavier and the electrons move faster, creating absorption of some light a process which took Einstein’s theory of relativity to figure out.

Gold Does Not Pay Any Income

Why Investing in Gold isn’t a Good Idea

For medium- and long-term investors, we believe the ability to generate income, such as dividends, is an important feature of any asset class, especially if its meant to be defensive in nature.

Such income helps reduce overall portfolio volatility and smooth out portfolio returns during market cycles both up and down. Income-generating defensive assets also unlock the power of compounding interest on income generated over the life of an investment.

Golds performance over time is only due to price/capital appreciation, rather than the addition of dividend and interest income that stocks and bonds typically provide.

Though an admittedly short window of time, the past 16 months demonstrate this point.

Since 1 January 2020, global markets have been extremely volatile, and those investors who held their nerve received income from stocks and bonds, as well as a strong recovery of capital value.

After a sharp rise in value, the price of gold gave back a majority of the initial gains during the second half of this period as global markets recovered, without any form of income during this time.

Gold investors who stayed the course saw an attractive gain early in this cycle, to be materially reduced without any locked-in income gains along the way.

This was more so true for ASX-listed gold ETFs as they were also negatively impacted by movements in the foreign exchange rate.

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Want To Buy Gold Heres What You Should Know

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What do Scrooge McDuck and King Midas have in common? Hint: Its not a well-diversified portfolio. While owning gold sounds cool, and may even be considered responsible during a stock market downturn, investing in gold comes with some unique challenges and doesnt always pan out the way you might expect.

Should You Invest In Gold

Because gold prices tend to be less volatile than stocks, gold is viewed as a comparatively safe investment. People use gold and other precious metals to diversify their portfolios and to serve as a hedge when other investments decline in value.

There are numerous ways to invest in gold. Some options are more liquid than others, which can make them better for investment purposes, so its helpful to explore the pros and cons of each.

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Weakness Of The Us Dollar

Although the U.S. dollar is one of the world’s most important reserve currencies, when the value of the dollar falls against other currencies as it did between 1998 and 2008, this often prompts people to flock to the security of gold, which raises gold prices . The price of gold nearly tripled between 1998 and 2008, reaching the $1,000-an-ounce milestone in early 2008 and nearly doubling between 2008 and 2012, hitting above the $2,000 mark. The decline in the U.S. dollar occurred for a number of reasons, including the country’s large budget and trade deficits and a large increase in the money supply.

How To Invest In Gold Etfs And Mutual Funds

Is Gold A Good Investment

Other options for gold investment are exchange-traded funds and mutual funds. These two are similar, so lets briefly go over the difference.

ETFs are funds that you can buy in a stock exchange which have investments in companies. The percentage of any one company held in an ETF may vary, but it can track with the market cap of the company, for example.

Mutual funds are similar to ETFs in that they represent an investment in several different companies. The difference is that mutual funds are actively managed. Theres a fund manager buying and selling stocks in order to try to gain the most effective return on investment for investors. This contrasts with an ETF which is just a composite of the performance of the companies within the fund.

Getting into gold through an ETF or a mutual fund prevents you from having to deal with the hassles of investing in physical gold. You also dont have to deal with picking individual stocks, which may provide a beginner investor some comfort.

It is important to note that as with the stocks we just discussed in the previous section, the performance of the ETFs and mutual funds may not always track with the price of gold itself. This is more about the performance of the companies within the funds. This can be good or bad depending on whether particular funds are outperforming or underperforming compared to the rest of the sector.

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Does Gold Preserve Wealth

The US abandoned the gold standard in 1971 when the dollar lost its gold backing.

Even though gold no longer serves as the reserve currency of the US , it has significance in contemporary society. It remains critical to the world economy.

There is no need to look further than central banks balance sheets and other financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, to demonstrate this.

Golds importance in the modern economy stems from its ability to preserve wealth successfully across thousands of generations.

The same cannot be said of paper currencies. Consider the following example to put things into perspective:

Early in the 1970s, one ounce of gold was worth $35.

Assume you had the option of holding an ounce of gold or merely keeping the $35 in crisp dollar bills at that moment.

They would both purchase the same items for you, such as a new suit or a good bicycle. However, if you had an ounce of gold today and converted it to todays prices, it would still be sufficient to purchase a brand new suit or bicycle but not for the original $35.

In short, you would have lost a significant portion of your wealth if you had held the $35 in notes rather than the one ounce of gold. The value of gold has climbed while the value of the dollar has deteriorated due to inflation.

The $35 in notes is not what it was, but $35 of gold bought then is worth much more.

The Hidden Risk Of Coin Ownership

Many people buy gold coins as a form of ultimate protection from a future crisis.

  • Some believe the next crisis will come in the form of a breakdown of social order. This sort of crisis is rare. Were it to happen gold owners would quickly learn the huge risks of using it as money. When the social order breaks down almost nobody pays with gold because they are sensibly frightened to be identified as a gold owner. The gold is unusable while at its most valuable.
  • A breakdown of social order is uncommon, but would always be accompanied by a serious financial crisis. Crises in finance also happen independently of social breakdown, and with much higher frequency, making them a much more common style of problem we are likely to face. Most of us will experience local financial crisis in our lifetimes usually more than once.

    When these cause a run on a rapidly depreciating currency governments tend to initiate capital controls, which are programs for preventing the flight of usable capital from their country.

    It may well be possible to sell gold owned domestically during such a crisis. However formal channels under capital control environments will offer an official government-set price in local currency, which will be far below the true world-market price. Meanwhile informal channels extract the deep discounts of dealing in illegal contraband, and much of the value will be lost to middlemen.

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Why Investing In Gold

Why is gold important? For a relatively small asset class, gold gets a lot of attention. The reason is that gold has become established as a type of anti-money. It is viewed as the opposite of fiat currencies like the US Dollar and Euro. The primary reason for this is the fact that supply is limited, while the supply of fiat money is theoretically unlimited. Every year the amount of above ground gold increases by just 1.5%. That number is likely to fall in the future as below ground reserves are decreasing by as much as 5% a year.

Around 60% of the demand for gold comes from the jewelry, electrical and medical industries, and this demand is fairly stable. The other 40% of demand comes from investors and speculators. It is this demand that drives the price. This dynamic between supply and demand means that the value of gold is stable. What the price of gold really tells us is the value of the US Dollar and other currencies. It is also regarded as a real asset, unlike bonds and currencies which are financial assets. Investing in gold is a way to speculate or hedge against the value of financial assets.

Reasons To Invest In Gold

Is gold a good investment in 2020?
  • Because it is a real asset with limited supply, gold is an effective inflation hedge.
  • Gold typically performs well during recessions, bear markets, and when stock market volatility is high.
  • Gold has a low correlation with most asset classes. This is a useful characteristic when building a diversified investment portfolio. A gold investment can be an effective way to hedge portfolio risk and volatility.
  • While interest rates are low, the opportunity cost of investing in gold is low. In other words, by owning gold you are not missing out on high interest or dividend payments.
  • Gold is a tangible asset and you know exactly what you own. On the other hand, the value of financial assets is based on expectations about the future which involves uncertainty.

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History Of Gold Investment

Since the stock markets began, gold has gained a reputation to have a negative correlation to stocks and a positive correlation when compared to inflation. However, goldâs history as a financial asset and store of value began long before this.

Gold coins were minted and used as currency as far back as 550BC, but gold was known as a sign of wealth long before its use as a currency. Treasures containing gold have been discovered from as early as 4000BC, so the precious metal has been notorious for its relevance to power and wealth for many millennia.

However, it was not until the late 1800s when gold gained its value in contemporary finance. The majority of nations adopted the gold standard, which involves fixing the value of their currency to the price of gold. Since, the gold standard has been dropped and readopted in many countries until it was finally replaced by freely floating fiat currenciesâ in 1971.

The price of goldâ remained relatively stagnant until the 2008 financial crisis, when the price of gold rose from around £15 to £30 a gram in the following years. This spike in price was in response to the adoption of quantitative easing by central banks. The justification of goldâs appreciation in value follows the general logic that QE creates inflation, and gold prices generally rise alongside inflation.


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