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Ally Invest Vs Etrade


ETrade and Ally Invest are very similar in that they’ve been competing in the discount broker category for ages.

While they’re very similar, ETrade’s big differentiator is that it lets you create paper trading portfolios to help you dip your toe into investing. With a wealth of educational tools, you can study stocks and use their portfolios to see how you’re doing with a practice account.

ETrade has a $500 account minimum on their brokerage accounts band while trades of options are free, there is a $0.65 per contract fee at ETrade .

  • Incoming ACAT fee reimbursement up to $75


  • Robo Portfolios is free but requires a 30% cash position or you can pay 0.30% per year
  • Mutual funds cost $9.95 per trade
  • No detailed Level 2 market level data

Are There Alternatives To Ally Invest In Canada

Yes. There are a number of robo-advisors in Canada that offer low fees, diverse investment options, professional investment guidance and more. Many of these services also come with the option of connecting with real, human professional advisors for additional advice and guidance.

Robo-advisors are a popular alternative to brokerage firms and self-directed investing platforms because of super low costs and the ability to set and forget your investments.

Robo-advisors use advanced algorithms to create and automatically rebalance portfolios customized to suit your individual financial preferences, risk tolerance and investment goals. Check out the table below to compare some of Canadas most popular robo-advisors and read our reviews of each to decide which one is right for you.

How Does Ally Invest Use Your Information

Some of the data Ally collects is used for advertising purposes, while other information is used to improve functionality on the platform. Ally Invest uses location, device, and usage data to optimize the app according to your preferences and show you relevant ads. They will also retrieve and use your personal or contact information when you use Ally Invest or Ally Banks associated services.

Remember that disabling cookies in your browser will prevent Ally Invest from collecting much of your data, though they mention it affects functionality. Here are some other ways Ally Invest might use and share your information:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ally Invest

Weve rounded up the answers to several common questions about Ally Invest.

Ally Invest offers a variety of research tools for different types of investors, among them:Stock Screener: Allows investors to look at information such as fundamentals, exchanges, price performance, sectors, and valuation.ETF and mutual fund screener: Sift through criteria such as each fund’s profile, performance, portfolio, Lipper ratings, and risk analysis.Trading Idea Generator: Use backtesting strategies including quality stock at a reasonable price.

Although Ally Invest doesn’t explicitly promote or encourage investors to do day trading on their platform, there are plenty of features that will support this type of investing the company has a wide range of research and technical analysis tools.

When you trade on margin, you’re essentially borrowing money from a brokerage firm to invest in additional securities or other short-term lending needs. The funds you borrow is typically based on the value of securities in your portfolio you’ll need to pay this back with interest, or the margin rate.

Portfolios.This offering invests in companies that are proven to engage in sustainability, energy efficiency, and other types of green initiatives.

Contributor Sarah Li-Cain is a personal finance writer based in Jacksonville, Florida, specializing in real estate, insurance, banking, loans and credit. She is the host of the Buzzsprout and Beyond the Dollar podcasts.

Safety: Is Ally Invest Secure

Ally Invest Incentive Offer To Open New Account 2020

If youre looking for a robust online trading app that takes user security seriously, Ally Invest makes the cut. It gets an 8.5 on 10 from us. Ally Financial, Ally Invests parent company has a solid A rating from independent cybersecurity reviewer UpGuard scoring 817 out of 950.

Ally takes important cybersecurity steps needed to protect its online portal and platforms from outside hacks and attacks. It also provides users with the features needed to protect their accounts from unauthorized access.

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Is It Worth It

Overall, Ally Invest is very user-friendly. The ease of use, along with low costs, make Ally Invest attractive to investors. One of its biggest drawbacks is that it doesn’t currently support fractional shares. It also doesn’t offer tax-loss harvesting or access to human wealth managers. But other than those few minor disadvantages, Ally Invest offers a full brokerage package at market-leading prices.

If you want to know about other brokers, check out ourOnline Broker Comparison Tool.

Ally Invest Review: Conclusion

Ally Invest is a terrific all-around royalty account for brokerages. Beginner to intermediate investors who are experienced in maintaining a self-directed investing account should use Ally. The cheap minimums and free trades make it extremely accessible to those who dont have a lot of money to invest, but the accounts tools and features still help those who do.

Ally is a good option for your next broker, especially if you currently have an account with its parent bank or want to consolidate all of your accounts. The interface with Ally Bank makes it simple to shift funds from one account to another, which is especially helpful when you need to make a simple transaction or pay a payment. This Ally invest review will assist all beginner traders in the procedure and tactics of this site.

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What Investments Does Ally Offer

With an Ally investment account, you can trade the following securities:

  • Stocks and ETFs. Available with Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet stocks starting at a minimum of $100 per order.
  • Bonds. Start at $1 per bond with a $10 minimum.
  • Options. No commission fees, but expect to pay a $0.50 per contract fee.
  • Mutual funds. Over 12,000 no-load mutual funds are available at $9.95 per trade.
  • Forex. Ally Invest offers 24/5 real-time access to over 50 currency pairs, including gold and silver.

What types of portfolios does Ally Invest offer?

Interested in having Allys financial advisors manage your investments? You have four portfolios to choose from:

  • Socially responsible. Invest in businesses that support sustainability and clean energy through eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Tax-optimized. Diversify your portfolio with a mix of tax-advantaged, low-cost ETFs.
  • Core. Select your preferred level of risk, and Allys team will spread your investments across domestic, international and fixed-income assets.
  • Income. Tap into high-yield dividends through a conservative risk profile that focuses on yield and income.

Who Is Ally Best For

Ally Invest Review | Is it worth trying in 2021?

With self-directed brokerage accounts, managed portfolios and forex trading, Ally Invest is well-suited to the following investors:

  • Active investors. Commission-free stocks, ETFs and options trading makes Ally a viable choice for experienced investors.
  • Hands-off investors. For those who prefer passive investing, Ally offers portfolio management with no advisory fees.
  • Forex traders. Not many platforms offer access to the forex market Ally Invest does. Active accounts come with no commission costs, and investors can start trading with as little as $250.

Ally Invests variety of investment products coupled with its research tools makes it suitable for both passive and active investors.

Portfolio management comes in four distinct flavors with investment trajectories guided by short- and long-term goals. Investments are hand-picked by Allys team of financial advisors, and dedicated support is available by phone and email.

Individual brokerage accounts can trade stocks, bonds, ETFs and options with access to Allys comprehensive research tools, complete with an ETF screener, option chains, market stats and detailed company metrics.

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Is Ally Invest Managed Portfolios Right For You

Ally Invest Managed Portfolios Pros Ally Invest Managed Portfolios Cons
  • Low minimum and no advisory fee
  • Ally Invest sets aside 30% of your portfolio as as an interest-earning cash buffer
  • Four portfolios to choose from
  • Portfolios are designed by human professionals but managed and monitored by technology
  • 24/7 support and mobile access
  • No one-on-one human advisor consultations
  • No tax-loss harvesting

Ally Invest Managed Portfolios is an Ally Financial-affiliated automated account offering investing without fees for US residents. The account supports IRAs, as well as individual, joint, and custodial investing accounts.

Ally Invest Advisors, Inc. manages the account and is in turn a subsidiary of Ally Invest Group, Inc. Ally Financial Inc. owns Ally Invest Group.

The Ally Invest mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Ally Invest
Open an account

If you’re a hands-off investor in search of automated portfolio management, Ally Invest Managed Portfolios, Fidelity Go, and Schwab Intelligent Portfolios are all popular platforms. But the three investment apps have a few differences when it comes to fees and investment choices.

For instance, you won’t need a minimum account size to use Fidelity’s automated account, but you’ll have to pay an advisory fee if you have a balance greater than $10,000. You’ll need at least $100 to use Ally’s equivalent account, but you’ll never have to worry about fees.

Ally Invest Security Measures

Ally Invest trading platform website values the search, security, and privacy of your private and account with more information. Technology, protocols, and procedures are all part of our strategy to keep it safe. Ally Invest charges have put in place measures to safeguard the information under their control from loss, abuse, and modification.

To ensure a safe environment for all transactions, the secure website section employs SSL technology. After a certain number of failed login attempts, Ally Invest disables access to your account to safeguard it from unauthorized users. Ally Invests further security precautions are detailed in its privacy policy.

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What To Do In Case Of An Ally Invest Breach

Since keeping customers funds and sensitive data safe is part of their business practice, banking and investment platforms must take some of the toughest cybersecurity measures of any industry. Sure, Ally Invest and Ally Bank have a solid track record when it comes to data breaches, but the bottom line? You dont know what could happen in the future.

Savvy hackers and cybercriminals are constantly figuring out new ways to break into networks and systems. Unfortunately, financial institutions will always have a huge target on their back. If Ally Invest was to suffer a data breach for any reason, heres what you should do:

  • Find out what was stolen. Sensitive data can be used to commit all kinds of identity fraud. If social security numbers were compromised in a data breach, you need to notify law enforcement immediately. In many data breaches, hackers make off with seemingly harmless scores like emails and customer names. However, those can be used for targeted phishing emails attacks, which you should be wary of.
  • Change your passwords. Unfortunately, password-guessing and credential stuffing software run rampant. If your username and even partial passwords were stolen in a breach, you could be vulnerable to attacks. Change your account password. Make sure its impossible to guess and that you dont use it anywhere else. You can also use a secure password manager like 1Password to create strong passwords and store them.
  • Is Ally Invest Good For Beginners

    Motif Investing vs Ally Invest and Vanguard (2020)

    Ally Invest can be a great option for beginners when it comes to investing. They make opening an account easy, explain their steps, and have clear information to help you make the right investment portfolio decision for you.

    Its also a great option for those who have more hands-on experience and are looking to control their portfolios a bit more. So even if you have experience in investing, you have a home with Ally Invests Self-directed trading.

    However, if you are an advanced stock trader or investor you may want to look elsewhere. Some of their tools are limited and you may want more freedoms with trading.

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    Ally Invest Deposit & Withdrawal Options

    Dealers can deposit funds in their accounts in one of four ways:-

    Electronic Funds Transfer

    You can link your bank account balance to your royalty account for transfers. This is a convenient method to transfer money into and out of your Ally Invest Securities account, both temporarily and permanently. Ally Bank accounts transfers are normally ready for per trade right away.

    Wire Transfer

    This is the quickest way to get money into your account and start trading. You can make your first transaction when the money has been placed into your brokerage account. This approach can take anything from a few hours to one business day, depending on how soon your bank begins the transfer.

    Bank Transfer

    Bank account transfers may now be requested online. Once Ally receives your request, it usually takes 5 to 7 working days for them to process it.


    You can trade as soon as they receive and verify the check with your bank if you ship a cashiers or bank check.

    Dealers have four options for withdrawing funds from Ally invest:-

    • Transferring money over the internet
    • Wire transfer on the way out
    • Transfer of telephone
    • Check request

    Certain forms of withdrawals and shifts from savings accounts are limited to a total of six every statement cycle under federal law. These limited transactions include shifts from your account to any of your allied accounts or a third party via online and mobile banking.

    Other Ally Invest Robo Portfolios Features

    As a part of the Ally financial family, Ally Invest Robo Portfolios provides access to the companys other lines of business, including:

    • Self-directed investing with the Ally Invest online brokerage platform
    • Ally Bank online banking services, including checking, savings and CDs
    • Mortgages and auto loans

    That said, outside of those services, Ally Invest Robo Portfolios is a little scant on additional features. As most robos do, it does provide automated rebalancing of your portfolio if your asset allocation drifts, but in terms of more advanced features, theres no access to financial advisors or tax-loss harvesting, for instance.

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    Who Pays Taxes On Custodial Brokerage Accounts

    Technically, a custodial brokerage account is owned by the child. So, they are responsible for paying taxes on any earnings, not the custodian. If no investment income is earned, no tax is due.

    Heres how it works for 2022 if the child is under 18:

    • The first $1,150 is not taxed
    • The next $1,150 is taxed at the childs rate
    • Amounts over $2,300 are taxed at the custodians rate

    Mobile Support & Accessibility

    Ally Invest Managed Portfolios Review: 7 Months Later

    It is great to have a wide range of financial instruments and access to different asset classes in a single trading platform. However, itâs no good when the platform itself is difficult to use.

    You would be glad to know that Ally Invest isnât one of those trading platforms that take a lot of time to get used to. The overall layout is easy to navigate through.

    Inexperienced traders wonât feel intimidated when checking market statistics and other insights for the first time. Moreover, Ally Invest also offers users the option to customize their trading layout.

    This is great for traders who give preference to particular metrics or analysis tools. For investors who like to invest on the go, Ally Invest offers a mobile app across iOS, Android, and Windows.

    However, I found that the mobile app isnât very user-friendly and has a few problems that need to be fixed to provide a seamless user experience.

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    How To Make Payments Deposit Money And Withdraw Cash

    Ally Invest doesnât require a user to have a specific deposit amount in their account. As such, it is perfect for those who want to reduce their risk by trading small amounts.

    The account can be easily funded via a debit card . This will credit the balance to your trading account immediately.

    You can also choose other payment methodsâlike a wire transferâwhich would take about one to two working days for the funds to be transferred to your account.

    Check payments are also accepted, but with them, youâll have to wait for five to ten business days to see the cash in your account.

    You can withdraw the funds out of your account through a bank wire. If you are transferring funds to an account in the U.S., youâll be charged a fee of $30.

    The charges for overseas transfers are $50. You can also withdraw your money through a check. In this case, youâll be charged $5 per transfer.

    One great feature is that if you are currently banking with Ally, all withdrawals will be free.

    Itâs worth noting that funds from your Ally Invest account can be transferred to another broker. If you are transferring your entire balance, you will have to pay $50.

    If you are only transferring one segment of your investment portfolio, you will be required to pay $10 per security.

    Ally Invest takes security very seriously. According to their website:

    You can read their full Privacy & Security Policy for more information.

    Resources Offered By Ally Invest

    The various types of resources offered by the Ally Invest trading platform are as follows:-

    Resources for Finding Work

    Dealers can cooperate with your job search and/or unemployment claim.

    Savings on Utilities

    Heat, electricity, gas, and water expenses may all be reduced.

    Assistance with Food

    Dealers can find food assistance programs in case of an emergency.

    Financial Guidance

    Clients can learn more about how to achieve your financial objectives.

    Savings on Medical Care

    Dealers can find low-cost dentistry, eye, and primary care services, as well as prescription discounts.

    Additional Support

    Dealers can save money on child care, discover inexpensive housing, and get legal help, among other things.

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    How Much Should I Save If I Want To Retire Early

    The amount you should save for retirement heavily depends on the age you want to retire and the lifestyle you want to live, so theres no one-size-fits-all amount. But if you dream of retiring early, you might start by exploring Financial Independence, Retire Early . Many who aspire to retiring well before their 60s follow principles of the FIRE movement to curb spending and save intensely.


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