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Americas Gold And Silver

Mines & Money: ACME Lithium

Year-to-date gain: 5.88 percent current share price: C$1.08

Americas Gold and Silver describes itself as a “high-growth precious metals mining company.” The company works out of North America, and has multiple producing mines: the Cosalá operations in Sinaloa, Mexico, which include the San Rafael mine and the Galena Complex in Idaho, US. It also owns the Relief Canyon mine in Nevada, US, although that mine is not yet in commercial production.

Americas Gold and Silver’s share price climbed throughout the early part of the year after starting at C$1.06. Shares hit a year-to-date low of C$0.90 days after the January 24 announcement that the company’s Cosalá operations had reopened following a blockade by unionized workers that began in January 2020. Since that low, Americas Gold and Silver has climbed steadily through the release of its multi-year production outlook and 2021 production results it reached a year-to-date high of C$1.56 on March 9.

On March 17, the company reported its full 2021 results, and discussed the disappointment seen at its Relief Canyon mine, which failed to enter commercial production last year due to metallurgical issues. However, the company is optimistic coming off the reopening of Cosalá and the rising silver price.

The companys share price has sunk since then, but is still up year-to-date. Its most recent news was its Q1 production results, including output of 300,000 silver ounces and 1,274,000 silver equivalent ounces.

Youre Investing In High

Once youve lost the contribution room in a TFSA, you cant get it back. Aside from just waiting for the governments next annual increase in the TFSA, if youve lost money because you invested in a risky stock, you dont get to replenish that contribution room. Only if you withdraw funds from a TFSA can you replace that contribution room in the following year.

If youre taking on risk, its best to do it outside a TFSA where you can benefit from utilizing a capital loss in future periods.

Keep Up With Current Events In Canada

If you are an American trading on the Canadian stock market, you may not be aware of current events in Canada that affect stock prices. Do your best to keep up with the news in Canada by checking the news tab in Google or reading major newspapers throughout the country

There are television channels in Canada dedicated to financial news. If you visit their websites often, you can learn how the Canadian economy is performing and use that information to invest in Canadian companies or stocks.

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Open A Commsec International Share Trading Account Today

To trade International Shares with CommSec, you’ll need a CommSec Share Trading Account that settles to a cash account.

Already a CommSec customer?

When the markets are volatile, understanding the differences between investing domestically and internationally is crucial. For further information on the risks associated with investing in offshore markets,

Do Your Stocks Qualify For A Tfsa

SDG Investor Map for India launched by UNDP and Invest India

The Canadian Income Tax Act allows for stocks to be considered qualified investments so long as they are listed on a designated stock exchange.

If you put non-qualified stocks into your TFSA you will get dinged big-time by the CRA. Youll be penalized 50% of the stocks value in the year it was moved into the TFSA. If you did this accidentally and can prove it, you can get this 50% back when you move the offending stock back out of the TFSA. In addition to the 50% stock value penalty, youll also be taxed on any gains made while the offending stock was inside the TFSA.

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You Want To Hold Us Dividend Stocks

If you earn dividends from U.S. stocks inside a TFSA, youll incur withholding taxes. Thats not the case if you were to hold the investments in your RRSP.

The default withholding tax is 30% for a U.S. dividend in your TFSA, and while you can get it reduced, you wont get it eliminated entirely. Thats why if youre holding U.S. stocks and primarily doing so for the dividend, an RRSP may be a better option than a TFSA.

How To Invest In Canadian Virtual Reality Stocks

The adoption of virtual reality tech is projected to grow in important industries. Heres a look at several Canadian virtual reality stocks.

Virtual reality technology may be but a whisper in Canada right now, but some say the volume is set to get turned up for VR stocks in a matter of just a few years.

While adoption of VR has been fairly slow so far, many industry watchers see this exciting technology as the next evolution of entertainment. Advancements in VR have so far largely come from the video game industry, although the technology is also making a splash in markets such as medicine, business, architecture and manufacturing.

We think has the potential to transform how we interact with almost every industry today, and we think it will be equally transformative both from a consumer and an enterprise perspective, said Heather Bellini of Goldman Sachs Research in a report.

In terms of overall market size, estimates on the VR space are mixed. Grand View Research states that worldwide, the VR market is expected to reach US$69.6 billion in 2028. The research firm projects that the VR market will grow at a compound annual rate of growth of 18 percent between 2021 and 2028. According to its data, growth is expected to be driven by an influx of smartphone and mobile gaming activity.

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Listing On The Toronto Stock Exchange

The Toronto Stock Exchange consisted of over 1,500 companies, as of 2017, worth a total of $1.77 trillion in market capitalization. While the majority of these companies are based in Ontario , a substantial portion of the exchange’s market capitalization also comes from Alberta , due to the region’s rich natural resources, namely, oil and gas in the oil sands.

The exchange’s breakdown of sectors by market capitalization shows a skew towards financial services , energy and materials , while industrials and consumer discretionary round out the top five sectors. Many of these companies consist of so-called junior mining companies focused on developing natural resources, such as gold mines or timber yards.

Listing requirements on the Toronto Stock Exchange vary based on the type of company seeking a listing. For instance, mining companies must meet certain property, work programs, and working capital requirements before listing, while oil and gas companies have only working capital and financial requirements that must be met to qualify for the exchange.

Smaller companies that don’t qualify for the TSX exchange may instead be listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, which is similar to the OTC Markets or NASDAQ OTCBB in the United States. These companies have less of a track record and can be in development stages compared to the larger companies that are listed on the larger TSX exchange.

What Is A Computer Science Master’s Degree

Mines & Money: CanAlaska Uranium Ltd

A master’s degree in computer science is a graduate degree focused on advanced computer programming, generally to prepare the student for a variety of professional technical challenges. A computer science master’s degree is a good fit for someone with a computer science undergraduate degree or a strong foundation in computer science looking to formalize their experience.

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Schwab Global Investing Services Specialists

Learn about the help and support that Schwab Global Investing Services Specialists provide to clients.

Our mission is to help clients with anything related to foreign markets. Sometimes it’s as simple as a client calling in to get a quote on a foreign security. They searched on the websites, he can’t find anything available. So we’re there to explain to him how he can go about doing that. We’re are able to explain to clients that different markets have different requirements for placing trades.

The mission of global investing isn’t just to place orders or to accept trades. We want to educate. We want to talk about the benefits and the risks of international mutual funds or ETFs or even American depository receipts. All these products help clients diversify their portfolios and help them to reach their financial goals.

The individuals I work with on a global trading desk have had so much experience in trading with the foreign markets, and we like nothing better than to share that experience with our clients so they can be as effective as possible in their decision-making.

We really want them to understand that regardless of their asset size or if they trade ten times a year or once a year we are interested in them as our clients and as our investors.

We have vast experience in all foreign markets as well as their products. We all have a passion for what we do and we like sharing that passion with our clients.

The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company‘s theme parks and hotels are some of the world’s premier vacation destinations. Disney cruise ships are also popular and offer family-themed voyages that are set to resume this year. These in-person experiences made a comeback in 2021 for Disney and are profitable once again.

Although many travel companies are totally reliant on travel demand to generate income, Disney is more resilient. In addition to travel, the company makes money from television, movies, streaming content , and merchandise. These numerous revenue streams are part of the reason why many investors consider Disney one of the most undervalued stocks for 2022.

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How Us Investors Can Trade Stocks On The Cse

While most Canadian discount online brokerages are connected to the CSE, there is still limited access within the US, but some US brokers allow clients to open international accounts that let them trade directly on a foreign stock exchange.

If you are trading from the US, you will need to find a broker who is willing to facilitate trades on Canadian stock exchanges. Youll also want to keep in mind that youll have to convert your currency into Canadian dollars before trading, so exchange rates come into play.

It is also important to note that, due to the implementation of the Canadian-U.S. Income Tax Convention, your international broker will automatically remove Canadian income tax contributions from your stock sales and dividends.

How To Put Stocks Into Your Tfsa

Singapore Stock Investment Research: CSE Global

Generally you can transfer your stock shares directly into your TFSA account without first having to sell it. The caveat is that you need to have your TFSA held within a brokerage firm and not your regular bank. If your TFSA is held within a brokerage firm and you are a self-directing investor, youre OK. But if you try to do this at your bank you may run into trouble since banks dont generally deal in stocks.

When putting the stocks into your TFSA look to see if you have made any to-date profits outside the TFSA. If you have, youll be taxed on that gain since that money was made outside the TFSA . Once inside the TFSA, the stock shares are protected and any gain you make after this date will be tax-free.

After the stocks are safely inside your TFSA they can start making gains tax-free. Because you arent guaranteed to make a profit on these shares, you really should make sure your TFSA portfolio is diversified enough to handle any downturns. Put some mutual funds, bonds, ETFs, or even GICs in there to make sure you have a healthy mix of funds.

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Private Startups + Crowdfunding Projects

Private companies are inherently riskier investments as they are often younger and have less financial history. Nevertheless, they also have a potentially bigger upside especially if you get in early. Imagine being an early investor in Beyond Meat? Here are a few crowd-equity crowdfunding platforms that allow just about anyone to invest in early stage companies. You can also always support Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Discover the latest startups raising money this month:

Travel And Leisure Etfs

If you’re bullish on travel and tourism but would rather not invest in individual companies, then buying shares in an exchange-traded fund may be a better option. Travel-focused ETFs invest in large numbers of travel and tourism companies and confer instant diversification within the sector.

Two travel ETFs to consider:

  • The ETFMG Travel Tech ETF is among the most diversified travel-focused ETFs. About half of its holdings by value are bookings and reservations companies, with the remainder split among ride-sharing, price comparison, and travel advice businesses.
  • The U.S. Global JetsETF is a niche travel ETF specifically focused on airlines. U.S. airline stocks make up more than half of the fund’s holdings, which also include the stocks of several international carriers.

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Choosing An Online Brokerage Platform

Whether you are an investor trading from Canada, the US or anywhere else you will need to hire a broker to facilitate you in buying and selling of stocks. Creating an account with a broker will give you the ability to trade stocks, bonds, ETFs, forex, options, futures, commodities,and mutual funds.

You can opt for a full-service broker, who charge a fee to facilitate stock trading and will help you develop a long-term financial plan. Another option is an online discount broker, which doesnt give you advice like a full-service broker would but is a lot less expensive.

There are a number of online brokerage platforms out there that facilitate trades from the US. The fees associated with each online broker vary greatly, so youll want to do your research and shop around when searching for a brokerage.

Here are a couple popular options you might consider:

Questrade offers self-directed investing at a cost of $0.01 per share with a minimum of $4.95 as well as pre-built actively managed portfolios for a management fee of 25% per month. The company also offers market data packages, from free basic coverage to advanced data packages for $89.95 per month. It is free to open and close your account, but its important to be aware of things like inactivity and de-registration fees.

How Us Investors Can Buy Canadian Cannabis Stocks

Altaley Mining sees 121% increase in gross revenues as company discloses year-end financial numbers


Canada has become an important investment destination for U.S. investors following the legalization of medical and adult-use cannabis nationwide. As the only G20 country with nationwide legalization in place, investors have the unique opportunity to invest in licensed producers, which have become important suppliers to both domestic consumers and international markets that have legalized medical marijuana.

Unfortunately, many of these companies trade on Canadian exchanges that are difficult for U.S.-based investors to access through traditional brokerage accounts, such as the Toronto Stock Exchange , Toronto Venture Exchange , and the Canadian Securities Exchange . While they may trade over-the-counter in the United States, the Canadian shares may offer the best liquidity for investors.

In this article, we will look at how U.S.-based investors can invest directly on Canadian stock exchanges and some important considerations when doing so.

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Benefits Of Investing In Canada

Canada has an extensive natural resource base that ranges from precious metals to crude oil. These resources have allowed the country to export energy while sustaining itself at the same time.

Canada has a very stable rate of inflation, despite its enormous resource base. Natural resource-based economies are generally afflicted by fluctuating rates of inflation due to the volatility of energy prices . This is partially due to its tighter monetary policy with target interest rates of 2% and more conservative bailout policies.

Canada’s budget deficit was just 2.1%, compared to around 9.8% in the United States in 2010. In 2018, Canada even was able to post a budget surplus of 0.8% in the first half of the year, while the U.S. deficit remained around 4% of GDP for the same period.

Canada also compares quite favorably with many European and Asian countries, which means a more manageable long-term outlook and fiscal stability.

U.S.-based venture capitalists are moving to Canada, with $1.372 million indicating that Canadian startups are becoming a popular investment among U.S. investors.

Can Any Investor Access Companies Listed And Trading On Neo Can Investors Outside Of Canada Do So

All investors should be able to access securities listed and trading on NEO through their usual investment channels whether a discount brokerage platform or full service dealer. NEO already represents close to 10% of all volume traded in Canadian-listed securities. All registered dealers in Canada, including the discount brokers, provide access to NEO. International investors will generally experience the same process as when trading on the TSX, TSXV or CSE.

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Xrp Battle With The Sec: Who Could Win

XRP is in a controversial legal battle with the SEC, but most lawyers and crypto analysts think Ripple has good chances of winning the case.

More on: XRP

One cryptocurrency that should have exploded by now is Ripple. The company is stuck in a controversy involving the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Many lawyers and crypto analysts say the high-profile lawsuit could be over soon.

As of March 20, 2022, XRP is down by only 3% year to date. The sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap even outperforms Bitcoin and Ethereum . Several industry players and crypto platforms forecast an explosion should Ripple win the legal battle.

According to most predictions, XRP could breach the US$1 mark before it reaches US$5, a realistic figure. The ace for Ripple right now is its fair notice defence. Magistrate Analisa Torres denied the SECs motion to strike out Ripples defense. Attorney Jeremy Hogan said it strengthened the defendants position.

The partner at Hogan & Hogan law firm believes that Ripples affirmative defense is more relevant for the lawsuits outcome, the futures of XRP and Ripple plus the entire crypto industry. Hogan said, If the Fair Notice defence survives and Ripple wins, the SEC will have an uphill battle winning any lawsuits they bring.


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