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The Complaint Comes Two Weeks After Kavita Gupta’s Lawyer Filed A Complaint Against The Ethereum Firm Asking For At Least $30 Million In Monetary Damages

Kavita Gupta (ConsenSys) on The danger of investing in coins instead of equity | TNW Conference 2018

The main entrance of ConsenSys’s Brooklyn, N.Y., headquarters as seen in 2018.

Ethereum backer ConsenSys AG has filed suit against the former head of its venture capital arm, Kavita Gupta, for resume fraud. The complaint comes two weeks after Gupta filed a complaint in New York state court saying the firm owes her money for her work in starting ConsenSys Ventures.

In its complaint filed in a Delaware court on Monday, ConsenSys alleged that Gupta induced the company to hire her “by claiming to have stellar qualifications” that turned out to be fraudulent. The suit claims credentials from Harvard Business School, MIT and The World Bank were fabricated.

ConsensSys alleged in the complaint that Gupta lacked the skills to manage a venture fund and that “her toxic and abusive personality” caused the firm to lose employees and business opportunities.

Business Insider first reported on the escalating feud.

In a phone interview with CoinDesk, Gupta said that she will be filing an expanded version of her Dec. 31 complaint, in which she asked for damages of at least $30 million.

Gupta described ConsenSys’s efforts as an attempt to “just really take away my reputation” and “a public mockery.” She disputed ConsenSys’s characterizations, saying she had been mistreated and that investors in her current fund had been founders in ConsenSys Ventures. “I’m disputing everything,” she said.

Said Cane in a phone interview: “Why would they be making these allegations for the first time in 2022?”

Ubs Next Invests In Blockchain Leader Consensys

Our USD 200 million strong strategic fintech initiative UBS Next has invested in ConsenSys, a software engineering firm for solutions in distributed ledger technology.

We launched UBS Next in October 2020 to strengthen our engagement with the wider tech ecosystem by investing in and collaborating with innovative early stage fintechs and other relevant tech companies. With our first investment last October into venture capital fund Anthemis, UBS initiated a fruitful strategic collaboration with a global venture capital fund with expertise in fintech investing to accelerate deal flow origination.

This second investment now is into ConsenSys, a leader in Ethereum-based blockchain technology, in which UBS Next invests jointly with other major financial services firms. ConsenSys products are the primary points of access to Ethereum for developers, enterprises, and consumers. With this investment, we widen our access to distributed ledger technology and strengthen the existing relationship and collaboration between UBS and ConsenSys. Our investment is driven by our ambition to find new and effective ways to deliver our services to clients and to drive growth across UBS by applying cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

Through close and agile collaboration we expect to add value to our technology pipeline and engineer solutions that differentiate us adds Mike Dargan.

Can You Invest In Consensys

Not yet.

Unfortunately, ConsenSys is still a private company. Until we have a ConsenSys IPO , the best way to invest indirectly in ConsenSys is to simply buy and hold Ethereum.

Because the fortunes of ConsenSys are inevitably tied up with those of Ethereum, buying and holding Ethereum is a proxy for buying ConsenSys. In fact, if and when ConsenSys does offer shares to the public, we can expect a big price bump to Ethereum .

You can use pre-IPO marketplaces like EquityZen to buy shares of ConsenSys, but theyre available only to accredited investors . Buying pre-IPO shares on these secondary markets is usually more difficult than just buying and holding Ethereum which, in contrast, is easy to buy on a crypto exchange like Coinbase.

Or, you can buy Ethereum directly from within MetaMask.

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Mastercard And Consensys Launch Consensys Rollups For Evm Blockchains

ConsenSys, a leading analytics platform, has announced its partnership with Mastercard to aid in the rollout of ConsenSys Rollups. These rollups will offer enterprise-grade scalability to financial institutions and other users seeking scalability.

ConsenSys will be tapping into the high level of expertise the Mastercard engineering team offers to develop the ConsenSys Rollups solution.

Ethereum Infrastructure Company Consensys Raises $200 Million At $32 Billion Valuation

Mastercard &  ConsenSys to Support Multi

Joseph Lubin, Ethereum co-founder and CEO of ConsenSys

ConsenSys, a developer and service provider focused on Ethereum, has closed a $200 million round of funding at a $3.2 billion valuation. New investors include Marshall Wace, Third Point, ParaFi Capital, and Think Investments, who joined follow-on participants including Animoca Brands, Coinbase Ventures, and HSBC. This round quickly follows a $65 million raise, announced in March 2021, which included JPMorgan, Mastercard and UBS.

In the frothiness of todays crypto market, which has seen the total market capitalization approach $3 trillion and approximately $15 billion in venture capital invested in 2021, a $200 million round could seem rather pedestrian. Especially for a company that was founded in 2014.

However, according to Joe Lubin, CEO and Founder of ConsenSys, who also happens to be a co-founder of Ethereum, this goldilocks round is just right for the firm at this point. In an interview with Forbes, Lubin said that This raise could have been larger if we wanted it to be.

What came out the other end was a more focused streamlined organization with defined boundaries between the development and consulting services. It was also aided by the massive jump in the price of ether , which has surged 489% year to date. Lubin says that now the company is profitable, and a few of its flagship projects are beginning to see significant traction.

ETH-killers are matching or passing ether in terms of price this year

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Consensys Receives A $10 Million Investment From Sk Group


The largest telecom organization in South Korea, SK Group, has invested $10 million in an opportunity fund managed by ConsenSys, one of the largest global blockchain firms on the planet. This according to a report by the news agency Chosun.

SK Group has been a company looking to get more involved in the crypto industry, joining Samsung, as well as Kakao, and Hyundai. The chairman at SK Corporation, Chey Tae-won, one of the richest men in South Korea, expressed a strong desire to get involved in the blockchain and token economy. Speaking at a tech startup event in the capital city of Seoul, South Korea, Chey explained that it is time for businesses to digitize their practices.

This is good news for ConsenSys. Despite earning a reputation as one of the most influential blockchain firms on the planet, the company was looking for outside investments as recently as April 2019. They had quickly moved to the top of the heap in the crypto space since their inception but had struggled recently, forcing the company to seek an investment of $200 million.

Things appear to be looking up at ConsenSys now. On June 25, it was announced that the ITW Global Leaders Forum was launching a new blockchain based platform, known as the Communications Blockchain Network . This venture brought together 11 of the most influential technology companies on the planet, including IBM, R3, and ConsenSys.

Consensys Just Invested $1 Million In Crypto Trading Platform Coinhouse And An Undisclosed Amount In Privacy

Despite recent belt-tightening at Brooklyn-based ethereum venture studio ConsenSys, the companys investment arm is ramping up outreach to independent startups.

ConsensSys Ventures, headed by managing partner Kavita Gupta, announced two new investments on Thursday: $1 million in the Paris-based crypto wallet and trading platform Coinhouse and an undisclosed amount in the encryption-centric browser Tenta.

Gupta told CoinDesk these companies distinguished themselves with teams that include bitcoin veterans serving established user-bases. According to Coinhouse, the platform has over 150,000 user accounts. Plus, the startups CEO, Nicolas Louvet, was an early investor in the hardware wallet startup Ledger. Ledger CEO Éric Larchevêque was a reciprocal investor in Coinhouse and both men now sit on the boards of each other’s respective companies.

A settlement custody solution working with the exchange … is very relevant to how at ConsenSys Ventures we think about investing, Gupta told CoinDesk in an interview Thursday.

As for Tenta, which features a built-in VPN, ad blocker and full data encryption, Tenta CEO Jesse Adams told CoinDesk the browser currently has 900,000 downloads. The ConsenSys-incubated wallet startup MetaMask is already in talks with Tenta regarding how the latters mobile browser could include built-in crypto wallets.

We have been helping a lot of VC funds to think through their investment thesis and introduce them to the ecosystem, she said, adding:

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Behind The Scenes Of Mata Capitals Landmark Tokenization Project And What It Means For The Future Of Asset Management

This marks the beginning of a radical transformation of the real estate asset management sector.

Matthieu Bouchaud, Product Lead at Codefi Assets

From title token prototypes in the UK to fractionalized condos in Manhattan, real estate tokenization has emerged in recent years as one of the most here-and-now use cases of blockchain technology for large asset and property managers. Last year, French asset manager Mata Capital moved the industry past another milestone with its tokenization of over 350M worth of real estate assets. The project involved the tokenization of an alternative investment fund holding a logistic platform worth 220M in the north of Paris. The asset-backed token issuance is among the largest real estate tokenization projects in Europe.

Beyond more efficient client onboarding, transaction processing, and reporting, Mata Capital aims to increase access and attract a wider pool of domestic and international professional investors. Baptiste Saint-Martin, Product Development Manager at Mata Capital, explains that the long-term vision of the project is to build an investment platform that allows anyone to invest in private equity, real estate, infrastructure, or private debt with less than one euro, while respecting all the regulatory standards.

Heres a behind-the-scenes look at how the platform works and a breakdown of what the project means for the future of blockchain in real estate.

What Are The Benefits Of Index Funds

Sharing my investment portfolio | How to invest for beginners

Diversification and Simplicity.

As an investment strategy, diversification prompts investors to put their money into not only various stocks, but various types of securities and assets. Diversification enables investors to avoid risk while increasing returns on their capital. Its a fundamental principle when examining personal finance 101 or basic investment strategy.

To quote Barry Ritholtz, The beauty of diversification is its about as close as you can get to a free lunch in investing.

Diversification allows an investor to take no additional risk while simultaneously increasing their return on investment. Other than compound interest, theres nothing more beautiful than diversification in investing.

The other main advantage of index funds for investors is the ease of managing the investment. Investors dont have to spend time analyzing stocks, portfolios, or numerous asset classes. Its easy to invest in an index fund and wait while a firm manages the rebalancing of the fund at the cost of a small fee. Additionally, most investors will not beat the performance of the S& P 500 Index due to their lack of experience or skill in investing. Stock picking is obviously difficult, but even allocating ones assets to real estate, individual stocks, or a sector-specific stock category requires significant research.

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Kavita Gupta Said In An Expanded Version Of A Dec 31 Complaint That Consensys Ag Had Created A Toxic Work Environment And Demanded $30 Million In Monetary Damages

A man enters the building housing the ConsenSys office in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The legal battle between ConsenSys AG and Kavita Gupta remains highly contentious.

In a longer version of a Dec. 31 complaint, the former head of the Ethereum studios venture capital arm reiterated her demand for $30 million in monetary damages, accusing the firm of fraud, negligent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment, among other allegations.

The latest complaint filed in a New York court on Monday accused ConsenSys of bullying her and creating a toxic work environment, particularly for women, using similar language to the descriptors that her former company lobbed at her in a lawsuit filed last week.

Read more: ConsenSys AG Sues Former Investment Head, Alleging Resume Fraud

In that complaint in a Delaware court, ConsenSys said Gupta had mistreated colleagues and caused the firm to lose business opportunities. The firm accused Gupta of presenting fraudulent academic and professional credentials, including a Harvard degree, in order to be hired, and asked the court to declare that Gupta wasn’t entitled to any equity or compensation.

Gupta has denied ConsenSyss allegations. In her expanded complaint, she alleged that the firm mistreated her and was trying to avoid compensating her for investments that have made ConsenSys more than $300 million.


Consensys: Three Ways To Make Money Using Nfts

ConsenSys takes a look at three different ways to profit off and see liquidity, from their NFTs

There are countless ways to engage with Non-Fungible Tokens, otherwise known as NFTs. And because these NFTs are typically created with smart contracts, there are countless ways to financialize them.

To have a closer analysis, ConsenSys has taken a look at three different ways to use NFTs financially:

  • Collective bidding
  • Fractionalization
  • NFTs as Collateral for Loans

The Web3 revolution is well underway. Therefore, the most inventive users of this open environment continue to find different ways to create value for other users. Lets take a look at three of these:

1. Collective Bidding of NFTs

First, ConsenSys explained how the average collector could buy Blue-Chip NFTs with their friends. To do this, you can use Partybid. This platform allows users to pool money together to buy NFTs as a team. Anyone can create a party, join a public one, and collectively bid on or buy most NFTs!

NEW from PartyDAO

Now supporting : party on the largest NFT marketplace

Token-gated parties: party with your on-chain friends

Plus a new website! fresh homepage, live activity feed, trending parties, user profiles & more

Join a party now


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Quorum And Jp Morgan Chase

In 2019, JP Morgan Chase, then the owner of Quorum, introduced a coin called JPM to facilitate value transfers between companies using Quorum. JPM is astablecoin pegged to the US dollar. However, JPM is not available publicly for purchase, and can only be used for B2B transfers by companies who hold USD deposits in JP Morgan bank accounts.

Promotion of the JPM as a cryptocurrency has been heavily criticized by some in the blockchain community due to its restrictive nature. The critics argue that JPM, with its dependence on USD deposits at the bank, does not meet the definition of a cryptocurrency.

What Is The Future For Quorum

ConsenSys Invests .15M into Ligero and an Undisclosed ...

Quorums future looks quite promising. As blockchain technology gains wider use in the enterprise sphere, large private blockchains such as Quorum stand only to benefit.

The project is backed by some very prominent companies who act both as investors in Quorum as well as customers of it. Major companies that have adopted Quorum include Microsoft, HSBC, ING Group, LVMH, Novartis, to name a few.

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Challenges To Quorums Growth

The only issue that might negatively affect Quorums growth in the enterprise arena is the presence of its fierce competitor Corda from R3. Both Quorum and Corda have specialized in the finance-related industries. So far, Corda has maintained a lead over Quorum in these sectors, and its dominant market position helps it keep a stranglehold on some of the most lucrative clients in the industry.

However, as the overall enterprise blockchain market is growing confidently, Quorum is unlikely to miss on growth opportunities, with or without the presence of Corda.

Seven Top Blockchain Companies To Consider

Dozens of publicly traded companies incorporate blockchain tech into their operations, offer blockchain-related services to customers, or play a role in the crypto industry. Some are exclusively focused on blockchain innovation and/or cryptocurrencies, while others are using blockchain-related products and services to complement an existing successful business.

With that in mind, here’s a list of seven excellent stocks you may want to consider if you want to invest in blockchain technology.

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Consensys Ventures Announces Investment In Coinhouse And Tenta

SAN FRANCISCO, CA ConsenSys Ventures announced today its investment in two Ethereum-based blockchain startups. ConsenSys Ventures is the Venture Capital arm of ConsenSys, investing in pre-seed and seed stage Ethereum blockchain projects up and down the Web 3.0 stack.

ConsenSys Ventures has invested $1 million in Coinhouse, the popular France-based cryptoassets investment platform. ConsenSys Ventures led the $2.8 million series A round with additional funding from Digital Currency Group, XAnge Siparex Innovation, BTU Protocol Ecosystem Fund, Ledger co-founders Eric Larcheveque and Thomas France, and others.

Coinhouse has become the leading platform and service for investors looking to understand, acquire, sell, and securely store cryptoassets. Coinhouse offers immediate access to a wide selection of cryptoassets and enables high liquidity for transactions that can range from tens of Euros to several million. Coinhouse intends to use this financing round to accelerate the adoption of cryptoassets by adding more cryptoassets to the online platform and launching a qualified custodian for a wide range of individual, corporate, and institutional investors.

Formerly La Maison du Bitcoin, Coinhouse was founded in 2014 in Paris and is led by CEO Nicolas Louvet, who was an early investor in Ledger.

For more information on ConsenSys and ConsenSys Ventures, please visit

Media Contacts:

Bringing Scalability To Ethereum

Investing in the Future of Web 3.0 with Shawn Cheng from ConsenSys Mesh | Ep. #73

The Ethereum blockchain has recorded immense growth over the years, but this growth has also presented challenges because of the rising gas fees and the slow speed at which transactions on the blockchain are being processed.

The blog post by ConsenSys states that the firm will work together with Mastercard to co-create the needed building blocks that will bring scalability to the Ethereum mainnet.

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereums co-founder, has been advocating for rollups on the blockchain in a bid to achieve scalability. ConsenSys Rollups will be an innovative modular software solution that will work with permissioned blockchain applications to provide scalability and boost privacy.

The rollups will be available to any blockchain that is interoperable with the Ethereum Virtual Machine . Moreover, it will be available on the Ethereum mainnet. Zero-knowledge proofs will protect transaction details to ensure that sensitive transaction data is not shared on public blockchains.

According to ConsenSys, the scalability solutions enabled through the Rollups will have a throughput of up to 10,000 transactions per second through a private chain. On private chains and the Ethereum network, the rollups will have a throughput of 300 TPS and 15 TPS, respectively.

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