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How To Choose An Investment App

Hang Seng Invest Express stock trading app

Here are six things to look for when you’re choosing a brokerage app:

  • Diverse investment options: Some investment apps only invest in ETFs, which might be fine for beginner, hands-off investors. For more advanced options, look for apps with an array of options, including stocks, bonds, options, and mutual funds.
  • Low or no commission fees: Too many brokers offer zero commissions on trades for you to put up with high fees.
  • Limited extra fees: Avoid accounts with charges like an annual fee, transfer and withdrawal fees, and inactivity fees.
  • Affordable account minimum: Some apps let you open an account with as little as $1, while some require an initial deposit of $500 or $1,000. There’s no “right” amount to start with, but pick an app that lets you invest within your budget.
  • Educational resources: Many investment apps eschew access to a human advisor in favor of automated investments. It’s nice if they offer resources like third-party research and stock analysis to help you make decisions for yourself.
  • User-friendly platform: Online and app-based products should be reliable and easy to use! Check reviews for an app before you sign up to make sure users are happy with their experience.

Best For Options Trading: Tastyworks


  • Deposits: No minimum deposit
  • Fees: No fees for stock or ETF trades $1 per option on stocks or ETFs, with $10 maximum $2.50 per option on futures $1.25 per futures contract $0.85 per futures e-micros contract additional fees may apply
  • Account Types: Individual and joint margin or cash accounts, and retirement, corporate, trust, and international accounts

Due to its niche options and features set up just for options trading as well as capped fees, tastyworks is our top pick for options trading.

  • Capped fees for options trades

  • Advanced options trading features

  • Follow community members for trade ideas

  • Many account types supported

  • Not the cheapest per-contract fee

tastyworks isnt a household name like some of the biggest brokerage firms, but that doesnt mean it isnt the best at what it does. Its app is ultra-focused on options trading. While those are not exactly shares of stock, many options trade based on stock price movements, so tastyworks earns a mention on this list.

Stock and ETF trades are fee-free. Options on stocks and ETFs cost $1 per contract with a $10 maximum per leg. The mobile app is best for traders with some options experience, as there are many features that can distract and overwhelm newer traders. tastyworks has essential features for options traders that make trades fast without giving up many desktop trading features.

What Is The Safest Stock App

The safest stock apps come from the overall best and most trustworthy brokers. The following brokers offer the safest stock apps in 2021:

  • Fidelity: Best stock app for investors
  • E*TRADE: Best app for options
  • TD Ameritrade: Best stock app for traders
  • Interactive Brokers: Best stock app for professionals
  • Merrill Edge: Great for stock research

If the broker youâre using were compromised, a secure app would do little to protect your account whereas a broker that has proper security measures across its websites, platforms and applications will have you covered.

The best apps allow login with biometrics and other features such as two-factor authentication to reduce the chance of accounts being hacked.

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Dev Please Continue To Fine Tune The App

Suggestions ONE: Select a stock and then scroll to the left in the chart. It takes too long to load the chart. Examining the chart history requires this – pull the chart to the right and drop, but it takes too long to repeat the process to peer further back in the chart. A suggestion is to seamlessly load the chart when zoomed in/out. I do not care for the current implementation. TWO: Buy/Sell screen has been changed in recent patches. The current price or last as it is called here, no longer continuously updates with the last price. You changed it to require the user to tap the last button over and over to get the current price. The Bid/Ask/Last no longer continuously update. Especially during times of volatility it is important to be able to have the absolute most recent price. THREE: Enter Trading Password. The sensitivity of the buttons for each number is NOT sensitive. I have found myself having to delete a number and fumble with entering the correct number. The 2020s has enabled us to have powerful touch sensitive devices with which even artists can create things using their fingertips. I have never needed a stylus for navigating apps. Webull can better serve their clientele by finessing features. Thank you for considering my feedback.

Best Money Management Apps In Canada For 2021

10 Best Stock Market Trading Apps For News and Research ...

Financial technology companies are making financial planning, investing and budgeting easier than ever.

Its a sign of the times and millennials and Gen Zers appear to be eager adopters of the new trend where basically all of your money management can be done using your iPhone or Android device.

The best money management apps and investment apps on this list can help you:

  • Track your net worth
  • Invest automatically at low fees
  • Maximize your savings account returns
  • Check your free credit scores
  • Rebalance your investment portfolio

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The Early Bird Gets The Worm

As the title indicates, I really like WeBull because it allows access to the market the earliest of any trading applications out there . I always wondered, how come certain equity price shot up when I was so early – the answer was – Birds from the WeBull forest! I like the interface, very easy to understand and highly appreciate the Live Quote area, opportunities to interact with other investors . I would love to see more consistency to the Desktop version, or I havent figured out how to find stuff there. But like to see both the same. I also love the IPO and SPAC section, that inform you of up coming companies. They also have built-in Stock Screener, that is very helpful. I love to see more enhancements in the interface that allow ability to categorize investment options by sectors and investment opportunities based on that , I would love to see also option for me to create folder or categories based on sectors . I appreciate the section that allow me to see My Position on a given equity. All and all, love weBull. I am very optimistic about its success.

Robinhood Best Investment App For Smooth Trading

Robinhood is the app to have if you like a smooth interface and avoiding trading commissions.

The app allows you to trade stocks, ETFs, options and cryptocurrency all for free, and youll be able to do it in a slick mobile interface that makes smooth work of it all. The stripped-down app is simple to navigate, and after a while youll move from screen to screen intuitively as you trade the market. But youll have to know what you want to invest in, since theres no advising here.

You can access a stocks page from a search bar at the top of the screen, and pull up charts and vital statistics. Also useful is a feed that aggregates stories from news and investing sites, so that you keep on top of whats going on. After youve decided what you want to trade and enter the number of shares to buy or sell, swipe up and the order is on its way.

Another great feature of the app is instant delivery of the first $1,000 of any funds you deposit to the account, so you can start trading immediately. If youre a member of Robinhood Gold, a premium tier, youll have instant deposits on higher amounts, up to $50,000.

Reasons to get this app: You like trading stocks for free and having a simple way to follow the market.

Minimum balance required: $0

Fees: No commissions for stock, ETF, options or crypto trades

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Tastyworks: Best App For Options Traders

Tastyworks does not suffer from a lack of focus. The brokerage is very focused on options traders, and this focus has allowed tastyworks mobile app to unseat Interactive Brokers in this area. While Interactive Brokers is still the standard for active traders, traders who are mainly using options strategies will find tastyworks app a better fit.

The tastyworks mobile workflow is designed for options order entry, making the process quick and intuitive. Options traders use drag and drop to choose the legs of an options spread, eliminating keyboard entry. Despite this ease of entry, the tastyworks mobile app is better thought of as a short-term substitute for the desktop platform. While you can enter new positions and exit existing ones, the app lacks some of the features available in the desktop platform for researching and analyzing trades. For heavy options trading, it is difficult to match the full feature set and extra visual space that comes with the desktop platforms.

  • Traders can use a drag and drop selection for options legs in the tastyworks mobile app.

  • The tastyworks app is streamlined for options trading. There are no unnecessary features and nothing to distract from the core function.

  • Tastytrade video feed is available through the mobile app.

  • You cant open an account through the tastyworks mobile app.

  • The app wont replace the desktop for heavy traders, but it can be used to monitor and exit existing positions.

Dogecoin Has Delivered Life

Stash Invest Vs Robinhood App | Best Stock Market Apps For Beginners?

Yet if you focus on the most popular digital currencies and pan out a bit further, the gains become even more impressive.

Take meme coin Dogecoin as an example. Pretty much any cryptocurrency that’s utilized the Shiba Inu dog breed as its inspiration or the face of its campaign performed exceptionally well in 2021. At one point, Dogecoin had gained approximately 27,000% in just a six-month stretch between early November 2020 and early May 2021.

But the gains have been even bigger for patient holders of DOGE. Looking back eight years, notes that a single DOGE token could be purchased for $0.0004512. But as of the time of this writing, Dogecoin was trading hands for $0.1676. In eliminating three zeroes, one of the most-popular digital currencies on the planet gained more than 37,000%.

To put this into context, if investors purchased $100 worth of Dogecoin on Dec. 22, 2013 and simply held through periods of wild volatility, they’d be sitting on $37,145 today. That’s a higher aggregate total return than the S& P 500 since the beginning of 1965 — and it took 48 fewer years to achieve this superior return.

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How To Pick The Best Investing App

The best investing app for you will depend on your investment style. Do you want one that does the work for you, or would you rather be in control? Do you want a passive portfolio made up of lower risk funds, or would you rather build an active, riskier portfolio consisting of individual stocks?

Those wanting a more active approach to investing may opt for an app like Robinhood . Meanwhile, those looking to just put their investments on autopilot and forget about them may benefit more from a robo-advisor like Betterment.

Keep in mind that not all apps offer the same investment assets to choose from. For example, Acorns only offers ETFs, so if you want to trade individual stocks, this app wouldn’t be the best fit. Make sure you do your research and understand everything the app offers before you sign up.

Actively Using Stock Trading Apps

Once you download the stock trading app, there are numerous ways to actively use it. You can use it on the go to buy and sell stocks. You can also research stocks to see how theyre performing and even look up the companys stock tickers that you didnt know. Other tools include adding stocks to your watchlist, and using indicators, and charts to analyze and track your investments.

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Our Expert Panel For This Guide

We consulted financial planners, investing experts, and our own wealth-building reporter to inform our picks for the best stock trading apps. You can find the full transcript of our interviews with these experts at the bottom of this page.

We’re focusing on what makes a stock trading app and brokerage account most useful. When weighing different apps, it’s best to consider pricing, investment choices, account types, and investment research resources.

Angel One App Features:

Best Stock Market Quote Apps for Android
  • Comprehensive portfolio: Build your trade portfolio and track all your investments on a single page
  • Personalised advisory: Run out of trading ideas? Weve got you covered. Our stock market app gives you personalised suggestions and stock ideas. The ARQ technology provides you with a rule-based investment engine.
  • Quick apply for IPO: With the Angel One stock trading app, you can apply for an IPO with just three simple clicks.
  • Live market data With the Angel One app never miss a trend. Our app keeps you abreast of live market data.
  • Ease of trade: Demat apps like ours give you the freedom to trade at any time. You can make investments with a few simple clicks from the convenience of your home or office.
  • Notifications: The Angel One app sends you notifications about all trends and payment updates, so you dont miss an opportunity to make money.

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Learn: How To Invest In Stocks

| App Store

Learn: How to invest in stocks is an app available on Google Play and the App store. The apps entire purpose is to teach you how to trade stocks using a classroom format.

This is the only app from the list that doesnt involve real investing. The best way to learn to invest is through doing it.

For those who want to know how finance, trading, and investing actually works, this is a good app for you.

You can finish all of the lessons in a weekend, but that isnt the purpose of this app.

Use Learn: How to invest in stocks when you arent able to access your computer, where you can take more intuitive classes, or invest from your computer with full access to research tools.

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What Are The Rules On Stock Market Investment Disclosure For Government Employees

In 2019, the Central Government increased the limit on disclosure of stock investments and mutual fund investments made by government employees. The revised limit is six months of an employees basic pay, as per an order issued by the HRD Ministry.

As per the earlier rules:

  • Officers of the Group A and B categories had to disclose details of transactions in shares, securities, debentures or mutual fund schemes, etc. exceeding Rs 50,000 per financial year.
  • Officers of Group C and D had to disclose for transactions above Rs. 25,000 of above-mentioned investments.
  • Simplified

    As per the government order, all government employees must provide transaction details, including the total value of transactions made in shares, securities, debentures, and mutual funds schemes if it is more than their six months of basic pay in a financial year.

    Why Use Stock Trading Apps

    5 Stock Market Apps for Beginners: Courses, Simulators, Investing

    Stock trading apps keep your portfolio at your fingertips. You can check your investments and make trades, all from your phone. While different stock trading apps are built with different users in mind, some of the reasons investors look to a mobile stock trading app include:

    • News feeds featuring the latest headlines related to your investments
    • Educational resources to help beginners hone their investing skills
    • Analytical tools like charts, graphs and indicators to help you plan your short or medium-term trades.
    • Automation features so that your phone can do your trading for you
    • Alerts that notify you of news, trends and price changes so that you can respond quickly to the market even if you cant watch the charts all day

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