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How To Create A Pitch Deck For Your Real Estate Investment Presentation

Use this beautiful real estate listing presentation to help your client visualize their dream home. It’s got more than 30 unique slides. These are perfect for real estate marketing thanks to the modern and clean style. Create a presentation for each of your listings, ready to share with your clients.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Your Presentation

If you are new to business or have a limited idea of real estate investing, putting together a good pitch book for real estate investors can be challenging. As you start, try to avoid the following mistakes:

Lengthy Pitchbooks Anything exceeding 20 slides will increase the chances of investors losing interest.

Format Non-uniformity on font sizes, theme, layout, and margins will show signs of unorganized workflows. Be are of using maps, images, and graphs that are poor quality or blurry.

Trying Too Hard Going overboard with details and financials in the wrong areas will display tones of overcompensation. This includes using lengthy sentences and unnecessary words.

Being Outdated Not updating your pitch deck over time can display carelessness.

Branding Not personalizing and fusing your branding into your pitchbook can provide a perspective that your pitch book is a stock template. Branding goes both ways, simply adding your companys logo, the investors logo, and the date can go a long way.

Property Real Estate & Residence Powerpoint Template

Looking for a slideshow template made for many real estate topics for presentation? Then you’ll like the versatile Property real estate PPT. It can be adapted for presentation ideas for architecture, listings, and interior design. Its a nice set of over 30 unique slide layouts, vector graphics, and many editable elements.

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How To Customize Real Estate Powerpoint Ppt Templates Quickly

No matter which marketplace you choose for a presentation on real estate, a template gives you a major edge.

But you might be wondering how you can use real estate PPT templates for your purpose. In this section, we’ll walk through customizing several slides from Milestate. It’s a real estate PowerPoint presentation template from Envato Elements.

Leveraging Your Value Proposition

The 7 Most Commonly Used Fund Structures in Real Estate ...

Always highlight the value of the project you are proposing.

Articulate what you can offer and what strategy you will use to create value and how you plan on generating attractive returns. Always support your document with facts, this will show your value proposition as a great opportunity to investors.

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Eastview Capital Park Central Townhomes

Eastview Capital Park Central Luxury Townhomes Access Original Podcast Here DEAL HIGHLIGHTS Sponsor: Eastview Capital Deal name: Park Central Luxury Townhomes Asset Class: Residential rental property Investment type: Preferred Equity Target IRR: 12% Aggregate 7% current & 5% accrual. Minimum investment: $5,000 Target hold period: 2.5 years ACCESS THE DEAL MEMO HERE

Chase Partners Industrial Real Estate Fund Equity Investment Opportunity

Chase Partners Ltd. Industrial Real Estate Fund Equity Investment Access Original Podcast Here DEAL HIGHLIGHTS Sponsor: Chase Partners Ltd. Deal name: Chase Partners Logistics Fund I Asset Class: Southern California Industrial Real Estate Investment type: Equity Offering size: $100 million Projected IRR: 8% 12% Preferred Return: 6% with tax advantages Minimum Investment: $250,000 Hold period: 7-10 Years ACCESS THE DEAL MEMO HERE

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What Is A Real Estate Fund Lifespan

Private equity real estate funds typically have a lifespan of about 10 years, but keep in mind that that period usually doesnt start until the funds investment team has raised substantial capital, and it doesnt end until all of the funds assets are sold. Because of this, the lifespan of a private equity fund could extend to as long as 15 years. The lifespan of a fund could affect how investors choose to invest.

Understanding the benefits and basics of funds introduces investors to how funds work and why some funds might be better choices for them than others. Choosing the right fund can make the difference between a smart real estate investment and a less profitable one.

Hedge Fund Pitch Deck

Emirates REIT investment trust | Dubai real estate fund | Business News

Raising money is an inevitable requirement of all hedge funds and is of critical importance. However, investing in your hedge fund is not of the same importance to the family offices and other private investors that you will likely betargeting. Therefore, having a concise hedge fund pitch deck that showcases returns, your approach, and management is vital to getting any type of investment. This article provides information about what a hedge fund pitch deck isand how to properly formulate once to raise money.

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Start Creating Better Real Estate Powerpoint Slideshows In 2022

Power your listing presentations and real estate marketing materials by creating high-impact slideshows. Why start from scratch? Creating from professionally designed, feature-rich PowerPoint templates is the easiest and fastest way.

Choose from new real estate PowerPoint templates in Envato Elements. You’ll get unlimited downloads for one low price. Or choose pay per use for fresh real estate PPT designs at the GraphicRiver marketplace. Either way, you get presentation templates that are easy to customize with your own text, images, and branding colors.

And don’t forget. Professionally designed real estate marketing pitch decks, like those from Envato, are top choices. They’re better than real estate PPT templates available for free download.

These presentation templates and tips will help you become the go-to real estate agent in your market. Why not download one today?

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Brenda Barron and Nathan Umoh. Brenda is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+. Nathan is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

Pitch Deck Templates For You To Try

The following pitch decks are free templates available in Piktochart that you can use. This makes it easy to work on your slides without having to worry about design. We took care of that for you. If you dont have an account yet, just and then click on one of the templates below. To learn how it works, watch this on-demand demo.

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The Ultimate Guide To Real Estate Syndication Pitch Books

Investors see hundreds of pitch books every year.

Your pitch book is the only thing that private investors ever see about you, your real estate syndication company, and your investment opportunity.

Youre a snowflake in an avalanche.

Even if you are already using an investor portal software, that tool only helps to amplify your pitch book and make everything look more professional. You still need an epic Investment Pitch Book to hook private investors.

So how can you stand out from the crowd? And what are the primary components of a good Investment Pitch Book?

Im so glad you asked.

Title Page Disclaimer And Table Of Contents

Investor Pitch Deck Template for Real Estate Business ...

Lets get the boring stuff out of the way first. Youll need a great featured image of your property to include on the title page. Here are some additional things to include:

  • Asset Name, City, and State.
  • Company Name, Contact Email, and Website.
  • The one sentence summary about your company that you lost sleep over.

The disclaimer is usually pretty boiler plate. Please keep in mind that I am not an SEC attorney, and the following example is provide for purely educational purposes and should not take the place of a disclaimer provided by your attorney.

The following information is an investment summary provided to prospective investors and others. This information is not an offering to sell either a security or a solicitation to sell a security. At the request of a recipient, the Company will provide a private placement memorandum, subscription agreement and the limited liability company operating agreement. The Managing Member in no way guarantees the projections contained herein. Real estate values, income, expenses and development costs are all affected by a multitude of forces outside the managing members control. This investment is illiquid and only those persons that are able and willing to risk their entire investment should participate. Please consult your attorney, CPA and/or professional financial advisor regarding the suitability of an investment by you.

A table of contents is optional, but is standard for most Investment Pitch Books over 20 or so pages.

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Batavia Real Estate Powerpoint Presentation Template

This Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation has 30 slide layouts, based on master slides. This template comes with handmade and smart art infographics as well as full animation. It was designed in a widescreen aspect ratio. The template also includes a help file with a list of all the fonts used in the presentation.

Have A Customer Avatar

Just like any other businesses, you have to know the type of investor that wants to work with your real estate syndication company. The Investor is your customer. Your product is your investment opportunity.

Some investors wont want anything to do with you, and thats a good thing. Understand the desires and motivations of your ideal private investor, and block out all the rest.

The late Supreme Court Judge, Antonin Scalia, once said, A man who has made no enemies is probably not a very good man. By the same token, the process of creating a good customer avatar is by its very nature, limiting.

Of course, theres no animosity in this. Its simply focusing your efforts in a way that will fetch you the greatest return on your time.

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Multifamily Vs Single Family

There are many kinds of real estate investment funds. Even those who are laser-focused on investing in residential real estate will find there are different ways to do so. For example, some funds focus on buying and flipping single family properties. Other funds are geared toward investing in, rehabbing and renting multifamily properties. Funds catering to both strategies are both perfectly legitimate, however, investors should be aware of the tax implications associated with investing in a fund that flips properties. Profits generated from these funds will be subject to short-term capital gains tax , unlike funds that buy, renovate and hold properties which are then subject to long-term capital gains tax .

Correlation To Other Asset Classes

Understanding Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs | The Money Show

Commercial real estate, in general, has a low correlation to other asset classes such as stocks and bonds. This is because of the highly illiquid nature of real estate, which cannot be purchased and sold on a moments notice. As such, many people will opt to invest in real estate investment funds as a way to diversify and protect their holdings. Consider, for example, an instance in which the stock market plummets overnight.

Unlike the stock market, which would immediately lose tremendous value, real estate portfolios tend to continue marching on. Rents continue to be paid and profits returned to investors. While the real estate portfolio may eventually take a hit, there is not the same correlation to other asset classes which can experience more drastic, momentary ebbs and flows.

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Quality Over Quantity: The Mortar That Holds It All Together

How do you stand out from the large quantity of Investment Pitch Books that other sponsors are pitching? By emphasizing quality. Quality is how you can become a snowflake that stands out in an avalanche.

This is especially true for those just starting out, but it is also true any real estate syndicator.

It also helps if you have some really fantastic numbers on your side.

Founder And Managing Partner Skydeck Capital

With more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry, Michael Polsky is widely recognized as a pioneer and industry leader in the cogeneration and independent power industry in North America. Polsky founded Invenergy, a leading clean energy company in 2001. Previously, in 1991, Polsky founded SkyGen Energy a developer, owner, and operator of natural gas-fueled generating plants which was purchased by Calpine Corporation in 2001. Before forming SkyGen, Polsky co-founded and was President of Indeck Energy Services Inc. In 2002, Polsky endowed a center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business which is named after him. In 2016, Polsky was appointed by President Barack Obama as a Member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. Polsky holds an MSME Degree from Kiev Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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Hamilton Luxury Hotel Real Estate Powerpoint Template

If you’ve got luxury properties to present, the Hamilton PowerPoint template is great choice. It features a dark blue and golden color scheme that gives it a high end look and feel. The template comes with 32 slides and more than 100 unique icons. Youll also find picture placeholders and master slides for easy editing.

Go To Market Strategy

Real Estate Investment Funds for Kotak Realty

The Go To market strategy refers to how your business plans to bring its unique value proposition to its target customers.

In this slide you will illustrate how you intend to acquire customers for your product and/or service. If some marketing initiatives are already underway then highlight those and their results. The aim of this slide of your pitch deck is to prove to investors you have the ability to take your solution to a mass audience and therefore grow your business exponentially.

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Building A Summary Statement

Imagine a strong summary statement as the preview to your pitch book.

The slide should display a brief piece of information that will show investors what your proposition is all about in just one glance. Focus on your brand identity, your vision, and your value proposition.

Your companys summary statement should follow the theme of being clear and concise.

The opening slide should be able to pique your investors interest and keep them engaged to read through your entire pitch deck.

Microsoft Powerpoint Or Google Slides

Microsoft Powerpoint is the most basic software you can use to create slide presentations such as a real estate pitch deck. Basic, as it is often readily available on your PC, but it is reliable to help you layout and built your best pitch presentation. It has presentation templates and formatting tools for building pitch books.

Once youre done, just be sure to save your file as a PDF to keep everything intact.

is great cloud-based software that can be worked on in real-time by different members of your team and shared easily by email and stored in your Google Drive.

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Rilea Group Equity Investment In Ground

Rilea Group Equity investment in a ground up residential/mixed use project Access Original Podcast Here DEAL HIGHLIGHTS Sponsor: Rilea Group Deal name: Mohawk at Wynwood Asset Class: Class A, ground-up residential & mixed use Investment type: Equity Total estimated project cost: $103.4 million Total equity required: $41.4 million Opportunity close date: June 2, 2021 Deal details: 211,477 leasable sf 225 residential units

Real Estate Fund Investments

Advantage REIT: Earn real estate returns without huge investments

A real estate fund is essentially just another form of mutual fund that is focused on investing in securities offered by public real estate companies. Real estate mutual funds are different from real estate investment trusts , which are corporations that invest directly in commercial real estate. Investing in a REIT is as easy as buying a stock, shares of which can be purchased or sold with just the click of a button. REITs, like other securities, must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or, alternatively, must seek an exemption from the SEC, a process that is complex, time consuming, and costly.

Conversely, most real estate mutual funds are exempt from registration through whats known as Regulation D, Rule 506. There are two subcategories, Reg. D 506 and Reg. D 506 that real estate investors will want to understand.

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Cityvest Accessing The Best Real Estate Investment Funds

Cityvest Accessing the Best Real Estate Investment Funds Access Original Podcast Here DEAL HIGHLIGHTS Sponsor: CityVest Deal Name: Catalyst Access Fund Type: Feeder fund with favorable terms Asset Class: Multifamily Investment type: Equity Offering Size: $5 million feeder fund into a $20MM fund Preferred return: 12% Projected returns: 30%+ IRR Minimum Investment: $25,000 ACCESS THE

Keep Your Investment Summary Concise

Brevity is key here. Say what you need to say. Highlight your investment opportunity, but dont dive too deep into the minutiae.

Some investors wont even look at an investment summary that is more than 35 pages long. Its possible to get capital using a 15 page Investment Pitch Book.

Its important here to understand that the purpose of our investment pitch book is to cultivate interest, not to outline every aspect of your opportunity.

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What Real Estate Investors Want To Know

As mentioned, investors are often sophisticated and have specific criteria in the companies they work with. When you create a pitch presentation, do the extra work and research the investor you are pitching and make sure to directly provide what will get their attention, and ultimately, get funding. Here are some important points they would want to know about your real estate project:

  • Property location and valuation
  • Project timeline and development process
  • The ask or minimum investment amount as well as the investment process
  • Your companys brand, credibility, and focus

Archione Real Estate Powerpoint Template

Sample investment bank pitchbook

The polished, ultra-modern design of Archione is sure to make your presentation on real estate unique and memorable. The template offers more than 60 unique slides. That means you can find the layouts for everything you want to convey.

Also included are vector icons, infographics, and chartsall editable. Archione comes with 10 premade colors and a light and a dark version. Try it if you’ve been hunting for PowerPoint templates for real estate.

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