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Finance Of America Mortgage

Rules for Cash Out Refi, Delayed Financing (on investment Properties) – What you need to know.

Finance of America was midrange for loan costs and average cashout refinance rates. But it was just a little lower on our table for online customer reviews.

Again, its perfectly possible that Finance of America might offer the best deal you can get. But you wont know unless you apply.

This company has 1,400 advisors with a good geographical spread nationwide. And, on average, each has 10 years experience in the mortgage business. So you may well find someone near you who knows your local market and whos happy to share his or her expertise with you.

To Take Care Of Other Big Expenses

The third major reason to refinance has less to do with your investment strategy than your personal life. However, its still important to mention. Sometimes life comes along with big expenses like education costs or medical debt. If you have to cover a big expense in the near future, doing a cash-out refi may be a smart way to get the funds you need at a lower interest rate than a personal loan or a private money lender.

Stash Away Emergency Cash

Financial experts typically recommend keeping three to six months worth of expenses in savings though you may want to save more if you own rental units. This can help you keep up with your mortgages, pay your bills, and otherwise maintain your lifestyle in case of financial emergencies.

Tapping your equity at a low rate, when you still qualify for the loan, could help you start this fund. Just be sure you can keep up with the higher payments from a cash-out refinance.

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Refinancing A Rental Property You Bought With Cash

What is a Cash

Delayed financing refers to the practice of buying a home with cash, then reimbursing the purchase with a refinance.

Because there are no loans on an all-cash home purchase, any subsequent refinance is technically a cash-out one.

Normally, the rental property home buyer would need to wait 6 months to get reimbursed per standard cash-out rules. That ties up a lot of cash for a long time not the ideal situation for a savvy investor who wants to put their money to work elsewhere.

So, in mid-2011, Fannie Mae rolled out the delayed financing exception. Home investors may now receive a cash-out refinance just days not months after closing.

Guidelines for delayed financing are as follows.

  • The buyer paid all cash for the home
  • The buyer must document the source of funds for purchase
  • Loans or liens opened to buy the home must be paid off with the new loan
  • A title search must confirm no financing on the purchased home

Keep all documentation for the home purchase if you plan to use the delayed financing exception. Most importantly, keep a final Closing Disclosure showing your closing date and loan terms.

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Getting Closer To Passive Income Goals

If youre like Adam, and you only own four properties and need to make $6000 per month on passive income to retire, you still have a ways to go before you can hit that passive income goal. But if you do the cash-out refinancing on those four properties and get eight properties, you get closer to that $6000 per month goal. Plus, as property values continue to rise, so do rents rise.

Youre still positively cash flowing, even on the previous asset. Right now, because rents are up and interest rates are low, the chances are very high youll preserve your positive cash flow. Its a win-win situation for your retirement plan, so we encourage you to speak with your JWB portfolio manager to see if the cash-out refinance is a wise move for your situation.

The debt paydown, the tax benefits, and holding onto properties through a full market cycle are all ways to leverage your JWB assets. Usually, youll see a 20% return on investment. But even if you give up some cash flow and still get a 10% ROI, youre still in a good position for growing your revenue.

How Much Can I Earn From A Rental Property

The profit you can make from monthly rent payments depends on the area youre in, how good of a deal you get on the home, and how you manage your expenses month-to-month.

That being said, maintaining rental properties are great investments because they can often become passive income when everything lines up perfectlyan up-and-coming neighborhood can command higher rent each year, and if the home doesnt need a ton of maintenance, you might not have to do much work at all throughout the year. Simply sit back, collect the rent checks, and enjoy your new source of income!

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How Soon Can You Get A Cashout Refinance Loan

Many homeowners wonder how long they have to hold their current mortgage before theyre eligible for a cashout refinance.

If you have a conventional, FHA, or VA mortgage, most lenders require a 6month waiting period after closing on the first mortgage before taking out a cashout refinance.

With FHA and VA loan programs, youre also eligible for a Streamline refinance, and youll generally need to wait for 210 days before refinancing. However, these loans do not allow cash back at closing.

A USDA refinance could require a 612 month waiting period, and USDA loans never allow cashout. Read more about refinancing waiting periods.

You Can Get Cash To Use For Renovations Or Other Purposes

Should You CASH OUT Refinance To Buy Another Property?

If the investment property is worth more than you owe on it, then you can tap into that equity to pay for repairs and renovations, to purchase another investment property, or for any other purpose through a cash-out refinance loan.

With cash-out refinancing, you borrow against the equity that youve built in the property, taking out a new loan for more than the balance on your current one. You then get the difference between the new mortgage and the old one in a lump sum.

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Cashout Refinance To Buy A Second Home

However, with cashout refinancing or a home equity line of credit , you generally cannot use such funds to instantly buy a new primary residence.

How come? There arent any restrictions on the use of cashout funds.

However, cash-out refinancing and HELOCs generally have a clause that says you expect to remain in the property for at least a year.

This means you cannot get a check at closing and buy a second home the following week. That would be a violation of the mortgage terms. Violate the rules, and the lender has the right to call the loan and demand immediate repayment.

For details and specifics speak with lenders about your options.

What’s The Right Call

A cash-out refinance could be a good way to borrow money when you need to. Just think through the pros and cons carefully before deciding to apply for one in the new year.

You may decide there’s a better way for you to borrow the money you need. Or, you may decide to put some of your plans on hold until you’re able to save up enough money to meet those goals without borrowing.

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Will A Refinance Negatively Affect The Positive Cash Flow On Your Current Property If You Do A Cash

It all depends on your property and your situation. You need to look at your previous loan amount, the interest rate on that original loan, and the money youre collecting on rent. If you talk to your JWB portfolio manager to determine if that property will continue to have positive cash flow before you decide on moving forward with a cash-out refinance. Well help you figure out the math to see if it makes sense for you and your financial goals.

We have a lot of clients at JWB who have been with us for several years. Several of them have used cash-out refinancing to get the down payments for their subsequent rental property purchases.

Getting Your Refinanced Funds

Cash Out Refinance on Investment Property 101

Once you get your refinancing approved, its time to get access to your refinanced funds. The cash from refinancing will be the net amount after refinancing fees.

In this example, the property was purchased at $830,000. With a 20% downpayment, your initial mortgage was $664,000. After renovations, the appraised value goes up to $1,081,500 and you qualify for additional financing of $201,020. After deducting refinancing fees, you can take $195,200 out as cash.


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Best For Rehab Loans: Lendingone


Why We Chose It: LendingOne earns our nod for best rehab lender because they are one of the very few commercial lenders that make it easy to get a pre-approval letter, they finance up to 90% loan-to-cost and provide lower rates and fees than their competition.

  • Pre-approval/proof of funds available online within minutes

  • High leverage

  • Founded by investors to improve upon traditional lenders limitations

  • $150 charge for each draw

  • Only available for one- to four-unit properties, no commercial

In 2014, Bill Green and Matthew Neisser founded LendingOne in response to their frustrations felt toward the difficult lending environment from rigid bank criteria and the easier, though more expensive, hard money alternatives.

As a direct private real estate lender, LendingOne has become the best rehab lender in the industry because they help investors get what had been missing in the market, such as pre-approval letters and proof of funds, higher leverage, and lower rates and fees.

LendingOne offers fix-and-flip and rehab-to-rent loan products. Down payments range from 10% to 20%. For rehab to rent, they have a 30-year fixed-rate loan as well as 5/1 and 7/1 ARM loans. Their fix-and-flip loans can finance up to 90% of your repair costs. Two years of interest only payments are an option on the fix-and-flip loans too. LendingOne loans on two- to four-unit properties only, including condos and townhouses.

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Requirements For Investment Property Cash

Investment properties are non-owner-occupied, which means the lender takes on more risk when providing a cash-out refinance. Thats why lender requirements are slightly stricter than they would be if you were refinancing your primary residence.

For example:

You can only use a conventional loan to complete a cash-out refinance on an investment property. Loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration , Department of Veterans Affairs , or the U.S. Department of Agriculture dont allow for cash-out refinances on investment properties.

Max loan-to-value ratio
0 to 12 months, depending on LTV ratio and number of units
Waiting period after home purchase 6 months in most cases

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What Should A Cash

Since you still need to pay interest on the additional amount that you borrow, you should try to use the money wisely. This can include things that can save you money or can make you more money. Some uses for a cash-out refinance include:

TheBank of Canadafound that of the money borrowed from home equity, 28% of it went towards debt consolidation, 25% towards home renovations, 25% towards consumption, and 22% towards investments.

Use of Home Equity Dollars

Debt Consolidation

What shouldnt a cash-out refinance be used for?

Money from a refinance is still borrowed and will eventually need to be paid back. Thats why it is better to direct it towards productive uses, such as to save money or make money. Refinancing can also be used to pay for things that you really need, like using it to buy a new car. Things that a refinance might not be a good idea for are non-essential consumption and spending. This might include vacations or jewelry. If you couldnt otherwise afford it without a refinance, it might not be a good idea to spend a cash-out refinance on it.

Can You Get A Residential Mortgage On A Commercial Property

Investment Property Cash Out Refinance CASE STUDY!

If you own a semi-commercial property, mortgage lenders are able to help you with your mortgage. Mortgages of this type are likely to be difficult to obtain if applied for regularly for commercial or residential properties. Mortgages should be designed so that theyre appropriate for the type of property that you need. Which type of commercial property is a semi-commercial property??

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What Not To Do With A Cash

If you want to take the equity line of credit from your cash-out refinance to consolidate debt, pay for college, or spend it on day-to-day expenses, we do not recommend these actions. What we advise is to use the cash-out refinance to leverage the growth of your existing portfolio. If you squander the money gained from the equity line of credit and dont apply the extra cash to grow your investments, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. A cash-out refinance works best if you allow it to work FOR you and make you more money.

Cash Out Refinance One Property To Buy Another

Assuming I get a 75% LTV loan on the property, I can pull out roughly $62,000 in cash from the deal.

As I showed in the example above, my cash flow will drop but the total ROE will skyrocket.

But, only if I have a place to put the money.

Ive put a property under agreement nearby that has a total cost of $250,000 and requires a down payment of $62,500.

So, Ill be leveraging all the equity from one deal into the purchase of another deal.

Now, Ill get:

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Pros And Cons Of A Cash

Refinancing your mortgage can be a great way to reduce one of your largest monthly expenses. Savvy investors watching the market over time will typically jump at the chance to refinance when lending rates are falling toward new lows. Mortgage contracts may have terms specifying when and if a mortgage borrower can refinance their mortgage loan. There can be a variety of different types of options for refinancing.

However, in general, most will come with several added costs and fees that make the timing of a mortgage loan refinancing just as important as the decision to refinance. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a number of excellent guides to help determine if a refinance is a good choice for you.

In addition to checking rates and fees to make sure that refinancing is a good option, consider the reasons for needing the cash. A cash-out refinance is one of the cheapest ways to get cash in terms of interest paid, but it comes with either the very high risk of losing your home if you cant keep up with increased mortgage payments or the value of your home going down and you ending up underwater on your mortgage. If you need the cash to pay off consumer debt, take the steps you need to get your spending under control so you dont get trapped in an endless cycle of debt reloading.

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Is It A Good Idea To Refinance A Rental Property

Cash Out Refinance Investment Property Tax Implications

Refinancing real estate is a good idea because it tends to give the homeowner an adjustable-rate mortgage with a good closing disclosure on the rental home.

The real estate property investment is purposed to give you some benefit as an investor, so engaging in cash-out loans can help to achieve these targets.

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S To Guide You When You Refinance Your Rental Property Mortgage

Home \ Blog \ Posts \ Steps To Guide You When You Refinance Your Rental Property Mortgage

Join millions of Canadians who have already trusted Loans Canada

Investing in rental properties is a popular strategy to earn passive income. However, as a rental property owner, you have to account for property tax, landlord insurance, repairs, property management, and a number of other expenses. In order to maximize your rental property income, you need to minimize these associated costs. Additionally, some rental property owners reduce costs by refinancing their rental property mortgage. In fact, refinancing can not only help reduce expenses, it can also help rental property owners gain access to additional funds.

What Is The Refinance Rate For An Investment Property

Sometimes because of the numerous advantages of the cash-out investment, one may think that its investment property rate will be as low as anything. Still, unfortunately, the reverse is the case.

The refinance rate for investment property is very high because its equity is very high. This has doubled the refinance rate for investment property also.

Therefore investment property rate should be around 1.80 percent and 7.5 percent.

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Using Equity To Buy Stocks

More than half of all households have some investment in the stock market, according to Pew Research. When mortgage interest rates are low, or the stock market is booming, using the equity in your home to fund an investment could be lucrative. But investing in the stock market also comes with risks, including rising interest rates, taxes and fluctuations in the economy.

Investing in stocks can be profitable, but comes with no guarantee of gains. Its possible you could invest your equity and lose your entire investment. And remember, while your investments may generate money, youll also be paying interest on the home equity you borrowed.


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