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One Of The Largest Telecoms In Canada Is On Sale

How to invest – buy and sell stocks in Philippine Stock Market for beginners

Rogers Communications is one of the largest and most well-known telecoms in Canada. Telecoms are great stocks to invest in thanks to reliable revenue streams, solid dividends, and long-term growth options.

In addition to Rogerss core subscription business, the company also boasts an impressive media arm that includes everything from dozens of radio and TV stations to interest in professional sports teams.

Turning to Rogers stock price, we can safely add the label of discounted stock primed for buying to the list of reasons to invest in the telecom. Specifically, over the trailing six-month period, Rogers has dipped nearly 10%.

This makes the otherwise reliable telecom stock a great value stock to invest in, and I havent even mentioned the dividend. Rogers pays a quarterly dividend that works out to a respectable 3.10% yield.

Keep in mind that Rogers yield is lower than its peers, as the company has stopped providing annual upticks to its dividend. Instead, Rogers is paying down debt and investing in growth.

How To Buy Stocks

Stocks are a popular form of investing these days. It helps to understand how to buy stocks before deciding whether or not investing in stocks is right for you.

More and more people are thinking about investing in stocks these days. Whether its something you read or something a friend said, they can be a way to make a potential profit and grow your investments.However, while everyone wants to buy shares at a low price and sell at a high price , there are many factors you need to consider before taking the next step, including your goals, your tolerance for risk and how market volatility may affect your outcome.So, what do you need to get started?

Top 10 Stocks On Freetrade

We recently surveyed Freetrade users that have an ISA account with more than £10,000 invested to see what theyâre putting money into. âAs you can see, Tesla is in the top spot. The electric carmaker has been very popular with lots of investors over the past couple of years and has seen its share price rise dramatically as a result. Things have slowed down a bit recently though, probably as people start to doubt whether the firm can grow enough to justify its high share price.âFurther down the list we have some GameStop and Argo Blockchain. The former gained a lot of attention during the meme stock saga, something thatâs dipped in and out of the news since February 2021. Argo Blockchain wasnât quite the same but it also gained a lot of retail investor attention on the back of a surge in the price of Bitcoin.âSpread across the rest of the list are three ETFs. The iShares FTSE 100 and Vanguard S& P 500 are both index trackers, issued by iShares and Vanguard respectively. One thing here to be cautious of is the fact they both distribute dividends they receive, hence the ââ at the end of their names.

Top 10 assets for Freetrade users investing £10k in 2021

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How To Invest In The Tsx

You can follow the steps below to set up an account and buy TSX stocks:

  • Choose a broker or trading platform. Youll need to choose a broker or trading platform that gives you access to the TSX or at least lets you buy and sell the TSX stocks that youre interested in. You should also try to compare at least three to four brokers to find the cheapest option before you decide on a service.
  • Open a stock-trading account. Once youve landed on the right broker or platform, youll have to open a trading account with them. This can usually be done by filling out a quick online application with the provider youve settled on. This will require you to supply personal information such as your full name, address, email and phone number.
  • Deposit funds. When your account is up and running, youll have to load funds into your wallet to start trading. You may need to link your bank account to your trading account to initiate a transfer, depending on which platform you use. Some platforms may allow you to pay with a credit card or Interac e-Transfer.
  • Buy stocks on the TSX. Once your money is loaded into your account, youll be ready to start trading. You can buy and sell stocks as well as a number of other financial products on the TSX. This will cost you different amounts, based on which broker or platform you use.
  • Finder’s Pick for

    How we chose our Finder’s Picks

    Choose A Direct Investing Account

    How to Buy Stocks Online: A Guide to Getting Into Investing

    If youre interested in investing on your own, youll first need a direct investing account with an online brokerage. There are several different types of accounts to consider, depending on your goals.

    Some of the most popular investment accounts include:

    RRSPs are typically used to save for retirement. Contributing to an RRSP can allow you to defer taxes on the returns you earn on the investments in the plan and to access the funds in retirement years when you may potentially be in a lower income tax bracket.

    A Tax-Free Savings Account can be used to save for short- or long-term goals because it lets your savings grow tax-free. A TFSA can be used to save for various types of goals, like an upcoming vacation or large purchase.

    can help you boost your buying power by leveraging value in your portfolio. You can borrow against value in the securities you already own to make additional investments and access sophisticated investment strategies, including option trades and short selling. However, leveraged trades are not for everyone. Along with the potential for greater returns, comes the flip side of increased exposure and risk.

    A cash account could be used to save for a variety of goals, can provide flexibility to easily access available cash in the account and you can trade a variety of securities on North American markets.

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    Value Stocks Primed For Buying

    Are you looking for a selection of great and reliable stocks that are primed for buying? Here are three value options that are on sale right now.


    One of the advantages of a market pullback is that it exposes an opportunity to buy some truly incredible stocks at discounted rates. In other words, there are plenty of value stocks primed for buying right now.

    Here are some options to consider buying this month.

    What Does Buy The Dip Mean

    Traders often want to add to positions they already hold, and they are willing to wait for the right time to score a bargain on more shares.

    When a stock slips from a recent high due to company news or market sentiment, and inexperienced investors scramble to sell, experienced traders may use the opportunity to scoop up shares.

    This strategy is called buying the dip. Traders add to their holdings at a favorable price, often lower than shares theyve previously purchased. Over time, buying the dip helps traders lower the average price paid for all shares they own of a company, making the entire position more profitable.

    You can buy the dip during any of the best times of the day or week to buy stocks. While its not a strategy used by all traders, it can prove beneficial for traders looking to increase their long-term returns on a position.

    Featured Partner Offers

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    It offers 100+ commission-free trade ETFs.

    • Accounts offered: RRSP, RSP, TFSA, margin, personal and corporate investment accounts.
    • Trading fees: $8.75 per trade and $6.95 for active investors.
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    • Best for: Customer support

    How To Invest In Share Market

    • 17 Nov 2021
    • 3 min read

    Investing in the stock market can be tricky, especially for individuals who are new to this world. That said, the investment process has become hassle-free nowadays as individuals can allocate their funds to shares through various digital platforms. In case you are not up-to-date with the process, heres a complete guide on how to invest in the share market online.

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    Use A Stock Screener To Find Stocks To Buy

    Whichever strategy you choose, finding the stocks you want to buy can still be challenging. Stock screeners help you narrow down your list of potential stocks to buy and offer an endless range of filters to screen out all the companies that do not meet your parameters. Nearly all online brokerage accounts offer stock screeners, and there are more than a few free versions available online.

    With a stock screener, you can filter for small-cap stocks or large-cap stocks or view lists of companies with declining share prices and stocks that are at all-time highs. They also generally let you search for stocks by industry or market sector. Filtering by P/E ratio is a great way to find shares that are overpriced or underpriced.

    Top Tsx Stocks For May 2022

  • WELL Health Technologies , $988 million
  • Tamarack Valley Energy , $2.1 billion
  • BMO Equal Weight Banks Index ETF , net assets $2.8 billion
  • Canadian Western Bank , $2.9 billion
  • Descartes Systems Group , $6.8 billion
  • ARC Resources , $11.8 billion
  • Algonquin Power & Utilities , $12.8 billion
  • Alimentation Couche-Tard , $59 billion
  • Canadian National Railway , $109.7 billion
  • Enbridge , $114.5 billion)
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    Open An Online Brokerage Account

    Investors who purchase stocks directly through a broker are also referred to as âself-directedâ or âDo-it-yourselfâ investors.

    This approach requires you to do your own research before picking a stock. You are also responsible for allocating assets within your investment portfolio and keeping it diversified.

    Online brokerage platforms in Canada vary from independent discount brokers to brokerage firms owned by big banks.

    Discount brokers such as Questradeand Wealthsimple Trade can save you a lot of money in trading fees and commission.

    Decide How You Want To Invest In The Stock Market

    Is Investing in Chinese Stocks Worth the Risk Right Now?

    There are several ways to approach stock investing. Choose the option below that best represents how you want to invest, and how hands-on you’d like to be in picking and choosing the stocks you invest in.

    A. “I’d like to choose stocks and stock funds on my own.” Keep reading this article breaks down things hands-on investors need to know, including how to choose the right account for your needs and how to compare stock investments.

    » See our roundup of the best online brokers

    B. “I’d like an expert to manage the process for me.” You may be a good candidate for a robo-advisor, a service that offers low-cost investment management. Virtually all of the major brokerage firms and many independent advisors offer these services, which invest your money for you based on your specific goals.

    » View our picks for the best robo-advisors

    C. Id like tostart investing in my employers 401. This is one of the most common ways for beginners to start investing. In many ways, it teaches new investors some of the most proven investing methods: making small contributions on a regular basis, focusing on the long-term and taking a hands-off approach. Most 401s offer a limited selection of stock mutual funds, but not access to individual stocks.

    » Learn more about retirement accounts

    Once you have a preference in mind, you’re ready to shop for an account.

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    How To Trade Stocks On Etoro

    There are two different ways you can trade stocks on eToro:

  • You can buy and sell stocks outright
  • You can trade stock price movements via . With CFDs, you can trade in both directions and also use leverage to increase your exposure.
  • Heres how to place a trade using each approach:

    Buying a stock outright

  • or create an account by going to
  • Head to our page, and then select Stocks to access the full list of stocks that are available to trade
  • Select the stock that you wish to invest in, then select Trade
  • Select BUY
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to invest in the stock or the number of units of stock you wish to buy
  • Ensure that leverage is set to X1
  • Set the take profit parametre if you wish to
  • Select Open Trade
  • Trading a stock via a CFD

  • or create an account by going to
  • Head to our page, and then select to access the full list of stocks that are available to trade
  • Select the stock that you wish to invest in, then select Trade
  • Select BUY or SELL, depending on the direction you wish to trade
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to trade on the stock or the number of units of stock you wish to trade
  • Set your leverage
  • Set the stop loss and take profit parametres
  • Select Open Trade
  • What is leverage?

    Buying the underlying asset vs trading CFDs: which is the best approach?

    Both approaches to stock trading offer the potential for fantastic profits.

    Which approach is better for you will depend on your investing goals and your risk tolerance.

    Additional Investing Tips For Canadians

    Whether youre investing in individual stocks or funds, Canadian stock investing has some unique advantages for beginning investors. Here are just three.

    • Canada makes dividend investing more tax efficient. Dividends are basically a portion of a companys profit paid out to shareholders. If you own dividend stocks, youll get paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. In Canada, many dividends are eligible for a tax credit, which reduces how much youre required to pay for taxes on dividend income.
    • Canada has excellent tax-sheltered retirement accounts, like the TFSA and RRSP. The Tax-Free Savings Account allows you to earn investment income tax-free. Yesyou wont pay taxes on money you earn inside a TFSA. Additionally, you wont pay taxes on money you withdraw. Registered Retirement Savings Plans , on the other hand, defer taxes on investment income. That means you wont pay taxes until you withdraw money from your RRSP.

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    Plan Out Your Selling Strategy

    Buying stocks without a thought of selling them in the future is not a plan. Its best to have an exit strategy and cash in on your gains after some period of time. You can always keep some of your shares while you enjoy a nice return on your investment.

    In general, stock investments should not be made with any money that you need to live off of in the next few years. If a stock increases 20%, 30% or more over a short period of time, you may consider selling the bulk of those shares for a nice profit. However, if the companys prospects align well with some of the factors we went over in step 2, this could be just one of many bull runs the stock could see in the future.

    On the contrary, not every stock is going to be a winner. Many times you may be selling at a loss. In this case, we recommend setting up a Stop-Loss Order. This will prevent your losses from being catastrophic, as any investment that dips too low will trigger an automatic sell order.

    The most important thing is to have a plan. Know why and how youll sell the stock before you buy it.

    And finally step 5.

    Learn Why People Invest In Or Trade Shares In The Uk

    How and Why to Invest in US Stocks?

    People invest in or trade shares because, just like other financial markets, they can be an opportunity to make money. At a basic level, you can take a position on shares to get exposure to economic growth and if the health of an economy grows, you might find that companies that are based in that economy also grow.

    Company growth is correlated with share price increases, which is what people are hoping for when they buy or invest in shares. Over the past 100 years, UK stocks have generated average returns of around 5% a year over and above inflation, meaning that the real value of an investment would have doubled around every 14 and a half years.

    Generally speaking, investors will buy shares to:

    • Make a profit from share prices rising
    • Receive an income from dividends if the company pays them
    • Benefit from the effects of compounding

    This last point requires that a share investment be held for a long period of time, and its why youll sometimes hear the phrase time in the markets is better than timing the markets when talking about share investments.

    As an example, we can see from the graphic below that the maximum and the minimum annualised returns on the FTSE 100 consolidated around the average returns over time smoothing out the market volatility to settle at just below 10% per year.

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    Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Are you comfortable going into debt for an investment that may fluctuate in value?
  • Can you afford to lose the collateral you put up for the loan? Any asset used as collateral, including your home, can be taken by the creditor to satisfy the loan.
  • How will you pay for the loan if your investments fall in value? Do you have a secure salary, a cash reserve or other sources of income?
  • What are the terms for repaying the loan and interest?
  • Are there any other fees associated with the loan?
  • Are the investments youre buying with borrowed money suitable for your goals and risk tolerance?
  • How much will you have to pay in commissions and fees?
  • What are the tax consequences? Depending on what you invest in, you may be able to deduct the interest on money you borrow to invest.
  • Thinking about borrowing to make an RRSP contribution?

    Youll get a tax deduction for your contribution, but make sure you can afford the loan payments. Interest you pay on money you borrow to invest in an RRSP is not deductible. It can add up and offset the initial benefit of making the contribution. Learn more about borrowing to invest in your RRSP.


    Borrowing to invest can be an effective strategy, but its not for everyone. Taking on this kind of debt can be very risky.

    Take action

    Use this calculator to see how long it will take you to pay down debt at different interest rates.



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