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Risks Of Real Estate Investment In 2021

Where Are The Best Markets For Multifamily Investing

Almost 50% of respondents included geopolitical and climate change issues such as rising sea levels among their primary concerns when it comes to real estate investment and about 40% cited currency fluctuations and interest rate risks.

Political risks

The key political risks which were cited included geopolitical events, mainly consisting of US tariffs and the trade war with China.

Brexit protectionist policies and Hong Kong protests effect on trade in Asia also remain key concerns when it comes to cross border real estate investment in 2021.

Moreover, respondents mentioned that the main events they are concerned about in the Middle East are the war with Iran and civil unrest in Latin America

What Do We Mean By The Best Places To Buy A Vacation Rental Home

There are many ways to define the top locations to own a short-term vacation rental. Since the ultimate goal of any real estate investor is to generate revenue, here we focus on the most profitable places for buying and owning a vacation home in 2021. Using data fromMashvisor, an advanced real estate data analytics tool, well highlight the US markets with the highest cap rates for short-term rentals.

For those of you who might be relatively new to the real estate investing world,cap rate short for capitalization rate is a real estate metric that is calculated by dividing the net operating income of a rental property by the current market value of the property. Although not the only indicator for vacation rental success, it is an important marker for which locations you should invest in.

Cap Rate Formula:

Cap Rate = Net Operating Income /Current Market Value

The cap rate is a relatively simple real estate profitability metric that allows investors to compare different housing markets and decide which offers the best opportunities to make money.

Integrating Private Assets Into A Clients Portfolio

Schroders Capital helps investors to seamlessly manage the integration of private assets into their investment portfolios.

We empower investors to reach their objectives for private asset mandates, supporting them with investment management, structuring and the administration process. Our dedicated multi-disciplinary mandate account team serves to seamlessly integrate and collaborate with our clients in-house teams.

All mandate solutions are tailored to a clients individual requirements in terms of scope, return objectives, sustainability criteria or non-financial impact goals, risk budget, diversification needs, liquidity preferences and other important aspects.

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Best Places To Invest In Real Estate In 2021 & 2022

We looked at data and examined trends from across the US to bring you this list of the 21 best places to invest in real estate in 2021 & 2022. Here are the best places to invest in real estate and buy rental properties. They all have their own set of qualities and disadvantages, but many of them are less expensive than the national average.

London And Los Angeles Amongst Best Cities For Real Estate Investment

8 Characteristics of the Best Rental Markets

In 2018, London was voted the number one city in the world for real estate investment, with German cities such as Berlin increasingly becoming attractive options.

However, things took a turn in 2021, with London now being number 4 in the ranking, still impressive given the historic uncertainties with Brexit.

In 2020, Los Angeles has been voted as the best city for real estate investment, moving swiftly up from 7th place in 2019. Los Angeles is often considered to be a wise choice for long term real estate investment as it consistently remains an attractive place to live and investors almost always get their money back at the very least, with most making a healthy profit.

The population of Los Angeles in 2020 is 12,447,000, whilst September 2020 showed that the median list price of Los Angeles property was USD 950K, up 5.7% compared to last year, while the median sale price was USD 850K.

Whilst LA looks to remain a wise choice for long term investments, property prices in the area are forecast to only rise by 0.7% this year as a result of COVID-19.

Other important places for real estate investment in 2021

London dropped three positions from the 2018 survey, with New York dropping to position 9 in the Global Cities category. Paris is number 2 and the best previous European city for real estate investment Berlin dropped to position 8.

Edward M. Casal, AFIREs newly elected chairman, and chief executive, global real estate, of London-based Aviva Investors, says:

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Find The Right Location

The last thing you want is to be stuck with a rental property in an area that is declining rather than stable or picking up steam. A city or locale where the population is growing and a revitalization plan is underway represents a potential investment opportunity.

When choosing a profitable rental property, look for a location with low property taxes, a decent school district, and plenty of amenities, such as restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, trails, and parks. In addition, a neighborhood with a low crime rate, easy access to public transportation, and a growing job market may mean a larger pool of potential renters.

Private Equity Investments Our Stakeholders Can Be Proud Of

ESG is deeply rooted in Schroders Capital strategy. Schroder Adveq was an early signatory and Schroders Capital continues to take pride in being an early signatory to the UN PRI and holding an A+ rating. Our forward-looking, proprietary ESG analysis helps us to understand the challenges and opportunities of environmental and social change and identify sustainably managed businesses. We believe that by integrating ESG considerations into our investment process, we can deliver better outcomes for clients and society as a whole.

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Property In France: High Rental Yields

When it comes to property investment, there are a number of factors which contribute to a successful outcome. The first is to buy a French property at ‘good value’. Basically, you search for property below market value or buy property when the market has hit the bottom of a downturn. As we have outlined above, we believe that now is the time to consider buying a house in France.

Secondly, when borrowing costs are cheap and rental yields are high, the conditions for property investment are favourable. The continued low level of interest rates across the Euro Zone currently makes borrowing more attractive than saving.

Thirdly, when it comes to rental yields, Property Investors traditionally look at long term residential property rentals to generate return on investment. But in France, residential rentals are problematic. The law heavily favours the tenant and market rates are not that favourable. However, there is an overlooked niche in the market which we believe opens up certain areas of France to property investment.

In the coastal areas of France, especially in the South of France, there are two different rental markets which co-exist. There is a market for long term winter rentals for people who are house hunting or just looking for some winter sun. On average, the typical rental lease is for 6 months, between the months of October to May. Then there is the highly profitable summer holiday rentals market between June to September.

Rental weeks

Texas: Fort Worth Arlington

Best Turnkey Markets: Ohio Lake Front Triplex | Investment Properties For Sale – 700 Lakeside

Texas is one of the few markets that didnt get hit very hard when the housing bubble burst a decade ago. Housing prices remain relatively low while the economy there shows only signs of growth, making it a great place to think about investing.

Fort Worth and its suburb, Arlington, show excellent potential for real estate investors. Currently, the average home price there is only $235,398, which is expected to climb by 11% in the next year and 26% in the next three years.

Additionally, the population in this area is projected to increase by 5.6% in the coming three years, with jobs growing by about 5% in the next two years alone.

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Best Cities For Foreign Investment In United States Real Estate

According to an old survey of the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate , the United States was deemed the number one country for planned real estate investment and the 5 best cities for foreign investment in United States real estate are:

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Seattle
  • Washington, DC
  • San Francisco

With 58% of respondents votes, the US remains the country considered the most stable for real estate investment, and 86% said they plan to maintain or increase their investment in US real estate.

What Cap Rate Is A Good Investment For Vacation Rentals

If the CAP rate is considered a good metric for your investment, then what is the golden number? As with most things in vacation rental investments: it depends.

A higher CAP rate, typically speaking, projects for a better investment, but it could also mean that its riskier. Good depends on how youd like to define it. Striking a balance between high investment and risk is what will really determine what a good CAP rate for your vacation rental is.

With that in mind, its advisable to hover between a 4-6% CAP rate. Low CAP rates around 1 to 2% could still be profitable, but theyre typically found in highly saturated areas like bigger cities with a well-established short-term rental market.

On the other hand, a high CAP rate could be a good investment, but its better suited for the gambler willing to take more of a risk.

Keep in mind too, that CAP rates can be very specific to neighborhoods, boroughs, and particular areas. Sometimes if you zoom too far out and look at an entire county or city, youre not going to get an accurate representation of what the CAP rate in your specific locality would be.

Take New York City, for example. Manhattans CAP rate came in at 3.9%, while just a stones throw away in Queens, the CAP rate is 5.03%. Your best investment should consider all these factors as no two CAP rates are created equal.

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We Support Clients With A Broad Range Of Mandate Solutions:

  • From single asset class to multi private asset mandates, to mandates combining private-asset investments with listed investments
  • Focusing on a specific strategy, industry or investment type or a combination
  • From non-discretionary to fully discretionary mandates
  • From focused investment management services to one-stop solutions, including all aspects of a private-asset portfolio build-up and management

South Of France: Europe’s Retirement Home

Best Markets for Retail Investment

So we have already outlined why the South of France is an ideal choice based on high rental yields, but the same could also be said of Paris or Bordeaux. What I think tips the balance in favour of South France as opposed to other parts of France are demographic trends, infrastructure investment and climate. All of these factors are going to combine over the next 10 years to make the South of France the main place to invest in property in France.

In terms of demographic trends, as the population of Northern Europe continues to age, a sizeable minority are predicted to choose the South of France as either a permanent or secondary retirement home. A few years back, every village and commune in the South of France was tasked with producing a plan to increase the housing supply by 20-30%. Why? It was to meet the predicted demand from Northen Europeans moving to the South of France. The economic crisis has hit this plan a bit, but you only have to look around and you can see more Norwegians, Swedes, Dutch, British, German, Polish and Northen French people buying up houses in the South of France.

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How Much Down Payment Do You Need To Buy Investment Property

Lenders typically have stricter guidelines when it comes to rental properties. Though you can buy a primary home with as little as 3% down, most borrowers need to put down 15% to 20% to buy a rental property. Rental property mortgages have a higher rate of default because borrowers in financial trouble tend to focus on their primary home’s mortgage first.

Real Estate Investment Groups

Real estate investment groups are ideal for people who want to own rental real estate without the hassles of running it. Investing in REIGs requires a capital cushion and access to financing.

REIGs are like small mutual funds that invest in rental properties. In a typical real estate investment group, a company buys or builds a set of apartment blocks or condos, then allows investors to purchase them through the company, thereby joining the group.

A single investor can own one or multiple units of self-contained living space, but the company operating the investment group collectively manages all of the units, handling maintenance, advertising vacancies, and interviewing tenants. In exchange for conducting these management tasks, the company takes a percentage of the monthly rent.

A standard real estate investment group lease is in the investors name, and all of the units pool a portion of the rent to guard against occasional vacancies. To this end, you’ll receive some income even if your unit is empty. As long as the vacancy rate for the pooled units doesnt spike too high, there should be enough to cover costs.

  • More hands-off than owning rentals

  • Provides income and appreciation

  • Similar fees as mutual funds

  • Susceptible to unscrupulous managers

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Best Places To Buy Investment Property In France

If you are looking to buy an investment property in France in 2022 and you want some advice on the best places to buy, here is a list of the 10 best locations in the South of France. I have avoided Cote d’Azur and Provence mainly because the purchase costs here are too prohibitive for investment opportunity. The market is also quite saturated and with the current state of the French economy and housing market, you do not really know which way it will turn. Suffering a 10% haircut on a 300,000 property is one thing, catching a cold on a 750,000 property is quite a different matter altogether. The rental yields are more or less the same, but what you do get in Languedoc is the exact same property of around 45% less cost.

Best Places To Invest In Rental Properties In California

Best Cash Flow Rental Markets: Cleveland, Ohio | Investment Properties For Sale – 4322 Bush

When it comes to real estate investing markets, theres a long list of states currently experiencing booms in popularity. While Texas, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, and more are all fantastic areas to look for new properties, California seems to top them all in sheer volume and continues to draw people from all over the country both to live and invest.

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Best Places To Buy Investment Property France: Pezenas

In the Languedoc, there are 5 really beautiful towns to visit: Uzes, Aigues-Mortes, Sommieres, Mirepoix and Pezenas. We live near Pezenas and we absolutely love the place. Pezenas has some beautiful old streets unchanged over the last 5 centuries. It is also an important arts centre, with many arts festivals, theatre productions and antique fairs taking place throughout the year. Pezenas is also a short drive to the coast. It is surrounded by vineyards and has excellent transport connections. Pezenas is definitely my top tip as a place to buy a house in Languedoc. Properties in Pezenas rent most of the year and if you are able to find a villa closeby with a pool, then you are almost guaranteed 12 weeks summer holiday rentals.

Pezenas has a good range of shops, supermarkets, banks, restaurants, pharmacies, etc and there is an active social scene all year around. Pezenas has a well respected wine cooperative. There is definitely a ‘Pezenas premium’ on house prices, but you can still pick up a property at a reasonable rate.

In my opinion, there are 4 villages surrounding Pezenas that you should also consider if you are looking for Languedoc real eastate: Caux, Tourbes, Nezignan l’Eveque and Neffies.

Caux is probably the largest village out of the 4. It has a lovely old hilltop centre . There is a bar, shop, cafe and I think a restaurant in Caux. Cuax has a lovely setting, vineyards all around and close to Pezenas as well.

The Big Picture Investor

As youve seen, there is a lot of data to filter through. While youre examining it, keep in mind the macroeconomic factors such oil prices, trade deals, interest rates, key industry growth, new construction levels, and what the top business needs of each city are. What drives the local economies? Who are the major employers? What to buy? According to the stats, you may like to buy a low rise, 2 bedroom condo or apartment in Orlando, Austin, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Memphis, or Riverside. Are you a high stakes gambler? Then perhaps San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, San Jose, San Mateo, or San Diego might be more to your liking. Enjoy your research and please do check out ManageCasa Property Management software designed specifically for small portfolio property investors. Landlords, contractors, property managers and tenants all love using it. Its more than a landlord app with easy to learn yet simple tools for helping you with your property management workload, manage tenants better and improve cash flow.

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Still Need More Help Selecting Your Market

Youre not alone this is one of the key decisions I help my private coaching clients make as I help them to acquire their first rental properties. Schedule a free consultation if youd like to chat with me about private coaching.

And finally, heres that graphic summary of all these markets, in case you missed it at the top:


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