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What Property Investors Think Of Real Estate Investar

Using RealData’s Real Estate Investment Analysis Software, Part 1

“I joined Real Estate Investar and have since gone on to buy four buy and hold properties which my partner and I are very happy about.”

Tess Bins


“I used Real Estate Investar to find property matching my criteria of cash flow and capital growth which saved me hours of time & helped me find deals before the rest of the market.”

Cam Cho


“I didn’t realise just how efficient Real Estate Investar was. It quite literally slashed my research time to a fraction of what I had been spending to find property deals.”

Emily Greenway


“My renovation has propelled my investing portfolio and provided a $50,000 equity gain, plus the property is cash flow positive after every expense. I fully endorse Real Estate Investar and can prove the results.”

Jeremy Tailot

Western Australia

“Real Estate Investar has helped improve our quality of life. Our portfolio is now cash flow positive, and it has provided an excellent return on investment.”

Timothy Cantrill

New South Wales

“It was so worth the subscription cost of joining Real Estate Investar. Thank you for helping us to grow a property portfolio that will give us a great lifestyle.”

Adrian Melbourne

What Mashvisor Does For Real Estate Investors

#1. Real Estate Market Analysis

Using Mashvisor to analyze different cities across the US housing market is simple. Once youâre logged in, the first thing youâll do is enter the location where youâre planning to buy a rental property. You can enter the state, city, neighborhood, or even a specific zip code of your choice. After hitting âAnalyzeâ, youâll be taken to the first tool that we provide and that is the Heatmap Analysis Tool. At first glance, it looks like a regular map that shows how many properties are available for sale and where theyâre exactly located in your selected location. Click on the house icon where it says âExplore the Dataâ, however, and the real estate heat map will be activated and look like this:

Mashvisors Heatmap Analysis Tool

Essentially, itâs a color-coded analysis of the real estate market that shows how well rental properties are performing . The worst thing a real estate investor can do is waste time conducting an investment property search in bad locations. Using our real estate investment software by selecting which criteria you want to base your Heatmap analysis on allows you to avoid making this costly mistake. Youâll be able to identify the difference in performance between one area and another. Therefore, when you start searching for properties, you guarantee that youâre in the best places to invest in real estate.

  • Listing Price

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C) Expenses

Investor Software For Rental Property Management

Its usually a good idea to hire a local professional property management company to handle your rental property. However, when theyre just starting out, some investors like to take care of their own management to learn the business before they delegate.

Here are five of the best investor software packages for rental property management.

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Our Video Course For Real Estate Investors Now With New Content

Youll master all the key concepts and become skilled in fundamental techniques as you learn about investment metrics, discounted cash flow analysis, financing, rehab and development, partnerships, value-add investments, and much more. Includes case-studies, where youll learn by example. Your return on investment begins here

Try our case -study mini course, One time fee, $77

Got $1000 The 10 Top Investments Wed Make Right Now

Commercial Real Estate Investment Analysis Software ...

Our team of analysts agrees. These 10 real estate plays are the best ways to invest in real estate right now. By signing up to be a member of Real Estate Winners, youll get access to our 10 best ideas and new investment ideas every month. Find out how you can get started with Real Estate Winners by .

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Modeling Of Different Scenarios

Pro-forma helps to model different scenarios if deals go excellent, average, or poorly since investing is very theoretical.

Using a proforma software solution, investors can create any number of scenarios. They would differ in periods, financial factors, input from various sectors, etc.

Investors can print or download great scenarios and run reports based on those scenarios.

The modeling feature reduces the effort required to create other projections. It ensures consistency in various scenarios.

What You Can Learn

  • Review application of investment ratios to expense factors, mortgage loan constants, and equity yields before and after income and capital gains taxes
  • Explore key topics that include capitalization, negative vs. positive leverage, depreciation methods, and recapture
  • Gain an understanding of how senior, junior, and inclusive trust deeds, fee, leasehold, and subordination alternatives are employed separately and in combinations

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Net Operating Income And Cash Flow

Almost at the bottom of the proforma are some of the most important metrics for valuing the building and determining its performance in a deal.

Net Operating Income

Net operating income is a calculation used to estimate the profitability of building investments that generate revenue. The NOI is calculated by deducting all operating costs from the effective gross income of a house.

Net operating income is one of the most commonly used indicators of payment for commercial land proforma software.

The NOI does not include expenses such as tenant improvement allowances, rental fees, and some capital improvement costs. Accounting for these items in the NOI provides greater accuracy in establishing the profitability of the project.

Adjusted NOI

It is the propertys NOI minus the net capital costs not covered by the reserves. Adjusted NOI leaves out compensation taxes and the change in working capital.

Cash Flow to Equity

It is an adjusted net operating income minus debt service. Pecuniary resources to equity tend to be close to the distributions made to the equity investors of the property. That is because properties rarely compile large currency balances.

New Features In Version 14

Smart Real Estate Investment Analysis – The Real Estate Pro Forma Software
  • Entirely New Look and Feel new color schema, clearer highlighting of data entry cells, clearer division of sections within program
  • Completely revised and improved central print dialog print any and all reports from one easy to use form!
  • New Quick Analysis mode
  • Revised Basic and Advanced income worksheets more options, faster, efficient data entry. Now includes commercial rollover and new-unit wizards.
  • Revised financing section with new loan options
  • Expanded Partnership Analysis with features not found on any competing product in its class
  • New reports include Executive Summary, Loan Amortization and Quick Analysis
  • Completely revised macro code over 10,000 lines of custom programming rewritten for speed, efficiency, and error-trapping
  • New optional add-on product for Comparison Analysis
  • New optional add-on product for Portfolio Analysis

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Top 7 Software For Your Real Estate Investing


About the author:G. Brian Davis is a real estate investor who has owned dozens of investment properties over the last 15 years. Hes also the co-founder of, an online resource which provides free landlord education and video series for anyone looking to build passive income from rentals.

Calculates True Property Value

The main reason for creating a proforma is to find out the propertys true financial value and reduce overpayment.

Proforma software development allows estimating property value over the lifetime of its existence. Whats more, it includes the option of selling it in the future.

What the program gives investors is the ability to compare and chop away properties that arent going to make investment sense. They can choose the most likely to be the most profitable one.

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Should You Even Use High Tech Software As An Investor

Managing one or two rental properties using a laptop and spreadsheet can be done, but quite frankly it isnt the most efficient or professional way to work in todays competitive world.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, the majority of renters are under the age of 35. These are tenants who grew up with the internet and expect property owners to be as tech savvy as they are.

Todays innovative real estate investor software solutions help you scale up and grow your rental property business by:

  • Providing online solutions for listing and marketing
  • Processing tenant applications, running credit reports and background checks
  • Collecting rents and paying vendors
  • Analyzing potential real estate deals
  • Monitoring the financial performance of your entire real estate portfolio

Get To Know These Essential Real Estate Investment Software

Using RealData

Business across all industries and sectors in the 21st century is driven by sophisticated software, and real estate is no exception. Professionals working in real estate use software to assess risk, strategize investments, monitor key financial data, maintain client relationships, and otherwise plan for success. If you’re considering a career in real estate investment, software proficiency is an essential skill set you should strive to develop.

Keep reading to learn more about seven key real estate investment software platforms you should be familiar with if you want to thrive in this dynamic field.

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Analyze Any Kind Of Real Estate Investment

iAnalyzeREI can handle all sorts of income-producing Real Estate . Moreover, the reports produced by iAnalyzeREI are well-illustrated to accurately pinpoint the advantages of living in a plex rather than renting an apartment.

Multi-family or commercial properties can also be analyzed, regardless of their size, thanks to special features that adapt to the building’s type. For a residential lease, you should enter the number of rooms, the apartmentâs surface, the rent, included services, etc. While gathering information to register a commercial lease, you will be able to enter even more specifications according to the rent such as: common space, occupied space, initial rent cost, operating expenses, etc.

The Future Of Technology For Real Estate Investment

This article is now going to explore the hypothetical future of the intersection of technology and real estate investments. Further evolution of peer-to-peer and fractional ownership is likely to utilize blockchain technology to effectively digitize the process as well as facilitating ownership and transferability of the assets.

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Dont Just Take Our Word

Now Over 1,000,000 Downloads! Landlords, income-property investors, real estate developers, real estate agents, brokers and others. They are all in the residential and commercial industry across the USA, Canada and other foreign countries. They all choose to use the Cash Flow Analyzer® and Flippers® software.

Dont just take our word for it! Read magazine reviews and our customer testimonials. You, too, can make better investments by using the financial real estate analysis software.

Estimates Discounted Cash Flow

Real Estate Investment Analysis, Pro Edition — Overview

When creating a proforma solution, investors usually consider the basic elements, such as:

  • rental return
  • purchase price
  • likely capital gains.

It leads to a negative cash stream with a property that requires additional monthly investment to keep the property flowing.

The Pro-forma eliminates this scenario by giving investors the complete information of the property. Its happening by introducing all the proforma into the program.

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Quickly Create A Real Estate Proforma

Our real estate analysis software lets you quickly build a real estate proforma for any income producing property. Easily handle complex lease terms with changing rent escalations, lease expirations, reimbursements, tenant improvements, leasing commissions, market leasing assumptions, and even renewal probabilities.Plus, our real-time interface lets you preview your output instantly as you make changes to your assumptions, so you can quickly test out different scenarios on the fly. Now you can generate cash flow projections for banks, investment partners, clients, broker marketing packages, and more from any computer with an internet connection.

The Complete Pdf Solution For Your Real Estate Investment Software

PDFelement is the ultimate all-in-one PDF solution for your real estate investment. This complete package offers seamless management of PDF files and reduces the need for tedious paperwork in your organization. Most real estate investment software can handle basic edits and management of files. However, PDFelement provides advanced features capable of transforming your PDFs and your real estate investment. This program lets you extract data, password-protect documents, create fillable forms, and redact, convert, and edit your forms as needed.

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Software Options For Your House Flipping Business Plan

Its easier than ever to analyze potential real estate investing deals, to forecast renovation costs, and to prepare reports and presentations for lenders and investors. For that matter, its easier to research off-market deals and manage rental properties through real estate investment software, too.

The problem is that the same applies for your competitors. To keep a competitive advantage over an ever savvier pool of real estate investors in your market, you need the best real estate investing tools at your disposal.

In this article, we present to you our top 7 picks for the best software for real estate investors. Well start with real estate investment software for individual investors and work toward enterprise-level software for larger investors. As we go, well point out exactly who each type of software is designed for, so you can find the property investing or house flipping software best suited for your needs.

Commercial Real Estate Analysis Your Way Hd

Investment Analysis Software: Real Estate Investing ...

Price: $6.99 | Team: Antonio Martinez | Platform: AppleVisit WebpageTag Line: Generate meaningful financial analysis of a property on the iPhone!

Commercial Real Estate Analysis Your Way HD is an in-depth financial analysis app, analyzing cash flow for commercial real estate investments, leases, and loans, as well as calculating discounted cash flow measures. It includes a five-scenario generator, allowing changes to input that show the impact on metrics in real-time, as well as email capabilities, social media integration, and customizable report generation.

Visit WebpageTag Line: The worlds most popular app for evaluating real estate investment properties and projecting cash flows.

A user-friendly, yet refined app, for evaluating residential and commercial real estate investments, structuring mortgage financing, and determining pricing based on property valuation metrics. This app includes functionality beyond what other apps offer, such as a Financing Likelihood Indicator, a great way to measure whether financing is feasible. Not to mention, the Real Estate Investing Analyst has a global user base to source and download global property data and assumptions, as well as share data and find buyers or investment partners.

Visit in Microsoft StoreTag Line: It has everything, all that you want for investments and all you need for managing rental property.

Visit WebpageTag Line: Built by industry professionals for industry professionals

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Analyze Any Investment Property In Seconds

Real Estate Investors

Whether you need to evaluate a single SFR or analyze dozens of multi-family buildings, our software will help you make smarter and more educated investment decisions.

Agents, Brokers & Wholesalers

DealCheck makes it easy to present properties to potential buyers with one-click marketing reports. Add your contact info and logo to each report to really impress your clients.


Thinking about turning your home into a rental? Use DealCheck to help you figure out how much passive income you will generate each month.

DealCheck is a must have tool for all serious real estate investors. Its easy to use and is perfect for quickly analyzing deals. Despite its simplicity, it offers many advanced features that will save you time and money.

Samantha WhiteSan Francisco, CA

As somebody who evaluates 10+ flips a week, this is hands down, the best real estate analysis software on the market. Ive closed on many great deals because of it. And the customer service is amazing, keep up the great work!

Craig Porter Cleveland, OH

As somebody who evaluates 10+ flips a week, this is hands down, the best real estate analysis software on the market. Ive closed on many great deals because of it. And the customer service is amazing, keep up the great work!

Craig Porter

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Rehab Valuator is hands down, the most flexible, free software for wholesalers, rehabbers, house flippers, and even agents. And it’s EASY! No technical skill required.

We have a free Members area with case studies, resources, and real estate video training tutorials to guide even a brand new real estate investor every step of the way so that you can produce RESULTS in SECONDS!

Whether youre brand new to wholesaling, rehabbing / flipping or rental property investment or are already a seasoned investor, this free house-flipping software will help you take your investing to a new level quickly.

There is no other real estate investing software on the market that allows you to evaluate deals in the field, calculate offers, calculate wholesale or flip profits, and create persuasive marketing materials for your wholesale deals that you can then instantly send out to your buyers list or post on social media.

In addition, this software will allow you to instantly create deal funding proposals to send out to private money lenders, hard money lenders, and even banks. These proposals will help you look like a seasoned real estate professional, even if youre a newbie, and most importantly will help you secure funding for your real estate deals!

So what are you waiting for? Set up your free Rehab Valuator Lite account right now and start analyzing and marketing your real estate deals like a pro!

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Top Free Real Estate Investment Management Software

Check out our list of free Real Estate Investment Management Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you’d like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Real Estate Investment Management Software to ensure you get the right product.


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