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Mackenzie Launches Absolute Return Fund

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Alternative product offers lower volatility strategy for retail investors

  • May 2, 2018October 17, 2019
  • 11:11

Toronto-based Mackenzie Financial Corp. is launching an absolute return fund based on the Canadian Securities Administrators alternative framework proposal for conventional mutual funds, the investment management firm announced on Wednesday.

Mackenzie Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fund will seek a positive total return over a market cycle, regardless of the ups and downs.

Absolute return mutual funds challenge the conventional approach to investing, and Mackenzie is proud to be the first to bring this non-traditional solution to Canadian retail investors, says Michael Schnitman, senior vice president of product at Mackenzie, in a statement.

The new fund has the added benefits of being transparent, highly liquid and closely regulated under National Instrument 81-102, he adds.

Alternative Investment Partners Absolute Return Fund

Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses :b 14.19
Total Annual Fund Fees and Expenses :c 16.60
Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses :b 14.19
Total Annual Fund Fees and Expenses :c 16.60
Investment ApproachAlternative Investment Partners Absolute Return Fund is a fund of hedge funds that invests substantially all its assets in private investment funds that are managed by a select group of alternative investment managers who employ different absolute return investment strategies in pursuit of attractive risk-adjusted returns consistent with the preservation of capital and not highly correlated with fixed income or equity indices.

Performance data quoted represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results, and current performance may be lower or higher than the figures shown. For the most recent month-end performance figures, please select the “month” timeframe or call 1-800-548-7786. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate and fund shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. For additional important information, please .

2017 4.71

Each of the Absolute Return Fund and the Absolute Return Fund STS is a Delaware statutory trust that issues shares.

Morgan Stanley Distribution, Inc. is a principal underwriter of the Funds. Morgan Stanley is a full-service securities firm engaged in securities trading and brokerage activities, investment banking, research and analysis, financing and financial advisory services.

Risk Considerations

Avendus Absolute Return Fund

Avendus Absolute Return Fund is a Category III Alternate Investment Fund focused on innovative risk management strategies, with a goal of capital preservation. The fund seeks capital appreciation and positive returns in an efficient, risk-adjusted manner through long and short positions in equities and indices.

The fund led by one of Indias marquee fund managers – Andrew Holland and Vaibhav Sanghavi successfully managed equity, based on positive absolute return strategies with a view of low volatility, for over 10 years in all market scenarios.

The funds long-short strategy is intended to produce absolute returns with less volatility than the overall stock market and low correlation to conventional asset classes, across variety of market scenarios.

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Notwithstanding the foregoing, please note the following with respect to investment funds managed by New Holland: Investments in the Funds are meant for sophisticated investors and involve a high degree of risk. Investors can lose all or a substantial portion of their investment. Investment returns may be volatile. Investments in underlying funds may not be diversified. Funds of funds have substantial fees and expenses which may offset profits. Investments in the Funds are subject to significant restrictions on transfers. There is no secondary market for interests in the Funds and none is expected to develop. The underlying funds’ use of leverage in the course of their trading could exacerbate losses.

Ci Marret Alternative Absolute Return Bond Fund

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Sbi General Insurance Company Limited

SBI General commenced its operations as a joint venture between State Bank of India and Insurance Australia Group . Pursuant to stake sale by IAG in March 2020, SBI Bank now owns 70% in the company, while the balance is held by multiple private equity funds. The company offers a complete suite of products catering to the insurance needs of the retail and the commercial sectors.

Relative And Absolute Returns

In general, a mutual fund seeks to produce returns that are better than its peers, its fund category, and the market as a whole. This type of fund management is referred to as a relative return approach to fund investing. The success of the asset is often based on a comparison to a chosen benchmark, industry standard, or overall market performance.

As an investment vehicle, an absolute return fund seeks to make positive returns by employing investment management techniques that differ from traditional mutual funds. Absolute return investment strategies include using short selling, futures, options, derivatives, arbitrage, leverage, and unconventional assets. Absolute returns are examined separately from any other performance measure, so only gains or losses on the investment are considered.

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The Benefits Of Being Different

Absolute return funds take a different approach altogether. By doing away with conventional benchmarks and instead striving for consistently positive performance and lower levels of volatility, absolute return funds can offer a number of potential benefits when added to a broadly diversified portfolio:

· Reducing overall portfolio volatility

· Limiting losses in down markets

· Broadening the sources of investment returns

· Providing valuable diversification potential

· Improving a portfolios risk-adjusted return

One way to think about absolute return strategies is that they are the worriers of your portfolio. While other portfolio managers are thinking about what can go right in financial markets, absolute return managers are obsessed with what could go wrong, and manage risk accordingly.

How do they do it? Absolute return funds vary widely in the tools they use to implement their strategies. In fact, these funds are often referred to as unconstrained because they can invest in a vast array of financial instrumentsstocks, bonds, currencies, derivatives, short positionsjust about anything that may help deliver that positive return with less volatility.

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Standard Life Absolute Return Fund What are the Alternatives

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Alternative Investment Trust Plans Interim Dividend Of $000

Alternative Investment Trust declared a interim dividend on Monday, January 17th, reports. Investors of record on Sunday, February 13th will be paid a dividend of 0.0036 per share on Sunday, February 13th. This represents a yield of 3.13%. The ex-dividend date is Tuesday, January 18th. This is a positive change from Alternative Investment Trusts previous interim dividend of $0.0034.

About Alternative Investment Trust

Alternative Investment Trust is a balanced mutual fund launched by RE The Trust Company Limited. The fund is co-managed by Laxey Partners Limited and Laxey Partners Ltd. It invests in the equity and fixed income markets of Australia. The fund also invests in absolute return funds. It seeks to invest in stocks of companies that are operating across diversified sectors.

Example Of Absolute Return

As a historical example, the Vanguard 500 Index ETF delivered an absolute return of 150.15% over the 10-year period ending Dec. 31, 2017. This differed from its 10-year annualized return of 8.37% over the same period. Further, because the S& P 500 Index had an absolute return of 153.07% over the same period, absolute return differed from the relative return, which was -2.92%.

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Measuring Success In Absolute Return Investing

Rich Scarinci

Without traditional benchmarks as a guide, its not as simple to determine whether an absolute return fund is doing its job. Investors can also be disheartened during strong equity bull markets, when these relatively conservative strategies almost always trail their stock fund brethren. Fortunately, there are two commonplace metrics that together can shed light on absolute return performance.

Standard deviation measures the performance fluctuation or volatility of a financial asset or portfolio. An absolute return funds standard deviation should be significantly lower than that of any broad stock market index, 50% lower or less. All other things being equal, the addition of a low-volatility investment into a portfolio will reduce the overall portfolio volatility.

Sharpe ratio measures the incremental return achieved per unit of risk taken, as defined by standard deviation. A higher Sharpe ratio suggests better risk-adjusted performance.

The ultimate goal of adding an absolute return fund to a portfolio is to improve the risk-adjusted return of the entire portfolio, with a higher incremental return achieved from a less volatile mix of investments.

Diversification does not guarantee a profit or eliminate the risk of a loss.


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What Is Absolute Return Investing

Absolute return investing describes a category of investment strategies and mutual funds that seek to earn a positive return over timeregardless of whether markets are going up, down, or sidewaysand to do so with less volatility than stocks.

If youre like many investors, you may be wondering what is so novel about that. Dont all funds seek a positive return? The fact is, since the advent of performance benchmarks like the S& P 500 Index, most funds have defined success in relative terms. If a fund outperforms its benchmark, its considered a success, even if the funds return is negative. If a fund underperforms its benchmark, its considered a failure, even if that fund is meeting its stated objective. Relative return funds also rarely set absolute volatility targets, preferring again to compare their volatility against that of their benchmark indexes.

Index Data Usage Notice

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HFR ESMA Registered Benchmark Administrator, ID#: IEC449613 HFR proudly supports the Managed Funds Association

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How Absolute Return Works

Absolute return refers to the amount of funds that an investment has earned. Also referred to as the total return, the absolute return measures the gain or loss experienced by an asset or portfolio independent of any benchmark or other standard. Returns can be positive or negative and may be considered uncorrelated to other market activities.


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