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We live in an increasingly uncertain world that appears to be moving from one crisis to another politically, financially, economically and environmentally.Today, investing in traditional assets such as stocks, property and bonds is riskier then it has been before as the economic outlook is fraught with uncertainty. In the turbulent and unpredictable world of today, everyone should own some gold and silver in order to hedge these risks and become financially independent and free.

Why gold? Well, as seen throughout history and in the financial crisis of recent years, gold and silver are the ultimate hedge against inflation, currency devaluation, geopolitical crises and disastrous economic policies. For thousands of years, gold and silver have never lost their value they have inherent and intrinsic value a finite and very limited supply and universal acceptance and demand due to their qualities of being portable, durable, divisible, fungible and limited in supply.



This resource will guide you through the intricacies of the gold and silver markets. You will gain a thorough understanding of the different types of gold and silver bars and coins, how and where to purchase them, the safest way to invest in and store precious metals, and when and how to sell them if the need arises.

How Do I Buy Gold And Silver

Some people will buy physical bullion or miner stocks to gain exposure. The problem with bullion is that the bid-ask spread is expensive, and storage can be a pain. The problem with miner stocks is that they are correlated more with equities than gold or silver, which limits their diversification value.

Your best choice is an exchange-traded fund . These funds hold physical gold or silver in a vault, and a share of the ETF represents partial ownership. You can buy and sell shares of the fund on an exchange like any other stock during regular trading hours.

Invest In Gold By Purchasing Stock In Gold Miners

Investing in the stock of companies that mine, refine and trade gold is a much more straightforward proposition than buying physical gold. Since this means buying the stocks of gold mining companies, you can invest using your brokerage account.

Some of the most popular stocks in this sector include:

  • Newmont Corp. . Newmont is the worldâs largest gold mining company, headquartered in Colorado. It operates mines in North and South America as well as Africa.
  • Barrick Gold Corp. . This gold mining giant is headquartered in Toronto and operates in 13 countries around the world.
  • Franco-Nevada Corp. . Franco-Nevada doesnât own any gold mines. Instead, it buys the rights to royalties from other gold miners.

Keep in mind, though, that the of gold companies are correlated with gold prices but also are based on fundamentals related to each companyâs current profitability and expenses. This means investing in individual gold companies carries similar risks as investing in any other stock. Single stocks may experience a certain level of volatility and do not provide you with the security of diversified funds.

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Special Considerations For Precious Metal Iras

Because they involve the purchase and storage of valuable physical metals, you have to consider a few extra things when thinking about precious metal IRAs. Perhaps the most important is that precious metal IRAs are more expensive than other investment options, according to Drew Feutz, a certified financial planner with Market Street Wealth Management Advisors.

A precious metal IRA will have more fees than a normal IRA, including setup fees, transaction fees, custodial fees and physical asset storage fees, he warns. You cant avoid most of those fees either. You cant, for example, store precious metals youve invested in your IRA in your own home, according to IRS rules. If you do, you risk additional taxes and penalties. And even if you could, storing precious metals at home is risky. If there were a robbery, for instance, you could lose at least a chunk of your retirement savings.

Which Precious Metals Should I Invest In

How To Invest In Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are the most popular precious metals. However, there are also many other types of precious metals, such as platinum and palladium.

Throughout history, gold has been an unparalleled store of value. Gold is a monetary metal and alternative form of currency. It has minimal counterparty risk. Gold has also served as a safe-haven asset in times of geopolitical upheaval or economic downturn. Central banks hold roughly one-sixth of the global investable gold stock to diversify foreign currency reserves. Historically, gold has been an effective diversification tool for portfolios.

Silver is a hybrid metal it has incredible physical properties which make it useful in technology and as a form of money. These properties lend silver to a wide spectrum of uses. Approximately 50% of the annual silver supply is consumed for industrial purposes. Silver is affordable relative to gold and has a reputation as the precious metal of the common person. Like gold, silver is a tool for portfolio diversification, but its price is more volatile than gold.

Platinum and palladium are the lesser known precious metals. They both have incredible properties that can make them very valuable. Platinum and palladium demand are both driven by the autocatalyst market but also jewelry. They are rarer than gold and silver and produced in only a few countries around the world, making their supply more sensitive to changes.

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Our Objective Is To Educate Canadians On How To Invest In Physical Gold And Silver Bullion Coins And Bars Through An Rsp Tfsa Lira

We understand that there are several ways to invest in gold and silver in Canada, but our portal focuses on precious metal investments through RRSP/TFSA plans and other qualified savings accounts. Traditional financial institutions such as TD, RBC, CIBS and others only offer paper gold investments such as gold ETFs and mining stocks. If you want to invest in physical precious metals to hedge against inflation or economic uncertainty, you are at the right place.

As of 2005, the Canadian Revenue Agency allows Canadian retirement account holders to invest in highly pure investment-grade precious metals coins and bars such as:

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Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

There are costs to holding physical gold in your RRSP or TFSA. First, the gold and silver must be purchased and verified by a third-party custodian who reports to the Canadian Revenue Agency. Then, it must be transported and securely stored. All of these steps have associated costs that add to the already-high opportunity cost of holding a non-interest earning asset like gold.

At the same time, holding physical gold & silver provides a level of security that other investments cannot. Even gold that is stored in a distant vault can usually be claimed and shipped at any time. Several companies provide Canadians with the services necessary to add physical gold to their retirement portfolios in accordance with the 2005 federal budget laws.

The Most Popular Gold Coins

The most popular sovereign gold coins in the world are the following six. Some are 22-karat and most are 24-karat, but they all contain a full ounce of gold. Youll see their content and purity are guaranteed by a government, and other than the Krugerrand, are all legal tender in the country of issue. Theyre also all eligible to put in your IRA

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What Is A Precious Metal Ira

A precious metal IRA is a special form of self-directed individual retirement account. Self-directed IRAs allow you to invest in a broad variety of unconventional assets, including precious metals, real estate and even cryptocurrency. These are beyond the usual options available in a conventional IRA, though they have virtually identical traits outside of this, including the same contribution limits.

According to Kelli Click, president of the STRATA Trust Companya self-directed IRA custodian that specializes in gold and other metalsprecious metal IRAs are an avenue some people use as part of their retirement plan because gold, silver and palladium have historically grown in value over the very long term.

Adding gold or precious metals to your retirement account may help protect your wealth in several ways, including reducing your potential investment volatility and risk, serving as a hedge in the event of an economic downtown and providing a tax-efficient shelter for potential gains, she says.

How Should An Investor Invest In Gold

Investing In Gold And Silver – Need Advice

Investing in gold is something that takes a fair amount of research. There is no option that is perfect for every investor. Each option has pros and each option has its cons too. Look at the option that you want to invest in and determine which one is right for you.

Gold investments are not completely safe investments. There is no investment that has a good return that doesnt have risk. For this reason it is highly advisable that you do not put all of your eggs in one basket. You want to have a good mix of investments.

The most common reason to have a gold investment is to protect yourself when your other investments fail. That means you need to have other investments that have the potential to give you a payout. You should also consider the ability to liquidate gold, it isnt that easy to liquidate gold at a moments notice. Especially since you want to sell gold when the prices are favorable for you. Most investment experts say that you should keep your investments in gold to around 10-20% of your portfolio.

In addition to this you want to determine your purpose for investing in gold. Are you looking for a long term retirement plan? Or are you looking to have a precious metal should the financial market completely collapse? Some investors are also just looking for a way to make money over time with no specific goals.

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Put Gold & Silver In Your Ira

Most investors don’t know that you can actually put gold and silver into your retirement account. This is possible by doing a rollover of a 401 or IRA to a self-directed IRA.

This type of IRA allows you to manage your own investments, while also investing in different asset classes besides stocks. Many retirees are taking advantage of these types of accounts because of their ability to diversity their retirement portfolios.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Investing In Gold

Holding gold, or having exposure to it via a pooled investment, is not risk-free. There can be several disadvantages for investors:

  • There are no guarantees with gold. Its price, as with any asset class, is subject to fluctuations and can be volatile. An investor buying gold might have to wait some years before being able to sell for a profit.
  • Gold does not produce an income or yield for investors, unlike savings accounts, bonds and dividend-paying shares.
  • Physical gold can be difficult to trade for people with limited amounts to invest. Buying physical gold also requires verification of authenticity and safe storage.

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The Pros Of Precious Metal Investing

Its hard to put a price on inflationary protection, and thats exactly what gold and silver offer. Theyre immune to the market forces that cause instability in securities. As a result, they tend to be a relatively low-risk investment. Moreover, gold and silver arent going out of style anytime soon theyve been symbols of wealth since the beginning of civilization.

The other big upside to precious metals investing is that there are so many different opportunities. If you prefer a tangible investment, its easy to find and purchase something like Krugerrands or ingots. Or, if you prefer convenience, there are securities and ETFs that offer great exposure.

Ways To Invest In Gold


The following table shows the many ways you can invest in gold:

Gold Investing Method
Jewelry like rings, necklaces, and bracelets made with gold. -Easy to acquire-Has value to the acquirer -High markups
Gold formed into bars or ingots. -Direct exposure to the price of gold-Tangible ownership -High costs for storage and insurance-No upside beyond gold price changes-Fairly illiquid
-Direct exposure to the price of gold-Tangible ownership -No upside beyond gold price changes-Cost of storage
Equity ownership in a publicly traded gold mining, streaming, or royalty company. -Upside to the price of gold from production growth-Potential to earn dividend income -Risk of underperforming the price of gold-Exposure to other commodities
Proves ownership of a specific amount of gold. -Direct exposure to the price of gold-No need to own physical gold -Only as good as the company that backs them-Only a few companies issue them-Largely illiquid
Exchange-traded funds and mutual funds that own physical gold bullion or shares of gold mining stocks. -Highly liquid
Derivative contracts that provide exposure to the price of gold. -Direct exposure to the price of gold-No need to own physical gold -Highly risky-Potentially costly to roll contracts forward

Table by author.

Here’s a closer look at these gold investment methods.

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Ensure You Invest Only In What You Understand

Before buying a gold product, itâs best to seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor. Reach out to us at Standard Chartered. The correct amount of gold to invest in will vary based on your financial situation â factors like your investment horizon, risk profile, and current market conditions all play a role.

Aim to have a balanced, well-diversified portfolio, in which gold investments play a clear and specific role.

Silver Is Cheaper Than Gold

Silver is less costly than gold much. In the 21st century, its spot price in the financial market has never exceeded $50 an ounce. Gold trades in the four figures. So silver is much more affordable: The same dollar investment buys you a lot more silver than gold, and silver has the potential to offer more profit.

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How & Where To Buy Gold Coins

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver

Theres nothing quite like holding a gold coin in your hand. And owning some real gold offers a number of advantages you simply cant get with other investments. And since gold is a natural hedge against the stock market, its an excellent way to diversify, too.

This article will cover the basic dos and donts of buying gold coins, including the advantages of owning them, the best gold coins to buy, the best places to buy , and how to avoid getting ripped off. With a few simple guidelines youll be on your way to owning one of mankinds longest-living assets.

This guide to investing in gold coins will seek to answer some of the common questions we hear including:

  • Why buy gold coins?
  • Which gold coins should you buy?
  • Should you invest in numismatic gold coins?
  • What are the most popular gold coins?
  • Can you purchase gold coins from a bank?
  • Whats the best place to buy? Can you trust online dealers?

Lets start with something about gold coins that many investors arent aware of

Should I Invest In Precious Metals

What is the BEST Silver and Gold to Invest in for your Money? Must See

Unless you want to get into the jewelry-making game, investing your hard-earned dollars into precious metals like gold, silver and platinum is not the best use of your money. And if you dont believe us, just look at history.

Anytime youre analyzing an investment , you should look at its track record of what its done in the past over a long period of time. Thatll give you an idea of what itll do in the future. And if you look at gold prices, its value is all based off of emotion. When people are afraid that the economy might crash, they run to invest in gold, believing theyll be safe financially. But thats a mythbecause when an economy crashes, people go back to the bartering system. And like Dave says, At no time has gold been used as a medium of exchange of a crashed economy since the Roman Empire.

There arent many times you can take a bag of gold chains to the gas station and exchange it for a tank of gas. The only reason the dollar is worth something is because its a worldwide accepted form of trade. Its a transaction based on trust. These precious metals are just a just a commodity like a bushel of wheat or a barrel of oil or, in more recent times, toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

In times of uncertainty, people run to gold out of the false assumption that its going to be a safe investment. But when people make decisions based on fear , they make poor investment decisions.

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Gold Has Kept Pace With Financial Assets

Much is made of how stocks have heavily outperformed gold in recent decades. And there is abundant evidence thats been completely true during certain very specific time frames. But if we go back to 1970, and compare the price of gold and the level of the S& P 500 between then and now, we see a surprising development: Gold has at least matched the performance of the S& P 500 since 1970.

Collectively, the S& P 500 index has increased from 90 in January 1970, to a recent level of 3046. This represents a gain of nearly 3,400%. But the price of gold, rising from $36 in 1970 to its current level of $1,500 per ounce, has experienced a cumulative gain of 4,160%. Gold has had a slight performance advantage over the S& P 500 over a space of nearly 50 years.

Whether youre looking at times of extreme crisis, the past 50 years, or the past 5,000 years, gold has maintained an exceptional performance. Not only does that substantiate its reputation as a long-term store of value, but it also shows its importance as one of the very few true counter-cyclical assets available to investors.

That makes a strong case for maintaining at least a small allocation in gold and silver in your portfolio, despite the chorus of naysayers.


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